Dexter: I did not call Cope dead

2011-05-26 15:55

Johannesburg - Congress of the People communications chief Phillip Dexter defended his discussion document against "sensationalist" media reports on Thursday, saying he did not call the party dead.

"Today a number of newspapers have reported on a discussion document I have drafted in which I have put forward my personal view on the state of the Congress of the People... It is unfortunate that the response has been to sensationalise issues rather than to engage with the content I have raised," Dexter said.

"Any suggestion that I have said that Cope is dead is simply false... I have clearly articulated the possibility of renewal.

"Similarly, any suggestion that I blame the president of Cope for the state of the party is also false... I stated clearly that we, as the collective leadership, are responsible for the state of the party."

Dexter claims in his document that election lists were manipulated in 2009 as well as the 2011 elections.

"Currently, there are mayoral and councillor candidates who are not only inappropriate, but no member of the party can tell anyone how they were selected and by who. It is as if they fell from the sky."

He further claims that party funds were mismanaged and "routinely abused".

An article in The Times on Thursday quoted a party source saying Dexter's document was the "first shot fired in the leadership contest between Dexter and [Cope president Mosiuoa] Lekota" - although in an interview, Lekota said he did not see Dexter's document as an indication that he wanted to be party president.

  • Proefeet - 2011-05-26 16:06

    Relax Phillip, I'll happily do it for you: Cope is DEAD! And what a wasted opportunity it is...

  • BJSM - 2011-05-26 16:13

    When it rains....

  • Barry - 2011-05-26 16:15

    Phillip They are using you to try and garner the Coloured vote. Wake up boyjie and the smell the coffee and stop being a sellout to your people.

      Proefeet - 2011-05-26 16:28

      Come again, Barry?

      ?????? - 2011-05-26 16:36

      COPE is the only true multiracial party in south africa.Dexter isnt selling out coloured people unlike the DA,who used swaart gevaar tactics before the elections in the form of informing everyone about the "over supply of coloureds" saga,who waited a WHOLE YEAR before making this known,just a few weeks before the elections. Remember,white people sell coloured people out by giving their jobs to black migrants from the eastern cape. The sellout here certainly is NOT Phillip Dexter

  • GrainOfTruth - 2011-05-26 16:19

    He did NOT say Cope is dead. He actually said they are totally

  • BigMoose - 2011-05-26 16:22

    No, COPE isn't dead. It was raptured and will be resurrected in three days time.

  • Zakhele - 2011-05-26 16:32

    Just be your own man buddy. Say what you need say and nobody is going to misquote you.

  • - 2011-05-26 16:32

    Phillip. You can't cope

  • ?????? - 2011-05-26 16:34

    These ANC agents and the media are obviously trying to destroy COPE.

      Mdavu-zn - 2011-05-27 07:36

      I'L call it an unfortunate ke now that it might happen that they fail that mission.

  • Mighty_Whitey - 2011-05-26 16:49

    They just can't COPE.

  • RobinHood - 2011-05-26 16:58

    You should have said it...

  • Hopeforall - 2011-05-26 19:46

    "I did NOT have sex with that woman!" I agree, Phil, COPE is not dead (yet), but unfortunately I can't say the same for you! Oom Patrick is agter jou! I can see why you're the 'communications chief' - so that you can contradict yourself every two hours! As dey say in DA (sorry, couldn't resist!) movies... "Aydeeyose, Omeegoes".

  • MarkJM - 2011-05-27 08:59

    COPE should merge with the DA like the ID did!

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