DA questions land reform

2011-09-30 11:00

Johannesburg - The true purpose of land reform - restoring land rights denied during apartheid and the colonial era - was not being adhered to, the Democratic Alliance said on Thursday.

MP Lindiwe Mazibuko said 85.6% of land purchased for land reform had been transferred to land claimants under leasehold, while only 14.4% of claimants had been awarded full ownership rights.

This was according to figures in the land reform department's 2010/11 annual report, she said in a statement.

"Not only does this prevent the land from being used as loan collateral, but it acts as a disincentive for claimants to invest in the land's productive capacity," Mazibuko said.

"Without the freedom and stability to invest in their properties, claimants are consigned to the status of tenants, and have no incentive to make improvements to the land they have acquired since they bear neither the risk nor the reward associated with running a successful business."

The report also showed the majority of land in South Africa was registered under the name of the state, she said.

  • leonard - 2011-09-30 16:35

    Some very telling percentages in this report.If they are correct which I am sure they are,the state is more to blame for non distribution of land than the so called white imperialists for not giving or selling land to the state.My conclusion,maybe we might be in for a Zim type land distribution after the big wigs take the pick of the bunch.Only a thought.

  • Dave50 - 2011-10-04 17:11

    Mad Bob and Zim all over again, and who will get the pick of the land when the lease falls vacant next time, some ANC minister or family. GIVE the land to the people it was taken from don't hold on to it for later appropriation and favors to friends.

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