DA Youth withdraws from the NYDA

2010-11-19 16:35

Cape Town - The Democratic Alliance Youth on Friday withdrew from the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA).

"I am today resigning as the DA Youth's representative on the NYDA, and the DA Youth is therefore withdrawing from this organisation, which we are convinced has become little more than a R400m ANC patronage scheme," DA Youth national director Aimee Franklin said.

In the past few days, the DA had exposed how an additional R29m in the appropriations adjustment had been designated to the NYDA, to host the ANC Youth League's nine-day World Festival of Youth and Students conference, which would provide a platform for some of the "most radical youth groups on the planet", she said.

Among them were the Zanu-PF Youth League from Zimbabwe, and the youth league of the Workers Party of North Korea, who hosted this same event in Pyongyang not too long ago, and would be recipients of a "solidarity" pledge at this year's event.

"In terms of statute, the NYDA is a body that is ostensibly intended to promote youth development in South Africa.

"This is a laudable aim, and the DA Youth was therefore willing to give the NYDA the opportunity to work.

"However, evidence now abounds that the NYDA's independence and standing as a public body has been terminally compromised," Franklin said.

'Mandate has veered off course'

This latest scandal illustrated the problem all too clearly, but in recent months the institution's mandate had veered hopelessly off course.

The NYDA had comprehensively failed to fulfil its specified objectives.

As was recently revealed in its annual report, it had met just 23 of its 68 targets over the past financial year - a 24% success rate.

"In those circumstances, we have no desire to be part of an institution that is frittering away state funds, and utterly failing to meet its mandate."

"Secondly, as our youth chairperson Mbali Ntuli recently put it, the NYDA is simply a place where ANCYL members can get rich."

The ANCYL-dominated executive of the institution earned a total of R11m a year.

The deputy secretary general of the ANCYL Steven Ngubeni, drew a R1.8m salary - more than Cabinet ministers earn.

Further, as DA Youth leader Makashule Gana, pointed out last week, SA Youth Council (SAYC) president Thulani Tshefuta, had essentially admitted in public that nominations for seven of the NYDA provincial advisory boards were reopened simply to give an opportunity for ANCYL deployees, agreed upon by the ANCYL national general council at the end of August, an opportunity to apply for those positions.

"The DA Youth will have nothing to do with an institution that simply exists to dispense patronage," she said.

Thirdly, upon its creation in 2009, the NYDA set about dismantling one of the few tangible benefits of its predecessor, the Umsobomvu Youth Fund (UYF), by more than halving the targets for voucher distribution - causing many accredited service providers to go out of business, and further diminishing the entity's ability to foster youth entrepreneurship.

  • Pieter - 2010-11-19 16:48

    Well done. The honest thing to do. No aiding and abetting of ANC thieves stealing bread from the mouths of the poor.

  • Spyker May - 2010-11-19 16:58

    The great TAX SUBVERSION is now becoming inevitable. The blatant enrichment- and cronyism of epic proportions require a bit more decisive action that just the somewhat impotent action by the DA youth.

  • Clint - 2010-11-19 17:17

    North Korea Youth, Zanu PF Youth and ANC thats a fun group isn't it! Perhaps they should hold the conference at the Dusi this year...Oh wait they don't have time for things that are not of political nature!

  • YasButIDunno - 2010-11-19 17:18

    Well done DA Youth, you have taken a moral and ethical stand which is to be applauded.

  • MontyC - 2010-11-19 18:24

    It is heartbreaking to watch such blatant misuse and abuse of such a nature. I am concerned that by walking away we leave the abusers carte blanche to continue.

  • Jay - 2010-11-19 18:54

    Something has to be done, this is our money they are spending, I for one will have nothing to do with North Korea's Youth, their civil rights record is one of the worst in the world. Maybe we should stop paying taxes for awhile?????

  • Boerseun - 2010-11-19 18:59

    This organization should immediately be closed up and the thieves in charged taken to book.

  • emile.marais - 2010-11-19 21:09

    At least the DA has dignity and morality. Unlike these other fanatical murderous Socialists passing as 'youth'. Well done DA!

  • ArtGee - 2010-11-20 07:18

    SAD STATE of AFFAIRS! Well done to the DAYL for "DISSING" this CRONY SUB-HUMAN "get together".

  • Mart - 2010-11-20 12:18

    we are doomed because we are doing nothing about this and those who are, are getting nowhere. I fear that South Africa is being systematically raped by an organisation that no longer respects the ideals on which it was founded.They have shifted their focus from freedom to self enrichment. The ANC will not rest until they have achieved their goal of a one party state. This would be less scary if they were united and had real leadership, but they are so fragmented and volatile it is fast becoming a free for all. Optimism is a pipe dream because the ANC conscience has died, and we are left with what......trouble for ALL South Africans !

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