E Cape reinstates temporary teachers

2011-03-10 22:45

Johannesburg - The Eastern Cape education department has reinstated temporary teachers whose contracts were terminated at the end of last year, the department said on Thursday.

Head of education, Modidima Mannya, said the 4 471 temporary teachers were expected to resume duties at the public schools at which they were stationed as of Friday.

"The educators are called upon to report at the public schools at which they were stationed with effect from March 11, but no later than March 18," he said in a statement.

The teachers would receive letter of reinstatement when they report at their work place.

The reinstatement followed a high court order that ordered the department to reinstate the teachers.

The Eastern Cape education department terminated the contracts of temporary teachers at the end of last year, citing budget constraints.

"The continued employment of these educators beyond September 2010, put tremendous pressure on the budget of the department, particularly the personnel component of the budget resulting in the projected over-expenditure of R1bn.

"This over-expenditure added to the R800m over-expenditure on the personnel budget of the 2009/2010," said Mannya.

The teachers were employed on a three months contract.

He said the over-expenditure had severely affected the overall budget of the department and had resulted in major budget cuts on various programmes as part of reprioritisation to contain the over-expenditure.

  • feppie - 2011-03-11 07:32

    Can the Department tell us how many pupils, including matriculants, were left WITHOUT a teacher for this 1st term! It's obvious that the poorer communities, which could not employ temporary teachers using their own funds, that suffered again! How the heck can we expect results when the ANC with their CADRE DEPLOYMENT, in the 17th year after APARTHEID!

  • Scorpion - 2011-03-11 10:44

    Eastern Cape. I was employed by Dept of Education, as a teacher year 97 during the Government of National Unity. The Minister of Education at the time was Professor Sibusiso Bengu. I was firstly temporally employed and thereafter had to be interviewed for a permanent post in the same school.Since that day I never got salary! Prof Bengu told Dept of Educ that teachers who were employed after July 96 were all temporally employed and most never received salaries for 7-14months! At this moment I have really lost interest with these people so called POLITICIANS,they are feeding their families in the name of democracy. And believe me I tried to claim the money I worked for Dept of Educ, but no lawyer is willing to challenge this MAFIA called Govt! So I wasted my time to study at first and later to render my services as a teacher. Let them feed themselves with money, but all ends up in this world! Disgrunted ex-teacher.....QUALIFIED TEACHER...With no fail on any of his reports!!!!!!!!! RSA is moving towards Tunisia, Egypt, Libya style but under the umbrella of ELECTIONS/DEMOCRACY. ANC has failed South Africans including Black, wish I should have been in exile without degree I can be a Minister/General/President/Director...

  • Michael - 2011-07-07 08:11

    DOE was feeding people with lies that there is a teacher shortage, when my fellow professionals are struggling to find work, including myself for the past year!

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