DBE not using standard practice - DA

2012-09-09 20:39

Johannesburg - The department of basic education (DBE) is not using standard procedures for the purchasing of 2013 textbooks for Limpopo, the Democratic Alliance said on Sunday.

"The DA is in possession of a record of the meeting held between the DBE, the Limpopo education department and textbook publishers in Polokwane concerning the 2013 Limpopo textbook procurement process," education spokesperson Anette Lovemore in said a statement.

"It was clear from the record that the procurement process is being centralised nationally and is not following any specified guideline," she said.

However, the DBE said in a statement the DA's concerns were baseless.

"What the DA is saying is grossly misleading, baseless and devoid of any truth," said DBE spokesperson Panyaza Lesufi.

"The process of procurement and delivery of textbooks in Limpopo province is the same process followed by other provinces.

"So far we have not received a single complaint from publishers or booksellers. We reject the accusations that the process is not transparent," he said.

Lovemore said that, of particular concern, was the ad hoc basis on which publishers were selected, even though they offering a reduced textbook catalogue.


A non-standardised selection process was vulnerable to corruption, she said.

The national department took over the running of Limpopo's education department in December following maladministration.

Lovemore's other concerns were a lack of transparency on prices, selection guidelines of publishers and titles for the textbook catalogue, pricing overriding the quality of content as a determining factor and conflicts of interest between publishers and officials.

"[Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga] needs to provide assurances that the procurement processes are transparent and in the best interests of learners," she said.

Meanwhile, Lesufi said it was clear the DA had not read the department's policies.

Publishers had been called to a meeting in Limpopo to be taken through how the process would unfold, he said.

"Over and above prices that appear on the national catalogue, provinces are perfectly within their purview to negotiate further reduction based on economies of scale," he said.

The discount has nothing to do with the catalogue development process, but has historically been used for delivery and distribution.

"This was made abundantly clear during the catalogue process that cost for delivery and distribution is a matter between provincial education departments and publishers, and the DBE is not involved," said Lesufi.

He said the reason some publishers had cried foul was because they wanted to make textbooks unaffordable.

  • mkhindana.peter - 2012-09-09 20:53

    Why is it like DA is fighting ANC tooth and nail.Its like DA is just seeking for ANC's minor mistakes just to assassinate its character. I tell u,this war is about to get nasty.

      jarryd.fitschen - 2012-09-09 21:08

      I wouldn't call the education of South Africa's children a 'minor' concern. Any call for greater transparency in government procurement processes should be welcomed, considering the amount of fraud and corruption that is prevalent.(and because its a lot of tax payer money)

      chris.hanekom.52 - 2012-09-09 21:19

      You call it minor mistakes.... you must be joking, right ?

      Martha1234 - 2012-09-09 21:27

      So if education is a "minor" concern, what, pray tell, would you call a major one? Just think of all the other crap this government would have got away with if the opposition party wasn't there to point out their corruption.

      eugene.m.geel - 2012-09-09 21:29

      This war has always been nasty and with the comrdes all wanting new black double cabs and Johnny blue, it is going to be nasty.

      mkhindana.peter - 2012-09-09 21:36

      ANC doesn't need a security guard and it definately doesn't need a baby sitter.Yes there were mistakes concerning textbook delivery this year,but now ANC is on top everything. Watch the space.

      christopher.shining - 2012-09-10 14:15

      @mkhindana.peter...if you have not noticed the anc did to you what they doing to South Africas school children, making them dumb by providing no education...This is why you do not understand life to well my friend. Maybe in your next life you can become 1 better and walk the earth as a Dodo..

      Antipoaching - 2012-09-10 14:38

      Seriously!! Mkhindana we are rated 4th last in Education of 144 countries in the world! Countries that are in tatters are war are educationally better off than SA! I don't think the DA is looking for MINOR mistakes by the ANC!

  • douglas.reid.921 - 2012-09-09 21:12

    Business as usual, fraud, corruption and non delivery, spoilsport DA denying us our economic freedom. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      ingi.raikes - 2012-09-09 22:25

      Well l never, don't tell me the A.N.C. is grumbling about the D.A. again! Shame you guys, you just can't do anything dishonest or sharmy anymore without the D.A. jumping down your rats holes to catch you out! Gosh, they are sooooooooo on the ball, it must be really irritating for all of you! What to do, what to do to get them off your backs once and for all? .............mmmmmmmm, let me think, something you guys don't do too well, do you? Right, l've got the answer! I know what to do............why don't you all just give up and hand EVERYTHING and l mean everything, over to the D.A.? Just think, none of you would have to worry anymore about anything except possibly doing an honest days work. Foreign investments would flood in, children could be properly educated, neglect in hospitals and health care would be a thing of the past, tourists would pour in, jobs would increase, service delivery would improve immediately, etc, etc, etc and our rainbow nation would have a reason to be happy too and we could all just get on with making our Country, South Africa, the BEST country in the world! VOTE FOR CHANGE, VOTE D.A., YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

      ingi.raikes - 2012-09-10 08:47

      ......oh and by the way, perpetrators of crime; corruption, bribery, drugs, rape, abuse, murder, drunk driving, burglaries, cruelty to animals, etc., etc. would be dealt with far more harsely and efficiently than at the present moment. If fact one of the criminals favourite mantras will become; CRIME DOES NOT PAY, I MUST DO AN HONEST DAYS WORK!!!

  • Tim Elliott - 2012-09-09 21:50

    mkhindana needs to understand there is a right way and a wrong way to do things.Clearly his view is little mistakes are OK.Mediocrity is the hallmark of the ANC and the sooner he gets it the sooner he will understand there is only one way to do things...the RIGHT way!

  • frankflower - 2012-09-10 00:19

    Limpopo will receive 2012's books in 2013 and 2013's books in 2014 and so on and so forth... Someone save us from this idiotic government. How the hell did the rest of the world think that the ANC could ever govern a country? The people in the ANC that do speak sense are in the bad books of the idiots... Time for the idiots to resume work in the gardens and kitchens where they belong!

  • Vince.York - 2012-09-10 06:45

    Where the racist anc is concerned there is always skulduggery and unethical prearranged hugely costly inflated prices and negotiated trender deals, for votes

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