DA defiant over Cosatu House march

2012-05-14 22:26

Johannesburg - The DA said on Monday it would march to Cosatu House, in Johannesburg, even though the Johannesburg metro police said earlier that this would not be allowed.

The Johannesburg metro police had told the media that marchers would not be allowed to proceed to Congress of SA Trade Unions headquarters, but "hasn't sent any formal documentation to the DA", said spokesperson Mmusi Maimane.

"We will proceed with the original plan and the original route," he said.

Earlier, metro police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar said the Democratic Alliance would be allowed to march in downtown Johannesburg on Tuesday, but not to Cosatu House.

Instead, the march would end on the lawns of the Johannesburg Civic Theatre.

He said the route had been changed after a "security assessment".

Cosatu and its affiliates had called the march and provocative and there have been threats of confrontation, with the National Union of Metalworkers of SA threatening to "swamp the streets outside Cosatu House".

"... It was decided that the route would be changed so that speeches are done at a neutral venue," said Minnaar. "They [the DA] won't be allowed near Cosatu House," he said.


On Monday night, DA leader Helen Zille posted a message on the social networking site Twitter, indicating that the march would go ahead as planned.

"DA march is ON tomorrow. Mischievous reports on SABC radio saying march cancelled are WRONG. See you tomorrow! #fb"

Zille is to lead the march with, Maimane, DA youth leader Makashule Gana, and the party's parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko.

Minnaar said around 3 000 marchers were expected to converge at Beyers Naudé Square.

According to him, the march would start at 11:00 and would proceed along President, Rissik, Jeppe, Sauer, Burger, Jorissen, Melle and Simmonds streets.

The DA said it was marching about job losses.

"The march is to protest against the trade [union] federation's continued opposition to the youth wage subsidy, a policy that could create an estimated 423 000 jobs for young, unemployed South Africans," said spokesperson Kelly Miller.

She said Cosatu had become a stumbling block to job creation.


The ANC and Cosatu have urged the DA not to march.

"Cosatu calls upon the DA to reconsider its decision to march to Cosatu House tomorrow [Tuesday]," said spokesperson Patrick Craven.

"There is no way this march will make any contribution to solving the problem of youth unemployment, which they claim to be so concerned about, and they will certainly not convince workers to agree with their phony solution of a youth wage subsidy."

The ANC's Jackson Mthembu said the decision to march was "ill-informed and opportunistic".

"If the DA has any view regarding the issues of labour brokers and youth wage subsidy, our contention is that they must engage with Cosatu rather than being confrontational and provocative," he said in a statement.

"The only way, in our view, that any of the parties can influence one another and even influence government around these matters is through meaningful engagement."

The National Union of Metalworkers of SA (Numsa) and its affiliates said the march was informed "by the provocative, deceitful and cheap political blackmail from the chief representatives of white monopoly capital and apartheid apologists the DA".

Numsa said it would be joined by the SA Commercial, Catering and Allied Workers' Union, the Communication Workers' Union, the Progressive Youth Alliance, the ANC Youth League, the Young Communist League and the SA Students' Congress.

In a statement, Numsa spokesperson Castro Ngobese said the DA was trying to coerce the ANC-led government, particularly its ally Cosatu, to agree to the neo-liberal proposal of a youth wage subsidy.

He said the subsidy would create a two-tier labour system which would result in a flood of retrenchments as major factories favoured youth wages.

  • ESETHU_HASANE - 2012-05-14 22:39

    This is heavy. as a socialist I will reserve my comments

      graham.plessis - 2012-05-14 22:50

      I think this is really petty from the DA. By all means have a demonstration - great men and women fought for the right to democracy and demonstration, but there is no need to do it in front of the COSATU building which is a crowded area - especially when you are breaking the law by ignoring Minaar, from Gauteng Police. The DA are such a negative party - they were opposed to the world cup before opportunistically loving it when it turned out to be a success.

      Glyn - 2012-05-14 23:19

      Dateline Paris - Cosatu are so quick to march, intimidate, assault, insult and cause mayhem and now the DA is upstaging them at their very own game!! No wonder they are a bit upset!! Ha! Ha! Cosatu has caused more job-losses than any organization other than the anc. It is not in their interests to have a happy workforce! They and the ANC can only survive withan unhappy workforce. Vote DA for happy workers!! Viva DA!! Viva South African workers!! Viva!! PS: More than 65 out of 100 voters in the DA are Black. Go figure. The DA is the most balanced party in South Africa. go figure again!!

      Hallo - 2012-05-15 01:47

      Pfft.. let me know when they can organise a proper protest and not some FF+ type protest that is dead in the water. Lame.

      Jack - 2012-05-15 04:28

      Goodness, the DA voters seem to be as dumb and blind as they allege the ANC voters are. What are they proposing? THINK!!! A lower wage for a specific age group = that age group getting preference for jobs = major retrenchments for those not in that age bracket = same lousy job market = those with jobs getting paid less = big business scum laughing all the way to the bank!!! An improvement? I think not. Come now DA - if you're really going to move SA forward, you must try to push COSATU to leave the tripartite alliance and form its own party. Then you may be able to form some kind of coalition government - with COSATU leading the way as they'll bring in far more votes than the DA...

      Msika - 2012-05-15 07:36

      JMPD will make them JUMP!!

      Marion - 2012-05-15 07:40

      I thought, rightly or wrongly, that Pravin Gordhan proposed the youth wage subsidy. COSATU should know by now that there are labour laws governing the retrenchment of employees (e.g. last in, first out) so don't know why they are using retrenchment as an excuse to oppose an initiative that will give the youth opportunities to gain experience. Very few jobs in the market at entry level. Everyone wants experience but no one gives anyone the opportunity to gain such experience.

      Nigel - 2012-05-15 08:38

      @Glyn - I thought my vote was a secret - you seem to know even the colour of the person - worrying

  • Smili - 2012-05-14 22:44

    VIVA Zille! VIVA Maimane! VIVA Makashule Gana!, and VIVA Lindiwe Mazibuko! THEY ARE THE NEW SOUTH AFRICAN STRUGGLE HEROES! THEY FIGHT FOR THE UNEMPLOYED YOUTH OF SA! The ANC and Cosatu have abandoned the youth! Now the DA must take up the fight! They cannot stop them! The Democratic Alliance lead SOUTH AFRICA into the future! (BLACK AND WHITE TOGETHER) DOWN WITH THE ANC! DOWN WITH THE BETRAYERS!

      ettienne.hattingh - 2012-05-14 22:52

      I'll drink to that. Cheers.

      Mark Anthony Fysh - 2012-05-14 23:01

      Are all the scumbags going to emerge from their warrens and beat up the DA? That is what the "ANC Alliance" seems to be saying...

  • gideon.keyser - 2012-05-14 22:50

    if the aids of SA (anc) can do whatever the want,the DA can do the march if the want. Im very sure that the DA will not cause much problems during the march, unlike anc marches

      Saleé - 2012-05-14 22:59

      Oh, boy! Choosing between these two "tit-for-tat" parties becomes harder by the day!

      Brett - 2012-05-14 23:04

      Its actually a very easy choice for intelligent people.

      Glyn - 2012-05-14 23:22

      If you cannot choose between the corrupt ANC and the principled DA that is your problem.

      Saleé - 2012-05-15 07:47

      Actually @ Brett, I see two supporters who behave in exactly the same way. Just look at @gideon.keyser's comment above. What is so earth-shatteringly intelligent about that?

      Saleé - 2012-05-15 08:01

      Well @Glynn - Indeed, it is my problem. I do not follow DA/ANC sheep. I assess all parties. From what I can see, the DA is not exactly covered in glory right now. Of course, DA fans will defend it to the death, as the ANC fans will defend their own party to the death. And when did DA's party line become "vote for us because we are marginally better than the ANC"? That is certainly what every DA supporter implies. Even that is debatable. Everything that is said about the DA is weighed up against the ANC. This party can put together its own story, non? It can stand on its own two feet, non? As for the ANC, where do I start? My vote belongs to only me; and I will use it as I see fit.

  • mandla.shikwambana - 2012-05-14 23:03

    I wont comment much until 2mrw.

      Glyn - 2012-05-14 23:24

      You are not very decisive are you!? Vote DA, be decisive!!

      msira.gcukumana - 2012-05-14 23:56

      @glyn. we are votin already? Lol

  • Dave - 2012-05-14 23:09

    JMPD must give a VALID reason why this march cannot proceed. Have they been given instructions from their CORRUPT POLITICAL MASTERS?

      SarcasticAgnostic - 2012-05-15 07:13

      their scared COSATU will show their true colours. I wouldn't be shocked if there is blood on the streets.

      Msika - 2012-05-15 07:27

      JMPD make them JUMP!!

  • Erna - 2012-05-14 23:23

    I think the DA is wrong to march. They are just lowering their standards to those of Cosatu and the ANC.

      dewaldmontgomery - 2012-05-15 06:24

      Now you sound like my church who's emotional appeal was that we not protest the tollgates, because 'Christians are supposed to obey their rulers'. Nonsense. As long as they don't loot, burn, destroy, piss everywhere and make filthy twenty seven street blocks, they can sing, dance and protest as much as they like, and they'd STILL set an example.

      Keith - 2012-05-15 08:44

      @Erna, I disagree, if the DA do it without incident and peaceful it will show ANC and COSATU how its supposed to be done. Dignified and get your point across is the DA way

  • Hudayfah - 2012-05-14 23:35

    Cosatu does have a valid point too. . . .

      dewaldmontgomery - 2012-05-15 06:29

      And what might that be? That it's bad for 'economic freedom' to employe 400 000 of 4 million jobless youth?

  • Simphiwe - 2012-05-14 23:35


      koos.vandermerwe.92 - 2012-05-14 23:44

      I suppose the Jessica's will be there with their knobkieries and spears and perhaps some bricks?

      Atholl - 2012-05-15 00:36

      Nqukhwe - Simphiwe Why is the wage subsidy a problem ? Because ''the subsidy would create a two-tier labour system which would result in a flood of retrenchments as major factories favoured youth wages '' ? Where is the evidence or proof to support this 'theory'? Major factories depend on efficiency which is the result of: ... stable employment ... established skills ... low staff turnover ... low-conflict employment

      Koos - 2012-05-15 06:20

      They are afraid that the 'new' employees will be positive and productive, unlike the socialist unionist.

      dewaldmontgomery - 2012-05-15 06:29

      I'm sure that's what Dingane told his impi's...

      richard.hipkin - 2012-05-15 08:11

      Isn't it just amazing that it's all black people threatening violence on the DA? Mmmm... What an embarrassment.

      Keith - 2012-05-15 08:46

      Idle threats from a small boy, couldn't hit water if you fell out a boat.

      jomardl - 2012-05-15 12:46

      Another stupid comment by another stupid thug.

  • mveleli.mbombo - 2012-05-14 23:48

    this is kinda interesting,lets wait till 2moro

  • Sechaba30 - 2012-05-14 23:55

    According to him, the march would start at 11:00 and would proceed along President, Rissik, Jeppe, Sauer, Burger, Jorissen, Melle and Simmonds streets. Can these street names be changed please.

      dewaldmontgomery - 2012-05-15 06:30

      Yes, I'm sure that would help the agenda for 'economic freedom' in a socialist state.

      Marion - 2012-05-15 08:20

      When the government has built the house promised to my son's biological mother since 1994 then they can change those street names. Until then they must take their name changes and shove them where the sun doesn't shine - right along with your confused priorities.

      WhiteNut - 2012-05-15 09:34

      Offensive indeed! Named after murderers and rapists

  • mbuso.tholly - 2012-05-14 23:56

    i don't y ppl wld even bother to avail demselves in dat march organized by dat gogo zille especially blacks,since they had lost their minds and wear DA t-shirts how absurds

      msira.gcukumana - 2012-05-14 23:58

      eish. So black people cant go for DA now chief? Thats a bit lame!

      Smili - 2012-05-15 00:10

      There are more black supporters int the DA than whites! GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT mbuso! The DA is the future!

      Sean - 2012-05-15 00:19

      @mbuso.tholly - Goes to show , you lack brain capacity ! People like you give SA a bad name !

      John - 2012-05-15 04:22

      @Sean. I'm glad you could actually understand what brain dead Mbuso was on about. I thought he was trying to say showerheads wives were going to be out in force wearing DA "The only party to vote for" T shirts. LMFAO. Another EC education failure, why is woodworking so difficult to get through?

      Bzeng - 2012-05-15 05:34

      Sujusinyela mfetu we are tired of studying 4years for degrees but end being securities. if u gotta a job and selfish not to support this march then hamba yokunya. Viva DA

      dewaldmontgomery - 2012-05-15 06:25

      Actually, I have deep respect for a black person voting DA. Because they know this country is doomed at the hands of the pathetic excuse of a political organisation (not party, mind you), called the ANC.

      Marion - 2012-05-15 08:26

      @Bzeng - well said. This would not benefit the DA, it would benefit the youth of this country who deserve every opportunity to be able to gain the experience that employers require when they recruit. So many scrape together the money (thousands of rands) that is required to get a certificate that is normally not worth the paper it is printed on, thinking that it is the gateway to a job. Experience is the gateway to a job and without a job you cannot get experience. @mbuso - I hope the unemployed youth in Johannesburg and surrounds join this march to tell COSATU that they, too, are worthy of a future. If they don't then they should not complain about their lack of employment.

      Keith - 2012-05-15 08:52

      @mbuso.tholly. HUH? what was that can you translate

      jomardl - 2012-05-15 12:51

      @mbuso.tholly: D-e-m-o-c-r-a-c-y. F-r-e-e-d-o-m. Look up those words in the dictionary and remind yourself what black people fought for and now have. A choice.

  • Kyle - 2012-05-15 00:08

    Perhaps its a good thing to continue the march. I hope there will be no violence, but if there is, We'll know who to blame. Racist bullies Cosatu and the ANC. When i think of true democracy in this country, I don't see Jacob Zuma as president. We deserve a real president. A hero. Someone to be proud of. Some1 who promotes unity. Not facilitates a R30 billion band of thieves! I mean really people, wake the F up.

  • Rudi - 2012-05-15 00:08

    Viva DA Viva! Helen Zille will be our next President - we will start a revolution if it is necessary but we will win the ANC. Best of all is that we will win them with the vote of our fellow black South Africans!

      TheKingPimp - 2012-05-15 09:32

      Zuma and his cronies are the worst thing to ever happen to this country after the apartheid crimes against humanity, however I still will not vote for Zille with her racist tendencies. She must not be tjatjarag here! *waits for the pro-zille faction to get a hernia and blabber on aimlessly*

  • Atholl - 2012-05-15 00:28

    -- Protecting the Problem = Selfish Union The hope and (negative) attitude of Despondent youth with low skills results in constant job swopping, low wages, no career path and insecurity. The job swopping results in low self esteem and eventually their 'career' is intercepted by crime. The job-crime link has a huge impact on everyone [[ including ]] the security of the Unionised employed. If the wage subsidy is not a solution then can Cosatu offer a better solution. or are they selfishly protecting something ? Protect the Problem vs Promote a Solution. Selfish vs sharing generously

  • Nkosinathi - 2012-05-15 00:36

    COSATU has played double standard for far too long. They agree with ANC when decisions are made when it come to implementation COSATU organize its troops and heat the road with strikes. COSATU affiliated unionized teachers has brought shame to the education of Africa black by constantly grandstanding, striking especially towards exams, we saw our unionized soldiers what they did in the Union Building, the trashing of litter by striking workers under the COSATU, burning of trains by striking COSATU affiliated union workers. So what role does COSATU play? I do not support DA but DA has a guaranteed constitutional rights to demonstrate from Cape to Limpopo without fear as COSATU is equally guaranteed by the constitution to strike when they feel so. But as an African I keep on asking myself where are we going??? This question make me to start studying the journeys taken by African states that got their freedom before South Africa starting with Ghana 1958 till 1994. African states are the same they die economically because of depressive poor leadership and and illiteracy play a great role. Its no surprise therefore that Africa is called a dark continent. In Africa there has been no intellectual revolution at all. Comrades I am not a rebel but I sacrifice myself on the alter for what I believe in feel free an crucify me but I forgive you all.

      Dee - 2012-05-15 01:51

      Nkosinathi - I salute the bravery of your post at this site. I too reflect on the horrors that Africa has experienced in both colonial and post colonial periods.. from French Algeria southwards. My heart goes out to the millions of sub-Saharan Africans we now have in South Africa - and to the South Africans who feel the effects of not being able to afford this / accommodate them all here.... and really worry about ALL of our futures ... So I look to the wisdom of Madiba's leadership - his words on 'our rainbow nation', and think of when he spoke about the Zebra - with black and white stripes making it strong - and believe there are enough wise and decent non-racist / unprejudiced people in SA, and TOGETHER we can 'stop the rot'. Rather than crucify you - I would rather hold your hand in a walk to a better future.

      Koos - 2012-05-15 06:25

      Good post Nkosinathi. Can you please try and answer this for me: why do the people keep these 'depressive poor leadership' in power? Is it only because of illiteracy?

      dewaldmontgomery - 2012-05-15 06:27

      Yes, like investing in the toll companies and then threatening to burn down the gantries... It sounds familiar.

      Marion - 2012-05-15 08:39

      @dewald - the people who threatened to burn down the gantries were those who would have to pay the eToll. They are not the ones who invested in the tolling system.

      Keith - 2012-05-15 08:53

      Round of applause

      Morné - 2012-05-15 09:28

      As annoying as memes tend to get, I have to say .... GIVE THAT MAN A BELLS!

      josta.shivuri - 2012-05-15 14:46

      Nkosinathi, you have hit right on the nail. @Dee, that makes the two of us. Let's in hand-in-hand together for the future of our posterity @Koos, even if the question is addressed to Nkosinathi, I can safely say yes. Illiteracy is the enemy of Africa, not necessarily bad leadership; since "in democracy you get the leadership you deserve".

  • bryan.culross - 2012-05-15 00:37

    Helen and co realise that they need to be visible to the everyday person ... this cannot be achieved via her twitter page or DA website or even via the press or tv ... the only way is through marches and rallies and to show black and white people marching together in opposition to the ANC and communists ...

      Msika - 2012-05-15 06:55

      Would love to see white poeple toy-toying

      SarcasticAgnostic - 2012-05-15 07:15

      Count the whites in that march, youll be shocked.

      richard.hipkin - 2012-05-15 08:14

      @Msika, have you seen white people dance! :) Toy-toyi will look spastic!! :)

  • Carol - 2012-05-15 00:39

    I wish I was there in SA I would join the march. Bloody hell if Cosatu, ANC members can do why the hell can't members of the DA do the same? Oh, and don't forget to toy-toy! And to all those who are against a bridge you need to get over it!

      joubert.joep - 2012-05-15 02:58

      I love it - the people that created marches and crap are trying to stop it... hehe Take your own medicine back!!! When you were asked in the past not to - you did! Now handle it...

      joubert.joep - 2012-05-15 03:16

      Beat Zille and Mazibuko up properly please show how strong the ANC regime is! The fathers of our nation!

      Hudayfah - 2012-05-15 06:31

      Beating two women up?that shows how strong you are? You are one sick f***

  • WhiteNut - 2012-05-15 03:59

    Cosatu has always maintained its monopoly on the labor policy debate. These ppl must be sick in their heads, how is the youth wage subsidy a neo-liberal policy? Just because Cosatu will not have political control over this big group, therefore they won't support the policy..even if its going to help these people. They only support something that will ensure them a sustained premium collection hence their calls for 'decent jobs' and minimum wages. Cosatu can not have its cake and eat it!

      Themba - 2012-05-15 05:08

      of course, this amphibian COSATU hs betrayed working class

  • Themba - 2012-05-15 05:13

    wy nt allow zille to march to ur house? a while ago cosatu pleaded wwwth public to support their march against brokers nd e-tolling. 2day r denying adaz. wy? viva zille viva da.

  • Lionel - 2012-05-15 05:19

    The Gauleiter has spoken - Jo'burg Metro has no cred.

  • Lititia Hunt Kruger - 2012-05-15 05:22

    Not political orientated. But on the news yesterday it was confirmed that another 9000 job cuts will take place in the SAPS. Maybe people should just sit back and reflect on the current economic situation. At this stage any noise over job creation should be embraced by all. Education is poor and not available to all as it should be. every little thing may help at this stage. We need more reports on things that people want to do and less about what people did for themselves ( corruption mismanagement of state funds e.g) ! this is no longer a democracy!

      ngcali.swartbooi - 2012-05-15 06:56

      lol. Read d article no 1 hu is curently employd wil lus their jobs....they are jus trying 2 cope wit d 2010 intake of 55000

  • olebogeng.diratsagae - 2012-05-15 06:13

    Why cant they march to union building or any place of government not to cosatu.i wish i was ther,il b da first one to burn those ants.white r fooling blacks here.metro police should arrest those pple.they just provoking so dat they blame cosatu when they r dead.yes Vavi didnt want to join Zille is mourning over dat

      SarcasticAgnostic - 2012-05-15 07:16

      Wow, death threats. Typical.

      Lionel - 2012-05-15 07:25

      It's sad that you need to use violence to make a point. When (not if) the DA takes over Joburg, I hope they ban COSATU marches, since those always end up property getting damaged- and they should also fire that Xenophobic goosestepping Minaar.

      Marion - 2012-05-15 08:44

      @olebogeng - at a loss for words. No I'm not. Why is COSATU opposing an initiative that would create job opportunities for young blacks in particular? If there is violence or intimidation during this march then COSATU and its affiliates will be 100% to blame. Do not try and put the blame for any union initiated disruption/intimidation/violence at the door of the DA when it is COSATU that opposes the youth wage subsidy for some obscure reason that they are disguising as a concern about retrenchments of existing employees. Wake up and smell the coffee.

      jomardl - 2012-05-15 13:50

      @olebogeng: you think like a child.

  • Andile - 2012-05-15 06:17

    Yerrr this thing of staying in 'small' cities is a problem. I wish I was going to be there. This FRONTING company is surely using a 3 year strategy. Why did the DA wait until they had 3 'black leaders'? Now these 'Black leaders' will be 'leading' the march LMFAO. This wage subsidy is K@@k, why would a company not hesitate to let go of you, when they know that you are going to be 'paid' end of the month for not working. In all these security companies who pay people R800 a month, who would want to work when the youth subsidy is R1500 maybe? But let the war begin, I pray it comes to Durban, I'd pay any price to be on the side that receives DA's complaints.

      Marion - 2012-05-15 10:06

      Why did Pravin Gordhan come up with the idea in the first place if it is such a K@@K (sic) strategy? And you are ridiculous to say they waited until the DA had 3 black leaders. They are no doubt sick and tired of the unions stalling the entire process. One quote of many you can find online if you bother to check: But Dumisani Mthalane, president of the SA National Civics Organisation, said the subsidy would go a long way in assisting the youth to get experience. "What we are still yet to finalise at Nedlac is what happens with them (youth) at a workplace. "We have to find a way of implementing it because government and business agree. "The resistence is only from the unions," Mthalane said.

  • dewaldmontgomery - 2012-05-15 06:18

    I just love it. Cosatu, the ANC and the ANCYL screaming 'economic freedom' (which they apparently dream to obtain without an open, free market economy through nationalisation, expropriation without compensation, and other ridiculous policies which kill of job creation such as inflexible labour laws) and that 'the youth shall have jobs'. Yet, the DA supports a plan (ANC drafted plan, mind you, and oh boy, doesn't this remind us of the tollgate saga) to employ thousands and thousands of youth through wage subsidies and other practical ideas, and now Cosatu, the ANCYL and some other pathetic unions scream 'it's all about racist, white capital'. HELLO? There are only so many white people and 'white' businesses. At some stage 'black capital' will need labour too? HELLO? Somebody there? I get SO annoyd, because I wish to expand my business. However, due to labour laws that force me to pay 'minimum wages', allow staff to drink tea almost every hour, force them to just stop where they are and go home at 16:00 even if I offer to pay them for extra work, force me to carry their mistakes, and of course, allow them to strike for almost anything under the sun, including some 'right' to 'demand' pay rises whenever they deem fit, I will and can simply not take to risk to employ anyone. See, in practice, how this government KILLS job creation?

  • Msika - 2012-05-15 06:51

    DA on a march? Wow!! Hope they will manage.

      Blip - 2012-05-15 06:56

      They even have the skills to march in lockstep. Not the shambolic shuffling of the lumpenproles in Cosatu.

  • Peter - 2012-05-15 06:54

    The DA is engaging in petty political issues, by marching to Cosatu House,not only are they undermining law enforcement agency's recommendation, but also shifting their so called mandate which is to engae the ruling party. Why not march to Luthuli House if they are so desperate to make a point?

      emanuel.londt - 2012-05-15 07:03

      I think that if they want to march its their mandate to do so to whichever destination they think is fitting. What's good for one group should equally be good enough for another! Past Cosatu matches has never been damned as much as the DA march! WHY?

      Msika - 2012-05-15 07:34

      JMPD will make them JUMP!! Hahaha!!

      Goboza Mashaba - 2012-05-15 07:37

      @Emanuel, Cosatu doesnt stop DA to march but obviously they r barking at the wrong tree! This is a government issue and they shud march to de dpt of labour. this is way too provocative. not even Luthuli house is relevant for this march. trust me there will b casualties especially from the DA.

      Morné - 2012-05-15 09:39

      Peter, you have failed to grasp the essence of politics in the tri partide alliance. Cosatu has a much bigger say in government policies than all the opposition parties combined. They are scuppering the youth wage subsidy, that was proposed by government and the ANC. Trade unions will never address unemployment; they have vested interest in protecting the employed at the expense of the unemployed and job-creation.

      Marion - 2012-05-15 10:11

      @Peter - they wouldn't need to undermine law enforcement agency's recommendation if the unions weren't hell bent on stopping the march. They have the right to march and hand over a memorandum to anyone they want to. In this case they are marching to the headquarters or the organization that is hampering the implementation of the youth wage subsidy. @Geboza - As I just told someone else, check online for the facts of the matter. Just one quote: But Dumisani Mthalane, president of the SA National Civics Organisation, said the subsidy would go a long way in assisting the youth to get experience. "What we are still yet to finalise at Nedlac is what happens with them (youth) at a workplace. "We have to find a way of implementing it because government and business agree. "The resistence is only from the unions," Mthalane said.

      Steve - 2012-05-15 10:59

      @ Morne. Good point. Lets not forget that Vavi reportedly earns R500 000 a year. So it's in his interests to protect the employed at the expense of the unemployed. The unemployed cannot pay subs!

  • zybt99 - 2012-05-15 07:06

    I think Zille has lot all sanity. This is political suicide for the DA. I just hope people arnt hurt. Finger pointing will not bring people back.

      Lionel - 2012-05-15 07:26

      People won't get hurt unless the fascist COSATU thugs step in...

      zybt99 - 2012-05-15 07:31

      @Lionel i guess the finger pointing has started already.

      Lionel - 2012-05-15 07:46

      Let's just call it logic: whenever COSATU types march, dustbins are trashed, shops are looted - I've yet to see one incident free march by these thugs. Then they have the gall to make threats against the DA - this of course, begs the question: what are they afraid of?

      zybt99 - 2012-05-15 08:15

      A simple of common sense from both sides. Maybe you were not in the country the last time a march of this kind happened. Over 50 people died. So common sense would say its a bad idea.

      Marion - 2012-05-15 10:17

      @zybt99 - the only place common sense needs to prevail is in the ranks of the unions. There will be no violence if they do not stir the pot.

  • dave.prinsloo - 2012-05-15 07:07

    The ANC and Cosatu have urged the DA not to march. Ag shame, that is just so pathetic.

  • Lethukuthula - 2012-05-15 07:09

    Why we blacks always use a race card when DA is doing the right thing for youth.Who stop cosatu to march?Black or white this is our land.

      zybt99 - 2012-05-15 07:21

      Would you see an ANCYL march in Orania as a good idea? Its not that race is the issue but targeting workers and their union. That is pure madness. And yes this is about race. If it was not the DA would not b using three fronters to lead the march.

      zybt99 - 2012-05-15 07:22

      Would you see an ANCYL march in Orania as a good idea? Its not that race is the issue but targeting workers and their union. That is pure madness. And yes this is about race. If it was not the DA would not b using three fronters to lead the march.

      Goboza Mashaba - 2012-05-15 07:28

      Marching 2 Cosatu building is provocative and politically wrong! Cosatu is not the government and is not opposing to thr DA march. The DA shud ask de howabouts and de meaning of marches! de next thing Cosatu or any other organisation will b marching 2 Zille's bedroom en u know what will happen!

      Garth - 2012-05-15 07:44

      @zybt99 your argument holds no relation to the issue in question. @Gordon, Cosatu is the organisation standing against the youth fund, that's why they are marching there. Next time try and actually understand what you are reading.

      zybt99 - 2012-05-15 08:00

      @garth. Take your own advice and read what is said. The issue is what is stated. The overall issue is the march is not against government but a trade federation. Simply put about 3000 middle class marchers whose intrest is not the same as that of those they are marching against are hoping to bully the lower class to agree. The reason for marching is not one of substance. The DA has never marched for anything of substance and they now choose to march not against the government but against fellow citezens. READ AND UNDERSTAND...

      Marion - 2012-05-15 10:22

      @zybt99 - the reason for marching may not be one of substance for you but I am sure it is a march of substance for all those youth who cannot get any kind of job without having experience to back it up. COSATU power can work for the good of the people at times but at others it just works for the good of its members. Case of 'bugger you Jack, I'm alright'.

  • mario.m.molapo - 2012-05-15 07:10

    I'm surprised there are some people or the so called other parties being against the youth wage subsidy March,isn't that something we want? Your siblings and family members being employed?\r\nLet's support our youth...\r\n\r\nYOUTH EMPOWERMENT!!

  • gareth.chapman1 - 2012-05-15 07:15

    All those claiming there will be retrenchments in favour of the "younger lower wage group", you're wrong. You cannot retrench a person with the intention of replacing them with someone else. Once retrenched, that position becomes redundant. This younger group may stand a better chance of getting jobs than older groups, but nobody can (legally) lose their jobs as a result of this youth wage subsidy.

      Marion - 2012-05-15 10:25

      @gareth - I think retrenchment sort of 'freezes' a job and if someone is employed in that position again within x amount of time then the person who was retrenched gets first option of the job. To make a job redundant, as I understand it, is that the job totally ceases to exist. Stand under correction though.

  • SarcasticAgnostic - 2012-05-15 07:17

    What happened to freedom? The right to protest. COSATU, your right-wing tendencies are showing.

  • Joe Gomes - 2012-05-15 07:18

    Johannesburg is the next City to fall to the DA, accept it and start looking forward to a city we can be proud of again. This Goggo is getting under the skin of the racist corrupt ruling party and it's lackeys who are raping the city and it's citizens.

  • Jacobus - 2012-05-15 07:19

    I still dont know why they are marching and why they are marching to COSATU? I am starting to think that all political parties in SA are stupid... Going to start my own party! The Green Party, because we are all green, some of us are just darker green than others. :)

      Marion - 2012-05-15 10:26

      @Jacobus - they are marching to COSATU offices because it is COSATU that is against the implementation of the proposal.

  • AlQuestioningLife - 2012-05-15 07:26

    What is good for the goose should be good for the gander - all equal now in SA so lets watch this new event with an open mind.

  • Darrel - 2012-05-15 07:30

    I think this is great that the DA is not just bowing over but is actually a force to be reckoned with...I think they will only gain momentum in going forward from this, the greater the fight the greater the victory!

  • Kabelo - 2012-05-15 07:42

    DA is not a union but a political party that is concern about high rate of youth unemployment.un like the useless cosatu that it has involved deeply in politics it can't adress any thing that it will end up in conflict with the ANC. Shame on u Vavi,SDUMO.

  • Phumi - 2012-05-15 07:46

    The DA are behaving like an angry girlfreind! They do not understand that the stance against e-tolls was just a one night stand with cosato and not a start of a relationship! It is clear even to the retards that they are campaigning for business who will so love to reverse the gains of the working class by bringing back cheap labour! Our tax money should never be used as a bail-out strategy for greedy white monopoly capitalists!

      Marion - 2012-05-15 10:28

      @Phumi - why do you refer to yourself as a retard? By the way, the word retard is offensive.

  • Thabang - 2012-05-15 08:02

    Am just wondering how many of the DA white followers commenting here(news24)are going to be at dis march or if any white people at all.

      dewaldmontgomery - 2012-05-15 08:17

      White white white white. For crying out loud, can some of you only see black and white, literally?

      Marion - 2012-05-15 10:29

      @Thabang - I tell you what. If you come fetch me ('cos I don't have transport) I will happily go to the march.

  • sibusiso.mkoko - 2012-05-15 08:13

    Some1 is gonna get a good beating today. I hope they teach her a good lesson.

      dewaldmontgomery - 2012-05-15 08:18

      Don't appreciate the principles of democracy then? If I had said this in 1966 you'd cry 'kill 'im, he's a racist oppressor, a tyrant, an imperialist, a counter revolutionary'.

  • sibusiso.mkoko - 2012-05-15 08:32

    Ya'l whites should be defending Cosatu on this one. 1. Why does this March happen after God-Zille's fallout with Vavi and not before? Ya'l are being used by that woman to fyt her personal battles with a good man. 2. If it weren't for Cosatu, ya'l wud be paying for e-tolls as we speak, R30 from Jozi to Pta single trip. Judgement at the high court was made on \public outcry to the tolls\ which was what Cosatu organised, not the DA or OUTA, and not some desktop activist who sit and comment on news24 articles or lilly's who stay in the posh suburb house and mown all day about our poor ANC. Had we blacks sat at home and not went on strike against the tolls, ya'l wud be screwed. Who uses the highways more often? Whites! This DA thing tried to hijack the platform, with a bus full of Blue-shirted members who can't even chant. For once ppl, be with us, not against us. Like we did for ya'l recently.

      Marion - 2012-05-15 10:31

      @sibusiso - you need to wipe your mouth with toilet paper to erase the c**p you talk.

  • Nyiks11 - 2012-05-15 08:54


  • olerilwe.mosiane - 2012-05-15 08:56

    DA is goin to bring how many whites to cosatu house?im really feeling sorry 4 the poor whites,do you really know what are you trying to do.believe me some1 is going to get hurt today.MARK MY can say whatever you want,this is not a movie.

      Marion - 2012-05-15 10:32

      @olerilwe - then it will just draw the attention of the rest of the world to how democratic South Africa truly is, won't it.

  • CliveK - 2012-05-15 09:50

    Don't do it DA. While all thinking South Africans will appreciate what you are trying to say - i.e. that Coastu is a job destroyer, not creator - is it really worth risking life and limb at the hands of a bunch of thugs? As for Cosatu, its hypocrisy is mind boggling. It is forever invoking its democratic right to march for this, or against that, or for no obvious reason at all, but as soon as the opposition confronts it, it is up in arms and aims to deny them the same right. You can be sure that any DA march would not end in vandalism, looting and assault as so many union marches do, unless such behaviour was carried out by those opposing the march, of course. Very sad to see, too, that not one senior member of our so-called government had the guts, balls or backbone to remind Cosatu that we are meant to be a constitutional democracy, where individuals and groups have a right to express their views without fear of retribution. The reason is obvious: Zuma and Co have no wish to upset their alliance partners in the run-up to Magaung, so once again the tail is wagging the (lap)dog. Personal power is everything, and the country comes third behind individuals and the party.

  • Abrham - 2012-05-15 09:53

    a lady scorned in leap year is big trouble mr. vavi !!!

  • Manu - 2012-05-15 10:06

    I am getting a very strong feeling that people just support issues without fully understanding what the issues are. I will confess that a lot of these phrases that are thrown around make no sense to me. For example: - What exactly is a youth employment subsidy? - How does youth employment subsidy create new jobs? - Ok you march, and then what? - Shouldn't the emphasis here be on creating jobs by providing business incentives rather that dwelling on gimmicks? These are just some of the few questions that easily come to my mind.

      CliveK - 2012-05-15 12:38

      The youth employment subsidy IS a business incentive intended to create jobs by employing young people and identifying those suitable for further training and skills devfelopment, Manu.

  • ludlowdj - 2012-05-15 10:18

    Another article that I will most definitely store to throw in COSATU and the rest of the unions faces the next time they get uppity. Time to start proving that blacks place themselves above the rest of us and consider themselves a protected species.

  • Gcwabe.KaMavovo - 2012-05-15 10:44

    This is one of the very few times where I agree with DA. Not on the march, but rather on the youth wage issue. Why are COSATU so keen on blocking this? 25% of of the country is unemployed, and the figures are even higher for the youth. This is a no-brainer.

  • Michael - 2012-05-15 12:52

    What is it about black people that power corrupts them the way it does???????certainly not colonialism as that has built the country,not destro it....I dont know perhaps some primal instict to protect oneself like a greedy pig

  • Nico - 2012-05-15 13:16

    Knobkierries and sticks should be ban outright. Hate speech (words) can't kill, but is prohibited. Our tourist industry and peace of mind are threatened.