FF Plus: ANC used SABC for propaganda

2011-01-08 21:43

Johannesburg - The ANC used SABC TV for propaganda purposes during its 99th anniversary celebrations in Polokwane, the Freedom Front Plus said on Saturday.

It was more important than ever for the ANC and SABC to distinguish between government announcements and news, and blatant propaganda, party leader Pieter Mülder said in a statement.

"The way the anniversary was broadcast live, made a mockery of every democratic rule," he said.

In the past the SABC had agreed to only televise speeches by the president when it involved government matters.

During the celebrations in Polokwane, Jacob Zuma had called up members of the ANC and given out awards for a number of achievements.

"The president called party members up as if they were trophy winners, this is the complete opposite (to government matters)," Mülder said.

"The ANC is just as guilty of abuse as SABC TV is in the matter."

Mülder said the FF Plus was celebrating its "birthday" in March and the party was going to write a letter to the SABC asking it to broadcast it live.

He said if the national broadcaster was going to televise the ANC's celebrations it had to do it for other parties as well.

"If what the SABC did today was a preview of this year's (2011) media coverage then it is going to be a difficult year for opposition parties," Mulder said.

  • cammaratagerardo - 2011-01-08 21:52

    I'm not a FF+ supporter, but the man speaks sense.

  • Bryan - 2011-01-08 22:06

    Yes he does, the man is not stupid, however, the ruling party always uses the national broadcaster for propoganda. Just look at the old national party when the "groot krokodil" was in power.

  • colin.dovey - 2011-01-08 22:08

    Although I do not support the FF+, I simply switch off the TV sound when Zuma comes on - no matter what he says, it never happens anyway - like the jobs he has he has raised the stakes to 5 MILLION :-)

  • jabustone - 2011-01-08 22:15

    Unfortunately Mulder is also a puppet so he will only make noise. The ANC are his bosses, technically speaking, since he is in government as a Minister.

      pointblankza - 2011-01-10 08:24

      Address the topic jabustone, even you need to agree that no other party whether the official opposition or other parties enjoy air time on SABC. All you see is this ANC rally and that ANC conference, blah, blah, blah... it is disgusting the way the ANC get ALL the airtime.

  • josua.1989 - 2011-01-08 22:17

    What's next? SABC:cribs ANC edition. Eish lez me show you ma hous!

  • Alan - 2011-01-08 22:24

    Theslogan should be "The ANC Fools". SABC is biased. Party's should not get coverage. I had my 50th "Pary" and didnt get any coverage. The Always Naive Comrades" need to be shut up. all smaller parties should join forces and get these thugs & rapists out.

  • Willie - 2011-01-08 23:05

    Pieter Mulder speaks a lot of sense highlighting a situation that makes me sick. Thanks heavens for DStv that we can tune to so as not be tortured by having to look and listen to ANC propaganda on SABC channels. I am so sick of ANC faces and crowds that I also switch the SABC off or go to DStv. South Africa wake up! We are sliding into a banana republic very fast

      phillie - 2011-01-08 23:29

      The problem is! We can switch to other programs but that does not make the sabc bias towards anc (small letters used on purpose!) go away, nor does it prohibit the gullible masses from getting a message of dreams made true, thus voting for the anc once more today and toy-toying and plundering tomorrow.

  • mpanzame - 2011-01-08 23:30

    Have to agree - although not FF+ supporter. SAFM had this twit rambling on. Why not Mangosuthu, or Zille.

  • mpanzame - 2011-01-08 23:32

    Is anyone talking to the BCCSA? Should do - it will tell us something about media freedom or lack thereof....

  • mpanzame - 2011-01-08 23:33

    Ha ha - sorry Just saw Jabustones comment - did this gut miss the point - idiot,

  • - 2011-01-09 02:33

    Is the SABC the voice of the ANC and no longer a public broadcaster. The SABC will confirm this when they reject requests from all other political parties celebrating their anniversaries. Should the SABC not be independent and unbias or does it follow the instructions of the ANC which dictates to them? What is happening to democracy is this country? It is a farce.

  • pcr - 2011-01-09 10:06

    Mr Mulder, the ANC own the SABC. What else do you expect.

  • comurray - 2011-01-09 10:50

    Mr Mulder, I feel you have more chance of being struck by lightening or falling pregnant than the SABC broadcasting your celebrations. I also am not a FF+ supporter. However we still have double standards in this country.

  • Drfeelgood - 2011-01-09 12:14

    this is not new.the supposed national tv is a pure anc south africa we no longer have the country's president because whether it is national function or party's function we are always fed with anc principles.

  • Boerseun - 2011-01-09 12:35

    This is true and therefor a complaint should be laid with those who control the broadcasting industry.

  • AquaticApe - 2011-01-09 20:43

    Why doesn't the SABC just change it's name to the ANCBC and stop pretending to be the "Public Broadcaster"? Thankfully there are a number of preferable alternates for news and entertainment. I said goodbye to the SABC when Radio 2000 was destroyed a couple of years ago. I don't miss it.

  • CeeCee - 2011-01-10 01:21

    The ANC is drunk on its own power. They are to drunk to seperate state and party, And believe they are in the driving seat. WE CONTROL THE SABC. BUT we all know what happens to a drunken driver that believes he has total control. Ultimate crash is unavoidable and justly self inflicted. The NB question remains, how much damage would have been done to so-called democratic SA by then.

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