Firearms: Appeals backlog 13 763

2011-08-25 19:19

Cape Town - The backlog of applications to appeal under the Firearms Control Act currently totals 13 673, Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa said on Thursday.

In written reply to a parliamentary question by Pieter Groenewald of the Freedom Front Plus, he said there had been 26 709 applications for appeal since January 2008.

Of these, 10 953 had been granted, 2 083 rejected, and 13 673 were still outstanding, he said.

In a statement Groenewald said this was further proof that the new act had been "chaotically managed and firearm owners' rights have been infringed upon".

"Every applicant [for] a firearm licence is constitutionally entitled to a speedy administrative handling of the application, but the backlog proves the contrary to be the case," he said.

Considering that a backlog of 50% had developed over three years, it would take at least three more years to process the backlog. This was unfair to the applicants for licences.

"The minister has already failed to fulfil his promise about clearing the backlog of applications for firearm licences.

"He promised in November last year that the backlog would be cleared in nine months. It is ten months later and there is still a huge backlog."

The FF Plus again repeated its call for urgent amendments to the legislation to speed up the process, Groenewald said.

  • HVS - 2011-08-25 19:51

    I would love to see a criminal get a gun license before doing unlawful acts. The government is targeting the wrong people. Owners of firearms who apply for a license is not a bad guy.

  • Wizard101 - 2011-08-25 20:11

    And most of those 13673 people are now due for renewle again,it is never going to stop.What happened to the extra 600 useless people that he would have employed to help with the illegal issuing of licenses?

  • IDPA - 2011-08-25 20:22

    Well if any of the colonels read this do something about Lyttelton Police Station. Phoned them to hear about my outstanding license, and they said they have better things to do.. like cleaning the office instead of handing over my application to the CFR.

  • ChrisW - 2011-08-25 22:03

    It suits the ANC to have an unarmed population..........problem is it's only the law abiding citizens who are not able to arm themselves.

      dave_23 - 2011-08-26 00:18

      It is definitely still possible to get a firearm for self-defense, it's just difficult. Do it! It's worth it. It is our right, and we must keep up the message that we are interested in exercising that right. There does seem to have been slight improvement recently even.

      Lions Man - 2011-08-26 09:42

      I agree Dave! I keep telling everyone I know that's worried about the whole system to go ahead and do it! The more we pressure them the more likely there is to be an improvement.

  • the kid! - 2011-08-25 22:30

    So what happens to a minister that makes promises but do not keep them? Typical S.A government...... NOTHING

      Shaheen - 2012-03-05 11:15


  • the kid! - 2011-08-25 22:37

    This is an extract from the Firearms control act. THIS IS THE LAW!!! (10) The Appeal Board must - (a) finalise an appeal within 45 days after expiry of the 21 days contemplated in subregulation (7); and (b) notify an appellant, or his or her legal representative in writing of the outcome of an appeal, within 14 days of the Appeal Board’s decision.

  • Shaun - 2011-08-25 23:30

    been waiting for 3 years from the application stage and they still havent even looked at my appeal, disgusting. Don't know how to escalate even the SAP complaints department haven't go back to my several emails sent to them.

      Shaheen - 2012-03-05 11:16

      Hey Shaun you still waiting.

  • Lucror - 2011-08-26 07:01

    I applied 4 years ago for my license, till today not a word, not even looked at, never mind declined. Nothing, zilch, zero, F!@##all. Thanks Mtethwa for empty promises thats all you ANC do, and steal and, and, and. Again not working for the pay you receive.

  • Neil - 2011-08-26 09:07

    It's easier to find an illegal firearm than it is to apply for a license. I applied just as they were implementing the new FCA. Took 3 years to get my guns, then on the license for a 9mm it states "Occasional Hunting". WTF?

      Marco De Giovanni - 2013-05-21 05:56

      Neil. thats a problem cos carrying the firearm under that section unless you are going hunting is not allowed , never mind using it to defend yourself, mine was registered under sport shooting (section 16), i re -appealled it took less than two weeks. to get it back under self defence

  • Lions Man - 2011-08-26 09:40

    I agree with Dave_23! Its our right and we need to fight against the system. I just recently bought another 9mm for IDPA and will go to court if my licence is denied. But there does seem to be some sort of an improvement recently! Without a criminal record etc they have no basis to deny a firearm licence.

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