F-word puts MP on the map

2010-02-24 23:10

Cape Town - The word "fuck" has put DA MP Dianne Kohler-Barnard on the map.

Nando's has just launched an advertisement based on her faux pas in the National Assembly last week.

It is currently being circulated on the internet, and reads: "Dianne, there only one place where it's OK to use fowl language."

Thanks to the fiery MP, a new code has been created for the inflammatory word. It goes: "You can go and DKB (Dianne Kohler Barnard)" or "Do a Dianne".

Apparently this code is especially popular in the Free State, committee members said when Kohler-Barnard returned to parliament on Wednesday after her brief period of silence.

Wearing fire engine red

Dressed in fire engine red, one of her favourite colours, she sat down behind her laptop for an early morning meeting of the parliamentary portfolio committee on policy.

The DA and the speaker of the National Assembly suspended Kohler-Barnard for five parliamentary work days last Wednesday for saying "fuck " in Parliament.

At least Kohler-Barnard hasn't been completely unproductive during her "off time".

"Anyone who thinks I was putting my feet up doesn't know me at all. I never stopped [working]. I was on my computer and on the phone the entire time," she said on Wednesday.

She received more than 100 e-mails from people commenting on her foul language. The fiasco has made her one of the most infamous and well-known DA MPs.

No worries over apology

"Yes, of course I shouldn't have said that. But sometimes the pressure is so intense and the yelling and screaming so unbearable that you can't help but react. But I should have waited until I was outside [the National Assembly]."

Kohler-Barnard will apologise to parliament unconditionally next Tuesday afternoon when the National Assembly reconvenes.

She isn't having any sleepless nights about the apology.

"I'll stand up and read the sentence out loud. And that will be that."

  • BrEnt - 2010-02-25 01:00

    So she swore, so what! Lets talk about foul actions rather than foul words and funny how the letters ANC will come up! The ANC is getting away with far more serious matters because its below the surface but nothing is done about that! Parliment is a joke just like the rest of Governing bodies of this country!

  • stephanie - 2010-02-25 01:09

    I'm from the UK and don't always keep completely up-to-date with the goings on in South Africa so forgive me if I've got the wrong end of the stick! MP was suspended for using language which we can all resort to when frustrated, but there's no sanction at all for a PRESIDENT who repeatedly brings his office and his nation into disrepute on the world stage? Please explain?

  • John - 2010-02-25 01:57

    Can't say as I blame her for saying it with all the witless rabble we call Parliamentarians

  • The time has come - 2010-02-25 05:38

    its about time someone spoke south african

  • Shaun - 2010-02-25 06:01

    Dianne you tell those corrupt ANC crooks what to do with themselves! Go girl! I dont blame you for using foul language in parliament, I dont know how I would restrain myself either.

  • Me - 2010-02-25 06:20

    Lol, go girl!!!!

  • Frik - 2010-02-25 06:36

    Go Dianne !!!!!!

  • Peter - 2010-02-25 06:52

    People are judged by their actions, not their words. Under this context, the ANC should stand up and apologise to SA for their theft, fraud, lies, corruption, inability to provide security to SA citizens and their racially divisive tactics.

  • Beattie - 2010-02-25 06:59

    Dianne - I like your way of thinking!!!

  • Andy - 2010-02-25 07:06

    There is no such thing as BAD publicity. Dianne did very little to get a whole lot of publicity. Awesome!!
    Kudos to Nando's

  • navarac - 2010-02-25 07:20

    In different cultures it has different connotations - some literal, some figurative.

  • Fowler - 2010-02-25 07:29

    U GO GALL!

  • Foul language - 2010-02-25 07:31

    Zuma walks DKB's talk!
    Zuma on morals: do as she says ;)

  • Jannie - 2010-02-25 07:35

    Dianne, You go girl!!! Don't let them get you down.

  • Hayley - 2010-02-25 07:36


  • Proudly_South_African - 2010-02-25 07:40

    Instead of berating this foul mouthed idiot, we are glorifying her. Talk of unashamed double standards.......

  • Camo - 2010-02-25 07:46

    Ms Kohler-Barnard, DKB them all!

  • Ockert - 2010-02-25 07:48

    Well done Dianne, pity it does not sink in with the twits, (jokers in govt.)

  • nathan - 2010-02-25 07:51

    This is all just a big distraction from the real issues which we face.

  • Johan - 2010-02-25 07:52

    If I had to be banned from the roads for a week every time I use the F and FU words on my way to work, I would already be banned until the year Buck Rogers came back from space. Face it, we live in a stressful society.

  • JOHANNES BARNARD - 2010-02-25 07:56

    My Comment on this is she made the da name very bade now what must the people think of the da now.I dont know why is she allowed back in the parliament after she used that word.So i want to know were are the Parliaments Policy.I hope she will be taken up in front of the State President of SA JACOB ZUMA.He ia the main person that she must give her apology,The portfolio Committee must not give her no warning she must get dimissed that i feel from my piont of view.Were will her trust be if she get another change in parliament.What must Helen Zille feel about the way ran the das name down so as part of the party of Cape Town Helen Zille as the premier of the western cape she must also make sure that she gets demissed.

  • Johan - 2010-02-25 07:57

    She should have directed it at the president - that's all he does anyway, either f&*%-up or f&*% around.

  • Voltage - 2010-02-25 08:01

    When dealing with incompetance and atter morons, I could have come up with a few more choice words. How honest people put up with the circus that is Parliament is beyond me at times.

  • Something Foul - 2010-02-25 08:01

    I cannot believe a MP went so far as to make a big issue of it. How many heard her say the f-word? Like school yard tittle tattle running to the teacher, Miss, Miss, so and so did this.
    @ Proudly Soth African - I don't think all are saying it is good to use foul language - have you NEVER used it at your work place, ever? She was frustrated, and how many use that word in similar circumstances. It was not correct for a person of her stature to do so, but when you sit with the stupid frustrating things that seems to go on in Parliment, one has to let off steam - she is sorry and says herslef she should not have used it.
    @ Peter - Yes, don't we all wonder why they do not apologise for sinking this country in 16 years!

  • trev2 @ stephanie - 2010-02-25 08:02

    Easy explanation. This MP belongs to the DA. The president belongs to the ANC. That says it all.

  • Ohill.S.Stein - 2010-02-25 08:03

    Well said Dianne Kohler-Barnard. The ANC have no right in acting as though they are saints. They are two faced hypocrites.

  • Nobody - 2010-02-25 08:07

    Dianne for president - Say it like it is. Viva Dianne Viva. Her choice of WORD may not be ideal for parliment but it certainly shows her passion, something now lacking in Govt.

  • yvonne - 2010-02-25 08:08

    To Proudly South African Ms Kohler-Barnard is not being glorified - it is not necessary.
    She was glorified befoe already because she is not a thief,fraudster/money grabbing politician. She is all the things the ANC in Parliament should be. She did not take Taxpayers money for Bling Cars. parties/extravagant hotels. She is not fleecing the ordinary Citizens for travelling allowances and she is not one of the thieves/fraudsters of the TRAVELGATE scandal that is still sitting in Parliament!
    She was right, those bloody skelms should all have !Fu***off and should have been fired and put in Jail!I can understand her frustration of having to tolerate Members of Parliament who are sitting there knowing they committed Crimes! and then to top it all,
    they are not even ashamed that everybody knows they are bloodsuckers on Tax Money!She has the guts to call a spade a spade! Just wish our current President has the guts to fire his useless cronies as they are running this Country into the gutter!The words she used is used daily in South Africa man! If somebody is an IDIOT and irritating, just tell them to F***Of* !.

  • Joe134 - 2010-02-25 08:10

    Go Diane. The DA is the only party that is keeping it real at the moment, many people are saying the same word about service delivery, and they are just creating a distraction about her swearing to side step the real issues.

    Goodbye Cope next election I vote DA

  • greig - 2010-02-25 08:10

    @Proudly_South_African: Go "Dianne" yourself! It was most probably an extremely frustrating moment and a slip of the tongue. We are behind you all the way Dianne.

  • JBMab - 2010-02-25 08:11

    The apartheid is here to stay how on earth can you praise someone who belittle herself shame on her

  • Verns - 2010-02-25 08:12

    Hooray, at least one person had the opportunity to say what we all feel. If I only could get the same chance I can think of a lot worse things I'll utter to these "people" running our country into the ground on a daily basis.

  • Sbongile - 2010-02-25 08:15

    Dianne was out of line. Really didn't behave like a lady. She reminded me of the straat mates we grew up in Soweto, who were always really for fight, with their nightgowns and mashushuba creams on their faces. Let's not politicise this issue as we always do everything in SA. Lets stick to the issue at hand. This is not about Julius Malema or Zuma or even the ANC, but solely about Dianne who swore. South Africans really need to lighten up. It's not the end of the world you know.

  • vern - 2010-02-25 08:16

    Frankly i wonder how anyone could have held back for that long.I get so frustrated just watching the news.Dianne,youre only human,and can only take so much frustration.

  • AllHoliday - 2010-02-25 08:16

    O, yes, this should be headline news??What is happening here - you can steal from the poor, lie, enrich yourself all you want. Nothing get done, all you do is deny it and refuse to comment! Don't worry the big sin is to swear in parlement..are we all mad here? Great for the DA to set an example which the ANC can take note of. If someone in your party do anything out of order take the nessecary steps to protect the integrity of the party. Good for you Dianne for admitting , apologise and get on with it. Keep up the good work!

  • Dee - 2010-02-25 08:19

    @Johan - so true but then she would have been arrested like that poor cyclist who gave JZ the finger and charged with saying what we are all thinking. As you know JZ is "untouchable"...

  • Jack - 2010-02-25 08:21

    Damn,this is so unacceptablte, this person even has the guards to say she should have waited untill she got out of parliament, meaning she was gonna say that word in public which was gonna make things even worse!!!!!

  • Smells Fowl - 2010-02-25 08:22

    At ta Girl..Show these backward derivative of humans, we call the Government, the way. Tell them where to climb off. Dianne for PRESIDENT

  • Peché Africa - 2010-02-25 08:22

    We all do it sometimes, it really helps relieve the pressure.

  • griz - 2010-02-25 08:23

    come on people lets keep it real. the fact is she was wrong. if we start condoning it where will it stop. if someone else swore we would make a big deal of it so lets be fair. she must apologise simple as that. the fact that she may have been right or the fact that the ANC arew a corrupt bunch and cocking up our country is irrelevant to the issue. lets not stoop down to their level.

  • SamV - 2010-02-25 08:23

    So Johannes Barnard, let me get this straight: you are say DKB should be fired for swearing in parliament, because it reflects poorly on the DA. What about the way JZ reflects on SA? Should his antics not warrant him being fired then?

  • Ken - 2010-02-25 08:24

    Dianne - the new Helen Suzman! If only we had many more like her. Let's hope she has the staying power to cope with the daily load of garbage from the incompetent ANC rabble.

  • Marinda - 2010-02-25 08:26

    GA!!! Those ANC people should come to my work, they will have a heart attack at al the swear words that comes out of my mouth when I'm upset... so she said the F word.... So what, everybody does. You go girl!!!!

  • Can - 2010-02-25 08:26

    She deserves a medal! I would have said that word & more a long time ago! The fact that she's held her pose for so long is impressive!

  • tebogo - 2010-02-25 08:29

    everyone is using foul language pls sa lets debate about constructive matters

  • Sipho - 2010-02-25 08:30

    Was she making an offer? No thanks. Have had enough of being f'd over by government and politicians.

  • The President - 2010-02-25 08:30

    This is the reason SA will never be united when someone does something wrong he/she get supported by masses.People,do not be hypocrytes at home you teach your kids not to use foul language but on the net you encourage the wrong doing,she made a mistake. As the nation and non DA supporters we understand.

  • Collitjies - 2010-02-25 08:33

    This is typical of the ANC idiots, using the DKB debarcle to cover up their inability to do anything right first, second or third time around. Go DIANNE go, keep up the excellent work, we are all in favour of your use of descriptive words.

  • Yousuff - 2010-02-25 08:34

    DA or COPE please elect me as a MP and I will work in the same spirit as Dianne Kohler- Barnard.

    I have so much more to tell Zuma and the ANC than Dianne in Parliament of what I think of the thieving and corrupt ANC and Zuma that they all in it for the money, and South Africa is gone to the dogs also thanks to the megalomaniac Julius Malema and his ANCYL. This man needs a lab blood test for GPI (Hitler and Idi Amin had this).

    I hated apartheid regimes before and now I hate the ANC and Malema for the disgrace, crime, destroying a beautiful country and Third World they have brought to South Africa.

    I work in the USA and UK and tell the people here that I am not proud to call myself a South African. I will be more serious (“diplomatically” so I do not get 5 day Rest and Recreation) than Dianne Kohler -Barnard in trying to put sense into ANC MP's of what their party is doing to the country. I will do my best with the masses to convince them why the ANC and Malema are not good for the country and the World and try to bring down the ANC.
    COPE, your mouths are shut in Parliament. Please also display opposition like the DA to this venom ruining South Africa. How about million man marches in all the major cities against ANC corruption like the crime march few years ago. This is how bad I feel about the ANC, Zuma scared of Malema.

  • Bad Guy - 2010-02-25 08:35

    Dianne for DA president!! we need fearless leaders