DA files court papers over Zuma motion

2012-11-17 16:45

Johannesburg - The DA has filed for an urgent interdict to allow the motion of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma to be debated in the National Assembly, the party said on Saturday.

Parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko said the Democratic Alliance would never allow the ANC to defeat the aims of constitutional democracy.

"That is why yesterday [Friday] I filed papers at the Western Cape High Court to seek an urgent interdict to compel the Speaker of the National Assembly to uphold the constitutional right of the opposition to have this motion debated."

Mazibuko was speaking at the DA's Gauteng North Regional annual general meeting in Tshwane.

ANC’s fear

She said the ANC was blocking the motion of no confidence against Zuma because it was scared that its own members would vote against him.

"The ANC parliamentary caucus is blocking it because they fear, rightly, that their own members will side with the opposition to vote against the president," she said

She said the Constitution allows for the motion to be considered in the National Assembly.

"It is indeed a sad day when a Member of Parliament must seek an order of the court to compel the legislature to respect the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, and our rights to hold the president, that we elected accountable," said Mazibuko.

A motion of no confidence in Zuma was tabled on November 8.

It was brought on the grounds "that under his leadership the justice system has been politicised and weakened; corruption has spiralled out of control; unemployment continues to increase, the economy is weakening, and, the right of access to quality education has been violated".

ANC Chief Whip Mathole Motshekga on Wednesday said there was a unanimous agreement in the party's caucus that the motion was frivolous and had nothing to do with Section 102 and 89 of the Constitution.

‘Public hurting too’

He said the ruling party did not support it.

Mazibuko said the ANC was putting its president above the Constitution.

On Thursday while answering questions in the National Assembly, Zuma said he felt "aggrieved" by media reports that the government had paid more than R200m for his Nkandla home.

Mazibuko said the public was hurting too and questioned if Zuma knew that.

"How does he think the millions of people who have no work feel when their president lives in such grand splendour? How does he think the parents of children who never received textbooks... feel?" asked Mazibuko.

"How does he think the widows and children of the 34 police and security officers, and mineworkers who were gunned down in cold blood at Marikana feel?"

  • mlamli.jikeka - 2012-11-17 16:56

    why ANC do n't want Zuma to be expelled,couse his doing nothing for me as the worker?

      Frank - 2012-11-17 16:59

      my man,he has done nothing for anybody but himself.

      george.mnisi.31 - 2012-11-17 19:59

      What should the ANC do for you my friend? What about the legislations affording you to strike willy nilly. Or do you want to get additional money to support you drinking habits? Stop expecting handouts. Moron!

      narike.lintvelt.9 - 2012-11-17 21:42

      I have created a petition supporting SA's opposition parties' motion of no confidence in Pres Zuma. Please take the time to sign this and pass it on. Thank you.

      toxicater - 2012-11-17 22:25

      Mapaketsana24 u smoke. ANC just messed up our contry [I.e. Etolls].

      frederik.vanas - 2012-11-18 20:32

      ANC want herd boy to remain, so they can keep stealing....

      heathway.master - 2012-11-19 02:09

      Zuma has now got himself into a very serious situation. The DA or the public should insist on a full forensic audit on the Nkandla debacle. If it turns out that Zuma has lied to the Nation, legally he is liable to immediate impeachment. This is the common law of the world. He would them lose his Government pension and other related perks of an ex-President. If he is called to repeat his claims in a court of Law, he will then be guilty of Perjury, a criminal offence. I doubt whether Zuma will be oily enough to squeeze out of the deep trouble he has landed himself in by blatantly lying to the Nation. I will watch further developments with great interest.

      fly.onthewall.54 - 2012-11-19 07:30

      Dear anc, it is not a frivolous attempt as u say because my taxes expect u to uphold the constitution and if not u aint going to get my taxes anymore.. Can the DA please open a trust account where we can start paying our taxes into until this thieving anc is dropped...

      ntokozoe - 2012-11-19 07:44

      wat must he do for you? why cant you provide for yourself?

  • mxolisi.shabangu - 2012-11-17 16:57

    u cannot demand respect, it should be earned

      colin.dovey - 2012-11-17 18:49

      I respect people like you @mxolisi - we SOUTH AFRICANS need to stand together for our future, and that of our children!

      sandra.coetzer.9 - 2012-11-17 19:05

      Amen to that, my brother! Respect is not a right to be demanded or forced, but something to be earned by first showing respect to others.

      herman.burger.5 - 2012-11-18 17:30

      I salute you. If only more of us could see the light!

      jody.beggs - 2012-11-19 11:22

      Save the rainbow nation ...

  • ernest.lwandle - 2012-11-17 17:02

    im starting to fill sorry for zuma now but what goes around comes around to be a SA pressident is the biggest responsibility since we have huge population some will say this while some saying that

      debduplessis - 2012-11-17 17:09

      Dont feel sorry for Zuma.... he has brought this on himself - he must take responsibility & accountability for his own actions

  • juan.westhuizen.1 - 2012-11-17 17:03

    There is an opposition party for one reason and that is to make sure that the ruling party look after the citizens who voted them into power. Right and wrong as moral principles do not change. They are applicable and reliable determinants whether the situations with which we deal are simple or complicated. There is always a right and wrong to every question which requires our solution. Unlike the political opportunist, the true statesman values principle above popularity, and works to create popularity for those political principles which are wise and just.

      earle.francis.9 - 2012-11-17 18:36

      Mpaketsane, it is precisely because of idiots like you that an opposition is needed. Don't ever forget that, in democratic elections, the results are accepted by all. However, that does not mean that everyone has to tolerate the incompetence of a corrupt and crooked, thieving government. Obviously the text books never got to you either!

  • Brad - 2012-11-17 17:06

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!! I love the DA. :o) Roll on Mangaung. 2012 has completely exceeded my expectations in terms of political $h!t going down.

  • parys.fotograaf - 2012-11-17 17:10

    I fear this criminal regime and their party boss will never step aside, even if voted out. What else is left for ordinary people who cannot take being robbed, raped, killed, murdered and raped by taxes and cost increases? Violence perhaps?

      liveby.thesword.1 - 2012-11-17 19:03

      @sxp..yes you're right......a south african revolution is nearing because of an incompetent ruling party.....

      ronald.stilianou - 2012-11-17 19:19

      NO, zuma must go to jail!!, nothing less, lets see how he supports his harem from jail.

      esau.banyane - 2012-11-17 23:07

      u r right, ivory coast n nigeria, u can c they already started with changin the mony, i respect the face but not the color on it.

  • sthembiso.jali.50 - 2012-11-17 17:12

    You go Da. Lindiwe must know one thing- even if they manage to unseat zuma but they can never outvote the Anc. Amandla.

      debduplessis - 2012-11-17 17:29

      if Zuma is to "save" his party, the best thing he can do is step down otherwise we in for an exciting time of seeing a party come in that can rule, lead or provide guidence for all

      colin.dovey - 2012-11-17 18:59

      @sthembiso - NEVER is a long time. The Governing Party consists of 3 elements, communists, socialists and ANC. It just needs ONE of them to split.......and then...."majority" gone - that is the trouble with these liasons - the ANC cannot exist on its own, and after all, dear Jacob began his career as a communist......

      liveby.thesword.1 - 2012-11-17 19:06

      @sthembiso.....learn to spell before you try to comment on political issues you know nothing about....

      sandra.coetzer.9 - 2012-11-17 19:17

      Sthembiso, you can't spell, period. That is the only true fact in your comment.

      sthembiso.jali.50 - 2012-11-17 19:26


      rontheogre - 2012-11-17 21:31

      Sthembiso, their aim is perhaps to unseat Zuma, but if this forces a group of people into the management of the ANC that can run the country effectively and not like their personal ATM machine, then the people of SA have won the leaders they deserve. Read the following about the president of Uruguay at He donates 90% of his income to charities and relies on his farming activities to support him. The president of Malawi is cut from the same mold, cutting ministerial salaries and selling off the presidential jet so that the people of Malawi can benefit. Not Zumababa and his forty thieves. They just take, take, take.

  • klaas.waarzegger.7 - 2012-11-17 17:25

    Only in RSA. How can a motion be frivolous when the official opposion as well as all the opposition parties support it. Who the hell are they to decide? Go Lindiwe and DA.

      diegofrank.faul - 2012-11-17 17:52

      majority who voted the pres

  • sphala - 2012-11-17 17:29

    DA e tla re bhora nou....arg maan

      esau.banyane - 2012-11-17 22:56

      lol, this is way above yo head?

  • rocky.bell.927 - 2012-11-17 17:30

    Go Lindiwe GO GO The days of the anc are numbered. The dictators MUST adhere to the constitution. I just cannot believe people support the anc in this matter. If you support the anc you are a hypocrite. Never ever then refer to the constitution. The anc is trying to rape the people of SA. STOP THEM GO LINDIWE, GO. I JUST LOVE YOU. Lady of STEEL.

  • mfanafuthi.mhlungu - 2012-11-17 17:32

    da is just wasting court time.

      debduplessis - 2012-11-17 17:38

      the upholding the rights of you and me & in our best interests. ANC is robbing the nation ... take your blinkers off

      lekkeperd.chevyss - 2012-11-17 17:41

      Just like showerhead are wasteing south africa's time. He must go. Nail him!,,

      anton.meiring.9 - 2012-11-17 17:54

      And yoy are just wasting oxygen.

      siphom.mnguni - 2012-11-17 18:48

      There's never a time where court would complain that one is wasting their time because for the court to function a person must bring a matter to be adjudicated and then the court dispense the law between a man and a man. I am using a man with no gender connotation. Why I know this is because I put myself to the university to study law.

      robyne.peel.9 - 2012-11-19 12:58

      and the ANC is a waste of oxygen

  • celimpilo.zungu - 2012-11-17 17:37

    Gudluck to Dumb Alliance , hurry up time is not on ur side . Kwaaaa

      jayjay.mlungu - 2012-11-17 19:19

      good luck to you too you dumb frack!

      esau.banyane - 2012-11-17 22:53

      u sim 2 b supporting the motion n dont know if u r aware of that 4 u r making fun of it o is it u r funny?

      christo.oosthuizen.9 - 2012-11-18 16:20

      Celimpilo please explain yourself

      robyne.peel.9 - 2012-11-19 13:03

      clearly you are uneducated, and thats exactly where the ANC wants to keep you, too stupid and ignorant to see what is happening right in front of you, very sad little person you are.

  • pws69 - 2012-11-17 17:38

    "The ANC is more important than the constitution" Jacob Zuma in a public speech in 1998.

      liveby.thesword.1 - 2012-11-17 19:11

      this is why its been a dictatorship longer than the anc voters like to admit.....and why this incompetent party will soon implode.....

      rocky.bell.927 - 2012-11-17 20:14

      .........may sanity prevail and we (all peace loving, caring, moderate SAficans) win a case against the DICKtators and SPERMInators. BELIEVE ME: THERE IS STILL TIME TO TURN SA AROUND AND RESCUE THAT WHICH IS DEAR TO ALL OF US – SAVE SA FROM THE DEPTHS OF THE ABYSS CREATED BY THE ANC

  • john.morreira.9 - 2012-11-17 17:39

    The ANC parliamentary caucus? Surely that should read:"The ANC parliamentary CIRCUS.

  • nkhangwe.madzivh - 2012-11-17 17:43

    Eish,Zuma and ANC always makes us thinks that they are bad,why don't they do things according to the constitutions?

  • daniel.reddie.9 - 2012-11-17 17:45

    It is to be noticed that the claim that the ANC has failed, especially in the last part of the paragraph in the report,"...and the right of access to quality education has been violated" is so true. As can be seen by a large number of the uneducated, misinformed, and brainwashed contributing commentators (the education system obviously failed them) who think that our President and his cronies should not be debated in Parliament because they are "above the constitution" is a load of rubbish, they are just too scared that the truth will be revealed in an open debate. To the politicians, I say, (all parties)stop the childish squabbling and get on with running the country.

  • euny.baloyi - 2012-11-17 17:46

    Maleme disrespected the elders and was expelled from ANC.So what about him Mr showerhead?he's also abusing SA taxpayer money.he must go as well.\r\nI'm not a DA member but it seems DA is doing the good job for the sake of people in SA.\r\nZoomer is corrupt

  • tnmunyai - 2012-11-17 17:48

    Maz.ibuko is a stupid woman. People willl realise late that she is being used to push the agenda of the imperialists. African people must be vigilant. There are people who are getting monthly salary to bad painting the the leaders of the ANC and ANC itself.

      Erna - 2012-11-17 17:56

      Take it from me, we all do it for free!

      uzziphathele.tshabalala - 2012-11-17 18:22

      U know that,stupid is u busted!!!!!!

      tnmunyai - 2012-11-17 18:52

      Mr tshabalala. I am not suprised by the way you behave. Your tribe history will jurge you. You are a saler.

      Zahir - 2012-11-17 19:24

      Under the current anc there is massive corruption if they ran a clean govt the DA would not need to expose them

      leratokhanyisa.makiwane - 2012-11-17 21:17

      Mazibuko tells it like it is. She is a force to be reckoned with and she tells it like it is. People just can't handle the truth.

  • giorgos.iakovou - 2012-11-17 18:04

    we have to be serious on politics, this motion is a lack to Democracy, is a motion against of the more than 60% of the population of the Nation, its not a motion against of our President Mr. Zuma, its again of the Peoplle, Democracy in Greeek means Demo= People and democracy = Goverment-State, Democracy of the People, and only if there was a motion on behalf of the people elected the President through their elected representatives at the National Parliament have the right for such a motion. I think ANC after Democracy in 1994 did many good things for the whole Nation, its time to do more and this I think is the priority of Mr. Zuma, as the first President of the country did, as well as his successor, Mr. Mandela and Mr. Mbeki. People who never repent for the violation of the human rights for the majority of the people in South Africa is better for them at least to respect the people who are working for a better society for all of us and Mr. Zuma I think is one of them. Archbishop Seraphim Kykkotis, Greek Orthodox Church

      patrick.mettle.7 - 2012-11-17 18:41

      How can you justify your comment? Democracy and our consitution treats everyone the same. From your comment the remaining 40% must just accept this man breaking paliamentary rules, spit on our constitution and the ANC freedom Charter and do as he pleases with our tax money?? He has ignored court order and he has given his friends free get out of jail passes. If the ignorant masses through their culture or blind loyalty want to accept this corrupt and embarrament as president, that is their right. But our right to contest every move he makes must also be respected and not labelled racist as is always the case with the ANC and the president's (alleged) corrupt spokesperson. If he is chosen for another four years I predict a Zimbabwe situation within that time.

      rocky.bell.927 - 2012-11-17 21:37

      giorgos: Your comment is the same as the state in which your "fatherland" reside: F*CKED. Democracy in Africa, in fact means: INEPTOCRACY A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

  • zetzingane - 2012-11-17 18:08

    how exactly did Anc block this motion if any one can explain?

      nettie.potgieter.5 - 2012-11-17 18:29


      esau.banyane - 2012-11-17 22:27

      2 stubbon

  • kimard - 2012-11-17 18:09

    wonder if the DA will succeed now that we know the parliament are bribed with nice upgrades on their houses?

  • joe.smit.549 - 2012-11-17 18:10


  • lekgwakgwa.mohlatlole - 2012-11-17 18:35

    To support this motion South Africa can save billion rand for next two year go Lindiwe go you have our support

  • Duane Morris - 2012-11-17 18:36

    when will the ppl of sa wake up and see what the anc are doing. DA keep on fighting for the rights for everyone and just wants a transparent gov. and not waste the tax payers money. the anc may win the next elections but they wont stay in power much longer and their own ppl will vote them out then sa can really grow and be a jewel of africa.

      tnmunyai - 2012-11-17 22:15

      You will fool those who are easy to be fooled. DA push the interests of small group of a rich people not for poor. If it cares why they dont support the farm workers protests in western cape. Why they didnt condem the killings of the protesters in marikana and western cape.

  • sakhile.bryan.mngadi - 2012-11-17 18:38

    Jacob Zuma is in my opinion one of the more successful presidents we've had. If it is taken into consideration that has generated through some of the more difficult economic year, positive growth and improving statistics then he has done his job well. \r\n\r\nThe DA as opposition however has the right to challenge him... This is if the challenge is to the benefit of the Republic and its people ... In the case of the motion, the DA has the burden to prove this. \r\n\r\nI have heard the Arguments and I am sadly NOT convinced. \r\n\r\nNot only is the motion a bad idea, it is potentially devastating to an economy that is already battered by investor confidence.\r\n\r\nI am not saying that if Jacob Zuma is not doing a good job he must stay on, I'm saying that image, structure, stability and patriotism goes a long way to strengthening the Country... \r\n\r\nWhat we don't need a government that is Anti opposition and an opposition that is Anti government! What we need is a group of people that is Pro South Africa... And that is what I feel we lack!\r\n\r\nThis is said not as a DA supporter nore as an ANC support nore and IFP or FFP one for that matter. Its is said as a citizen of this Republic who is patriotic and devoted to his state and the prosperity of it.\r\n\r\nGood day to you all.

      John - 2012-11-18 18:12

      The problem is not proving it. The problem is being heard. DA provide independent statistics ad infinitum for cadres to explain or refute. The only reply is an emotional accusation of being racists. And if it happens to be a black DA person, they are accused of being 'blinded by imperialists'. The ANC are too powerful for a purely democratic due process to happen naturally every time facts are presented. This is evident by their gross disrespect to the public every time they brush off having to explain to the public. So you see, if facts cannot convince you, neither will 'arguments'. ANC feel they can afford to ignore anyone that is non-ANC, and they brazenly do it openly. That, my friend, is sad.

  • alwyn.vantonder - 2012-11-17 18:39

    Well done! It's time we get rid of the trash that's running this country! Get rid of the trash president and his corrupt band of tieves! The ANC is scared all of their cporruption will finally come out in the open, as soon as the government changes.. The day will come that the ANC fraudsters will be chained and sent back to jail!

      michael.jackwood - 2012-11-17 18:56

      You are dreaming during the day my chief! You see, dont comment with emmotions, it clear you have no clue about what is happening in S African politrics!

  • john.thabethe.7 - 2012-11-17 18:46

    DA is the only hope SA.

      tnmunyai - 2012-11-17 19:00

      Not in south africa. Maybe in israel or britain

      john.thabethe.7 - 2012-11-17 19:19

      Tnmunyau, DA is exposing ANC corruption, madministration, ignorance, etc. Whether they win election or not is another story. This why the are only hope.

      dbo.kacebisa - 2012-11-17 19:23

      DA is the only hope you say...hmmm fair assumption but they are going about it the wrong way. For us blacks the more they attack ANC the more we see the as Cope or oppressors. So if they can start by doing tangible things for blacks then we can lean towards them maybe vote them in

      bongani.mtsweni.35 - 2012-11-17 19:38

      go to Western Cape and tell me is it still 1979 or 2012 for sure you will come back hopeless. Its only in Western Cape in SA where you will physical evidence of racial imbalance

      bongani.mtsweni.35 - 2012-11-17 19:58

      mfo kaPhungula wayeyintatheli.DA should be worried as their leader has been rejected in her own backyacd by the farm workers.

      michael.jackwood - 2012-11-17 20:23

      DA the hope of what? Not a chance, the attitude they displayed towards Zuma's residence tells me something about that party, Helen Zille is employing wrong stratergy to fight the ANC, But that action of her's will be remembered by voters in 2014; you dont dissrespect people's home like that and in return expect votes from black majority. It wont happen.

      brian.exmachina - 2012-11-17 20:52

      "where was the da leader during apartheid" Really now? Learn your history son. If it wasn't for people like Zille apartheid would never have been put to the vote. You forget that reform started with a referendum because of active opposition inside parliament. Zille has more struggle credentials than most people in the ANC. Also, why are so many blacks in the Western Cape voting DA? Food for thought.

      tnmunyai - 2012-11-17 20:57

      Mr thabethe. It wili take a time for u to understand the politics of south africa. This people who are commenting in news 24 are the agents of the DA who have never accepted that black people can rule the country. They are also good in pretending. They are snakes. They are all out in full force to disturb our country. Third force is operating day and night. Be careful.

      tnmunyai - 2012-11-17 21:11

      Mr mtsweni. It is becouse they dont have alternative. The government is for the ANC. That is why they call you a refugee in your own country. Who know? Maybe they get tolerence allowance.

  • michael.jackwood - 2012-11-17 18:48

    DA does not learn anything, they are wasting money on this excercize, Mr Sisulu's office has the juristiction prerogative to decide whether an issue can be discussed or not, parliament rules are very clear about that, i dont see how a court of law can interfear with another excecutive arm of government such as the parliament, but still ANC Mp's can not vote againts Zum, cant these people just wake up and understand that they have lost control of government during elections?

      michael.jackwood - 2012-11-17 19:10

      Thabete, how do you try to remove the person you did not elect, while on the other hand those who have elected him stil want him back another term in office? I dont see common sense with this whole thing, lets wait and see if they will succeed! Democracy does not mature with opposition parties who are displaying pathetic moves everyday, opposition parties must convince voters with clear policies and alternative solutions to problem faced by people in this coountry, i am yet to hear that, all i hear is Zuma this Zuma that everyday.

      rocky.bell.927 - 2012-11-17 19:13

      J.A.C.K From your post it is as clear as daylight you have NO clue how a democracy works (the reason why this once prosperous country has gone to the sewer) A HIGH COURT HAS THE FINAL SAY. DO YOU WANT TO RIDICOULE A HIGH COURT'S DECISION? IF NOT, LET THEM DECIDE.

      sakhile.bryan.mngadi - 2012-11-17 19:21

      I appreciate intelligence Michael! Well said! As for you Rocky; first of all it is the Constitutional Court that has a final say in South Africa not the High Court! And secondly, Michael is right, the DA has a vendetta against Jacob Zuma, the people feel left out in this Hate-Hate war! We need people who are Pro South Africa not anti government and anti opposition!

      john.thabethe.7 - 2012-11-17 19:39

      Michael, let me ask you something, why there is a vote of no confidence provision protected by our constitution, if it cannot be used?

      siyabonga.phungula1 - 2012-11-17 19:47

      way to go michael. rockybell sa has never been more properous than it is now. household income has grown according to the latest statistics.

      michael.jackwood - 2012-11-17 20:02

      Thabete, vote of no confidance motion can be tested in parliament, but we must also accept right of the other structures to block the motion if they are using their numerical advatage they have so earned from voters because of their clear policies, why run to courts to deal with parliament issues while there are guidelines and provisions! For me that is the sign of desperation or an attempt to remove the president driven by nothing else, but hate!

      gift.rode - 2012-11-17 20:28

      @michael the anc did remove a president voted for by the people to make way for zuma remember Mbheki

      michael.jackwood - 2012-11-17 20:37

      Gift Mbeki was recalled by his own party that put him there in the first place, not by DA and the crew, so Zuma will be removed by ANC if that need arise: at the moment we still want him there for another term. DA must understand and live with that reality!

      esau.banyane - 2012-11-17 22:08

      Visit yo constitution n chec xection 89 n 102, then luk arround all over the contry. then u will c,k.

  • Dumile Leta - 2012-11-17 19:18

    come on Guys any 1 can see that NPC was introduced so it can do all the donkey work and President to get all the Credit considering his level of intellect

      john.thabethe.7 - 2012-11-17 19:20


      siyabonga.phungula1 - 2012-11-17 19:41

      he was chief of intelligence during apartheid and he had enough intellect to start the committe

  • sandile.filita - 2012-11-17 19:32

    Wow! strong words indeed from Miss Mazibuko, but each and everyone of them are true. Power to you my girl...

  • siyabonga.phungula1 - 2012-11-17 19:32

    zuma is the way. the da was silent during apartheid why so eager to fight for the people now?

      esau.banyane - 2012-11-17 22:02

      DA is formed in 2000.

      siyabonga.phungula1 - 2012-11-18 10:20

      my point is that those who formed it were silent during apartheid.

      robyne.peel.9 - 2012-11-19 13:17

      please dude, do me a favour and educate yourself before you try to make educated comments, because you failed, dismally, I tell you what, I will give you a clue, start with steve biko.

      willem.louw.16 - 2012-11-21 08:23

      Perhaps you should inform yourself more on Hellen Zille. She was not exactly silent during the Apartheid era...

      willem.louw.16 - 2012-11-21 08:46

      Many people laid low during that horrible time for various reasons including fear. You cannot assume that every white person was pro apartheid. The options were limited and refusal to comply = treason. Many people chose to look the other way because they put their families first. I was 11 years old when Apartheid ended, what do you suggest I should have done differently? Stopped going to school to improve my education and take to the streets in violent protest perhaps? Not every ANC member is a revolutionary hero, or Nelson Mandela. You are applying a blank generalisation which demonstrates your ignorance. Every day the number of people who lived through Apartheid diminishes. Your problems are on the increase... I wonder who and what you will blame 20 years from now. Mugabe kicked all the colonialists out, stole their land and is power... yet he still blames every single Zim problem on Colonialism, forgetting that he is living in a Colonialist style house. Is this what you envision for SA? I suggest people stop trying to figure out and jump to conclusions about who vote for who 20 years ago. Apartheid is over, now we all have to work together. And I would like to point out that people can change... You and everyone one else has a chance here to make SA better. Leadership only functions when you lead by example otherwise it is called hypocrisy, and Zuma has created reasonable doubt in his abilities. The people who still cling to him are doing so irrationally

  • siyabonga.phungula1 - 2012-11-17 19:38

    zuma is the way to prosperity and rural development. i wonder who da members voted for during apatheid. just a thought...

      Maryin - 2012-11-18 00:44

      Best to go to source and not badger here, siyabonga - you've been given loads of air time and it's bad form to keep repeating yourself. Your words are defensive and fearful and when you get your blinkers off, you would probably be a great ambassador for change. Give it some thought rather than being an instigator. Siyabonga, thank you (-:

      christo.oosthuizen.9 - 2012-11-18 16:31

      Siyabonga.I think you may be insane.When last have seen any good happening in South Africa.Just a thought.

  • george.mnisi.31 - 2012-11-17 19:50

    Some stupid blacks are concerned about earning the-thumbs up from dubious white people they have stopped using their brains. I pity them. Whites will never mean good to the masses. Whites are protective of their own and they will do anything in their power to distract us form the real issues.

      john.thabethe.7 - 2012-11-17 20:07

      Mpaketsane, it's dinosaurs like you, who cannot see pass their skin colour, who are holding this country back. We cannot live in the passed, we can either ride the waves of change or risk being washed away by them. For me, it's not about thumbs but about just. It is about millions spent on one person while the rest of us are scrapping for living.

      john.thabethe.7 - 2012-11-17 20:41

      Mpaketsane , like Zuma, you seem to be a self-centred man. As long as you have a degree everyone can suffer. This where DA comes in, to fight for those without wealth, degrees or tenders.

      george.mnisi.31 - 2012-11-17 20:50

      John, we say past not passed. The issue of 200m is with the auditor general. The DA actually came with this figure without any evidence whatsoever. But I'm not going to argue with you. Yes, it is about the thumbs up. Scrapping for a living, I'm not. Got my degree and worked for everything I owned without a tender. I pay tax so you and your other government dependants can demand handouts

      sefako.mokgalaka - 2012-11-17 21:17

      DA is not fighting for the poor but just using the poor whenever they need votes. What happened to Joe Seremane? DA Is pro rich pro white. I would rather vote APC or UDM than vote for them. I will vote ANC as soon they start serving the people and not themselves.

      toxicater - 2012-11-17 21:42

      Mpaketsane u smoke, just because u scrapped u got that fake degree. So everyone must suffer like u!

      esau.banyane - 2012-11-17 21:54

      what actually what is yo problem race o doing wrong / right? anyway u can say u dont 4 u might b deployed somwher?

      esau.banyane - 2012-11-17 21:58

      u sound bitter inside whats with all that hatered in u. the way u dont care it hurts, y??????????????????

      Maryin - 2012-11-18 00:48

      Best not call your own people stupid, Mpa ~ I would say they are using their wonderful brains and are unafraid to speak their truth.

      robyne.peel.9 - 2012-11-19 13:20

      hahahahaha...well that was a complete waste of a degree, intellectual idiot.

  • siyabonga.phungula1 - 2012-11-17 19:55

    zuma is the way=household income has grown according to the 2012 statistics which were accepted even by the da.

      sibonile.ngubane - 2012-11-17 20:02

      Eish uyangbusisa mfana uyabangena awpheli umoya...

      toxicater - 2012-11-17 21:33

      Siyabonga u smoke

      tnmunyai - 2012-11-17 21:52

      Take them. I like your spirit. They think we dont see their motive

  • siyabonga.phungula1 - 2012-11-17 20:10

    zille=voters have filed a motion of no confidence. zuma=1.2 million behind you in this year, maybe 2 million in 2014. so who do the people trust?

  • siyabonga.phungula1 - 2012-11-17 20:14

    the da is not fighting for the people(majority), its fighting for the minority. the other little parties answered zille's call for a coalition.

      esau.banyane - 2012-11-17 21:19

      trus me they fight 4 u 2 s u c the small picture n they r doin it lukn at the bigger picture not 4getin yo future.

      siyabonga.phungula1 - 2012-11-17 21:33

      so the da opens the eyes of the blind. haha were the eyes open during apartheid?

  • siyabonga.phungula1 - 2012-11-17 20:46

    if mazibuko really cared for marikana miners how come she never appeared during the crisis? where was she during the whole period of the strike?

      esau.banyane - 2012-11-17 21:15

      u know it wud had bn calld public stunt o s they normarly name what ever she dos.

      siyabonga.phungula1 - 2012-11-17 21:35

      caring because of mangaung? lol

  • givenvon.baloyi - 2012-11-17 20:47

    The ANC followed the same constitution to reject this motion, frankly the DA do not understand the same constitution. Who is now promoting anarchy by cheap politicking. Aren't there more relevant agendas for this parliament. Frankly the ANC used the same slate to block this motion, so what would change after the debate.

      esau.banyane - 2012-11-17 21:12

      r u sho u r aware of what is goin on o is the matter of dintho di sharp 4 wena?

  • ndyeboreginaldmazawule - 2012-11-17 20:50

    So good luck DA

  • siyabonga.phungula1 - 2012-11-17 21:27

    zuma wud have won an argument with zille, judging by the ability of the skills of her supporters in this debate. if you disagree with them they only say you are uneducated, an idiot, what does that have to do with facts placed before them?

      esau.banyane - 2012-11-17 21:36

      blv that the facts u r talkin of can also b supported with paper prove, ha?

      siyabonga.phungula1 - 2012-11-17 21:41

      2030 vision its on paper, sa aids policy on paper, increased household income in 2012 on paper. do you want me to go on?

      rocky.bell.927 - 2012-11-17 22:09


      sibonile.ngubane - 2012-11-17 22:48

      Never mind their insults especially that RockyBell thing. He did the same with me nd when I responded, news24 deleted my response.

  • frisco.raswiswi - 2012-11-17 22:05

    shower man shld just get over it

  • shyguyhr - 2012-11-17 22:18

    Way to go lindie...we cnt seant and be spectators while our so called leaderz are chawing our hard earned money like no m******** s bussines

  • archie.mooki - 2012-11-17 22:21

    let the best man win and winner will take it all....

  • sydney.nhlapo.3 - 2012-11-17 22:55

    What I have noticed on this forum is that if one has a view different from most, you are called names like stupid, poor or uneducated, in a democracy we all have a right to hold a different view point, I may be poor or uneducated but Im no fool, critisise the Pres but dont insult.

      sibonile.ngubane - 2012-11-17 23:25

      Exactly nd when u try to respond to that, your response get deleted. Its only our white fellow citizens who are permitted to call us names. You try to retaliate. It won't even reach them.

  • Maryin - 2012-11-18 01:03

    Well done, Lindiwe Mazibuko ~ it must be one of the toughest things to do ~ to speak out against corruption of the highest order. If in fact Zuma is blameless then he will not fear having this motion debated.

      thembi.neville.7 - 2012-11-18 05:47

      Zuma must go with his cabinet,why corruption is too high bcoz he is uneducated president.

      shadrackmandle - 2012-11-18 08:38

      Uneducated? Which president has a doctrate or proffesor of some sort? Who is educated here Zille? or Mazibuko? Wht is their trade to solve our problems? After failer to solve poor peoples problems in De Doorns dont they need education as well? Ya lame people who criticise @ all cost and think education is the only thing tht exist

  • Karabo Phetoane - 2012-11-18 06:18

    This is just a waste of time and emotions by this Dom Alians

  • Prince Bird - 2012-11-18 06:26

    Sibonile retaliate from wat? Only wise comments permitted,ur moron behavior is wat u call retaliate?Huh? Zuma is a f**l so is his supporters!

      sibonile.ngubane - 2012-11-18 10:01

      Fly on bird! When you get thirsty you'll come down here to quinch your thirst we'll be waitin to clip your wings... By the way you are so clever boy. Genius!!

  • braamc - 2012-11-18 06:36

    down with showerhead, down with the criminal, down with the thieve

  • Karabo Phetoane - 2012-11-18 06:52

    @Prince don't think you are wise because you are opposed to Zuma,Zuma supporters look at you as a moron of no discription too.Being an opposition doesn't make you educated and always coming with better solutions,you as much a stupid to those you call stupids.If you and your Dom Alians want to outvote ANC you must import you brothers and sisters from Europe maybe you will succeed.

  • shadrackmandle - 2012-11-18 08:11

    The only thing DA has is questions like all of us has, wht is their solution to unemployement, poverty, hw do they plan to to change our lives? I havnt heard tht one, and when the poor rebel in De Doorns they ran to the president for cover ignoring the labour minister, goes to show hw pathetic they are...