DA narrowly wins Grabouw by-election

2012-04-26 10:18

Cape Town - The DA retained the Grabouw ward in the Western Cape in a narrow by-election win over the African National Congress, it was reported on Thursday.

The Cape Times reported that Democratic Alliance candidate Martin Matthews received 103 more votes on Wednesday than ANC candidate Cathy Booysen-Nefdt.

The ward seat opened up when Booysen-Nefdt left the DA to join the ANC in February, accusing the DA caucus of being tolerant of racism.

Resident Lorraine Jansen, 47, who voted for the DA, told the newspaper she was disappointed that Booysen-Nefdt had joined the ANC.

"She turned her back on this ward after we tried so hard to help her win this ward last year."

Abgongile James, 23, said she voted for the ANC because former president Nelson Mandela had helped everyone get child support grants.

Violent protests erupted in the town recently with people complaining about overcrowding at the Umyezo Wama Apile school.

In another by-election on Wednesday, the DA retained a seat in Ward 45, which included Tambo Village and parts of Gugulethu and Manenberg.

The seat became vacant after DA councillor Faiza Adams died.

  • richard.hipkin - 2012-04-26 10:25

    "Abgongile James, 23, said she voted for the ANC because former president Nelson Mandela had helped everyone get child support grants." Sadly a very common mindset amongst our voters. Welfare country as opposed to a country of opportunity.

      Wimpie.Haefele - 2012-04-26 10:41

      Not going to change in the near future as government have created a sense of entitlement under the voters instead of creating a culture of earn what you need.

      Deon - 2012-04-26 10:42

      I agree, they will only change theire vote when the money starts running out for grants and free homes.

      Lerato - 2012-04-26 10:49

      If you think this is a problem I suggest you look at the U.K's social grant as a % of the total budget!

      bluzulu - 2012-04-26 11:39

      Only NEWS24 would put Abgongile James thoughts as this suits their agenda. If this was and continues to be a DA ward why are the people protesting for Upliftment. Aunty Zille needs to stop with the nasty Politicking and sort this issue. One would think this was an ANC ward by the comments.

      Piet - 2012-04-26 11:44

      Upliftment. Always have to have the begging bowl out ne Bluzulu!

      bluzulu - 2012-04-26 11:47

      Like most of your comments , Piet. I am clueless to your Point.

      Mike - 2012-04-26 12:53

      @Lerato 15% of the uk budget is allocated to Welfare - The problem we have is that out of a population of 50mil we only have 5mil Tax payers and 15mil people receiving social grants - Do the numbers this can not last

      Gcwabe.KaMavovo - 2012-04-26 12:53

      I agree with you Point Blank. The failure of government has meant that people see no other alternative but welfare. And they'll continue voting for the person giving them welfare. It'll just kill the country in the end. The ANC must focus on creating a better economic environment than using welfare as a vote-gathering tool.

      Sedick - 2012-04-26 14:34

      @Bluezulu. Your comment is so apt. You are clueless period....

      Marion - 2012-04-26 16:07

      @Alicia - the DA's light is not shining as brightly as it could. There have been a number of incidents in recent months which, at the time, gave me pause for thought. Yes, a win is a win even by the narrowest of margins, but in politics a win by the narrowest of margins says that almost as many people who voted for you think you suck. In my opinion the DA needs to have massive margins to be able to boast about the achievement. George Bush Jnr became president of the US by the narrowest of margins and look what he turned out to be.

      Fred - 2012-04-26 17:25

      Well I think this is a good slap in the face for Fransman and his cronies who tried so hard to disrupt the DA with their well-organised riots in Grabouw, Hopefully the good people will start winning all over the country now !!!!!

  • Elize - 2012-04-26 10:41

    The menatlity is absolutely shocking, we vote for a party because they helped us get child support grants?? And what about the billions they stole from you??

      Koos - 2012-04-26 11:12

      They don't know that and if they do they see it as taking(stealing) from the whites which is a good thing.

  • Denny - 2012-04-26 10:45

    It is very hard to compete with a party which buys its electorate until such time as they run out of other people's money.

      amanda.victor2 - 2012-04-26 12:18

      Sad but true. It's a sad day when people who don't contribute to the upkeep of the country are bribed by their government with our 'free money' to buy their vote to stay in power so they can steal more from those who do contribute. People who don't pay taxes shouldn't have a vote! Can you imagine what SA would look like then? Functioning 101!

  • Mirrorman - 2012-04-26 10:46

    'she voted for the ANC because former president Nelson Mandela had helped everyone get child support grants'. This is exactly the problem. Mandela did help. Mandela was part of the ANC. Unfortunately the ANC of today is not Mandela's ANC. When will people start voting with their eyes on the present and the future rather than the past...

      Piet - 2012-04-26 10:51

      Now they are voting for thieves! Where is JZ's children fund? Ooooh wait he has his own children to support....

      Lerato - 2012-04-26 10:52

      Oh I see, Mandela's ANC is now DA !!

      Junebugg - 2012-04-26 10:58

      True Lerato.... sad aint it??? I see more Mandela in DA than the Current ANC

      Piet - 2012-04-26 11:02

      No Lerato the Current ANC are thieves .

      Lerato - 2012-04-26 12:29

      Ohhhh sad that @ least 60% of the electorate think otherwise. Only 25% voted for the new Mandela, I guess Junebugg you are letting Madiba down - do something !!!

      Gerald - 2012-04-26 14:44

      We all need to let go of concepts that Mandela was a saint, or singularly saved this country. What Mandela did was not a product of individual action but of ANC policy from their collective think tank. The ANC of 1989 to 2000 was probably the better ANC since liberation. Similarly we must all realise that political parties are not static, but are forever changing organisms influenced within by their constituents and without by their environment. Therefore as the electorate we have to dispense with blind loyalties to parties because of history, though we acknowledge the wonderful role of the ANC in tumultous times of the transition we cannot keep exalting them for this, especially in light of the gross maladministration that is plaquing our government. Mandela did his part no more nor less than Mbeki, both owed their actions to ANC policy. Lets get over it and remember interests change in time. Let us vote for the now, and the future, and leave the past be where it belongs, left hopefully not to be forgotten. Vote on issues of administration, eg service delivery, tendering, and issues of policy, eg bbbee.

      Marion - 2012-04-26 16:14

      @Gerald - well said.

  • Hudayfah - 2012-04-26 11:06

    lol @ Abgongile . . .my word. Just imagine how many votes juliaaas would get because he promises you free land. The shocking part actually is that you're 23 years old and has conceded that the rest of your life will be lived on child grants. So if you open your legs some more,you might just earn enough for you to never work in your life. Sheesh you 23 for gods sake go and study something.Empower yourself. Tomorrow it's your kids that becomes thugs and thiefs because of severe poverty. Heck i don't think poverty is to blame,you're just plain lazy.

      Koos - 2012-04-26 11:14

      Why do you want to work when you are given everything for free in the past 60 years?

      Glyn - 2012-04-26 11:16

      Only have as many children as you can afford. Ant more and you are a leach on society!

      Elize - 2012-04-26 11:31

      And she drops all the children she gave birth to with her mother while she lives off the grants!! Wow good thinking Abongile atleast your money problems are solved, don't worry about your kids the welfare will take care of them!!

  • Soon - 2012-04-26 11:13

    Read overwhelmed gran tries to kill her self

      Elize - 2012-04-26 11:32

      @Soon exactly my point, leave them with granny and you take the grants and bugger off!!

  • Papa-storm - 2012-04-26 11:24

    it is actually sad that people vote for something that happened 15-18 years ago and not for what is happening today

  • Mike - 2012-04-26 11:27

    Im a single father of 3, i work my @ss of to support them, i wont ever take a grant, i was willing to have 3 and i will provide for them the best i can by actually working for them. But to vote for anc because they gave you a child grant?? thats really keeping the masses uneducated to keep the votes, the less they know the more they will 'appreciate' something like that and not know about the billions stolen from them. How much is a child grant these day?

  • Chaapo - 2012-04-26 11:35

    A win is a win and floor crossers who use a party to get in and then defect should be tossed out. People vote for both the candidate and the platform the candidate represents.

  • bluzulu - 2012-04-26 11:38

    Only NEWS24 would put Abgongile James thoughts as this suits their agenda. If this is a DA ward why are the people protesting for Upliftment. Aunty Zille needs to stop with the nasty Politicking and sort this issue. One would think this was an ANC ward by the comments.

      Anton - 2012-04-26 12:41

      At this very moment the students of the Umyezo Wama Apile school in Grabouw are being bussed to and fro from Grabouw to Kuilsrivier in Cape Town where they are housed and educated until 5 in the afternoons. They have already started work on two sites where extra classrooms will be build. Delivery is taking place!!!... What's happening in the Eastern Cape????

      Elize - 2012-04-26 13:01

      @Anton they are busy with negotiations hehehe!!

      Fred - 2012-04-26 17:32

      @bluzulu - It is totally obvious that the ANC stirred up the riots so they could try and win Grabouw, BUT THEY FAILED !!!!! May they fail many, many more times, and eventually we can get this country running efficiently and honestly when the DA take over.

  • Piet - 2012-04-26 12:05

    My point is you always want something for free. Now why must people always uplift you? I know you cant uplift yourself. That is way their is always filth when you pass a squater camp. You cannot even uplift yourself to live in a neat environment, somebody has to do it for you.

      sabongam - 2012-04-26 13:06

      @Piet don't you know that blacks learnt from your forefathers how to steal? You start complaining now and start saying that they can't uplift themselves as they live in squatter camps and in squalor? Who is to blame? All the wealth is with you, white people who's great,great grand fathers got it from their fathers through theft of land. Its easy to forget your own indescretions and then point fingers.History of SA 101. And with a name like Piet, Jan van Riebeeck,Piet Retief & Gert Maritz should be familiar names to you.

      Nikki Bodenstein - 2012-04-26 22:06

      Sabongam you are very ignorrant! Us whites are the minority in this country so it's impossible to hold all the wealth. Us whites who are the minority are the ones paying the taxes so idiots like you can get free housing and water and electricity. It's because of you and your other free loading,useless,malema empowered and self entitled people that everything in this country is so overpriced. We are carrying you bunch. So don't you dare come up in here and say us white have all the money. We work our bloody backsides off to provide for our families and support 80% of this flippen country. You and your like minded kind are the reason this country is in this state. You are lazy and absolutely backwards in your thinking, also using apartheid as an excuse for you inability to be successful. Well my friend your ANC has been here 18 years now and things are going downhill fast, cause you lot are incapable of making intelligent decisions, hiring people based on merit instead of filling seats based on colour. You're so idiotic that you don't realize that those types of decisions affect this whole country in a bad way. That's why our services are in such a state. But ja, all you can hammer on is apartheid and our forefathers? Well let me tell you something, my parents didn't have money for to go study, our family doesn't come from money and I wasnt apart of apartheid. But my parents made sure to instill decent morals and values in me and taught me that it

      Nikki Bodenstein - 2012-04-26 22:10

      takes honesty,hard work and determination to get ahead in life, something you and people like you have yet to learn. So keep using apartheid as a cover for your ignorance and utter uselessness, this is why you will never get ahead in life. You just don't have what it takes!

  • Hermann - 2012-04-26 12:32

    "Abgongile James, 23, said she voted for the ANC because former president Nelson Mandela had helped everyone get child support grants." This support helps a lot for delivery in maternity wards, but not for service delivery. Once again proof of the low IQ in our midst.

  • frits.aab - 2012-04-26 13:17

    Here is a comparison between the 2009 election and the bielection results. Port Alfred: DA from 11.71% to 15,34% Cape Town Ward: DA from 46.17% to 59.36% (Bigest gain in Gugs from 1.2% to 16%) Kirkwood EC: DA from 41.06% to 52,15% Johannesburg Ward (Soweto: DA from 8.23% to 16,77% Grabouw: DA from 49.08% to 51,59% It seems the ANC is starting to drop in the vote in there tradional areas!!!

  • sandy.langenstrass - 2012-04-26 13:39

    Question?...if a party that has been in power for 19 years, has failed the people with education and health care + other services deliveries....would you vote for them in the next elections? Keep up your hard work DA.....our country needs committed South Africans to work for the good of the people..and not for THEMSELVES.

      Nikki Bodenstein - 2012-04-26 21:51

      I certainly won't but then again I have a high IQ ;)

  • Manu - 2012-04-26 14:10

    Many DA supporters here characterise those who vote for the ANC as having a low IQ. I find this disturbing on a number of levels but mostly because what is implied is that DA supporters are a superior to their fellow countrymen. Unfortunately most of the people making these kind of comments are white, and the people they are condmening are black. I would have thought that in a country like SA, burdened by its racist history, some people would by now have learned to be sensitive to such issues.

      Inja - 2012-04-26 15:58

      I will continue vote for the ANC despite my IQ.

      Irene - 2012-04-26 16:04

      Inja ~ Actually it's because of your IQ that you do vote for the anc. How sad to be an unthinking sheep. sandra ~ Well said. So sad that some people can form no distinction between criticism and racism.

      Marion - 2012-04-26 16:16

      @Sandra - I fail to see where Manu was targeting you in his comment.

      Nikki Bodenstein - 2012-04-26 21:50

      Manu, you contradict yourself myself my friend.

  • Neville - 2012-04-26 17:51

    Booysen get on the Gravy Train the train stuck

  • glen.e.huysamer - 2012-04-26 19:01

    I have to agree with Marion and also say that winning by such a narrow margin is not good enough. I would have to say that the DA should up their game. As good as they are at good governance they lack strategy in the dirty game of politicking. Their issue to the electorate is largely a bemoaning of ANC corruption and ineptitude in governance. There is very little discussion outside of service delivery and transparent governance which is all important but going into the next election this song and dance might just not cut it, and a much more aggressive stance on policy vision should begin to be tabled. A more impressive road map should be offered for a country wide DA victory over the ANC. A national vision must be announced and worked towards, one that can grow and become a national priority for all South Africans, instead of pussy footing around gearing towards newly enlightened youth and or ex-ANC disgruntled. Win over the masses by applying the DA to a national vision that can not be ignored by all of South Africans citizens, promise a vision that will leave the ANC cold.

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