Free State, KZN lose housing money

2011-01-18 17:35

Johannesburg - Two under-performing provinces have lost housing grants worth R463m, Human Settlements Minister Tokyo Sexwale announced on Tuesday.

A total of R263m will be moved from the Free State and R200m from KwaZulu-Natal, the ministry said in a statement.

"Two provinces which were earlier in the group of four under-performers - Western Cape and Eastern Cape - remain on my watch-list and their performance will be closely monitored," Sexwale said in a statement.

"We still expect that, by the end of the administration’s term, all provinces will by and large have met their targets," he said

"It is important to note that the R463m remains in the housing delivery process, and will be used to contribute directly to addressing the housing backlog and the needs of the poor, rather than being rolled-over and/or returned to National Treasury."

The money would be reassigned to other provinces.

Northern Cape would receive R182m for the construction of 2 070 new houses and the upgrading of 350 units in informal settlements.

Limpopo would receive R131m for the construction of 5 300 houses.

The remaining R150m would go to the National Rectification Programme, for repairing poorly-built homes in various provinces.

The monitoring and evaluation department last year found "significant expenditure problems" in four provinces, the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal and the Free State.

Earlier this month, the director general of the department announced that the four provinces faced losing their grants.

They then submitted their spending and delivery reports for December last year and their projections for January.

  • Singo - 2011-01-18 18:02

    so,the province itself lost money or the people responsible for handling it stole it?why not prosecute them ang get back the money?

      Dave - 2011-01-18 18:13

      No, the provinces had a budget to spend and they didnt spend it, so now the maoney has been taken away from the province......imagine having the budget for housing and not spending it, total disgrace

  • Pothole - 2011-01-18 18:08

    Northern Cape would receive R182m for the construction of 2 070 new houses and the upgrading of 350 units in informal settlements. "Northern Cape would receive R182m for the construction of 2 070 new houses and the upgrading of 350 units in informal settlements. Limpopo would receive R131m for the construction of 5 300 houses" So a house in NC cost R 75,000 and one in Limpopo R24,000. Seems thst Tokyo is discriminating against Limpopo, the province of buddy Bubbly Julias.

      Dave - 2011-01-18 18:28

      Maybe cause he know's Julie and his league will knock them down?

      JadedJay - 2011-01-18 20:55

      Its sickening that there can be such a huge difference between costs. Why, someone pls explain to me?!

      mgv4life - 2011-01-19 08:41

      I believe this figure includes costs for township establishment, and pther processes. In Limpopo, the process might have been already finalised, whereas, in NC, there might be need, first to buy the land, and then follow the township establishment procedures. of course, I believe the cost of building a single RDP house hasnt changed much from R16 000 per unit.

  • rhenier - 2011-01-18 18:17

    Now where did I put that HUGE wad of cash? It was here just a minute ago...

  • Zakhele - 2011-01-18 21:45

    Corruption is rife in KZN. If you are not connected to the Royal family, Minister's family, MECs families, Municipalities families you get nothing. There were caught napping. They were still waiting for an opportunity to use money for themselves. What a disgrace to Mkhize and his cabinet? People are living in shacks and dirty hostels and now you don't know how to help them out with government money in your hands? Watch the space, the next budget KZN will loose is the Agricultural grants because MEC Finance Mr. Mike Mabuyakhulu is still planning how to abuse and use this money for his connections and Zweli Mkhize is watching in horror his freinds letting the KZN people down. What an insult to our people and a shame on you KZN idiots! Till this day the KZN province has never produced a billion rand entrepreuner let alone half a billionare. The people in charge have been stealing Government money ever since I was in high school. They all live in lavish homes in Ballito, Umhlanga Rocks, Kloof, Petermaritzburg and our grandmothers are buried by mud houses falling on them in rural KZN. What a shame on you KZN ANC! The province has millions of kilometers of grave roads. Do you fools even know that by building houses for people and by employing contractors in the KZN province you actually creating entrepreuners who will in turn have money to tender and build roads, schools and become propetry magnates? You are stiffling up development you incompetent fools. Fuck all of you idiots!

      Mnumzane - 2011-01-19 08:00

      Sometimes it helps to get facts rather than spit fire on something you know nothing about. For Starters Mabuyakhulu is not MEC Finance but Cronje is. Automatically that makes you stupid statement wrong. Calling KZN pple idiots is way out and it shows your stupidity.KZN is one of the provinces that are developing. This housing grant is a complicated matter that need a lot of explaining. It is not just because there were not interested in using it but circumstances beyond their controll. Unfortunately I can not explain many things here.

  • stax - 2011-01-19 16:27

    And yet in the Western Cape people are been shot when asked for housing.Look at the Hangberg issue and the Mossel Bay issue late last year.Shame ont he provinces.

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