DA Youth responds to poster controversy

2012-01-24 15:25

Cape Town - Reactions on university campuses to the DA Youth’s controversial poster has apparently ranged from liberal and well-received to downright outrage, the organisation said on Tuesday.

The poster shows a white man embracing a black woman and implies that the two are naked. Below is a tagline which states: “DASO, in our future you wouldn’t look twice.”

The group’s federal youth chair Mbali Ntuli told News24 that on campuses such as Rhodes University in the Eastern Cape the reaction had been largely positive.

“People [have] really been embracing the campaign, people using it as their Facebook pictures, putting it on their res doors,” Ntuli said.

No students

Meanwhile at other tertiary institutions, such as Tuks, the response has not been so welcoming.

“There has been a major outrage. People who aren’t even in Daso [DA Student Organisation] are finding that the poster offends them.”

However, Carel Willemse, the editor of the Tuks student newspaper Perdeby, said he had been on campus for two weeks and hadn’t seen any of the posters.

UCT spokesperson Pat Lucas said that students had yet to converge on campus as the academic year had not yet begun.

The poster did cause a stir on social networks, with the DA Youth receiving more than 800 comments on its Facebook page.

Many of the comments ranged around the fact that the couple were supposedly naked but Mbali said that many people who do appear to be offended by the nudity “seem to be using that as an excuse to mask their discomfort with the fact that it’s an interracial couple.

“There have been some ridiculous but common things that have been said such as ‘it should have been a black guy and a white woman’. What difference would that have made?”

‘Sexual promiscuity’

The Christian Democratic Party also criticised the poster, saying that it promoted “sexual promiscuity”.  

"At a stage when the country needs higher levels of morality, the DA launches a poster clearly promoting sexual immorality," party leader Theunis Botha said.

"There are many ways in which the DA could have projected its image as a non-racial party, rather than using a poster clearly promoting sexual promiscuity."

Botha said the poster was "distasteful to the extreme" and an insult to the many young people, black and white, who uphold high moral values.

"In a country with high levels of Aids and an overdose of crime, especially the high incidence of farm murders this year, this poster sends the opposite message to the country than needed."

‘A necessary campaign?'

Meanwhile, others questioned why the DA Youth decided to launch the campaign in the first place.

Lindile tweeted: “To better illustrate non racialism: a black couple in their Bishopscourt home:in DA future no-one would look twice. [sic]”

“Nice try #DASO but in my South Africa, its not a big deal to see an interracial couple embracing!Oops they probably were referring 2 CPT [Cape Town]!lol [sic],” Phaki Mbengashe @Phakiii said on Twitter.

Nomalanga Mkhize also tweeted: “In my future I teach at a Rhodes University which reflects the demographics of the world not Constantia.”

Ntuli said that it also appeared that the response from DA supporters had been mixed with some even saying that they would not vote for the party in future.

However, it has apparently received the backing of party president Helen Zille.

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  • richard.hipkin - 2012-01-24 15:36

    Those DA supporters who claim they won't vote for the party anymore, my question is why were you in the first place?

      christian.helberg - 2012-01-24 15:49

      @pointblank, because they are the best party to vote for! Viva DA

      Andres - 2012-01-24 15:55

      The DA's ethos: "An Open Opportunity Society For ALL." So, if someone doesn't want to vote DA anymore because of an inter-racial intimacy poster, they don't believe in the "For All" or "Open" bit and should be voting for some far right-wing or left-wing party anyway.

      kobiester - 2012-01-24 16:03

      Kinda easy answer there man. They (at some stage) had me believing we could get rid of the ANC corruption if they wer in place. They wer the closest to the ANC rite? Them and COPE or hope or wtf ever those guys wer...Who should i vote for?

      Juan - 2012-01-24 16:26

      They thought it was for whites only? I like the poster, I will definitely vote DA in future. The DA should stick to their principals and ignore the critisms.

      Peter - 2012-01-24 17:54

      They thought the DA was a party for whites only, simple. Some people never listen, they believe what they want to no matter what they are told.

      Blip - 2012-01-25 19:31

      No, they haven't voted DA before. They're faking it.

  • Shirley - 2012-01-24 15:38

    This poster is showing just how much of a "rainbow nation" we realy are.

      Anthony - 2012-01-24 16:05

      right, would love to c what would happen if it was a black man and white woman?

      richard.hipkin - 2012-01-24 16:14

      @Anthony, it wouldn't of made a difference..

      Mtizozo - 2012-01-24 16:16


      Peter - 2012-01-24 17:59

      @PointBlank, unfortunately it would. Male ego thing - don't like competition for what they believe are theirs only. The reaction would have been even uglier, I promise you - the black okes were just as negative due to the same reason. (Ok, some of them, not all) Men are scared they're gonna lose out when the other ou's steal "their" women, rather pathetic in this day and age. Insecurity, thats all.

      Blip - 2012-01-25 19:33

      The top structure in the DA is all-female and male egos have accepted that with ease.

  • kayceechick - 2012-01-24 15:40

    I get the whole 'naked thing' but really... whats all the fuss about? Have you not seen the recent picture going round facebook, with the comparison of the DA youth leader, Aimee Franklin, half naked looking sexy, vs Jullius Malema looking fat and threatening. Quite frankly, how can any one take a girl in a bikini seriously... its again promoting women as sex objects. Why couldnt she be in a pretty dress or something?

      Andres - 2012-01-24 15:49

      It's for the youth... We grasp the sarcasm and the humour in Aimee's campaign.

      Bob - 2012-01-24 15:50

      Fair point Kay, I guess they could have been dressed then maybe it would not have upset so many, on the other hand the idea of a poster is to encourage people to look at it and take notice, they seem to have achieved that alright.

      Kyle - 2012-01-24 15:54

      @Kayceechick - if you see it was promoting women as sex object then it says more about your warped mind than about the poster..... nothing about this is about sex or sex objects.... I seriously have to wonder if people actually activate their brains before commenting or if it's all just knee jerk reactions with no thought

      kobiester - 2012-01-24 16:07

      Really bob? man, THats like saying u painted my chair red so i can see it... i sit EVERYDAY ON IT, I SEE IT EVERYDAY> And u painting my damn chair red would piss me off too. I dont have answers to w/e racial stuff is going on(which i read about alot these days...its everywer rite..damn) I just know scratching at a wound wont heal it man, will get infected. I feel these tjops have scratched AGAIN.

      Peter - 2012-01-24 18:01

      kaycee - does everything have to be sexist now as well. Jeez, lighten up people, we're going to become like Aussies just now!

      raath - 2012-01-26 14:43

      I think Kayceechick is a bit jealous that she can't wear a bikini :p

  • laven.subramoney - 2012-01-24 15:43

    Black Chicks are hot!!!!!!!!!!

      Peter - 2012-01-24 18:04

      You have a right to your opinion, I like slim athletic healthy looking white chicks - and they mustn't have freckles and red hair, or hairy armpits or mo's. I must be a racist of note, I even chose particular looks in my own kind! Then again, I certainly don't appeal to all of them.

      Peter - 2012-01-24 18:05


  • Andres - 2012-01-24 15:44

    The fact controversy has been caused, shows the DASO's point is valid. If we were "there" already, this poster would not be news. Regardless of white man/black woman or black man/white woman or any racial combination for that matter; the colour of love in SA should be the colour of one's heart. Also, the poster shows intimacy, not sex (if we misconstrue the two, maybe this is why some men don't please women the way they should). Also, it's aimed at university students (our most intelligent young minds), not pre-schools, thus conservatism should not be a factor. Frankly, judging by all the responses, if it offends you, you may just have some internal bigotry to hide... In the ideal SA, this would be a non-event, so the DA has a point!

      Tony - 2012-01-24 15:51

      Well said Andres.

      Mtizozo - 2012-01-24 16:27

      university students which is where aids is spread every sigle night,,

      Andres - 2012-01-24 17:44

      If people only see "poking" in a loving embrace, which it clearly is, then their minds are warped and a poster will neither solve nor motivate their sexual deviance.

      Peter - 2012-01-24 18:07

      True, the worst perversion is the view of Theunis Botha, the worst example of abuse of a religion. People like him may end up somewhere they least expect when they die - the oke with horns is waiting.

      Blip - 2012-01-25 19:36

      mtizozo -- 90% of HIV infections occur among the uneducated poor and/or unemployed. Infection rates among varsity students are much, much lower.

      Philile - 2012-01-26 10:26

      Yeh, well said Andres

  • Darryl - 2012-01-24 15:47

    This just in from the CDP! Interracial couples cause farm murders!

      PaasHaas - 2012-01-24 15:53

      and the CDP have how many seats in Parliament?

      Jeffrey - 2012-01-24 16:24

      I've been struggling to make the connection since I saw the quote in the article.

      Juan - 2012-01-24 16:29

      Yeah that's bizzare.

      Peter - 2012-01-24 18:09

      Never thought much about the CDP, but now I have a very clear opinion re them. No respect whatsoever, niks, rokol. Sies man.

      Blip - 2012-01-25 19:37

      CDP is a ridiculous sect and an utter waste of time.

  • tristan.kilian - 2012-01-24 15:48

    It's straight out of that old United Colours of Beneton campaign and it raised just as much controversy then as it does now. People should just get over themselves, honestly. The actual message seems to be lost in translation on many a South African. We are becoming so narrow-minded. Anyways – the future is actually brown people, not black or white. A mix of the two. It's the future of the entire human race, the sooner we embrace it the better otherwise there will be an awful lot of nasty business in-between.

      Peter - 2012-01-24 18:11

      If we all spoke the same language it would help hugely as well. Thing is, which one do you choose, we'll never get there. I think the other alternative is more practical, separate us.

      Ian - 2012-01-25 19:34

      We will end up like brazil in 100 years, everyone will be brown and I cant wait. An end to this boring never ending racial discussion.

  • Simon - 2012-01-24 15:48

    OMG - is this really even an issue?

  • Francois - 2012-01-24 15:48

    My question is why does this promote sexual promiscuity? How do you know they are not married? I think the Christian Democratic Party just have a problem with interracial couples!

      christian.helberg - 2012-01-24 15:55

      I didnt even know there was a "Christian Democratic Party", they just trying to score a few more votes, by the offended population. If what the poster represents offends you, or you are too dense to understand the message, we really dont want you in the DA anyway.

      kobiester - 2012-01-24 16:16

      If they wanted to let u think they are married, they would have made a hand visible showing a ring...and ofcourse they do... it says in the bible interracial is wrong, that about a lion and a buck dont mix or something like that.So if u are a christian and this is alrite for u,then ur also just a *draadsitter*... Heard that somwer when i was young. Lust is wrong in the eyes of the christians too. So, i see (even if it is fake)lust in that pic. U dont always have to be politically correct guys, have an opinion and think a bit before posting nonsense. Its like a bunch of *like*hunters here. Alot of weak personalities here. Stand up for what u believe in,dont just be a sheep bcuz the PC ppl here will thumb down u or attack u back, put on ur gloves and say wat u mean

      Juan - 2012-01-24 16:34

      Well they shout down their high horses that it morally reprehensible. Probably more than half the students on campus have had sex and they aren't married, and neither was there any DA posters to cause it. Idoits.... Get with the times.

      Peter - 2012-01-24 18:14

      I think the CDP is using Christianity as a political tool. Disgusting really. I'll avoid them more than I do churches, I don't go to them as I know many of the people I'd be sitting next to - not people you want to get too close to. (I don't mean all the people there, dry your legs now!)

      Peter - 2012-01-24 18:18

      kobiester, a weak response chap, stop being a pervert, there is no sexual angle to the poster, just affection. I'd be worried if you danced with my wife, you'd probably assume she was coming on to you. Thank god I don't socialise in your circles, you're probably such a jealous insecure lot you'll start boxing when someone talks to or dances with your wife. Insecurity is not a good thing, get stronger oke!

      Blip - 2012-01-25 19:38

      CDP is led by a white Afrikaner racist.

      seanrossouwslr - 2012-01-25 20:02

      kobiester , Seeing as lions and buck are just different races of the same species, right? Why must they show a hand with a wedding ring? Wedding rings themselves are a purely western gesture. In fact it does not matter what their relationship is, the poster is not sexual

  • rashied.wilkinson - 2012-01-24 15:52

    Only four types of ppl dont like this poster... white extremist, black extremist, ppl who are uncomfortable with nudity and the CDP!!!!! I showed this pic to a friend first reactions was "hao... ama topdeck"

      richard.hipkin - 2012-01-24 16:15


      kobiester - 2012-01-24 16:18

      "hao... ama topdeck" HAHA, yes, also heard that today, its in the papers.. nothing better to report.

      Peter - 2012-01-24 18:19

      Good one mate.

  • eloffjnr - 2012-01-24 15:57

    I am Afrikaans-speaking white South African and my wife is English speaking South African-born Chinese. We have been very happily married for 8 years and have two of the most beautiful well-mannered and behaved children on earth. I can relate to this poster. Love sees no color. If the majority of people could see this then we would judge each other on character first, and not color of skin. I don't see anything wrong with this poster. We need a South Africa where black & white can embrace without fear or favor.

  • georgevdschyff - 2012-01-24 15:58

    the fact that all this fuss is being made shows how far behind this country's youth is in terms of its vision for a united future, sad really. great poster, breaking the mould for a change.

  • TahirSema - 2012-01-24 15:59

    The DASO poster is unnecessary. Especially in a country where we are fighting to curb the spread of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS and teenage pregnancies. It is clear that the intention of the poster was not to communicate any positive message, instead the poster was produced to insight a knee-jerk response, solely for publicity purposes.

      Anthony - 2012-01-24 16:11

      maybe they are married

      richard.hipkin - 2012-01-24 16:15

      really? you saw all that in a poster? wow..

      Jeffrey - 2012-01-24 16:31

      Would you prefer the woman to be dressed in an abaya? Since when can staring into someone's eyes transmit transmit the HIVirus, or cause a woman to fall pregnant?

      Nkulekweni - 2012-01-24 16:52

      Nice one Jeffrey

      Peter - 2012-01-24 18:34

      How so, there is nothing offensive about it - unless your mind is a bit perverse perhaps? Intimacy and sex are linked but not the same, I feel sorry for your partner - if you have one.

      Blip - 2012-01-25 19:40

      Publicity posters are DESIGNED to incite/provoke publicity, after all. Or else, why bother? This one worked brilliantly!

  • J-Man - 2012-01-24 16:02

    "The Christian Democratic Party also criticised the poster, saying that it promoted “sexual promiscuity”"... these people are a joke.

      Juan - 2012-01-24 16:37

      They should move to Iran, where such posters together with Barbie dolls are banned

      Peter - 2012-01-24 18:35

      They are an insult to the religion they claim to believe in in. All respect gone.

  • tamsin.francey - 2012-01-24 16:04

    I think it's brilliant. The fact that we are talking so heatedly about it shows that you DO look twice - point made. I love controversial advertising!

      David - 2012-01-24 16:41

      I think it's brilliant because now we are not talking about a certain JM and people are keen to find out more about them (DASO)

      sachasea - 2012-01-24 21:30

      Me too Tamsin :)

  • Don - 2012-01-24 16:06

    Concept and idea great but a bit insensitive to have have the models appear to be embracing naked, because it blurs or obscurs the message especially one directed to the youth. The message about acceptance is however good and maybe the nakedness gets the attention of all... so well done DASO at least you are promoting "Make Love" and not "Kill" as some from your counterpart do.

      Peter - 2012-01-24 18:37

      I agree, the if they were not naked the plain racist responses would have less to hide behind. I detest people that are not honest and hide behind things in the name of some sort of morality. If there is a god, he can surely see through their facade.

  • Sally - 2012-01-24 16:09

    If that picture portrays women as sex objects, what about the man? Is he not also portrayed men as sex object? If he isn't, why not? If he is, why is that not offensive?. This all sounds like a nonsense story, trying to make a political point where none exists. For those that won't vote DA ever again, I think the DA does not need your type anyway. EISH!!!!!!

  • Stephen - 2012-01-24 16:21

    It shows you just how racist Christianity is. I could never understand black Africans becoming Christians, Jesus with his blue eyes and blond hair, they never make a movie about Jesus using a black actor, or an Arab, which if he really did exist, he most certainly was.

      J-Man - 2012-01-24 16:24

      That a man called 'Jesus of Nazareth' existed and preached love etc is historically accepted....that he walked on water, turned water into wine, and rose from the dead etc...well..that's another story.

      Stephen - 2012-01-24 16:29

      Is it historically excepted? I'll read up on that. Turning water into wine, Ok, but does he have to do it when I'll having a shower?

      sachasea - 2012-01-24 21:41

      No one really knows what Jesus looked like. Some current historians actually tend to think that Jesus was a man of colour with a dark-skinned complexion and brown eyes like a modern day Arab. The people of the Judaea, descendants of Abraham, in those times were very Arabic in appearance so it's very possible.

  • Mtizozo - 2012-01-24 16:24

    I am sick and tired of the picture, it shows how black woman are used for sex out there by other race,, if you show rainbow nation, sis and shame on DA youth. This promotes spread of aids as it shows kissy, naked couple that is about to have it without any sign of condom in the picture. Is it what the so called DA future leader think.

      Kekeletso Nakeli - 2012-01-24 18:54

      @Mtizozo, firstly as a black woman I am highly offended that you assume we are "used for sex." All you needed to say was "I don't like the picture." Don't try substantiate your point with baseless facts. Black girls are way smarter than you give us credit for.

      Peter - 2012-01-24 19:03

      Dumb and dumberer. What else can one say about a doff comment?

      TaniaSandraSteyn - 2012-01-26 01:33

      Mtizizo, where would you like the condom placed in the picture? I think you watch too much late-nite e-tv.

      Naledi - 2012-01-27 20:58

      and black men cant be used for sex......i think far more black males are used for sex than black women. Just cause its a man, it seems plutonic. Many women from western worlds travel to Africa and the Carribbean paying black men for sexual favours, is that not exploitation! Come to Europe you will see who the real sex slave is (Its the black males used and abused by western women as they have no power, money, intellect or culture). As far as im concerned black female/white male relations tend to be more genuine, real, loving!

  • Xoli - 2012-01-24 16:28

    Why the big fuss,I am all for Cristianity but these guys are just looking for some publicity...give them their 5 minutes of fame we get it..

  • Jannie - 2012-01-24 16:33

    hipocrites! what is the big deal with this poster? if you dont like it then you must be racist, and it does not promote sexual promiscuity, trust me the youth dont need posters to encurage it. those bemoaning this poster are closet racists

  • Sam - 2012-01-24 16:35

    It's the job of the DA as opposition to put crackers under people's asses. Make them think. But I think the DA should also consider strategy. At this time in our history there are only two categories of problems that the only true opposition should tackle: (1) Appalling service delivery, poverty, corruption and theft, joblessness, hunger and actual starvation, and (2) Good governance at central, provincial and local level. Let's not divert attention from these fundamentals with irrelevant campaigns. What is more important: (a) that conservatives should be taught that interracial or gay relationships should be accepted, or (b) that we should all rise up together. conservatives and liberals, against a government that lies, steals and treats citizens with contempt while hundreds of thousands if not millions are literally starving, dying of preventable disease and being deprived of education? For the love of God, let us not lose focus: the masses are suffering and their only hope lies with the DA. Let's not get side-tracked. There will be a time for that ....

  • Laurent - 2012-01-24 16:39

    It is truly interesting to see how people respond. Each person has their own thought and beliefs. To your beliefs you are correct and all others are wrong. I enjoy when people stare at me and my wife and she turns to me and asks me if it bothers me. All i ever say is "How are their lives my concern, for that same reason my life is not their concern". I see no reason to look or comment on other peoples lives, and you know what if you feel you have the Godly right to comment on my life, please do, so i may hear your devine wisdom as god, tell me what is right and what is wrong, for obviously you know better than the individual living his/her own life. Please think twice and actually look twice at this poster, because the only offensive thing in this poster is that the two individuals aren't kissing. They are staring at each other lovingly with no immoral intention.

  • AD - 2012-01-24 17:01

    Ntuli, and the DA, is trying to be more controversial than Malema and bridge the generation gap - it won't work. There are other, better ways, to portray the future. Sex,nakedness and violence is for Hollywood, this is South Africa, a predominantly Christian nation. The Afrikaans saying " slim vang sy baas" is applicable here, this will backfire on Ntuli, and the DA and provide Malema with fuel for further attacks on the DA "sell". Why add to the white and black dichotomy in SA? Democracy,constitutional rights and equal opportunity have absolutely nothing to do with the poster picture.

  • Piet - 2012-01-24 17:26

    All I can say is the DA lost their way. You stooped low, used sexuality to gain votes. I see red lights, my family and I and will no longer vote for you.

      Peter - 2012-01-24 19:17

      I think I'll start voting DA now I know bright Piet is no longer voting for them.

  • Piet - 2012-01-24 17:31

    The DA stooped almost as low as the ANC. Both now rotten

  • Jacques - 2012-01-24 18:06

    This is discriminatory (however u wanna spell that). It clearly shows that in the DA's futur I would get a hot girl. What about the uggos? Dont they deserve love? :P On a more serious note, GROW UP PEOPLE. Unless Noah parks his boat in my front lawn, this is the 21st century.

  • KarateMarty - 2012-01-24 18:39

    Petty people, DASO should do one the other way round and a gay one. Why can't people just move forward

      Peter - 2012-01-24 19:19

      Leave the gay one out, it won't do gays any good in terms of tolerance. We know they're out there, let them be, but don't shove it down our throats as "normal". I like gays but what they get up to sexually is not normal, not natural.

  • kyle.venter3 - 2012-01-24 19:31

    I see young, white 16 year old girls walking around in the mall with middle age Nigerian drug dealers. I see men behaving like animals in the informal settlements, raping dogs and their own mothers. I see a youth, lost, addicted to tik. And now you idiots bring out a sexual poster substantiating intercourse, virtually disemboweling the traditional qualities of abstinence and sex only after marriage. You make me sick. Now I will not vote ever again since the D.A is now also gone to the animals. Lets integrate, yes but to have whites mating with blacks makes me sick to my stomach. This is not a racist comment, many Xhosa friends of mine feel the same. This also Leeds to cultural disintegration when one culture intermingles with another(in this case, english, western, white with traditional african), the less powerfull culture on the world stage looses its essence. In other words, the African traditional system is being eroded. You should be held responsible for this poster and legal action should be taken against you for this blatant disregard of the consequences of such a poster. The next black bastard Nigerian drug dealer I see holding on to a you white(or any other color girl of that age), I am going to kill the bastard dead. And as for you all you intercultural intermingling sex addicted, perverted sick society multi racial wannabees, if you come close to my family I will kill everyone of you dirty black/white bastards, I will then piss in your skull after I decapitate you.

      Sydney - 2012-01-24 19:58

      The plural of anecdote is not data I'm afraid.

      Owen - 2012-01-24 21:03

      Right on brother, ps: tell them about masturbation too.

  • Se-a Spencer Ikeremm - 2012-01-24 19:57

    It's amazing how a simple picture can get such an outcry. I don't see anyone complaining about all the sex that's shown everyday on tv, and there's never an indication of condom use. What I see as the main problem here is that DASO had the balls to make it a blk n wyt couple. Wonder how it would have went down if it was a wyt couple. I think they chose a wm&bf cos it's extremely rare, we mostly see bm&wf, so this lil twist even goes along with their slogan. Of cos it's not all I think about the pic or how some sections of our society have reacted, but I don't wanna start a race war on the interweb B)

      Owen - 2012-01-24 21:16

      Thank you for broaching the subject of sex and TV. I also think that they give the impression that we are sexual beings. Damnation and purgatory to them.

  • Bles - 2012-01-24 21:01

    I voted the last time before 1990. Me and my wife wanted to register for the coming election and would have voted DA. Sorry you blew it!!

  • Petronella - 2012-01-24 21:17

    Why two young (unmarried????) people, why not an old black and white couple, sitting on the stoep, watching the sunset? There's no commitment here, only two young people having fun. It says nothing good about our youth.

  • Chris - 2012-01-24 22:34

    most people seem to miss the catch phrase.... In OUR future, you wouldn't look twice. BRILLIANT!!!

  • Chris - 2012-01-24 22:36

    By the way, the poster isn't about inter-racial sex or anything like that. That is besides the point.

  • johnathan.brest - 2012-01-24 22:56

    Awesome Poster wats wrong with it and please it does not promote sexual promiscutiy whats bull thats just wat the stupid uptight Christian party thinks all the time everything is bad for them

  • Justin - 2012-01-25 20:01

    Hell is everyone pathetic these days or what ?

  • Mpho - 2012-01-25 21:00

    My question is: Should people now fear showing affection to each other because that increases HIV infection and farm murders? Do married CDP members who have kids show affection in front of their kids, do they hold hands, kiss and embrace in front of them? If CDP member couple answers yes to any of those questions, what does hypocricy mean to them and when does sexual immorality start? Does it start with touching,holding hands or embracing? The picture shows me something beautiful that I would like to have.Pure love,period!

  • mmmorrell - 2012-01-26 08:51

    they say once u have had chocolate u dont go back to vanilla.

  • Cristina - 2012-01-26 13:05

    What's the darn big deal anyway??? we all act as if we don't breathe the same freaking air on this earth...really folks!!

  • Chif - 2012-01-26 13:54

    Come on people, tv exposes us to more sexual images.frankly I see no evil in the DA making a visual statement. This after all is a democracy, one man meat..... Me thinks politicians have more to worry about and raise concern over than a poster. Let us debate crime,poverty and development regardless of the color of our partners. Poster material or not..

  • basil.english1 - 2012-01-30 10:17

    I'm beginning to think you have to leave South Africa for quite some time to have a different perspective and view, on how really bizarre things are over there, the country has so much potential yet no one can see it, when I listen to what the younger people say on here it seems like they want the change, but some stubborn new dictators are standing in the way, "Time for real democracy is what the Poster should say".

  • marius.dumas - 2012-02-02 11:24

    In the apartheid days it was illegal for a white man and black woman to sleep together. In the new South Africa it is legal with all fairness. But I think we need to run before it becomes compulsory.

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