FF Plus wants Zuma to act on racism

2011-06-14 21:40

Cape Town - The FF Plus on Tuesday urged President Jacob Zuma to repudiate ANC Youth League head Julius Malema and other "third generation leaders" when they make racist statements.

Speaking during debate on Zuma's budget vote in the National Assembly, party leader Pieter Mulder drew a comparison between the late Albertina Sisulu and Malema.

"What is the difference then between Mrs Sisulu and Mr Malema?" he asked.

Sisulu was a first generation political leader following the 1994 political settlement. In her speeches and actions she emphasised nation building and reconciliation. Malema was a third generation political leader after the 1994 political settlement.

"I have never heard Mr Malema emphasising nation building or reconciliation," Mulder said.

There were "more than enough" examples in the world of how populist leaders had soured relations between groups through irresponsible comments that led to conflict, violence and even civil war. These included Cyprus and Lebanon.

Any political settlement came under great pressure when the third or fourth generation political leaders following such a settlement, started getting power.

Former presidents Nelson Mandela and FW de Klerk, Albertina Sisulu and Constand Viljoen were among the first generation political leaders that negotiated a settlement.

To do so they had to compromise and find common ground between the interests of their specific support groups.

Radical statements

The second generation leaders included former president Thabo Mbeki, Zuma, former DA leader Tony Leon and Mulder himself.

As second generation leaders they were part of or witnesses to the initial negotiations.

The problem was keeping a balance between the interests of one's power base and the general interest of South Africa, he said.

"The third generation political leaders are the Malema's of today - hoping to be in power tomorrow. You find them in all political parties and on all sides of the political spectrum."

They did not feel bound by the original settlement because they were not part of it. The general interest of all South Africans was not their priority as they preferred to play only to their own audiences with radical statements.

"When I listen to the ANC youth league and Malema, they irresponsibly propagate nothing else but camouflaged revenge of blacks on whites."

The alarming part of this was that they got huge applause at public meetings for this, Mulder said.

"Is it a crisis? Yes, if these problems are ignored it becomes a crisis, permanently bedevilling all relations between South Africans."

  • Johan - 2011-06-14 21:52

    Pieter you are wasting your time. It is like telling your dog not to go back to its vommit.

      Noir - 2011-06-15 13:58

      FF Plus need to attend to their own racism and the racism of their own followers first

  • Eric West - 2011-06-14 21:52

    Well said, Dr Mulder.

  • persvrij - 2011-06-14 21:59

    Not truly a FF fan, but Pieter Mulder spoke 100% sense in this statement. Something needs to be done Malema and his likes.

  • Macho Mike - 2011-06-14 22:01

    Seems to be pretty much a "black and white" case this. Nothing "grey" about it at all.

  • Proudly SA - 2011-06-14 22:22

    Thanks Mr Mulder; as many MP's as possible should be emphasing this issue and I trust foreign diplomats in contact with Zuma are also reminding him of the appalling image Malema is creating of country and the damage he is doing; Malema should be held for modern day treason for threatening the stability of the state. I hope Mr Zuma's conscience will get the better of him and forget about the "I owe U' towards Youth League and actually lead country responsibly

  • Emil - 2011-06-14 23:06

    Welgedaan Dr Mulder,ek hou van wat jy doen.Ongelukkig sal ek nooit weer VF Plus stem nie want talle aktiewe VF Plus lede is in my beskeie opinie net so rassisties soos Malema, en die beeld wat daardie mense uitstraal maak die VF Plus onsettend baie skade.Mens hoef bloot na die VF+ se Facebook blad te kyk om daardie idee te kry.Die plasing (op die blad) van 'n video van Steve Hofmeyer se liedjie "Ons sal oorleef" waar hy die k-woord gebruik en 'n gebed van Eugene Tereblance inwerk, 2 dae voor 'n verkiesing is iets wat jong professionele mense afskrik van jul party.Transformeer die VF+ in 'n nuwe party vir alle minderhede met 'n nuwe naam.Dit gaan ons as Afrikaanssprekendes (Wit en Bruin) baie meer baat om 'n pro-federale belangeparty, wat hom beywer vir die devolusie van mag na deelstate, waarvan die Noord-Kaap en wes-Kaap "Afrikaanse" state kan wees te he as 'n party wat die volkstaatidee in sy beleid het.Dit trek die verkeerde mense na julle party toe en maak dat DA-ondersteuners julle tereg die AWB-"lite" noem wanneer julle die DA die ANC-"lite" noem.Ek hoop dat wat ek hier kwytraak ter harte geneem sal word en oorweeg sal word in belang van die toekoms van veelpartydemokrasie in Suid-Afrika.Ons land het partye wat sekere van die VF+ se idees oor minderheidsregte bevorder nodig, maar dit moet op 'n nuwe manier gedoen word vir 'n nuwe generasie of die VF+ en veelpartydemokrasie sal doodbloei-wat nie slegs tot nadeel van Afrikaners sal wees nie maar verseker ook die land.

  • Boer - 2011-06-14 23:36

    Julle moet julle tasse begin pak en planne maak want dit lyk nie of die Afrikaner kan saam staan nie. Die hel met al julle stupid klein partye sluit aan by een groot ordentlike party en begin saamwerk. Dis die enigste uitweg om die ANC n pakslae te geen Indien nie begin dan maar julle tasse pak.

      Emil - 2011-06-15 08:07

      Boer, as die "stupid klein party" soos die VF+ nie daar was nie sou hierdie aangeleentheid van Swart-op-wit rassisme nooit geopper gewees het in die parlement nie.Die proporsionele kiesstelsel maak dit onnodig om 2 groot partye te he aangesien klein partye jou belange en sieninge kan verteenwoordig in 'n koalisie.Die DA se leier, voorsitter, voorsitter van die federale dagbestuur, CEO en burgermeesterskandidaat in Pretoria is almal Engelssprekend nieteenstaande die feit dat Afrikaanssprekendes die meerderheid van hul ondersteuners uitmaak.Kortom gaan "een groot party" dus nie vir jou "Afrikaner-boer" belange veg nie.Daarom gaan dit in jou belang wees as die DA eendag 49% van die stemme kry en die VF+ dalk 2% kan kry en saam 'n koalisie van 51% kan vorm, waarin jou belange dan teenwoordig kan word.

      Boer - 2011-06-15 08:39

      Emil ek stem saam met jou. Dis wat ek bedoel het. Dankie

      Bra.T - 2011-06-17 01:37

      you are an idiot why not write in language that we can all understand so that we can interact properly these are some of the things that constantly divide the country into blacks and whites.

  • Chris . - 2011-06-15 00:28

    Makip, if the land gets given back to you, are you going to give up the technologies that the white man brought to Africa? The white man tamed this country. The white man brought medicine that healed your people. The white man educated you by sharing their knowledge. The white man made life easier. Having a steak at spur sure as hell beats having to run barefoot behind a buck with a spear, sometimes for days! This might be a hard pill for you to swallow, but you (blacks) need white people to sustain your modern way of living. African Blacks are not inventors, the only black inventors were african americans!..White people invented everything that you use every day.. So now that we have made *your* country all nice and pretty and given you all these modern technologies that you don't want to live without (and can't), you want to shoo us? It looks like a raw deal to me.. I am an African. I was not born on actual African soil because my forefathers built hospitals for that. I have as much right to be here as you do. Claiming of land back is more a political tool to attract support from the masses than anything. Once you get the land back, nothing gets done on it, or it gets sold back to the white man! Blacks ARE angry at whites for lots of reasons, but the lack of development shouldn't be one of them, as the whole of Africa didn't have apartheid, yet it is so under developed.. If you do get your way, have a good look at Zimbabwe and the poverty, because that's what will happen

      Larro - 2011-06-15 02:56

      " Having a steak at spur sure as hell beats having to run barefoot behind a buck with a spear " ROFLMAO

      Boer - 2011-06-15 08:43

      Chris Makip is to dum to understand what you mean. You made total sense I understand.

      Larro - 2011-06-15 08:53

      @Chris - here is SA's future should the land be given (taken) back: Rome - The UN food agency on Tuesday warned of worsening food shortages due to drought in the Horn of Africa region, saying eight million people in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia need aid now. The UN agency said one in four children in southern Somalia are acutely malnourished and the drought is affecting most of the country, leading to livestock deaths and sky-rocketing food prices that have hit the poor. Its total for those in need of emergency aid included 2.5 million people in Somalia, 2.4 million people in northern Kenya and 3.0 million Ethiopia. @Cairo - I have NO idea what you are trying to say, please repeat it in English.

      Other Justin - 2011-06-15 13:16

      @CAIRO - I don't really subscribe to Chris's point of view, but if you are talking about Egypt, yes it might be in Africa, but it is an Arab nation, not black African. Egypt may as well be a million miles away from Africa, it is not a traditional African country, it is rather an Arab country in Africa.

      Bra.T - 2011-06-17 01:51

      what you are saying is just k**k you came from Europe and made black people slaves, you are thieves you hijacked a country and you did not share anything you constantly oppressed people, families, children and societies after doing all that you still have the balls to claim all that you are saying. you must give poor people they land back. You talk about Spur what percent of black people have they steak there? you must think before you make comments, these are sensitive issues that can cause war in the country and many people will loose their life's.

      Tsunshine - 2011-06-20 11:06

      You are a sad piece of a story, if this is what you think about black people and Africa, you are pathetic.

  • sainsaudi - 2011-06-15 07:48

    What has been emphasised is the distance between today's ANC and the ANC of that went into the negotiated settlement to avert bloodshed and civil war. Today's ANC has mytholgised history, distorted it, and conveniently forget that the principles of the ANC were always to promote good relations between the races, and to create one undivided South Africa built of mutual respect and a common heritage. The present ANC has become ravenous for power and wealth, at the expense of all things that are good for nation-building and nationhood.

      Larro - 2011-06-15 08:55

      @sainsaudi: ' The present ANC has become ravenous for power and wealth, at the expense of all things that are good for nation-building and nationhood ' - never a truer word spoken.

      one-way - 2011-06-15 09:45

      Unless they went into the initial agreements knowing full well that their turn will come. Maybe , that they now feel it`s time to do what they always aimed too, in any case. "Good" never won in most wars. A watery version of "Goodspeak" afterwards to reassure the Internasional Community and some jittery minorities and then off to Africa - Bussiness as Usual. Constitution, what about it? Won`t stop you, if in the first place, you negotiated in bad faith. So, did the ANC negotiate in bad faith? If so, who will hold them to account? You and I ? If not , why not ?

      Other Justin - 2011-06-15 13:19

      Yip, I agree, would like to add though '...ANC has become ravenous for power and wealth, at the expense of all things that are good...' more like at the expense of anything not black, at the expense of white, coloured indian etc........

  • mamakalami - 2011-06-15 09:02

    There's racism in SA??

      lollie sue - 2011-06-15 09:47

      @mamakalami, its even here on comments, and i dont think there's anything zuma can do..

  • adolf smith - 2011-06-15 10:13

    Gatvol verby dit het tyd geraak dat alle blankes vir 1 week staak maak nie saak aan watter politieke party hy behoort nie ,ons noem dit n "sorry Im white" veldtog, ek wat my eie besigheid bedryf sal hom 1 week sluit,alle blankes moet dit doen ,laat ons sien hoe alles inmekaar tuimel.

  • Maxwell - 2011-06-15 11:26

    I like your sense of thinking Mnr Mulder, although on the other breath I tend to disagree with your utterance. Is racism only when is executed by blacks on whites. What is Mnr Mulder saying about the four (4) white students from University of Free State who reduced the workers at the campus to a level of animals when making them to drink urine? Issue of racism is amongst all the races and not only in blacks, yet I'm not condoning it. Just of recent another white school teacher from Cape Town who used a derogative term,i.e. k word when referring to a black learner, it was all over the sources of media but for some reasons Mnr Mulder did not see it.

      Bacon - 2011-06-15 12:39

      I thought that he was trying to say that people in power shouldn't make populist statements that result in racial divides on both sides, but should instead be aspiring towards unity (and not just of 'the party') and nation building.

      Other Justin - 2011-06-15 13:28

      I agree Maxwell, what I have a problem with though is the blatant racism by Malema against all minority groups in this country, especially whites. This isn't a single case of a white person being racist against a black person, this is a radical populist leader with many followers openly advocating racism and violence against minorities. The ANC is playing with fire letting this guy go on like he does. No-one in this country, except maybe Malema and his followers want violence, bloodshed and possibly a civil war, all we want is to live in peace and be allowed to constructively deal with the problems we as South Africans face. Malema is not he solution, he is the problem, a large one, he is the match to the fuel that will cause heartache and pain for all South Africans, black, coloured white or indian, mark my words......

  • Other Justin - 2011-06-15 13:09

    Thanks for bringing it up in the national assembly, but the way things are going, I only see a future filled with civil war and rivers of blood. Let's hope that the leaders of SA are strong enough to avert this.

  • thobsion.ANC - 2011-06-15 18:11

    To rub salt on the wound, we putting him back to the office more. Juju himself. We going to talk about issues that need to be addressed like it or not. Hey wena Peter, get out of the bush......quote an instance where Juju was racial to you? Addressing whites with tendencies is racist now? You need to collaborate with that bloody Democratic Alliance to act on your racism and leave ANC and its Alliances alone, we have better things to do.

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