DA whip has heart attack in ANC fight

2012-02-29 10:21

Johannesburg - The DA's chief whip in the Tshwane metro council suffered a mild heart attack during a heated argument with the ANC, according to a report on Wednesday.

Janho Engelbrecht, 39, had been attending a meeting of the Tshwane council's rules and ethics committee in the Pretoria city centre on Tuesday.

According to Beeld newspaper, he lost his temper when the ANC announced that it was placing on the agenda the expulsion of the DA's leader in the Tshwane council Brandon Topham.

Speaker Morokane Mosupyoe had clashed with Topham at the past two council meetings and on Tuesday proposed a 60-day expulsion.

Engelbrecht voiced a furious objection and shortly afterwards started feeling unwell.

He was rushed to the cardiac intensive care unit at the Unitas Hospital in Centurion. He reportedly felt a lot better by Wednesday.

"It seems that I suffered a light heart attack," said Engelbrecht.

Topham said Engelbrecht would have to take it easier in future, but that this was often easier said than done.

"You shouldn't compromise your health, but it's hard not to get worked up when the ANC makes a mockery of our democracy like they did at Tuesday's council meeting," he said.

  • Bardy - 2012-02-29 10:31

    I think that there are many more people that have suffered a heart attack because of the ANC! It’s simply called “Ineptocracy”

  • Lebo - 2012-02-29 10:31

    Shame man, wishing him a speedy recovery. Politics are not worth losing your life over.

      Morama - 2012-02-29 10:40

      It doesn't worth it to go against the political party as huge as the ANC,some will hit the dust soon!!!

      richard.hipkin - 2012-02-29 10:58

      Morama, please guy, please, play nicely, state your case maturely and let's change the mindset on here and stop this childish commenting..

      J-Man - 2012-02-29 10:59

      ...there you have it folks... from the ANC (YL) supporter... .. "it just doesn't worth it"...

      Lebo - 2012-02-29 11:04

      I wish News24 allowed me to delete replies to my post that I find to be in bad taste...

      Marion - 2012-02-29 11:21

      @Lebo... maybe you should try clicking on 'report comment' and see if they delete them...

      richard.hipkin - 2012-02-29 11:50

      @Morama, so you going to act like the people you are complaining about? Again, I plead for maturity..

      dumisiledee - 2012-02-29 11:59

      @PointBlank I don't even think Morama understand the word mature buddy, let me try to tell him in zulu maybe he'll understand. @Morama Khula baba yekela ukuziphatha ngengane encane.

      Jacqui - 2012-02-29 12:53

      Morama is everywhere, isn't he working or studying?.

      Marion - 2012-02-29 13:51

      @Jacqui - lol. Maybe he's medically boarded like me and sits on News24 to pass the time until the family get home.

      Lucia - 2012-02-29 13:58

      Lebo, you are an absolute winner. I wish more people can see through your eyes. A person like you give me hope for the future.

      Lucia - 2012-02-29 14:03

      Morama, your remarks are not called for... Please, do not do this man! What I can suggest is if you start something like this, educate yourself first by learning to spell.

  • Marion - 2012-02-29 10:31

    Get well soon Janho. Politics is not worth dying for no matter who is getting up your nose.

      Ben - 2012-02-29 11:23

      But I can understand his frustation. He is not alone though.

      Putin the " - 2012-02-29 14:05

      Truth is politics is a dirty game, don't go with your heart!!

      Anthony - 2012-02-29 16:38

      so do I Ben

  • Bibi - 2012-02-29 10:32

    Politicians have a stressful life ;))

  • Peter - 2012-02-29 10:35

    ANC is not good for your heart..... period!!!

  • Piet - 2012-02-29 10:36

    That is what happens if you deal with a mafia

  • Piet - 2012-02-29 10:37

    To debate with these idiots is enough to give anyone a heart attack. Get well soon!

      Vaal-Donkie - 2012-02-29 11:20

      I would imagine a stroke would me more likely.

      Garth - 2012-02-29 12:06

      No V-D - a stroke is cerebrovascular(a `brain-attack'), his was, according to the reports, cardiovascular(a `heart-attack').

      Putin the " - 2012-02-29 14:06

      Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again

  • NlggaWitattitude - 2012-02-29 10:54

    One day , one of us here on news24 will get an heart attack trying to argue with these Racists(Black/White etc)on news24...or just reading their comments

      Byron - 2012-02-29 11:49

      if one of us gets a heart attack, would News24 post an article on it? Who's to say it hasn't happened already ... under the warm fluffy blanket of anonymity

      Colin - 2012-02-29 12:09

      Dead right. I'm not even sure why I bother reading all these things, because all it does is convince me further that there remains a chasm between people who want to see this country move forward with all the wonderful opportunities it can create for itself, and the morons who harbour hatred, throwing sticks and stones at each other simply because they cannot move away from their idiotic past preconceptions. Sad really, we can have a first world future here if we all pull in the same direction.....that goes for all colours and creeds!

  • Mandu Ngcobo - 2012-02-29 10:57

    The ANC people must have been pushing all the right buttons to get him worked up like that.

      Morama - 2012-02-29 12:24

      ANC puttons are easily accessed because it's democratic.So you are correct,ANC pressed correct hidden puttons and hope we all understand why he collapsed!!!

      gbbfg - 2012-02-29 13:05

      Morama, you state that the ANC is democratic. In a post above you said, "It doesn't worth it to go against the political party as huge as the ANC,some will hit the dust soon!!!" Please go look up the meaning of democracy before you hurt yourself. You folks are all the same, you never answer any of our relevant questions, simply deflect with some other completely illogical argument. Would you not say that the thieving, corrupt, inept ANC government is the weakness here? And if not, why not? Maybe the reason this man had a heart attack was because he cares that much about his country. You can't have a heart attack about something you clearly don't give a toss about. What happened to the true ANC? The one that spoke of reconciliation, democracy and moving forward to build a great nation? Every single thing that comes out of your mouth does nothing but divide and destroy the country even more. If you can not see this then you are truly lost and I feel sorry for you.

      Louise Higham - 2012-02-29 14:09

      Yes of course, there are also no service delivery protests, no corruption & bribery. The blind can't see or rather won't c, wake up and see reality as it is.

  • Werner - 2012-02-29 10:57

    Anyone will get a heart attack if they had to discuss rules and ethics with the ANC

  • richard.hipkin - 2012-02-29 11:00

    Arguing with the ANC will do that.. It has been a very frustrating 18 years..

      Patsy - 2012-02-29 15:13

      Albert Luthuli must be spinning (never mind turning) in his grave. He was a great man who wanted the best for South Africa and ALL the people in it. I had the privilege and the honour to meet him once - a long time ago and thought he was wonderful.

  • Jason - 2012-02-29 11:04

    U know what that say don't argue politics

      Gcwabe-KaMavovo - 2012-02-29 11:08

      And religion....

      Vaal-Donkie - 2012-02-29 11:21

      That's why I don't argue, I explain why I'm right.

      Lynton - 2012-02-29 12:14

      Or rugby :P

      Marion - 2012-02-29 14:14

      Or Julius Malema...

  • TenRas1 - 2012-02-29 11:06

    Get well soon. Anc Supporter

      Papa-storm - 2012-02-29 11:35

      why do you vote for the anc?

      TenRas1 - 2012-02-29 12:21

      Cos i'm black and scared of what DA might bring to this country

      richard.hipkin - 2012-02-29 12:50

      @TenRas1, actually it is because you too lazy to go read what the DA's policies are...

      richard.hipkin - 2012-02-29 12:50

      Or, you a racist and hate whites..

      Garth - 2012-02-29 12:51

      @TR1 - Honesty? Integrity? Ethics? Depolarisation of races? An end to corruption? Better Policing? Morality? Which one scares you the most?

      Johnny - 2012-02-29 13:00

      @TenRas1 - Are'nt you scared of what the ANC might continue to bring to this country ?

      NlggaWitattitude - 2012-02-29 15:00

      To back up Ras1's point about voting DA, I will make an example ..There is a small percentage of black people which commit crime published by media everyday..That makes people of other colours to be scared of Black areas and have a perception that Black neighborhoods are dangerous.... Same thing, There is small population of racist white people (News24, Work, media), that creates the perception that white people are racist and if they would win the country that might bring back apartheid...I think that is why most black people are scared of Voting for DA, despite policies and what not.... Having friends from different races makes you understand people's perception about you..It helps, the best thing you can do is prove them that It aint like that.

  • Blessed Ndlovu Maratuza - 2012-02-29 11:07

    Its not ANC, its lack of exercise. He should take care of his body so that he wont collapse next time he disagrees with someone..

      Brett - 2012-02-29 11:48

      Perhaps he can get some diet tips from Juju?

      richard.hipkin - 2012-02-29 11:54

      Haha! Yeah, bet you he unfit, he looks out of shape..

  • mthombothi - 2012-02-29 11:11

    Ha ha clearky not for the weak hearted

  • Proudly - 2012-02-29 11:20

    This guy is a good representation of the DA....WEAK.....maybe they will do a better job defending animal rights or some softer debates but not politics and more especially not trying to run this country

      Bob - 2012-02-29 11:37

      Rather be weak than a bunch of corrupt lying racist hypocrites like the ANC and it's followers.

      Proudly - 2012-02-29 12:11

      Bob it seems that you too about to have a mild attack. Relax Chief. We still need senseless people on the forum.

      Saffa - 2012-02-29 12:18

      Don't care if the DA don't run the rest of the long as they keep 'running' Cape Town....

      Bob - 2012-02-29 12:27

      Proudly, don't worry there are enough senseless people on these forums, we have you, Flowingriver, Morama and Poly, I guess the rest of your mates are still trying to learn to write or type.

      Garth - 2012-02-29 12:57

      @proudly - what exactly are you proud of? Rampant crime? The rapine of our women and children? The corruption? Your anc masters' fat stomachs? malema's world-famous intellect? Youir president's wives, mistresses, girlfriends, shags and casual acquaintances? What? What are you proud of, ignorant supporter of the useless, worthless anc?

      Proudly - 2012-02-29 13:23

      Bob that's your opinion which as you have realised means nothing in this country. Garth I'm a proud South African that's proud that the corrupt apartheid killer government is over and buried, im proud that I can go anywhere i want to in this free country without been harrased by the special forces, Im proud that children can school where they feel is fit.

      Brett - 2012-02-29 13:28

      @Proudly yes now you are free to go anywhere in this country and get hijacked or murdered for the R20 in your pocket.

      Bob - 2012-02-29 14:12

      Flowing sewer, you may want reverse apartheid but it's not going to happen, there are many great people in this country, from all colours and cultures, you are not one of them, the great people of this country will ultimately be the success and people like you will remain in your horrible bitter and twisted world, full of all that hatred.

      FlowingRivers - 2012-02-29 14:22

      @Bob.......and I will be waiting for you to join me there, bud !

      natalee.williamsclaassen - 2012-02-29 14:24

      @FlowingRivers To have so much hate and resentment for fellow human beings. I'm praying for you bud. I hope one day you'll be able to forgive however wronged you, for your sake.

      natalee.williamsclaassen - 2012-02-29 14:35

      "Never, never and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another…" Nelson Mandela, Inaugural Address, Pretoria 9 May 1994.

      Mikkel - 2012-02-29 14:48

      #TardRivers 2 Wrongs don't make a right.

  • tumelo.theka - 2012-02-29 11:22

    Wish you to get well,God bless you.

  • jonessierob - 2012-02-29 11:35


      Morama - 2012-02-29 12:29

      To switch'em off just press that putton written"Caps Lock" withyour third right-hand site finger czit takes a lot of time to complete one sentence in this forum...the above-mentioned putton is on the left-hand site,the fourth one from the top down-wards?

      Garth - 2012-02-29 13:01

      Morama - please do not attempt the intellectual humour thing. You embarrass me and I do not even know you(nor care to by the way)! `putton', what is a putton? A button used by a putz, maybe?

  • Den - 2012-02-29 11:37

    rules and ethics meeting, you got to be joking..the poor guy must have been so frustrated listening to all that rubbish out of an anc mouth, knowing full well its only window dressing

      Vaal-Donkie - 2012-02-29 11:43

      An ANC rules and ethics meeting would have made my head explode.

      Piet - 2012-02-29 12:06

      Etchics and ANC in one sentence, not possible!

  • David - 2012-02-29 11:54

    Clearly feels passionate about the cause ;-) Go DA

  • Nigel - 2012-02-29 12:10

    Don't let the blacks divide you, sound racist doesn't it!!!

  • craig.vanstraten - 2012-02-29 12:11

    mwahahahahaah Janho live a healthier lifestyle man! Get a life!

  • mariska.ras - 2012-02-29 12:34

    This is sad, and true, if you're in politics you understand the pressure and anger and rage that comes from dealing with the ANC nowadays and other corrupt people in this country, it makes you old quickly. But fight we will fight, we shall never give up on our country and its people.

  • Peter - 2012-02-29 12:45

    @ dumisilede: Well said: "I don't even think Morama understands the word mature, let me try to tell him in Zulu: 'Khula baba yekela ukuziphatha ngengane encane'." I wholeheartedly endorse your implication that understanding is most important in the long-term. Good on you, sir!

  • Jacqui - 2012-02-29 12:52

    That's South African democracy for you. When you clash with another you demand his expulsion. Blooming lot of children.

      Marion - 2012-02-29 14:19

      @Jacqui... sincere apologies for giving you a thumbs down... I just automatically thought you were referring to Julius Malema's possible expulsion. Agree with your comment wholeheartedly in the context of this article.

  • Mike - 2012-02-29 13:08

    couldnt it rather had been chicken munchin julias that suffered a fatal heart attack?

  • Maliganpa - 2012-02-29 13:16

    guys it not fair to argue like this about someone's health, be a liitle sensitive. We may not belong to the same race but we belong to the same country. lets not abuse the freedom of speach we have in the new south africa or else we will bring back all apartheid laws in the constitution. You understand?

      dumisiledee - 2012-02-29 14:34

      And not forgetting that we fall under one species which is human race....this man nearly died yet people are commenting as if nothing happened, a life was nearly lost whether it was by politics or not. People are heartless these days and its disgusting.

  • Katlego - 2012-02-29 13:37

    ha ha ha ha ha this is funny

      Mikkel - 2012-02-29 14:50

      Retarded sense of humor.

  • Proudly - 2012-02-29 14:13

    If it's too hot get out the kitchen or get the hell out of politics......this guy is a small boy like Malema said.

      gbbfg - 2012-02-29 14:36

      Don't you realise how stupid you sound? What kind of person, never mind political party, employs these kind of insulting, infantile, divisive terror tactics? What happened to trying to earn some respect? Manners? Adult conduct? You do not have an "enemy" as you lot always go on about. Who's the enemy? We're all South Africans, and some of us are trying to build something here. All you do is destroy, divide and insult. The last time I saw this kind of behaviour was in primary school. In no other business or democracy would this kind of behaviour be tolerated. You are more than welcome to your viewpoint, and to fight for what you believe is right. That is what democracy means by the way. You will never get anywhere by acting like children though. Can't you see that before people even consider your viewpoint, you've alienated them by insulting or threatening them? If I went to my boss to argue about something I disagree with, and opened the conversation with, "you're an idiot, weak, small, etc.", how far do you think I'd get? I'd get my ass fired. The sooner you get this into your mannerless brain, the further you'll get, and people will actually listen. They might not agree, but you might get a constructive experience out of it rather than this pointless hating and destroying.

      Mikkel - 2012-02-29 14:52

      HOW is it possible to be a "small boy" when you're 39 years of age.

      Proudly - 2012-02-29 15:04

      Gbbfg you sound like a whining baby....we are all South African that's crap some of you white peoples loyalty is stuck in Europe or wherever it is that you come from and don't try to say SA because if you know your history you'll know that you are settlers in Africa....In actual fact you are homeless no wonder why you catching heart attacks all over the show, you are missing the homes you don't know

  • paula.leech03 - 2012-02-29 14:47

    It's no use arguing with these ANC idiots. They knock you down to their level then beat you with experience!

  • Kevin - 2012-02-29 15:10

    You don't need to be in politics to have a heart attack these days...try Home Affairs or any state department empolyee and you'll understand...incompetence in these departments are the norm.And dare try argue your're literally laughed off.INCOMPETANT THE LOT OF THEM.

  • nthabiseng.priklopil - 2012-02-29 16:02

    nthabiseng.priklopil - Just posted Report comment Lol. Take care of your health and use FLORA margarine. Go easy on KFC before it whip you up Mr. Whip. Mr pointblank, few days a student died accidentally when he fell from a roof. The comments posted here were so tragic. I dd not read you calling anyone in to order. Is that not double standard. No one has elaborated that he is enjoying the government free buffet way too much as it was said about a Northern Cape premier not so long ago. Hypocrits

      Tanie - 2012-02-29 17:02

      It is expected of them Nthabiseng, just follow the biggest hypocrite, Marion I think she is their mother.FARMER BROWN......?

  • Se-a Spencer Ikeremm - 2012-02-29 18:22


      Se-a Spencer Ikeremm - 2012-02-29 18:24

      I'm laughing not for the heart attack, but b/c really, we should all know better by now than to argue with the ANC fools.

      Se-a Spencer Ikeremm - 2012-02-29 18:25

      Ok, honestly, I'm laughing about how he got it^^ hahahahahahahahahaha!

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