Eastern Cape ANC to discipline members

2012-10-05 20:12

Johannesburg - The ANC in the Eastern Cape has received the go-ahead to proceed with disciplinary proceedings against members who stormed the provincial headquarters earlier this year.

The party's national disciplinary committee of appeals (NDCA) chairperson Cyril Ramaphosa said the committee received an application from the provincial disciplinary committee (PDC).

"The application was a request to the NDCA to authorise the Eastern Cape PDC to continue with the disciplinary action against the ANC members who had allegedly participated in the storming of Canon Calata House and the assault of some provincial ANC officials on the 16 February 2011," Ramaphosa said in a statement.

The NDCA sat on September 8 to consider the application and also invited the African National Congress members who were charged to oppose the application if they wanted to.

"The NDCA deliberated on the matter after receiving the different submissions and has come to the conclusion that the application has sufficient merit to warrant the extension of the six-month clause contained in Rule 25.10 [of the party's constitution]," said Ramaphosa.

The members charged assaulted ANC provincial secretary Oscar Mabuyane and a police officer, and damaged ANC property at the headquarters earlier this year.

This was while Mabuyane was listening to the OR Tambo region's community appeals and objections to the local government elections list process.

  • lsfreak - 2012-10-05 20:58

    Are these the same members that were told to stay away from voting of the local chairperson by the chairperson. I agree with JZ that people don't know how a dicatorship works :D

  • sanzasonny - 2012-10-05 21:15

    These lousy louts who cannot put up a decent, intelligent argument do it the Malema- Mbalula way, using insults and violence.The ANC should weed their kind out. They could go on to form their own party where they can enjoy their chaos undisturbed.Matiti and cohorts behave like political demigods and they do not understand the meaning of the word \decency\. Corrupt and corroded charlatans think they own the ANC.

      lsfreak - 2012-10-05 21:23

      How now... Do you have anyidea what happened that they forced their way into the building at the St. Albans prison complex. These are branch members that where barred from voting cause they were going to vote Faku out of power which they didn't and a few weeks later they locked the mayor in the cANCer office and tried to get him to resign...

  • ec.van.niekerk - 2012-10-05 21:30

    Divide and conquer!!!

  • charmaine.mcdonald2 - 2012-10-05 21:45

    Education in progress!

  • douglas.reid.921 - 2012-10-06 03:27

    Can you say Circus? Can you say Clowns? Witness Komrad genius at its best. This is what's running the country. I never liked the Nats but never were they as entertaining as this lot. I would be embarrassed to call myself a member of this ANC, african national circus.

  • don.mug.3 - 2012-10-06 05:03

    The Dictatorship is here.

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