Zille warns of anarchy

2012-11-14 15:18

Johannesburg - Western Cape Premier Helen Zille warned on Wednesday that the province was heading towards anarchy as farmworker protests continued

The Democratic Alliance leader said in statement that she had sent ANC provincial leader Marius Fransman an SMS detailing her concerns.

The SMS read: "We are heading towards anarchy. 1 000s of jobs will be lost and an industry potentially destroyed.

"I am receiving horrific reports of farmworker intimidation. [Labour Minister Mildred] Oliphant must be recalled from abroad and begin negotiations on the national minimum wage with all stakeholders.

"It is essential that we remove politics from this matter and stabilise the situation.

That is the call you must make. I am extremely worried that lives are in danger and that people will retaliate."

Zille said later in the statement that Fransman had to distance himself from alleged incitement in the province by the Congress of SA Trade Unions (Cosatu).

Last Wednesday, Cosatu Western Cape secretary Tony Ehrenreich said talks about the protest had to find a way for workers to get decent wages.

"The ill treatment and under-payment of workers by some farmers must stop, otherwise we will see a Marikana in De Doorns," he said.

Freedom Front Plus spokesperson Pieter Groenewald said on Tuesday the party would ask the SA Human Rights Commission to investigate the "correctness" of statements attributed to Ehrenreich.

According to Groenewald, Ehrenreich allegedly told farmers: "There is already blood on the farmworkers, and unless it stops there will be blood on the farmers of these farms."

Better working conditions

On Tuesday Zille said she asked President Jacob Zuma to intervene in the De Doorns farmworkers' wage dispute, and had called for the defence force to get involved.

Farmworkers continued protests in the Western Cape and burned tyres on Wednesday morning while police fired rubber bullets to disperse a crowd.

Police spokesperson Constable Lybey Swartz could not confirm this, saying no reports had reached the Western Cape media centre.

Farmworkers in the area started protesting last week in demand of R150-a-day wage and better working conditions.

Last Thursday, Zille was heckled by supporters of expelled ANC Youth League president Julius Malema while visiting the area.

She had to be escorted away by police when her entourage was pelted with stones by the striking farmworkers.

Agriculture Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson was expected to meet Zuma on Wednesday to obtain his support for higher wages for farmworkers.

  • mary.kircher - 2012-11-14 15:24

    and our government is busy campaining for votes while our country burns -

      morne.demeillon - 2012-11-14 15:30

      The government will delay support to solve this problem as long as possible, it is in their best interest!

      kala.bafazi - 2012-11-14 15:34

      This is how the governemt campaigns for votes.

      BigChiefPlumbPudding - 2012-11-14 15:52

      Hendrik the idiot - they have shown their true colours, for many years now, and have been passing with flying colours, for many years now. Go back to Central Africa please.

      jody.beggs - 2012-11-15 08:11

      Food for votes will start again. The cANcer is so rife ?

      gianni.blayse - 2012-11-15 15:12

      w.c wine farmers are all loaded everyone knows that. part of the reason they so loaded is becuase they exploit their workers. you go live on 70 rand a day big mouth. cant stand people like you who open your mouth and criticize others who live like dirt while you sit cozily in your white privileged mansion or wherever you stay. and i dont care if you not rich or how hard yhou worked. shut up and let the people protest for a living wage, and let the rich former rugby players and other filty rich farmers forfeit their fourth mercedes. HOW CAN ALL YOU PEOPLE DEFEND RICH PEOPLE WHO HAVE SO MUCH OVER POOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOTHING AND JUST WANT A BIT MORE FOR THAN JUST TO BARELY SURVIVE?? you people make me sick

      carel.burger - 2012-11-29 21:04

      @Gianni. Get your facts right. There are very few farmers who are very rich. They mostly live a middle class life and are not loaded. I know of so many people who has lost their farms because of getting bankrupt. Take Franschhoek for instance, its mostly owned by foreigners. Its extremely difficult to run a profitable farm. Chances are if you did not inherit a farm and had to get a bank loan you will be bankrupt in only a few years. Most farmers pay much more than the minimum wage set by the government. Not only do they do that, but they supply housing, water and electricity on top of that. Yes, this is not always the case, there will always be a few rotten apples in the basket. The people protesting in the area mostly are not even from the farms and been driven with busses from townships 30 km or more away. This looks more and more like political propaganda to dislodge the DA from power in the Western Cape. Setting fire to farms and property destruction is not the way to handle this. How can this be right??? Do we want another Zimbabwe, where did that bring them?

  • JManAtheoi - 2012-11-14 15:25

    Throwing stones...burning tires...... neanderthals.

  • Cherri - 2012-11-14 15:25

    Helen, we cannot allow the ANC riff-raff to run amok here in the WC. This is all part of their (very transparent) plan to make this province ungovernable - don't let them get away with it.

      damien.bako - 2012-11-14 16:27

      @Hendrik don't know about the retaliation but you would be a good candidate to start with.

      junebugg.kinte - 2012-11-14 16:40

      This has nothing to do with the ANC, it is about farmers who are underpaying their workers...just as it happened with mines and no one blamed the DA!

      faffa.dutoit - 2012-11-14 22:21

      Junebugg, the farmers are paying the workers what has been prescribed by government! So, not under paying! Get your facts right before you comment! This is all about politics, finish en klaar!

      richard.hipkin - 2012-11-15 09:00

      junebugg, you need to go research some more, MOST farmer pay OVER the min wage set by the ANC!! Jees, the amount of ignorance... I am concerned about our country considering the level of idiocy from some of the commenters.

      morris.khunou - 2012-11-15 13:56

      WC existance is in our mercy!

      edward.patterson.923 - 2012-11-15 15:04

      @Pointblank If it's true that most farmers are paying the people over min. wage then it sure isn't getting out there in the press. Look at this article: This article paints the farmers as vastly underpaying the workers. If what you say is true then somebody needs to get that word out there and not just for the rest of the world and their view of SA, but especially in country. If the debate starts with the assumption that the workers are underpaid when they actually make more than min. wage then that would be a skewed discussion.

      gianni.blayse - 2012-11-15 15:13

      w.c wine farmers are all loaded everyone knows that. part of the reason they so loaded is becuase they exploit their workers. you go live on 70 rand a day big mouth. cant stand people like you who open your mouth and criticize others who live like dirt while you sit cozily in your white privileged mansion or wherever you stay. and i dont care if you not rich or how hard yhou worked. shut up and let the people protest for a living wage, and let the rich former rugby players and other filty rich farmers forfeit their fourth mercedes. HOW CAN ALL YOU PEOPLE DEFEND RICH PEOPLE WHO HAVE SO MUCH OVER POOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOTHING AND JUST WANT A BIT MORE FOR THAN JUST TO BARELY SURVIVE?? you people make me sick

      Cuteandbronzed - 2012-11-15 22:54

      Thats what you said when we wanted freedom you need to sing a diffrent tune, like ''I dont like black people, I hate the ANC dun de dum du duh'' you get right?

  • stirrer.stirrer - 2012-11-14 15:27

    Independence for the Western Cape NOW! I happened to read through the US Declaration of Independence a month or so ago - it's scary how many of the colonist's reasons for independence are what we are experiencing in the Western Cape right now. "When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation..."

      alisha.abad.7 - 2012-11-14 15:34

      I agree, it's time for Helen to sit down and write the declaration of interdependence for the Western Cape. I will join in whatever capacity you need me to allow us to secede from SA. The time is NOW!

      Brad - 2012-11-14 15:40

      @susan...that's only cos of the historical legacy of mining. Thanks to the demographics of the WC, a secession could EASILY base itself on a knowledge economy. Plus there would be the inevitable immigration from the old New South Africa.

      stirrer.stirrer - 2012-11-14 15:48

      Susan, the WC can easily carry itself economically: tourism, agriculture (if we can get the current little problem sorted), fishing, services, IT.

      christi.roestorff - 2012-11-14 15:53

      @susan, what rubbish! Gauteng is only head office central of the country, if the money stayed where it was actually made there would be stuff all but mine dumps and empty highways and office blocks! The money you talk about is a legacy of convenience.

      stirrer.stirrer - 2012-11-14 16:09

      @Hendrik(HeWhoseNameShouldNotBeMentioned) - The constitution has nothing to do with a Unilateral Declaration of Independence, US style, Rhodesia style. Also, I firmly believe this has nothing to do with wage disputes, there is a third force behind it (read: ANC). Look at what the minimum wage is, set by the ANC government, mind you. The farmers are already paying more than that, then we don't even mention the free housing, free water and electricity, free groceries, free fresh meat and milk, free medical, and free dop in many cases.

      stirrer.stirrer - 2012-11-14 16:11

      Hendrik, I forgot to mention - we already have a non-racist party. It's called the DA, and they just happen to govern the WC. The racist ANC can't stand it.

      susan.greyling - 2012-11-14 16:16

      You Western Cape people really live in la la land. Most business is in Gauteng and Durban-Pinetown is a manufacturing centre. If the Western Cape seceded, you would have to kiss goodbye all the money the government budgets for the province and find out your economy is really not that sustainable on its own. And who are you going to allow to immigrate to your rich white paradise? Only other white people? Do you think you'll get away with that? Are you just going to expel all the Xhosas from the Eastern Cape? Wine farms and tourists are not going to get you nearly as far as you think. There is a horrible undercurrent of racism to talk of an independent Western Cape.

      stirrer.stirrer - 2012-11-14 17:01

      Susan, you're not very intelligent, are you? How on earth did you read racism into this? This is to get rid of corruption, ANC incompetence and ANC political meddling. "you would have to kiss goodbye all the money the government budgets for the province"... well... duh... Susan, currently the WC people and companies pay a sh**load of tax to the ANC government and get very little in return. If we are independent, those taxes all go to the WC government and STAY in the country (Republic of Good Hope), so we will be a LOT better off. You don't really get the idea of "independence", do you?

      silvia.vaneck2 - 2012-11-14 17:12

      Susan Greyling, You might just find that a lot of companies move to the WC should they secede!!!

      nico.dejongh.90 - 2012-11-14 21:32

      'n Boer maak 'n plan, and here in the Western Cape it's about life without hassles and the work gets done in a spirit of 'it's ok' and when things are running properly it time to enjoy 'whatever'. Politics actually is a load of crap. Politics should be background noise (smooth-operators), otherwise it's one filthy mind f..k and a waste of precious time (life). A party yes met Eish.

      adrian.bean - 2012-11-14 23:24

      Susan Greyling is just another "cover up" profile for a right wing ANC member! Very distinctive the name and surname covering up his/her true identity! Luckily computers have spell check and this right wing ANC member now looks intelligent. Wy dunt u tipe lyke dis anymoore?

      morris.khunou - 2012-11-15 13:59

      Volkstaad! you are dreaming and lost touch with reason!

      Cuteandbronzed - 2012-11-15 22:55

      You cant ask for independace from an African state just leave

      blip.noodlum - 2012-11-16 06:45

      Secession is an act of war and high treason.

      wo0two0t - 2012-11-16 09:11

      I’m for a declaration of independence from the scourge South Africa but it will have to be done separately from the general elections as say a public ballot.

  • Brad - 2012-11-14 15:27

    Please note the contrasted response of the provincial leadership in this matter as opposed to the deafening silence from the North West on Marikana.

  • Montagnes.Bleues - 2012-11-14 15:30

    Easy enough to see why Nathi Mthethwa has basically withdrawn the police from the situation - to allow as much of the instigated agitation to roll out and score him lapdog points with zum and the anc and YL When did Gwede Mantashe threaten to make this productive area of SA ungovernable? Silence even from the president and deputy president, who also apparently fully supports Malema? ANC AGENDA destroy and deny!

      p.borchard - 2012-11-14 16:21

      I haved copied the following from another site - "They do not only get a R70 daily wage, they also get housing, milk and food subsidy. On top of that they are transported with company vehicles etc" It is so easy to just look at the bottomline without taking these facts into consideration. I have been all over South Africa and these workers' housing looks far better than most I've seen anywhere else. I agree wholeheartedly - all of this is totally orchestrated to get the ANC brownie points. If any other province asked for help to PREVENT a situation getting to another Marikana, they would be praised for it. But because it is a DA province, it gets the thumbs down. How pathetic... how typically ANC.

      Cuteandbronzed - 2012-11-15 22:58

      They deserve more there people. Wether the ANC was involved or not they deserve more. There children also deserve a better life they also deserve to eat out POINT BLANK IF IT WAS ANC THEN IT COMES TO SHOW THAT THE ANC IS FOR THE PEOPLE

  • Montagnes.Bleues - 2012-11-14 15:30

    WHERE ARE THE ZUMA TAPES? All this violence will stop instantly!

  • larry.piggott1 - 2012-11-14 15:30

    Wasnt it the ANC who said that thye would make the Western Cape ungovernable? They are nothing but a bunch of Gangsters.

      Cuteandbronzed - 2012-11-15 22:58

      As an ANC member i totally disagree with that statement

  • terrylee.heuer - 2012-11-14 15:31

    That is exactly what the ANC wants I just didn't think it would start in the WC but then we know why it did!!! So much hatred and violence!!!

      Cuteandbronzed - 2012-11-15 23:00

      So you taught them well? How to hate and kill people of colour? hmmm well done

  • flysouth - 2012-11-14 15:31

    Anarchy is the aim of the ANC in the Western Cape in the run up to Mangaung.

  • michael.i.wright - 2012-11-14 15:31

    Time to secede?

      stirrer.stirrer - 2012-11-14 15:36

      Yes! See my post above :-)

  • simangaz - 2012-11-14 15:33

    Zille was heckled by supporters of expelled ANC Youth League president Julius Malema while visiting the area = She had to be escorted away by police when her entourage was pelted with stones by the striking farmworkers. Mr Editor ??????!!!!!!!!

      hendrik.verwoerd.94 - 2012-11-14 15:53

      Who says it is Malema supporters?

      wesley.bischoff - 2012-11-14 16:20

      Jissi hendrik... why don't you ask Malema to stand in front of you, so that you can dig your tongue even deeper into his flabby a$$?

      richard.hipkin - 2012-11-15 09:02

      Duh Hendrik, cause they were like singing for the fat tick.. like.

      Cuteandbronzed - 2012-11-15 23:01

      So they had signs on there forheads that there Julius Malema's supporters? ok??????

  • dewaldt.duplessis.5 - 2012-11-14 15:34

    This is just a plot of the ANC to make the WC ungovernable. We as SA citizens are sick and tired of the chaos and anarchy caused by the ANC government. Tony and Marius Fransman are the instigators for inciting violence and the spreading of anarchy like wild fire! We as SA citizens must march to ANC HQ to protest against their vile move to make the country ungovernable. Enough is enough down with these ANC scum!

      dewaldt.duplessis.5 - 2012-11-14 15:54

      Siyabonga the violence already escalated! Please open your eyes. If this was only a wage dispute then this bomb would've already been defused. Why is it when Zille went to speak to the farmworkers they through her with stones? This is very clear politically instigated! Why didn't they through stones at Marius Fransman or Tony? This is after all a WC problem as one of the commentators stated. So what my question is wtf is the ANC interfering in WC affairs?

      christi.roestorff - 2012-11-14 15:55

      @siyabonga spot on! And thanks for pointing out that it is politics and not the labour dispute that will cause violence!

      wesley.bischoff - 2012-11-14 16:00

      I agree with Siya Politicising the situation will only make the violence worse. There is a stirrer though, either Malema or Ehrenreich.

      jon.jones.90663894 - 2012-11-14 16:03

      Why are people giving Siya the thumbs down ?. He is right. Treated as a labour dispute it will be resolved.

      harold.pennington.5 - 2012-11-14 16:07

      Quite simply, if the farmworkers were content they would not be incited, the wages quoted are disgusting. Anarchy is easy to achieve when people have nothing to loose.Farmers loosing their farms or harvests mean nothing when they are barely paid. When I was in the Cape last year the inequalities in living standards were more than obvious. Then I said this will blow up soon. I was correct. Sadly the DA has not communicated any plan for poverty alleviation to anyone. Now it would be too little, too late. Good luck there in the WC, you're going to need it.

      djmain1 - 2012-11-14 16:11

      If this was simply a labour dispute, why the need to bus people in from CT?

      jon.jones.90663894 - 2012-11-14 16:39

      Derek you are correct. However the point Siya is making , as far as I can see , is that it SHOULD be treated as a 'normal' labour dispute but it is not being treated as such by we-all-know-who for political reasons. This whole thing is a long term exercise aimed at increasing the bank accounts of Messrs Erenrich and Fransman and co. Ramaphosa did it and they want more of the same for their goodselves. If a farmworker ever approached either of these two for a couple of rand I can picture the response. It would start off with 'Jou ma se......' and go from there.

      richard.hipkin - 2012-11-15 09:03

      WC is not the only province with farms, but the only province who has "pay dispute" protests.... Come people. THINK!

      Cuteandbronzed - 2012-11-15 23:03

      YOU SAID THAT NEARLY 2 DECADES AGO.. anc that anc this while dehumansing blacks and people of colour. Your still singing the same old broken record... I know repetition works but wow, its getting boring

  • jeremy.forbes.1293 - 2012-11-14 15:36

    The ANC have jumped on the bandwagon in this matter, my extended family have lived in this area for generations and still do. These farmworkers are simply desperate people trying to feed themselves and their families on R70 per day, twelve hour shifts in the harshest of weather conditions both in the summer and winter. Asking for R150 per day is not a lot to ask for, it should be given to them. They have tried every avenue to improve their working conditions, this violence is the last stand of desperate people. Anyone know what it feels like when the food and money runs out? You would do exactly the same for your children. HZ is right this matter should not be politicised. Some empathy for these people are entirely appropriate. Let me add, there are good farmers in this region who profit share with the workers.

      jocelyn.peare - 2012-11-14 16:09

      Unfortunately Helen Zille does not set the minimum waages, why is she being held responsible for the strikes, and why are the strikers not holding the ANC accountable, but the DA.

  • pietyster.vanstaal - 2012-11-14 15:36

    Marius Fransman, when the minimum wages were approved and published earlier in the year, why did you not say anything?? Where were you then?? Now you are BIGMOUTH that farmers are the culprits. You are a racist, you pathetic racist!!!!

  • gideon.walt - 2012-11-14 15:37

    Just shows you how narrow minded our government is. Focused on remaining in power and creating a bad image of the opposition even at the cost of "waging war" against the oppositions governing region and putting risk on an industry contributing to the GDP of the country. And we just pay more and more taxes and levi's because the government can't fend for its own infrastructure development. Sickening!!!!!!

  • charl.malan.12 - 2012-11-14 15:37

    Please can this woman become president, our country will prosper and become a 1st world country again! VIVA DA

      Cuteandbronzed - 2012-11-15 23:06

      No Malan.. Do you know DF MALAN. Anyway no we have a president we will get a new one through the ANC

  • jaysonpaul.beckwith - 2012-11-14 15:37

    Is Zille the only leader in this country that actually sees what's really happening here. And she is trying to do something about it. Not like all the other fat cats on there get rich quick scheme. Baahumbug.

  • Don.Tandy - 2012-11-14 15:37

    We already have anarchy in the rest of the country, so whats new. Anarchy Nepotism Corruption - business as usual on the gravy train.

      Cuteandbronzed - 2012-11-15 23:07

      All the farm workers want is more, for there children, is that to much to ask for? is it really?

  • redoh.kimmie - 2012-11-14 15:39

    Ok lets look at it in this way if the farmers agree to push these farm workers wages up the price of their crop will increase which means we will have to pay more at the supermarkets at fruit vendors.These farmers would need to make a profit to survive.Thats how business works.Tony if you push for this you will be putting the whole of SA at risk because no one can afford to buy the bare necessities already.Poor people wont be able to afford a pocket of potatoes let alone other essential stuff.Ok mr farmer pay them more throw them off your property to go look for other accommodation and pay forit then they will see the benefits of staying on your farm and paying less.One more thing these farm workers are looking for more money to buy wine for Christmas and suip themselves to a standstill.

      harold.pennington.5 - 2012-11-14 16:12

      I think you should look to the retailers for how they squeeze the farmer. These workers MUST be paid more and retailers must pay the farmers more and cut their profit margins a bit. Support your local cafe and boycott the chains if you want the price of food to go down.

      redoh.kimmie - 2012-11-14 16:17

      Mr Pennington the farmers are not being sqeezed by the retailers i support the local cafe but they also have to make a profit and if a bag of onions cost R60.00 how can they make a profit

      harold.pennington.5 - 2012-11-14 16:30

      The retailers go into deals with the farmers, the terms of which are totally skewed in their favour. Why do think so many dairy farms have stopped producing milk and we now import. Farmers who used to replace machinery and vehicles every year now cannot do that. You the consumer think you're getting a good deal from the retailer but in fact you're not because long term you're going to be paying more and more. If the system allowed everyone a reasonable profit then the farmers would be able to pay their workers more. Talk to any farmer and he'll tell you the facts. We are so propaganda'ed by retail advertising we don't see what's happening on the ground. This has to ripple upwards from worker to farmer to retailer. I think farmers should get together and form community selling points and bypass the retailer altogether - that way they can control the prices more effectively, make decent profit and pay their workers accordingly.

      Cuteandbronzed - 2012-11-15 23:08

      OMG they are poor people!!! and if you have to pay more so what atleast your country men will also have more OMG!

  • eugene.muller.7 - 2012-11-14 15:39

    Marikana was a setup so these workers may plunder at free will. Political manipulation at work by the cANCer to go ahead with their evil plans, sacrificing their own people. i am almost sure if you read some Communist history you will see the same pattern...

      terrylee.heuer - 2012-11-14 15:45

      I totally agree with you!!! I've been reading between the lines since Marikana!!! And Mantashe\s comment \this is not just a wage issue\ and foreseeing trouble spreading to the farmers!! All planned!!!

      harold.pennington.5 - 2012-11-14 16:15

      If you really believe this then you will appreciate just how easy the farmers have made it for them by paying a pittance. As the Bible says, you reap what you sow.

      J.Stephen.Whiteley - 2012-11-14 16:22

      One wonders. The responsibility for Marikana appears increasingly to lie between Mthethwa (Minister of Police) and Ramaphosa. Far from being shocked by this overkill, the Government shows no concern. The institution set up to avoid these conflicts - NEDLAC - is dead owing to government non-participation thanks to Jimmy Manyi, the chief government co-ordinator on that body. COSATU, vocal on so much, is silent. Deliberate, or devil take the hindmost?

      dinesh.chetty.77 - 2012-11-15 15:42

      I support the workers. Burn and Loot until the wealth is shared. To all you greedy capitalist, we gonna burn this system down and we are confident in the Victory, because we are good by standing for the value of 'sharing' while you Capitalist are bad defending the bad value of greed.

      Cuteandbronzed - 2012-11-15 23:10

      Marikana was poor men, that your beloved National Party, left there who just wanted more and they desrve it all the way. They are men that go underground to get the wealth that supports your economy, they deserve more.

  • hitting.thefan - 2012-11-14 15:46

    Let us forget about the ANC and focus on goverment. As goverment your job is to keep the country stable by looking at the plight of all. If the minimum wage is a problem goverment giver must look at sectoral agreements and policies. If the strike is illegal goverment must act and if people want to act out there constitutional rigt goverment must make sure that this transpires. Yet we have seen scores of illegal strikes and all government is saying is people must act in a orderly manner as prescribe in the constitution. As apresident so soon after Marikana I would have made this farm worker strike a priority and yet the premier of the province needs to beg and plea for action to be taken. We learn from our leaders and the message is break the law.

      richard.bernardo.982 - 2012-11-14 16:15

      anc=government and visa versa - One and the same. Shouldn't be in a normal democracy - but is here in SA

      Cuteandbronzed - 2012-11-15 23:10

      You give the ANC to much credit you really do

  • scarette1 - 2012-11-14 15:47

    Antie Zille Ask the ANC and our PreZ who is behind all this sh*t. Kill the economy of this country, kill the only province where things go right. As long as Zuma and his fat cats are in power and stay there after Mangaung, it will go on. There is no more "Kill the Boer kill the farmer" Now it is "kill the country Zuma for president" whatever it takes.

      siyabonga.phungula1 - 2012-11-14 16:02

      I doubt that all things are going right, look at corruption of the cops in Khayelitsha and rampant gangsterism.

      richard.hipkin - 2012-11-15 09:05

      siya, not nearly as bad as it was when ANC governed WC

      Cuteandbronzed - 2012-11-15 23:11

      These men are men the farm hands are part and parcel of our people we should stand with them

  • charlesbronson.bronson - 2012-11-14 15:49

    They must start with the bafoon Marius Fransman and burn down his house and then move to all those corrupted cANCer thief's houses who planed this to take the attention away from the most useless corrupted tax thief Jacob "Compound" Zuma.

      siyabonga.phungula1 - 2012-11-14 15:53

      I beg to differ sir no one should be burned, intimidated or have his/her property damaged(farmers included). wc administration shud find peaceful resolution of this labour conflict.

      Cuteandbronzed - 2012-11-15 23:12

      Well said Master Siyabonga

  • charlesbronson.bronson - 2012-11-14 15:52

    F$^^ the most corrupted useless tax thief Jacob "Compound" Zuma who is behind this because the DA open his corruption to the world!!

      siyabonga.phungula1 - 2012-11-14 15:56

      and they waited until mangaung to do that, so their motives are suspect.

      Cuteandbronzed - 2012-11-15 23:14


  • scarette1 - 2012-11-14 15:52

    Ooops Marikana backfired. " let's try the winelands".

      Cuteandbronzed - 2012-11-15 23:14

      No lets make you poor for a day and see what you say

  • justin.dire.5 - 2012-11-14 15:55

    What is next, Malema in my home town (WC) addressing the crowds?

      fanie.gerber1972 - 2012-11-14 18:24

      He knows there is wanted poster in the WC with a bullseye painted on his big snoz

      Cuteandbronzed - 2012-11-15 23:15

      Touch him and you touch blacks good luck

  • CapeIndependence - 2012-11-14 15:55

    It's high time the DA & Zille started considering an Independent Cape Republic!

      Cuteandbronzed - 2012-11-15 23:16

      In the Netherlands sure, do you still remeber where you put those ships you came on?

  • ofentse.thole - 2012-11-14 15:57

    Former anti-apartheid activist Mamphela Ramphele said the ANC treated voters like children, “Come election time, it will appeal to you to vote for the party of Mandela, [it will] appeal to you to vote for the only liberation movement [and] appeal to you not to vote for the DA because they will take you back to apartheid,” “It's almost treating you like children and, unfortunately, we don't have civic education - where people understand that it is not possible to be taken back to apartheid. If you are poor and uneducated, you wonder if it is not possible that it can happen again.” ENOUGH SAID...

      sibusiso.mkoko - 2012-11-14 16:50

      Words of a traitor to the NDR.

      richard.hipkin - 2012-11-15 09:07

      enjoy your unemployment and corruption sibusiso

      Cuteandbronzed - 2012-11-15 23:18

      Thats what your people said when they colonised and dehumnised us. We dont belive a word. NortH Korea is under oppression, in 2012 what should make me think that You wont bring back aparthied??? FUTURE BEHAVIOUR CAN BE PREDICTED BY PAST BEHAVIOUR

  • mandlanez - 2012-11-14 15:57

    therz no need 4 defence force, police must do their job as they are trained and quailied 4 that

      Erna - 2012-11-14 16:15

      That's where you are mistaken. The police are not properly trained for this type of hooliganism and if I remember rightly the president promised to send out the army if necessary after Marikana.

  • wesselo1 - 2012-11-14 16:02

    The ANC loves anarchy.

      siyabonga.phungula1 - 2012-11-14 16:04

      do you mandela loves anarchy?

      Cuteandbronzed - 2012-11-15 23:19


      Cuteandbronzed - 2012-11-15 23:20

      Yes Siyabonga they do, they said so. Marget Thatcher said that ANC could not run a country, and we have prooved them wrong. Pik Botha is white Robert Mugabe.

  • daniel.rossouw1 - 2012-11-14 16:03

    So weird. R75 is the minimum wage for farm workers as per the government. Why aren't they protesting the government? Burning down vineyards that employs them. Something else is going on here again!!! Government should just increase minimum wage cause it is too low.

      rocky.bell.927 - 2012-11-14 16:06

      Daniel, and whose going to pay?

      siyabonga.phungula1 - 2012-11-14 16:09

      i agree with as far as violence is concerned. it wrong, wrong, wrong and shud be prosecuted.

      daniel.rossouw1 - 2012-11-14 16:24

      Tell me moron how do you live on R75. Wine farms get bought for millions but want to plead poverty when it comes to paying workers. Farmers will just hand it through to us, the consumer, to pay more they won't have to trade in their Mercs. I grew up in the winelands and all the wealthy kids in school came from the farms.

      richard.hipkin - 2012-11-15 09:09

      daniel, you jealousy has clouded your reason. Not ALL farmers are wealthy, there are MANY emerging farmers and small scale farmers who would collapse under R150 a day. The min wage was set to accommodate these farmers... I have friends who run farms and they are FAR from wealthy... How shallow is your thinking??

      gianni.blayse - 2012-11-15 15:10

      point blank i see you comment everywhere and you are just another commenter who thinks he is more clever than he is. Daniel grew up with them not you fool. w.c wine farmers are all loaded everyone knows that. part of the reason they so loaded is becuase they exploit their workers. you go live on 70 rand a day big mouth. cant stand people like you who open your mouth and criticize others who live like dirt while you sit cozily in your white privileged mansion or wherever you stay. and i dont care if you not rich or how hard yhou worked. shut up and let the people protest for a living wage, and let the rich former rugby players and other filty rich farmers forfeit their fourth mercedes. HOW CAN ALL YOU PEOPLE DEFEND RICH PEOPLE WHO HAVE SO MUCH OVER POOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOTHING AND JUST WANT A BIT MORE FOR THAN JUST TO BARELY SURVIVE?? you people make me sick

      derek.francois.3 - 2012-11-15 21:03

      Daniel you are so right the exploitation of these workers has been going on for years, this is a wealthy table grape export region. I employ a Malawian gardener and pay him R150 per day including transport and too think many of the farmworkers support families. I agree that government needs to up the min wage.

  • Eterni80 - 2012-11-14 16:09

    SA is fast becoming a gimme country, they want want want by aren't prepared to work work work. it wouldn't surprise me at all if the ANC was behind this madness. they'll do anything to stay in power and keep their hands in our pockets..

      sibusiso.mkoko - 2012-11-14 16:42

      Not another \want want want\ comment from u fools. U dnt work, u sit in ur office al day pllay spider solitaire on ur pc, and listen to Jacaranda....they u come here and claim to be working hard. Lazy @@@

      richard.hipkin - 2012-11-15 09:11

      @sibusiso, I see you familiar with spider solitaire... play it often? (Oops, I think you just f%$^ up!!)

  • richard.bernardo.982 - 2012-11-14 16:10

    In the rest of the country where the ANC is in power its "Lets build a better life for all" in the Western Cape where the DA is in power its back to the old style dirty tricks of destabilization, int imidation and bussing of "rent-a-crowd" thugs to all the volatile hot spots. One would be a fool not to see that this smacks of typical revolutionary antics. While there might be legitimate grievances from the farm workers side it has now been completely over-shadowed by the political forces that have hi-jacked what could have been a legitimate and peaceful strike. This should serve as an eye opener to all people that assume that South Africa would be a better place under DA rule. What is happening in the Western Cape now will happen in all 9 provinces x 100 should the DA be in power.

  • ctomose - 2012-11-14 16:10

    I don't lyk de way de current ANC r doing thngs,bt de fact is dat de liviving nd working conditions of farmworkers hv not changed nd dis hv nothng to do politics.

  • Mzondi Wakwa Maqina - 2012-11-14 16:13

    I thought Zille could handle anything. Why is she pestering the ANC that she claims its useless and incompetent?

      Riaan Venter - 2012-11-14 16:19

      Mzondi because they are!!!why don't the anc take the money that zuma is spending and buy all the farms and mines and then lets see who is going to back paddle!!!!!

      vonanijaphta.ramashia - 2012-11-14 16:33

      yes she can thats why she ask zoomer 2 intervene bcos he have more power n authority dan her

  • melikaya.grootboom - 2012-11-14 16:15

    I re-write my statement something went wrong with my 1st one , I meant the only way we can save S.A from this is black and white people to vote for Zille or lekota

      siyabonga.phungula1 - 2012-11-14 19:38

      hahaha ...lmao. what a good joke

  • sean.kedian - 2012-11-14 16:19

    this woman is dof. narchy already reigns as a result of non action by both local AND national government

  • Gary.desousa7 - 2012-11-14 16:21

    The unions must keep their members from looting and destroying. a new wage determination decided and then farmers cav decide if they want to mechanize, cut the numbers etc.

  • giancarlo.groenewald - 2012-11-14 16:25

    I understand fully that farm workers are paid very little but this has gotten out of hand and yes this is the political card of someone. My question is wtf is Mr Julius Malema doing there isn't he under some type of investigation? Valiant protest is just not the way to go however I do see some concern if HZ calls on the support of the SANDF. In actual fact we can't call on the army to solve our problems they are only meant to intervene in case of war, civil war or regional destabilisation. If the SANDF is deployed there as well then we could also have them declare marshal law meaning that the SANDF would take matters into their own hands (which I really think they should not even try) marshal law is known to only cause more problem. But anyhow good luck with the striking I hope to see each farm worker paid at least R150-R200 per day seeing as we owe them a lot.

  • natoe.matoe - 2012-11-14 16:27

    The whole wage debate is senseless. Basic economics/supply-demand : If you have a useless skill which every other person have, like picking fruit from a tree, you can only expect to earn so much.

  • sifiso.magagula - 2012-11-14 16:32

    The majority is tired of being inferior and sweating in farms and mines to feed the 'superior'while being poorly compensated. Hence, we strike and burn rubber!! Until they consider us!!

      Zahir - 2012-11-14 19:40

      The uneducated will always use violence as an excuse normal people negotiate

      Cherri - 2012-11-15 08:47

      If you're tired of being inferior, why not do something about it, like get an education and move up in life, huh?

      jessica.wright.946517 - 2012-11-15 09:28

      You should feel embarrassed always having to blame the small group of whites for keeping you down. Where is your strength? Where is your ability to make something out of nothing? Why do you always rely on the whites for jobs? I have sad news for you: you have a victim mentality and an inferiority complex that will prevent you from making anything of yourself because you are always looking to others to do it for you. you blame white people for keeping you down yet they are the ones paying the taxes that give you your education, your hospitals, your grants. What happens to the taxes we pay to float you and your seventeen childreen? The black president that you and your fellow black citizens voted for and his corrupt cronies use them to build 200 million rand houses. Africa is for africans, and africans will watch it burn because they are so blinded by anger and their self pity.

  • KCorsar - 2012-11-14 16:42

    The entire issue can be thrown squarely at the Ministry of Labour - WHO SETS the minimum wage for farmworkers - see This clearly set out the weekly wage for the current period, the demands of R150.00 per day are well outside this framework. Assuming a current minimum LEGAL basic of R347.00 per week - the demands at hand of R150 / day equate to a 115% increase in wage bill. So if Government is keen to see agriculture sector continue to prosper and grow (feeding people and providing valuable forex revenues on exports) then a tax system is needed, as these levels arent sustainable to any farmer - if they are to be implemented then a farmer would be better off automating operations (high initial cost) and reducing reliance on labour - that then makes the situation even worse as unemployment would rise. Farmers will pay what is prescribed and if a farmer is paying less than the minimum wage then issues are valid (remember most labourers live under roof provided on premises, assess to facilities are also provided in most cases. Migrant labour is not accounted for under such benefits.

  • KCorsar - 2012-11-14 16:45

    PS Mbeki was displaced for 'neglecting SA internal issues' well to be very honest the current president is doing far less domestically..........just a thought!!

  • sibusiso.mkoko - 2012-11-14 16:51

    Who voted Zille to power? Business or civil society?

      snethemba.mthembu.3 - 2012-11-14 17:14

      @helgartd. Dt why u alwasy be opposition party coz u manotity. And us black we rule baba!

      sibusiso.mkoko - 2012-11-14 20:25

      And then y r the coloreds in the townships so poor in that province? The gang wars in the Cape flats....only since Zille came to poor u hear of such.

      richard.hipkin - 2012-11-15 09:15

      At least she was voted and not appointed. That my friend is democracy... something the ANC have no clue on. When the ANC we in power in the WC they did NOTHING for the poor, the DA spend over 80% of the PROVINCIAL budget on the poor, FAR more than any other province. Go educate yourself, you look like a fool right now.

  • chris.potgieter.73 - 2012-11-14 16:53

    The ANC is past masters at creating smokescreen to hide nefarious deeds behind. All this to destabilise the Western Cape? Not likely, it is to distract attention away from Compound Palace Nkandla. Let's not forget Zuma wants to be King. How else can he suspend future elections?

      Jaap - 2012-11-14 17:30

      Mthembu.3, you are correct with "And US black we rule baba" that is why the country is burning, all cities and towns turned into trash heaps. Looking at your spelling, maybe you should enlist for ABET classes, if you know what ABET means!

  • snethemba.mthembu.3 - 2012-11-14 16:54

    Hellen do ur job as a premier and stop shifting a blame to others. All u do is toure around visiting nkandla. While pple from ur own province r. Addited to drugs rape is high. ,crime is high focus to dat prvnc 1st b4 u set ur feet to other bcoz fo me u real do fail all u do is to prais anc. Coz u cnt come wit ur own ideas

      Zahir - 2012-11-14 19:34

      cape is well run by DA the other provinces under Anc is in crisis and stuffed up

      cherri.pye.5 - 2012-11-14 22:01

      Maybe you should consider coming to WC and getting an education - perhaps we'd be able to understand you then.

      richard.hipkin - 2012-11-15 09:16

      Cannot understand... What the hell did you say???

  • chris.potgieter.73 - 2012-11-14 16:57

    @hendrikverwoerd - it's you great name sake that caused the plight we all find ourselves in today. Pity you did not learn anything from him.

  • jan.g.visser - 2012-11-14 17:00

    Can't people see that this stupidity of wanting more and more will eventually make South-Africa just as poor (or even more poor) as the rest of Africa? Nobody will ever have enough, everyone always want more, that is how people are in general, but we need to learn to handle it correctly. Destroying is not the correct way.\r\nIt seems like very little changed since 1994-still alot of hatred from different race-groups and now only using \previously disadvantaged\ as an excuse. The initial ANC of old president Mandela might have started well, but it is now governing the country down the drain, partly because some of their leaders ignite people to destruct our beautiful country...

  • chris.potgieter.73 - 2012-11-14 17:01

    Ever noticed how..... HendrikVerwoerd Display name: HendrikVerwoerd About Me: I was born "coloured", obtained a degree and have a proffessional career for the past 28 years never ever post a lead that can be responded to????