DA is silencing the media - ANC

2011-02-13 19:59

Johannesburg - The DA's blacklisting of a Sowetan journalist is an attempt to silence media who do not favourably report on the party, the ANC said on Sunday.

"This represents a serious onslaught on the freedom of the press and the right for access to information," the office of ANC Chief Whip Mathole Motshekga said in a statement.

"The public have a right to know what the DA does... the party therefore has no right to withhold information from journalists it feels are not writing sweetheart stories."

The DA blacklisted the Sowetan's Cape political correspondent Anna Majavu, a former spokesperson for the SA Municipal Workers' Union (Samwu), in August claiming she had a "political agenda".

The DA's executive director of communications and research Ross van der Linde confirmed to the Sowetan on Thursday that the party had cut communication with Majavu.

"Majavu is not a journalist. Some journalists and editors disagree with our policies and views, and they are entitled to do so, but Anna Majavu is a former Samwu spin doctor, who has a particular political agenda," Van der Linde said.

No obligation

He said the DA was not obliged to send information to any individual or organisation.

Majavu said her woes with the party started when she wrote a story about how DA MP Pieter van Dalen allegedly shot at two children in Khayelitsha.

The Sowetan said Majavu based her story on a report by advocate Pierre van Tonder, who adjudicated in the matter of an appeal by a metro police officer who was dismissed.

"The officer, with Van Dalen, shot rubber bullets at two children playing soccer in Khayelitsha late at night," the Sowetan alleged.

Van Dalen, who was a councillor at the time of the incident, accompanied metro police officers during the xenophobic attacks in 2008.

The ANC accused DA leader Helen Zille of "throwing temper tantrums" after an SABC reporter recently "asked her a difficult question".

According to the ANC, the Cape Argus reported in 2009 that Zille called and threatened one of its journalists, screaming: "I'm taking you all down, including the editors."

This, after journalist Lindsay Dentlinger reported on the premier's majority white, all-male cabinet.

The ANC said the Times's Abdul Milazi had written on his blog last year that he received a threatening call from a DA representative after the paper published the story on the DA MP's shooting in Khayelitsha.

  • VM1 - 2011-02-13 20:07

    Threats and blacklists for journalists - new level now for th DA Lets hear how the spindoctors defend this one

      Cherry - 2011-02-13 20:26

      easy. The ANC are lying

      roadvark - 2011-02-13 20:51

      Hahaha nice try. She is not a journalist's backside. - 2011-02-13 20:55

      Idiot. They removed her from a newsletter. She is still allowed to press conferences. How is that censoring?

      Dave - 2011-02-13 21:21

      Dredging stories up from 2008 is a bit desperate dont you think? This story ranks in stupidity like Lungisa comment...draw your own conclusions....well we have

      Hendrik - 2011-02-13 22:08

      VM1! read "mister A" comment a few comments down. Then you open your mouth again.

      POLLENYS - 2011-02-13 22:14

      The DA only took her off their mailing list - that's all. This is the cheapest possible shot by the ANC.

      Swartvel - 2011-02-14 06:03

      ANC do this long time already, attacking journalist and killing farmers..they get their own medicine.....Their police even kill our people in out townships..

      thabomatwabeng - 2011-02-14 07:04

      You have one example where the DA stopped sending a journalist their newsletter. Big deal. We have book volumes on the ANC'scovering up of crimes, the Arms Deal, gagging the media through their own very long list of banned journalists, the SABC being guilty of manipulating the news content, the media tribunal, the New Age newspaper that blatantly supports the ANC, every North West municipality failing its audit, the JHB billing disaster, did I mention the Arms Deal, crime, corruption, nepotism, irregularities in tenders, the debacle around the Cape Town Stadium, re-deploying members who were effectively fired from one government area to another, the state of SOEs and the golden handshakes to failed CEOs (also ANC members), the state of our education system, the state of our healthcare system, our roads are full of potholes, and the list goes on. Will you blame the media, Apartheid, counter revolutionaries, bastard agents, The West or the devil?

      AJ - 2011-02-14 07:30

      @VM1 - so where are you now? Scurried off? You got your answers, simply taken off a mailing list....

      wattalotokak - 2011-02-15 05:11

      BWAHAHAHAHA - ANC = African National Cheapshots...! NEWSLETTER: do you know it? And they got a phone call from the DA blah blah! I can make a phone call and say I am from the DA...! What a load of rubbish! They bit worried about the voting outcome???

  • Cherry - 2011-02-13 20:26

    Aaah not so ANC. Bad form. The DA has stopped sending her their newsletter because she keeps misrepresenting what they say. They have not stopped her from going to any press conferences or meetings. The DA has also tried to meet with her editor for the last couple of months to sort it out and they don't respond. Unlike the ANC who wants to muzzle the press the DA is being responsible.

      Hans-Erik Iken - 2011-02-13 20:55

      THey know that but they have to do something to misinform and misdirect public opinion. The truth is coming out and they are finally being held accountable and it is costing them votes. This is part of the campaign to re-take the Western Cape but as everything else they try they will fail.

      Dave - 2011-02-13 21:41

      So true Hans....lets just see if the DA responds, hope they do

  • Skottie - 2011-02-13 20:26

    The ANC is the one that want do acatly what the DA is doing and now they are latching out to the DA been silencing the media. Just look at how this article wat put together. The person writing this article did not mention that the ANC is all black and only has men in their top structure, etc. but the choice of freedom is that you can appoint who ever you want as long as it must be black.

  • mike - 2011-02-13 20:27

    Well the journalist has a responsibility to report and not make the story. Obvioulsy this journalist feels they have the right to make the story, should be dealt with by the editors but when that fails what other recourse does the DA have but to exclude. Not presenting 1 journalist with the information is hardly preventing freedom of speech.

  • resentphil - 2011-02-13 20:28

    What the hell?? This coming from an administration that wanted to pass the Protection of Information Bill?? Hypocrites!

      Bulmung - 2011-02-13 20:36

      that law is so politicians in the ruling party can deny media from publishing about their corruption.

      sasekisa.mabasa - 2011-02-14 09:33

      The ANC is sick they are the ones who want to block the press by passing the info bill

  • Michael - 2011-02-13 20:29

    People in glass houses really shouldn't throw stones.

  • H Lategan - 2011-02-13 20:32

    oh please, they took her off a mailing list man. herman lategan

  • YZF-R1 '03 - 2011-02-13 20:56

    I'd laugh, but the political situation has past the point of being funny. ANC are obviously twisting facts to suit their own agenda, the problem is the majority of the population are "ignorant" and take ANCs lies as gospel.

  • Dave - 2011-02-13 21:01

    Bit slow off the mark arent they....happened in August last year? Wasnt close enough to the elections for the short term minded populace?

  • dubloki - 2011-02-13 21:04

    Bloody agent!

  • Sage - 2011-02-13 21:10

    The ANC are the ones that want to muzzle the media. Their comments show an extreme form of selectivity. But ultimately their lack of consistency shows what an inept bunch of losers they actually are. Running a country is the last thing the ANC should be doing.

      gen.mewmew - 2011-02-14 07:57

      best comment.

      DW - 2011-02-14 08:33

      Sounds to me like the ANC is getting desperate.

  • phillip.havenga - 2011-02-13 21:15

    Oh please can the mindless runts at the ANC please shut up, they have hidden far more from the people than what the DA has. A Vote for the ANC is a vote for the murder of innocent people.

      AJ - 2011-02-14 07:38

      @Mnumzane: Those people from Sebokeng had their shacks torn down and were dumped in an open field with absolutely nothing but snakes and each for company. Do you approve of that behaviour under an ANC watch? Would appreciate an insight into your level of outrage at how those people have been treated, essentially by the ruling party. Or are you sort of conveniently forgetting that incident?

      gen.mewmew - 2011-02-14 07:58

      hahah look at Mnumzane's SILLY and missinformed comment, OH MY WORD. god. help. us.

      lldoidge - 2011-02-14 07:59

      Mnumzane. Sometimes your posts are quite good and other times plain stupid. This is one of the really stupid ones. What is an air toilet by the way? Does it flush air or water?

      Dougalan - 2011-02-14 09:00

      Mnumzane - I am going to write this s-l-o-w-l-y so you can understand it. With the toilet saga, the DA only had to supply 1 (One) toilet per 5 (Five) families. OK, with me so far? The DA then said to the community: 'If you make yourselves responsible for enclosing the toilets, we can afford to provide a toilet for every household.' Clear, Mnumzane? Nothing too complicated yet?The community agreed, and 97% enclosed their toilets. 3% of lazy bums went back on the agreement and did not enclose their toilets. This is what all the fuss is about. Then after the DA relented, and actually enclosed the remaining toilets, the super-intelligent ANC Youth League tore them down again. Now, Mnumzane, does this seem sensible to you? Please let me know if it does.

  • Madelane - 2011-02-13 21:18

    Once again the ANC morons merely change the foot in the mouth

  • Bill - 2011-02-13 21:24

    Helen, strategic mistake!!!The ANC degenerates will exploit this to the nth degree.

  • russkimble - 2011-02-13 21:25

    hello pot ... this coming from the originators of the media tribunal ... this is so ridiculous its almost funny ... if it wasnt so sad

  • lmduplessis - 2011-02-13 21:30

    I think they're confusing Zille with Malema here. Bloody Agents!

  • Mister A - 2011-02-13 21:43

    The ANC Chief whip conveniently forgets to mention that the Press Omnbudsman found this journalist guilty of falsifying stories and ordered her & the newspaper to print a retraction. Now why would the ANC's Chief Whip not mention this bit of information?

      Pragmatist - 2011-02-14 00:10

      Because he is ANC and therefor STUPID... a deliberate miss representation, as usual!

      SaintBruce - 2011-02-14 10:37

      Amazing how many comments here show the story as reported was not actually read properly. Note: The DA councillor accompanied SAPS during anti-xenophobic patrols. The SAPS fired rubber bullets at whoever was doing whatever they were doing. Simply because the DA councillor was in the vicinity of some SAPS activity "suddenly" the DA councillor actually 'fired' upon the children? This is such Trashy and flimsy reporting that such a reporter should be barred from carrying a journalist accreditation of any kind. Mister A has put it very well. If you want to bring up one 'side' as a so called 'fact' be civil enough to show the other 'side' as well. That would be journalism but this report is pure cheap shot politics.

  • EconoClastic - 2011-02-13 21:48

    ANC trying to deflect the spotlight?

  • Uncle Spud - 2011-02-13 22:24

    Good grief, please come the day when the useless ANC and their corrupt, incompetent polititions ( I use the word tounge in cheek ) no longer control the future of SA.

  • - 2011-02-13 22:38

    ANC Chief Whip Mathole Motshekga where were you all the time when the police recently arrested journalists, beat up the journalists, intimidating the cartoonists, bribing journalists, raiding journalists homes and media houses, the ANC pushing for the media tribunal ? You had absolutely nothing to say about a serious onslaught on the freedom of the press and the right to access to information. Your comments are ridiculous.

  • Zakhele - 2011-02-13 22:55

    Anna Majavu- We can help you dig more dirt on the DA. Zille's Lieutenants are commiting corporate sins like money laundering, bribery, siphoning the parastatals accounts, subbotaging the government programmes, stealling money in the municipalities, award tenders to companies where they stand to benefit indirectly. They do it everthing. I have emails that have been written by people holding high positions in government institutions where DA members have completely undermined governments efforts to stimulate developing enteprises. These are the very same people who sit with government 's DTI, Energy departments, Mineral Resources, Research Intitutes, etc to lie by saying they support government programes when on the other hand they completely undermine such efforts. I intersected these emails through my reliable contacts where they planned how to manipulate the DOE (Ompi Aphane), DTI (Rob Davies), NECSA (Rob Adam), CEF (Mannie Singh), NNR, NERSA, DMR. I have them. I have them. I must not be silelnced I am coming up with very disturbing evidence by corrupt people who play the innocent face game.

      Templar - 2011-02-13 23:06 will not be silenced. have all the info needed to bring the DA down. And Elvis Presley is alive and well and working as a cashier in a Pick & Pay in Bloemfontein... - 2011-02-13 23:16

      @Zakhele did you have to wait for this article to appear to come up with this. This is no forum for this information. Take it to the appropriate authorities to thoroughly investigate. Be prepared to stand by your accussations. For your information, the intercepting of e-mails from government or government entitites are prohibitted and contrary to IT policies.

      AJ - 2011-02-14 07:34

      @Zakhele - Are you against the corporate sins as you allege are committed by 'DA symathisers' or are you against corporate sins period? Will you be just as thorough with the multitude more sins from those aligned to the ruling party? Or are you letting those slide....

      Paul - 2011-02-14 07:50

      no that is Zuma and his buddies are the ones doing that and getting away with it.

      lldoidge - 2011-02-14 08:05

      Zakhele. You have a very easy solution to you "complex" problem. Take all your information and report it to the police, public prosecutor, the hawks or whoever. Amazing how you haven't handed it to the ANC yet as they would love to "expose" the DA. You're a twally of note. I just hope your so called information is correct. I have pasted and copied your post and sent it to the DA for comment.

      DW - 2011-02-14 08:37

      Zakhele - if you have all this "proof" why are you sitting on it? Take it to the press to be published. Get the Scorpions involved. Expose the DA for what you say they are - or is this just spouting a lot of lies to try to make them look bad? And when you are exposed for the liar that you are, maybe they can sue you like JZ is suing Zapiro

      DW - 2011-02-14 09:02

      Please Zakhele and Unathi, go and read the article "Greedy politicians loot government coffers" and tell us how wonderful your ANC is. Tell us how you love what they are doing and how fantastic they are. Or are you too embarrassed to comment when your wonderful heroes turn out to be charlatans. I dare you. Apply the same criticism to them. But you wont do that, will you?

      Dougalan - 2011-02-14 09:04

      Zakhele - the Internet and e-mail are a wonderful source of information - and mis-information. Hope you had a lot of fun making up your wild stories. Now go public, so you can be prosecuted for libel. Whicj I hope you will be.

      DeonL - 2011-02-14 10:07

      It sounds like you are describing the sins of the ANC brother!

      AllHoliday - 2011-02-14 12:01

      @Zakhele - Either you are an complete idiot or a big liar! If you had all this info and so-called proof, why did you not hand it over to the proper authorities to take action - what are your agenda? Were you JUST waiting for this article to make it known? I do not think so! You are just trying to throw dirt at the DA in the hope that there will be other idiots who will believe you. @ - I agree fully with you - well said!

      Felix - 2011-02-14 15:52

      The spy who couldn't spell... Zakhele to be played by Daniel Craig in a monkey suit

      schmerz - 2011-03-09 11:41

      i think you are confusing the DA with the ANC

  • flamewulf - 2011-02-13 22:57

    "The ANC accused DA leader Helen Zille of "throwing temper tantrums" after an SABC reporter recently "asked her a difficult question". According to the ANC, the Cape Argus reported in 2009 that Zille called and threatened one of its journalists, screaming: "I'm taking you all down, including the editors." " How very unlike the Helen Zille that we know.

      Pragmatist - 2011-02-14 00:12

      dont touch me on my studio!!!

      lldoidge - 2011-02-14 08:08

      That was a picnic compared to what motor mouth (malema) did to that BBC journalist. Even worse it went out all over the world.

      Unathi - 2011-02-14 08:14

      Its called power my friend the more you have the more you want. I see Mugabe in Zille behaviour.

      Ruan - 2011-02-14 08:50

      @Unathi, Zille like Mugabe?? Hahahahaha Eish!! Really Unathi, was that the best comment you could come up with??!! hahahaha!! You made my day!!

  • Wishbone - 2011-02-13 23:19

    "The public have a right to know what the DA does... the party therefore has no right to withhold information from journalists it feels are not writing sweetheart stories." WTF!!!! So what is the ANC's info bill about then??? The ANC really has no problem with double standards it seems.

  • asiseeit - 2011-02-14 01:35

    So how many flights a year has Zuma taken and where?

      Unathi - 2011-02-14 08:12

      Is corruption better when done by DA? I am worried about the future of your kids if you have any.

      Ruan - 2011-02-14 08:51

      @ Unathi, you again??!! hahaha!!

      wattalotokak - 2011-02-15 05:22

      @unathi - you REALLY bring a smile upon my face! You are a clown man...!

  • Akweerius - 2011-02-14 02:29

    OMG!!!! But WHO are the ones fighting for the media tribunal??? Who doesn't feel the public needs to know everything the Gov does???? YIP, the ANC. NOW they throw it in the face of the DA, purely to make themselves look like the good guys. So according to the ANC, the public NEED to know what the DA are doing, but they DON'T need to know what the ANC are doing. What a bunch of hypocrites!!!

  • lldoidge - 2011-02-14 07:55

    VM1. We, in the Western Cape, aren't stupid or ANC sheep. We all know it is almost local election time and that the ANC will try every trick in the book to unseat the DA here. We see through it all.

      Unathi - 2011-02-14 08:09

      We will take cape town in these local elections, wait and see

      lldoidge - 2011-02-14 08:40

      Ha!ha! Unathi, how much are you prepared to bet? I'm in!

      Ruan - 2011-02-14 08:53

      @Unathi, hahahahaha, please man, stop!! Do you do live shows??! Hahaha...

      VM1 - 2011-02-14 12:01

      Just watch how many busses coming in on the hugenot tunnel every day I am sure we will crack it this time Watch and learn

      pointblankza - 2011-02-14 12:59

      @VM1, we have been watching and learning for 17 years and we pretty sure we now understand how not to screw up a country in 17 years .. bring your buses, it won't help... the people on the ground have seen and learnt what good governance means.. when the buses from the Eastern Cape, you know the province which has ANC fighting each other, come the people will see how wonderful life is in the WC and vote with their heads. Sorry champ... nice try though.

      wattalotokak - 2011-02-15 05:23

      @Unathi - you are killing us : I am simply down on the floor laughing my ass off man! Like Ruan - are you a stand-up comedian???

      wattalotokak - 2011-02-15 05:25

      @VM1: That is if they they are not striking and burning their own tyres!!! BWAHAHAHAHA I am having a great day already - thanks you ANC clowns...

      maseratifitt - 2011-02-15 08:02

      Unathi :"We will take cape town in these local elections, wait and see" I suppose by "we" you mean the ANC. You may take Cape Town,(the ANC is used to just taking things) but you will never take the people of Cape Town. Too many of them can see right through the ANC.

  • gen.mewmew - 2011-02-14 08:03

    the fools are running our country into the ground.

      Unathi - 2011-02-14 08:11

      As much as fools brought down apartheid and white supremacy and I understand why you are aggrieved.

      lldoidge - 2011-02-14 08:41

      Zilla was part of it! Remember her exposing the death of Steve Biko?

      wattalotokak - 2011-02-15 05:29

      My man Unathi - you need a bit of a clue..! White people VOTED in a referendum which turned the apartheid rule upsidedown..! It tells you that the whites extended an OPPORTUNITY to the black fellow people - they in turn spit on the hand for the past 17 years and they (as every other african country) started turning onto their own! THAT is why we do not have proper housing for your fellow people - due to the few who love to enrich themselves (malema and the likes)..! It now will cost us (INCLUDING YOU - IF you pay taxes) 58billion rands to FIX never mind build new houses..! Have you calculated how many houses are those? Roughly 733,000. Yes your buddies in the ANC are rhicher than you! dumbass

  • sasa - 2011-02-14 08:30

    F*ck off ANC - what a load of S**t!

  • Craig - 2011-02-14 08:31

    But then it is perfectly fine for the ANC to silence the ENTIRE media with their stupid act...why??? Cause there are criminals that they don't want exposed so they need to shut their mouths and look at themselves...

  • sasa - 2011-02-14 08:33

    ANC qualified politician: * criminal record - check * no education above grade 8, with no higher than an E average - check * motivated by personal gain and willing to manipulate and exploit those oorer than you - check * a blatant racist - check * shows no understanding of the term 'equal rights' eish you are Hired!!!!

  • Clive - 2011-02-14 08:52

    What a laugh, what hypocrisy from the ANC!! Did a cabinet minister not say recently that a free media is the biggest threat to South Africa's democracy? Nevertheless, I appeal to the DA to reverse its decision and to resume informing this so-called journalist what is stands for. One never knows: she might just see the light. Hiding information is, after all, a major characteristic of the ANC (and its Nat predecessors).

  • warr - 2011-02-14 09:05

    Read articles entirely before posting your comments. make less of an arse of yourself...

  • Anthony - 2011-02-14 09:16

    He said, she said.

  • Nice Guy - 2011-02-14 09:18

    All political parties are corrupt and useless at the end of the day

  • edmead - 2011-02-14 09:25


  • Snoopy88 - 2011-02-14 09:42

    I have a few problems with this story. Firstly, to be a good journalist you have to be as objective as possible, reporting 'the truth' or as close to it as you can get. You cannot let your personal views colour a story but there will always be some subjectivity in the report depending on the journalist, the paper's political views and those of its owners. Secondly, it appears the police officer with van Dalen did the shooting and Majavu reported it in such a way that it looked like it was van Dalen shooting children. Seriously ethical issues there and you can't twist a story to suit your own political agenda. Well you can, and they do but not so obviously! Then again the DA appears to be just as guilty as the ANC of trying to control what journalists write. Readers should always consider the context of the story and possibly read how the same event gets reported by journalists from different papers. Getting upset about nasty unflattering stories is one thing, but trying to control what information is available to all South Africans by passing laws is very, very ominous... Will we only get information from the State Information Centre like in the days of apartheid? Will the tanks be rolling in the streets but journalists won't be allowed to photograph them?

  • DeonL - 2011-02-14 10:09

    Ha Ha, good one ANC, did you not start the Media Bill? Anything for a vote or 2 in Cape Town.

  • pointblankza - 2011-02-14 10:11

    Wow, sounds like the ANC are getting desperate! Yesterday on SABC we had JZ on SABC1 and another big wig ANC dude on SABC2... all you see whaen you turn on the TV is ANC ANC ANC ANC.... when do we get to see oppositon parties on TV?? This is purely politicking and typical cheap "below the belt" shots by the ANC despeate to claw back the WC. This is where you will begin to see the dirty tactics used by a previously known terrorist organisation, oh, sorry liberation movement.... pffft.

  • 1afrika - 2011-02-14 10:22

    to every1 talking and defending the DA PLEASE shut your middle class mouths, all you see is the black man doing wrong, well for your info the DA aint no saints, yeah the ANC done&said some crazy things,but nothing as bad as giving people toilets with no walls and tins for housing!!white people stop shouting faul, you have never lived in a shack nor walking miles to work!!!DA is only for the white& for cloureds&Blacks that want to be accepted by the whites..gees..

      Educated - 2011-02-14 10:49

      Ahhh 1Africka, you poor little victim you, shame. Go fetch your begging bowl and I'll toss a coin in it for you.

      LogicBomb - 2011-02-14 10:53

      If you looked really carefully, you'd notice how nobody actually gives a sh1t about the drivel you're spewing forth. Rond jou mond as jy praat, hou op kots!

      Ruan - 2011-02-14 11:06

      @africa, no one is saying it’s the black people doing all the wrong Africa. It’s our current government that’s doing all the wrong. Do you really, really want me to give you all the pro’s and con’s of our current government?? Actually I can’t, I don’t think news24 will allow me to, and there will be no space for anyone else to write something. Africa, you sound angry, it’s your government that is causing your anger. Take it out on them, not the DA. I can promise you, that if the DA was as corrupt as the ANC, I would be the first one who calls for their heads. But Africa, the problem here is that it’s your government that’s responsible for all the corruption, all the pain you still have to endure. This is not about colour anymore, it’s about service. Service we all pay for, service we all deserve!! So Africa, get over yourself and start opening your eyes to your government. Remember, when you vote ANC again, you will receive the same service AGAIN…

      pointblankza - 2011-02-14 13:00

      How many toilets were not enclosed?

      AllHoliday - 2011-02-14 14:13

      @1africa - your comment is typical of twisting the facts to suit your own political agenda. Firstly, the DA has consulted with the comunity regarding the toilets. In order for them to errect MORE toilets (and to keep within the budget), they reached an agreement that they will install the toilets and the community will then enclose the toilets. Some community members have already started to close the toilets when ANC members started to break it down and called the press in to take photo's in an attempt to make the DA look bad. At least the DA is doing something, whst are the ANC doing? Or would you prefer that the people use the bushes? I do not see you writing anything about the ANC govermant spending millions on parties and new cars etc. O! yes... I forgot...they are not white! And you can only blame whites for everything that goes wrong in your world. Get over yourselve and take responsibility for your own actions, you voted for the ANC - now go and ask them for your houses!!

      schmerz - 2011-03-09 11:38

      Perfect example of a puppet

  • murphy - 2011-02-14 10:27

    This from a party that got their cronies at the SABC to blacklist numbers of journalists from press conferences. Please.

  • nuclear - 2011-02-14 10:53

    And yet again, Zille stoops to Malema's level!

      pointblankza - 2011-02-14 13:01

      Hahahaha.... whatever.

  • David - 2011-02-14 10:57

    Blacklisting a journalist by the DA, is a hell of a lot better than the ANC getting the SAPS to harrass and arrest jounos that write things against them.

  • unrealchris - 2011-02-14 11:03

    Arent the ANC behind the passing the information bill? They will say anything just to make them look good, but its just putting lipstick on a bulldog...

  • AllHoliday - 2011-02-14 12:17

    Would also like to know why the Sowetan editor was first put on "special leave' and then 'resignd'? With no real comment from the paper or the editor?

  • Flinger - 2011-02-14 12:18

    Goebels was the best spin doctor, he always argued that to control the media you must be the media, the ANC have Anna Majavu, atleast now i know which name to avoid when reading articles

  • AllHoliday - 2011-02-14 12:40

    Just look at the heading, they refer to the 'media' - while it is only ONE journalist that they do not send news letters to and she is still allowed at press conferences. Perfect example of twisting the facts. Would also like to know why the Sowetan editor was first put on "special leave' and then 'resigned'? With no real comment from the paper or the editor, makes you wonder! No mentioning of that in the article.

      pointblankza - 2011-02-14 13:02

      Yes but people with brains understand all of this... ;)

  • nic - 2011-02-17 20:53

    *sigh* cheap shot by the ANC. It must have really been a boring day that THIS "sensation seeking piece of crap article" is news worthy.

  • Jarryd - 2011-02-19 17:23

    Says the people who want support the silencing of the media. How ironic.

  • Bonzo - 2011-02-20 13:38

    Hyperbole from hypocrite ANC. The DA is on record for saying that any journalist or interested person is permitted to attend any briefing and so forth, as they will. The law says so too. The DA has merely taken this troll off their own list of correspondents whom they personally invite, or send bulletins to. They're a legal entity and as such they are entitled under the constitution to associate with whom they wish, and disassociate from whom they wish. ANC does the same. Storm in teacup.

  • schmerz - 2011-03-09 11:33

    I hate the ANC and everything they stand for, they are going too far