First Cope mayor in SA sworn in

2011-05-31 18:03

Johannesburg - The first mayor from the Congress of the People was elected in the Karoo Hoogland local council on Tuesday.

Jan Julies was elected after a coalition agreement between the Democratic Alliance and Cope, Cope in the Northern Cape said in a statement.

Cope was given the mayoral position as it garnered 31% of the votes for the municipality in the election, compared to the DA's 21%.

The local council comprises the towns of Sutherland, Williston and Fraserburg.

"The first thing that we must ensure as the new council, is that politics and administration are completely separated. We are here to serve our community and not our political parties," said Julies.

The council was previously held by the ANC.

Julies first act as mayor was to freeze all vacant posts until the council met to review the budget passed by the previous ANC-led council.

"The coalition is concerned that salaries of municipal employees currently take up 51% of the council’s entire budget.

"Poverty and unemployment is widespread as most people in the municipality rely on seasonal farm labour for income."

  • 50something - 2011-05-31 18:12

    "We are here to serve our community and not our political parties," nice change

      GT - 2011-05-31 19:59

      and end to the ANC employment agency?

      LBS - 2011-06-01 15:47

      Show them Cope! Let's see what you can do

  • Eeland - 2011-05-31 19:26

    Wat se moer se kaak !!

  • eradingoana - 2011-05-31 19:56

    Congratulations to Cope. It shows somewhere in the country there is its home.

      senkgisha - 2011-06-01 22:18

      Tlou'mamphele,a lelahletje toulo ka Azapo naa

  • Guy - 2011-05-31 20:21

    I have learned over the years to take what they say with a sack of salt. Lets see what they do. Remember, COPE was Mbekis outfit and they are just as corrupt as the present mob, just marginally cleverer.

      theoverlordnu - 2011-05-31 20:50

      That may be true, Guy, but COPE does not have its own majority. In all three municipalities in NC that ANC lost, COPE/DA coalitions are required. I trust that DA will keep COPE on its toes.

      Ronaldo - 2011-05-31 21:15

      Guy, you are presumptuous. Cpoe has not been tested at governance, and you have already pronounced them corrupt. Your mind needs to be examined.

  • Ronaldo - 2011-05-31 21:10

    There were scant services all along in this municipality during the ANC rule, if only less than half the allocated budget went to service delivery; the greater part of the budget was there for the enrichment of the deployed ANC cadres. This boils down to one relisation: under ANC regime, the government is not by the people, and for the people, these being elements of democracy. The shout about democracy by them is only lip service to bamboozle the electorate and the world at large.

  • Yankee - 2011-05-31 22:28

    Compliments to COPE and the DA. The very important town of Sutherland falls within your management and all eyes, including international will be judging your abilities. Thank goodness the ANC never retained your Hoogland area because they will definitely embarass the country. They couldn't even manage Robben Island.

  • Danny Boy - 2011-06-01 09:50

    Now the other ANC controlled Municipalities will fall as dominos when the blue tsunami hits the NC during the 2016 Municipal elections

  • TJ - 2011-06-01 09:51

    Just like ID, the beginning of the end of this dead wood. Very soon Julie will be an MEC for something in the DA led Cape Metro

  • senkgisha - 2011-06-01 22:17

    cants of people and embarrasment!!! Let the real leader leads the party and we will be behind you,not lekota!!!

  • Virginia - 2011-06-02 12:38

    Isnt it ironic, who would of guessed that COPE was not an extention of the ANC. People who vote for COPE may aswell vote for ANC same party

      theoverlordnu - 2011-06-02 13:48

      How do you figure? COPE is working with the DA in this and other municipalities, not the ANC.

  • Virginia - 2011-06-02 12:41

    Good for you COPE you are working with decent party at last.

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