DA 'a party of white madams' - Nzimande

2012-11-24 17:05

Durban - The Democratic Alliance is a party of whites, SACP general secretary Blade Nzimande said on Saturday.

"The DA is a party of white madams and baases [white bosses]," he told the KwaZulu-Natal ANC nomination conference in Durban.

Nzimande lashed out at those who said there was no leadership in the country.

"Those who say there is no leadership in South Africa, they speak for the rich.

"I did not know that electricity could be connected to a mud structure. It is the leadership of the ANC that brought that," he said.

Nzimande said the African National Congress was the only organisation that could build South Africa as a non-racial, non-sexist and democratic society.

He urged the delegates who would represent the province at the party's national elective conference in Mangaung to choose wisely, when deciding who should lead the ANC.

"Go and defend the majority rule. You can't have people losing the elections and wanting to rule from the courts and from the graves."

Nzimande also hit out at the media, saying it was not objective in its reporting.

He said the party should close ranks and defend the majority rule, especially from attacks on President Jacob Zuma.

"We [SA Communist Party] are not going to decide for the ANC who the ANC must elect. But khethani kahle maqabane [choose properly comrades]."

Nomination would take place on Sunday.

  • irene.buthelezi.1 - 2012-11-24 17:08

    I lose more and more respect for this creep every time he opens his mouth. Did I even ever have respect for him? No. It's just not possible to respect a fool.

      grootrot.vanzyl - 2012-11-24 17:16

      Same old, same old from Shaving Cream Nzimande. Is he really the Minister of higher education? It seems as if he is the Minister of no education. Shaving Cream, just a quick one - if the DA wins more than 10% of the popular vote and there are about 10% whites in SA according to the census, who gave the DA the votes that put it to more than 10% - the ghosts?

      johan.jacobs.5680 - 2012-11-24 17:24

      He is even blunter than one can think.

      Shaun - 2012-11-24 17:31

      hahahaha the DA are coming for u nzimande.keep on talking racism and nonsense but no matter what anybody in government or forums say the DA are getting stronger and stronger.the da will govern south africa .noone can stop it.

      irene.buthelezi.1 - 2012-11-24 17:40

      @Semen on at nate ~ SARS cares about my respect boy. And so do you when you come creeping to me for a job.

      timothy.mbele.3 - 2012-11-24 17:58

      The ANC should not be insulting oppositions because they currently have a chance to deliver. They should just defend their performance. So they know they have not been performing.

      timothy.vanas - 2012-11-24 18:10

      I agree now if that is not a racist comment then I don't know what is. If it not the cANCer that are shooting their mouths off then it is the rest of the Afriacn iltterates. They all need to get an education. It is a sad state of affairs. The rest of the world reads this and thinks wow how stupid can you be.

      pj.egolie - 2012-11-24 18:20

      Blade is his name but runner is not his game .Curious how he will call his own "followers" ...scummy's or ..?

      JohnRambo1723 - 2012-11-24 18:29

      Yeah, and he first states that the DA is a party with white madams and baases, a clearly racist statement, and then follows up by saying "Nzimande said the African National Congress was the only organisation that could build South Africa as a non-racial, non-sexist and democratic society". Would it be racist if the DA said that the ANC is a party for tuinbooie and housemaids? Of course it would, but for some reason it's not when they say it.

      Chris - 2012-11-24 19:07

      What is hugely sad is that some people cheer idiots like this. The anc in Natal also wants zoomer for a second term after all that he has done. Am i missing something???

      godesha - 2012-11-24 19:11

      Johan, you're right. Blade is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

      tw2066 - 2012-11-24 20:16

      I am with Irene on this one. Respect for this thing is not and never will be earned.

      acm.munro - 2012-11-24 20:28

      I didnt realise that Nzimande was colour blind .... he obviously can only see white, not black ......

      maylani.bezuidenhout - 2012-11-24 21:43

      Don't even bother with this guy. He has taken over from Malema, who's job it was to distract everyone from Zuma's wrongdoings... Its no coincidence that they trot old racist, sexist Blade out each time there is some Nkandlagate!

      thozi - 2012-11-24 21:59

      Dr Nzimande please don't say anything anymore... perhaps you'll then start making sense.

      willie.botha.9480 - 2012-11-25 00:35

      @semonatenate. Orifices ? Were you reading a dictionary ? The reason why I ask is because you sound like an idiot. And idiots don't usually use words like that.

      mark.wyte - 2012-11-25 00:53

      This PEEEAnut needs to hold on to that dismal KOB he's trying to Nibble...

      croix.mactee - 2012-11-25 02:27

      Pi$$ off, FOOL!

      strikeback.strikeback - 2012-11-25 07:24

      The SACP is a party for Socialists who chase Capitalist lifestyles. Most of their members would leave if they miss the gravy train.

      beverly.young3 - 2012-11-25 07:56

      Sorry to say, but he reminds me of a rabid dog. I 'heard' that even his comrades are trying to shut him! He is obviously scared of women.

      alf.pop - 2012-11-25 08:33

      Cut him some slack. He is just upset, because he is a drunk with a "degree" and a BMW paid for by the tax payers. And the leader of a party that cannot survive on its own and has to sponge off others. A drunk with a voice like a choirboy and the looks of Frankenstein's stuff-up and a blunt intellectual blade!

      bullet.proof.9400 - 2012-11-25 10:20

      Nzimande; and the anc is a bunch of black racist gangsters with no respect for the rule of law and hate the white minority because of theor achievments

      johan.vanhoff - 2012-11-25 13:45


      brad.ken.18 - 2012-11-25 13:59

      And you cANCer bastards are nothing but a bunch of hideously over weight, fat, thieving, lying F'cks! Just look at your fat cows entering the opening of parliament, their photographs have to be taken via satellite!

      KennySven - 2012-11-25 14:02


      koos.meyer.52 - 2012-11-25 15:11

      This brain dead communist (anyone pro the long defunct communist system is by definition brain dead)gets worse by the second. Does he even believe the drivel that comes out of his mouth. He is an absolute racist pig who drives a R1.2m 760i BMW, why not a 1978 Lada that his communist system would at best deliver???

      jmlongwe - 2012-11-25 18:06

      ANC knows their target market and they know how to work it. Why don't the DA know theirs? I've said it before and I quote "Those who say there is no leadership in South Africa, they speak for the rich."

      Nicholas.Spaggiari - 2012-11-26 02:02

      They are whites...So? What's wrong with that?... Mr pro-non-racial.

      merven.halo - 2012-11-26 07:30

      Hopefully who ever replace Showerhead will fire this Blade idiot. - 2012-11-26 11:44

      The beauty of the new south africa is that we don't have to care what you think Irene..Its time to care for the 85% .. not the 15% ..

      gary.scott.9828456 - 2012-11-26 17:53

      Oh No Foe No, you have got it back to front. The ANC cares for the 15% elite ANC and don't care a fig about 85% of the population. The DA cares more for the poor than the ANC does. Remember the Text Book Saga, Who didn't get text books. What about Good Solid Houses that were Destryed in Gauteng to make way for shoddy RDP houses, after they were scammed by what was likely some corrupt official selling dud title deeds. And don't forget about the grotty little shacks right out side Nkandla, not to mention that the Clinic that is being built there will not service the community but only the Prince of Nkandla. You might not care what Irene thinks, but do you thinks at all. Methinks not

      makenawn - 2012-11-26 18:07

      Who exactly elected Blade,the last time i voted i did not see SACP or Blade's ugly face on the ballot paper.

      heathway.master - 2012-11-27 09:03

      Fervent, DISGUSTING, black racist. What a total disgrace to this country. A brainless simple Politician, is certainly the only job someone as useless and stupid as you would ever be able to qualify for.

      crystal.core.5 - 2012-11-27 10:33

      Nzimande, you are and always will be seen as a catastrophic failure.

      erika.bezuidenhout.102 - 2013-01-12 18:59

      you are correct Irene, but what this man does not realize is that for a true democracy to work, just as morals, it must start at home. So first clean up on the inside BLADE then perhaps you can succeed on the outside..

  • christog3 - 2012-11-24 17:08

    Shame blade you sound very very scared!

      rodney.bevan.58 - 2012-11-24 18:13

      So only whites are racist? Really? I have to say, I'd rather be led by the DA and their "madams" than by the incompetent, brainless thieving thugs who are in charge at the moment. My 15 year old son has more common sense than most of the cabinet members and definitely more than the so called leader.

      Billy - 2012-11-24 18:55

      And racist, defamatory, discriminatory, what the hell is wrong with that racist?

      stirer.kathray - 2012-11-24 19:16

      Nine percent of the country is "white". So assuming that every single "white" in South Africa voted for the DA, then what do you call the other DA voters. anyway, I think that Madam Zille is doing a pretty good job with the DA in the Western Province. She's really showing the ANC just how to govern. Blade, you would do well to follow in the Madam's footsteps.

      tw2066 - 2012-11-24 20:18

      Rodney - my 3 year old Jack russel, who, coicidently is also a white madam, has more common sense than the ANC thugs.

      art5SA - 2012-11-25 04:52

      ANOTHER USELSS BRAIN FART from the Capitalist Commie!

      fred.warren.986 - 2012-11-25 10:47

      Which party: ANC, DA or the SACP has the most racially diverse membership? How many whites are the in the senior leadership of the ANC? What about the SACP?

      gary.scott.9828456 - 2012-11-26 17:58

      Blade is a communist who pretends to believes in socialism, but is really a Closet Capitalist. He is also the foremost non racial racist in the country.

      YoungBlackAndAngry - 2012-11-27 03:07


      wo0two0t - 2012-11-27 07:16

      @youngblackandstupid - and what will that accomplish just another stupid idiot in government don't we have enough already? Why not put someone with a brain that can push our country forward to benefit us all not just Malema and his close mates?

  • dylan.mugabe - 2012-11-24 17:09

    What I prick.

      yolanda.r.haripersad - 2012-11-24 17:22

      He is just jealous that nobody was throwing chairs

      Rabbler.Rouser - 2012-11-24 17:23

      He is the idiots idiot.

      yolanda.r.haripersad - 2012-11-24 17:23

      Or was threathen to be killed

      yolanda.r.haripersad - 2012-11-24 17:23

      or shot

      art5SA - 2012-11-25 08:01

      Dylan... don't insult PRICKS!

      fussed.anderson - 2012-11-25 08:40

      Soft one????

  • PointBlank - 2012-11-24 17:09

    blade's obviously never been to a DA conference.. There are more black people in the DA than white people in the ANC. He is such a racist, a scared racist...

      rocky.bell.98 - 2012-11-24 17:15

      ...and then everything is properly organised and start on time....... The DA REALLY needs a turn at the top.

      colin.dovey - 2012-11-24 18:10

      And they don't bring in the guns to threaten people to vote for No Zuma....

      JohncarlosBiza - 2012-11-24 19:31

      And they never throw chairs at each other. Come to think of it, the ANC is the most uncivilized party in the country. Even Cope went through the courts when they broke up

  • karel.dutoit.50 - 2012-11-24 17:11

    No sex no race no brains no leadership viva anc

  • morwen.fourie - 2012-11-24 17:13

    Nzimande said the African National Congress was the only organisation that could build South Africa as a non-racial, non-sexist and democratic society. I ask that you explain to me why as a white woman I am the lowest paid in my field, with Black people in a similar position around me earning more than me. I urge you to prove your statement to me!!! Put your money where your mouth is, prove that the ANC is what you say it is.

      Havokreeka - 2012-11-24 18:48

      I have to laugh how he can say: "African National Congress was the only organisation that could build South Africa as a non-racial, non-sexist and democratic society" And then say "The DA is a bunch of white madams and baases" in the very same speech. This guy wouldn't know non-racial if it slapped him in the face.

      themba.thwala.775 - 2012-11-24 22:15

      smafelane, if you are happy to pay takes for ANC morons to squander it on themselves, don't expect all of us to be neh

      rontheogre - 2012-11-24 22:55

      Smalefane, I thank the ANC for their racist policies, as I could not get a job because of AA. I started my own business as well, could not get assistance from any agency, including Seda, because of my skin colour, but still made a success despite starting with R1-80 in my pocket. Now I export to 29 countries, and the government has the audacity to demand its share after giving me the finger. So I do thank them, as do many other marginalised whites that became entrepreneurs. It proved to me that I can make something of myself no matter where I am, even when my own government is against me.

      themba.thwala.775 - 2012-11-25 11:13

      Fourie take your gripe up with your employer. The blacks who are earning more than you probably negotiated better than you can. But they certainly are not paying themselves. Leave them out of your pettiness

  • Setshaba Mosata - 2012-11-24 17:14

    blade jst shut up ur a useless minister,who is out of touch wit reality

  • mariuskowie - 2012-11-24 17:15

    Nzimande, you are a racist disgusting pig.

  • bob.small.7547 - 2012-11-24 17:16

    What a pr*ck!

  • markus.dupreez - 2012-11-24 17:17

    Ugly Mamparra!

      juan.prinsloo.750 - 2012-11-24 18:58

      Not to mention STUPID. You can't build a non-racist SA by being rascist mr Mzimande.

  • Mary Milne Archibald - 2012-11-24 17:18

    You can not make yourself look better by criticising the opposition. Focus on the faults of you and your Party Nzimande

      clive.pops.5 - 2012-11-26 09:44

      Only serious surgery can make blade look better. Maybe.

  • liezl.haramis.7 - 2012-11-24 17:18

    I only read the 1st 3 sentences...moron!!! Youre the only bunch of rainbow colours that can turn us ...into another ZIM...

  • craig.decks - 2012-11-24 17:20

    Words Fail ... There truly is no substitution for a good education . Blade please be so bold as to tell us what percentage of black/white honest tax paying members of society contribute to the every embellishment for few top ANC henchmen via tax? How much tax would be left after you racist communists chase us all away .. The future looks bleak for you where that to happen in that case !

  • douglas.theron - 2012-11-24 17:21


      rocky.bell.98 - 2012-11-24 17:57

      ????? old people not familiar with this acronym!

      grant.montgomery.5074 - 2012-11-25 04:24

      Ja getting old. what dosit stand for?

      Michael - 2012-11-26 10:16

      Unfortunately douglas is just calling people simians again. Grow the f*ck up dude.

  • julie.vanniekerk.3 - 2012-11-24 17:21

    If I just SEE the pumpkin face, I already know what crap is going to come out of that big mouth.....

  • esau.banyane - 2012-11-24 17:22

    as a leader, minister of HIGHER EDUCATION with QUALIFICATIONS u r claiming to have this is a low blow, u r a discrace. r u a father? u r a racist n hav a serious problem.

  • lynne.barker.7 - 2012-11-24 17:22

    Jealousy will get you nowhere Nzimande! You are running scared - shame:) - 2012-11-24 17:35

      Spot on Coda, the FEAR is tangible. That is why most ANC leaders are resorting to ugly name calling.

      juan.prinsloo.750 - 2012-11-24 19:10

      Indeed all the rotten apples in the ANC is scared of the madam and her so-called tea girl. They are giving zipper and his buddies sleepless nites

  • sydney.gutyungwa - 2012-11-24 17:23

    Nobody frustrates me like this oke called Blade...whatever the meaning of his name is; maybe his parent were hoping to bear another Einstein and were bitterly disappointed. Is this guy for real or what? SA must bar all its citizenry from ever attempting to acquire any doctorate in the Soviet Union..."Dr" Blade Nzimande?? What a jack....according to this learned academic tweek, all the none white people in the DA are slaves...what a joke this guy, he's never said any intelligent thing to my ears!

      charmaine.paterson1 - 2012-11-24 18:25

      Actually, he matriculated and got his degree in apartheid South Africa, so he should be quite well-educated, unlike our children today.

      gary.scott.9828456 - 2012-11-26 18:04

      Blade should be the Minister of Comedy

  • warren.carne.9 - 2012-11-24 17:23

    Yeah and the ANC is a bunch of thieving, corrupt self serving gangsters.

      Mandlenkosi Manqele - 2012-11-24 17:37

      Blade is a wealthy communist - 2012-11-24 17:41

      Yes Mandlendkosi, and the irony of it... LOL

      themba.thwala.775 - 2012-11-24 22:18

      No Mandlenkosi, he was as poor as a churchmouse before that double-headed monster of a thief called zuma put him on the gravy train. That is why he is happy with the danciing idiot because he has no guarantee of continuing having a good life is the giggling idiot is kicked out of office in Mangaung

  • sello.molekwa.1 - 2012-11-24 17:24

    My problem with Nzimande - Minister of Higer Education - is that he is a typical empty headed leader who lacks intellect for leadership. If you research his public comments from the past five years, you will see that his only contribution to national debates is to resort to personal insults and name calling. He used to insult Mbeki and go on personal attacks whenever he had to contribute to debates. His personal emotions always get the better of him. He lacks a stable mind, controlled emotions and intellectual depth. He insults and name calls, and he's our Minister of Higher Education. We are really doomed!

      sello.molekwa.1 - 2012-11-24 17:36

      Just recently he insulted the media for criticising govt, two weeks before that he insulted black people who are criticising the ANC. He insults opponents more than he speaks on education matters.

      craig.decks - 2012-11-24 17:41

      wallace .. Here listen to an educated brother see what a difference an education can make .. You tell him Sello .. with your educated progressive thinking and wise remarks I would vote for you any day ! Give that man a bells :}

      brendaanne.anderson - 2012-11-24 17:42

      Well said, Sello !

      maylani.bezuidenhout - 2012-11-24 18:05

      Oh Sello please, please tell me you have plans to go into politics? We need level-headed, intelligent and respectful people. You give me hope that we can find our way, despite the likes of Blade who only wishes to divide us.

      Antipoaching - 2012-11-25 10:12

      You hit the nail right on the head Sello! Plus he's pushed through building a brand new University against all advice to the contrary. Every-one he consulted said pump money into the existing established Universities and he went ahea with plans to build one in Northern Cape (I think thats where its going to be) and has slashed our State subsidies while applying more pressure fo us to take in greater numbers of impoverished students. The subsidy cutting is, apparently, going to be more severe in the years ahead... The Minister of the Destruction of Quality Higher Education is what he should be called!

      jenny.nel.92 - 2012-11-25 18:15

      See what I mean? Now Sello in one of the young people who could take South Africa out of the bog. Why are we stuck with the same old greed fools who are only there because they licked Zuma's backside? We all deserve much better that this, and we do have people who can do it. The ANC cadres need to take a hike now. They are all billionaires thank to their unbridled corruption, so go. Make room for fresh ideas.

      colin.langley - 2012-11-26 11:47 might be called a coconut by some stupid troll...but to me you are the future of this wonderful country!

      thozi.thozamile - 2012-11-26 13:48

      And the people(SACP)he leads still take him seriously...???

  • cherri.pye.5 - 2012-11-24 17:25

    And you, Blade, are an idiot. PS: Do something about those blackheads, dude, cos you really aren't a pretty sight!

      tpsteyn - 2012-11-25 01:01

      molluscum contagiosum... Says it all :/

  • yolanda.r.haripersad - 2012-11-24 17:25

    "Those who say there is no leadership in South Africa, they speak for the rich. Lets us go ask the residents of Lenasia, or the Marikana widows or those students without text books in Limpopo, or the poor mother who delivered her baby on the street

  • nick.vuletic - 2012-11-24 17:25

    Ok, how the fu##ing hell is this not racist!? Please can somebody explain? Double standards much? Eish! Wena...

      jake.ko.71 - 2012-11-24 17:39

      So shoot the boer songs that the ANC's black leader sings is not racist?? mmm you full of sh&t shudesh1 - 2012-11-24 17:42

      I hope that was sarcastic sbudesh1, otherwise I want my like back. - 2012-11-24 18:44

      @Sbudesh1 - You are seriously ignorant, get a dictionary before you make yourself look like even more of a fool.

      bobby.rosewood.1 - 2012-11-24 18:54

      Whites can't be racist. tit for tat.

  • eduard.marais.5 - 2012-11-24 17:26

    Blade you idiot. Did you not see on TV how many black members are at the DA Congress? And have you not noticed how the DA is winning wards from ANC? And those people in the mud huts are not paying for electricity and now Eskom can't produce enough electricity and at the end of the day jobs will be lost. Go back to the jungle Blade you idiotic stupid dumb communist.

      oistar.tutu.9 - 2012-11-24 18:42

      Well, Fezekile, did you not see how much in electricity is owed by Sowetans. And these are not even staying in mud huts. If the Sowetans can't pay their electricity, I don't imagine there are many mud huts paying up either

  • mbuti.manopole.3 - 2012-11-24 17:26

    Reboot that face of yours Blade!!!!! Follow iam_DemocraticA so we can expose the anc

  • nrogerson777 - 2012-11-24 17:26

    Better that than a party of fat corrupt cats, stealing every cent for their greed.

  • mart.botha - 2012-11-24 17:28

    I like this chidish is irrefutable evidence that the DA is making inroads and exering positive influence on those who used to support the ANC/SACP/COSATU Alliance's agendas. Not only have their eyes been opened, but their hearts and minds are now tuning in to the DA's vision of a Real New South Africa. The electorate is tired of the Alliance playing on their sympathies, playing with their emotions and playing with their futures. Nzimande, any madam of any race, is worth more to this world than than you ever were, are or could hope to be. You are nothing more than a Communist puppet dancing to someone else's tune.

  • - 2012-11-24 17:29

    Biggest joke of the day! Buhahahaha. "African National Congress was the only organisation that could build South Africa as a non-racial..." - ANC in the same sentence as non-racial? You must be kidding, but thanks for the good laugh though. We hear each and every day how white people are being vilified, yet you have the audacity to come and tell us this? Come people, let us get the party with no colours, except for BLUE going! BLUE is the new black, coloured, indian, white and whoever lives in this beautiful country of ours.

  • jake.ko.71 - 2012-11-24 17:29

    The DA is biggest and only NON racial party in SA, Who is the DA Cape Town Leader= Patricia de Lille.... Who Represent DA in Parlement = DA Lindiwe Mazibuko, what about former Eastern Cape Premier Nosimo Balindlela thats Da now...last time I looked they where not white and they have TOP positions in DA and they doing excellent work for SA!!..... These Racist ANC and SACP will hate anything that's multi-racial, they are the biggest Racists in SA today..give me any non black person which has top jobs in there parties...there is only one colour for ANC and SACP ..if you not black you have no vote??!!!

  • mshiniboys - 2012-11-24 17:33

    Blade will never stop patronising black South Africans....this is not a complementary statement but the idea behin it is that all blacks who join DA do so because they are servants of white people.I think it is a very childish statement and it should be classfied as racist and childish at the same time.The danger in this statement is that it hampers the efforts of reconciliation and should never be expected from any mature leader.

      piet.motsoeneng - 2012-11-25 06:16

      Spot on Mshiniboys

  • Hasani P - 2012-11-24 17:33

    Fellow South Africans we are moving backwards. We can't have people in cabinet making such racist remarks. They live on tax payers of all races. The DA must refer this to the equality court.

      jake.ko.71 - 2012-11-24 17:35

      100% I agree!!!

  • malcolm.baillie.50 - 2012-11-24 17:35

    Haha Blade! Even Zuma doesn't listen to you anymore. Philip Dexter, a former SACP treasurer, said under Nzimande's leadership the SACP had failed to push working-class issues. "The SACP is supposed to be a potent political force, especially in the wake of Marikana [and the] mining and farm strikes, but the sad thing is that the party is nowhere to be seen." A senior Cosatu leader accused Nzimande of being "uncommunist" in character and outlook: "Is it Marxist-Leninist to support anti-insult laws to the president, to oppose nationalisation, to call workers criminals, to march and defend R250-million of taxpayers' money being spent on the president's compound? There has definitely been ideological misfiring under Blade and it has become tragicomic. "As a leader of the vanguard, he has not played a meaningful role to ensure unity in Cosatu and the alliance. He is very divisive. He captured a number of [Cosatu] affiliates. All they have been doing is to isolate [Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima] Vavi because he has the balls to criticise the ANC and government under Zuma's leadership. "Blade is now in government. He has left a domestic servant to look after the party while he is looking after his personal interest in government. He is ruthless. If you differ with him, he purges you."

  • paulgerber969 - 2012-11-24 17:36

    Typical commie comment. He is a bed partner of Red China . The asr%

  • jacyjays.letsoalo - 2012-11-24 17:36

    U r right comrade blade, the ANC was the first party to electrify the mud house, it has also become the second party to demolish houses! It is also the first party to have its leader evade prison while it is all clear he may be corrupt! It is also the first party to defend corrupt councilors who can't even write an annual report! Truth be told, the current ANC is busy losing focus of what is at hand as their only focus is to secure tenders and BEE. When we defend the ANC we must also look at the mistakes done by the leadership. We can't love the ANC on emotions that it was the organisation that liberated us meanwhile u at the top are still fighting for positions to be closer to tenders. To label the DA a party of Madams and Basses is the same as detracting the notion by the DA calling Nkandla a Compound. So Blade u speak like one such Blunt Blade, u no longer speak for the masses but for the Nkandla Councilor. Defend justices and the interest of all...then I will support u

      peejay.maclane - 2012-11-24 17:43

      Wow, well said The ANC just lost my vote with this statements They must to filling their pockets and serve the ppl or elsr the ppl will vote DA co 2014

  • toma.meduric - 2012-11-24 17:37

    This coming from the same person that came to our restaurant & said we are racist cos we were showing European Soccer & not South African soccer... Toss!!

      rocky.bell.98 - 2012-11-24 18:45

      communist are normally a total lost generation. Don't be to concerned

      bobby.rosewood.1 - 2012-11-24 19:38

      I couldn't imagine he's be so silly!! This guy is living in a fantasy world, clearly!

      charnelle.bester - 2012-11-25 08:02

      @Toma - Was he civilized enough to use a knife and spoon?

  • peejay.maclane - 2012-11-24 17:38

    That's cheap politicking and that's racist Its not even news worthy What's the use of having electricity in mud houses if those ppl don't even have money to buy electrical equipment Or proper education to read instruction manual DA will win 2014

  • adam.gardener.12 - 2012-11-24 17:38

    Outdated politics and outdated rhetoric.....time for the new DA

  • nghamula.mdunwazi - 2012-11-24 17:38

    This zulus are playing tribalist at all cost to support one of their own even though president he's a failure.

  • jaap.kotze - 2012-11-24 17:38

    And the ANC? My description would be defamtory!

      mike.bundy.73 - 2012-11-26 08:06

      Not if it's true!

  • bless.boswell - 2012-11-24 17:39

    Why would electricity have to be connected to a mud hut? Because the government of the day spends all the funds on itself!!! Blade, get ready to become an ordinary little man on an ordinary budget - like the rest of us. It seems the black hierarchy are the bases and madams - they are the ones with the body guards, blue light brigades, etc. lets put that accusation exactly where it belongs.

  • altus.kirsten - 2012-11-24 17:40

    Halloween king!

  • maylani.bezuidenhout - 2012-11-24 17:40

    very amusing - going on about how its only the ANC that can build a non-racial and non-sexist society when he disrespects black South African women like this by not even acknowledging their contribution... We are so tired of this patriarchial bullsh*t that only men can lead. Black women in this country need to tell this boy to sit down because they have been leading, building and raising children by themselves for a very long time. If it weren't for the women of this country standing together things would have been an even bigger mess a long time ago.

  • Johan5417 - 2012-11-24 17:43

    No different to the Nats with their swart gevaar. Now its white gevaar and all else that feeds that paranoia.

      bobby.rosewood.1 - 2012-11-24 19:44

      Nationalism. They have the same handbook, same rules. same scary stories. All over the world.

      attie.stone.3 - 2013-01-12 22:02

      Johan5417; If the nats were referring to people like blade....can you say it isn't true?

  • jay.heyns.1 - 2012-11-24 17:44

    "Nzimande said the African National Congress was the only organisation that could build South Africa as a non-racial, non-sexist and democratic society" But then HE plays the race and gender card.

  • jayjay.mlungu - 2012-11-24 17:45

    When in doubt pull the race card. The DA at least looks at the country above the party. ANC just the opposite. Blade is worried about his seat on the gravy train=corruption

  • sanet.oelofse - 2012-11-24 17:46

    In the same token one can say the ANC is run by stupid fat mammas and thieving madalas. I am sure a few will object to my statement... Bunch of hypocrites.

  • miandra.vanzyl - 2012-11-24 17:47

    ANC has become the Black racists party. I have lost all my respect! They equals the previous apartheids party. You moving in same direction!! We want a rainbow nation, not apartheid again. You are destroying Mandela's dream!!!!!

  • ft.burhaak - 2012-11-24 17:48

    Why does it feel like this country is being governed in absentia?

  • jay.heyns.1 - 2012-11-24 17:50

    He has been the Minister for Higher Education and Training since 2009, and only now he admits, "I did not know that electricity could be connected to a mud structure." Well ..... guess that says it all!!!

  • ForeverWP - 2012-11-24 17:50

    What do you expect from someone who only passed grade 2 (only just though thanks to a reduction in the quality of the education)? Unfortunately he is a brainless buffoon and you cannot expect him to open his mouth and for anything of value to come out if it. We just need to laugh at him for the fool he is.

      peejay.maclane - 2012-11-24 17:57

      Blande Nzimande has a university Phd His title is Dr

      karel.dutoit.50 - 2012-11-24 18:45

      Must be an honoree degree for the rubish he speaks is not of an educated mind.

      sandra.j.rennie - 2012-11-26 10:12

      peejay He must have bought it !