Free education for 8 million pupils - minister

2012-02-15 22:40

Cape Town - Progress is being made in education despite problems, Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga said on Wednesday.

"The system is more equitable and pro-poor than it was before 1994," she told the National Assembly during debate on President Jacob Zuma's State of the Nation address.

A relatively stable schooling system had been built that had extended the right to basic education to over 12 million pupils in about 24 365 public schools and 1 486 private schools.

Currently, 365 447 teachers were employed.

"Three years ahead of the 2015 target, we're set to fulfil the millennium development goals on expanding access to education," she said.

Grade R enrolments had more than doubled from 300 000 in 2003 to 705 000 in 2011 and more young South Africans were completing Grade 9- from 80% in 2003 to 88% in 2010 - and more were now completing Grade 12.

The percentage of Grade 12 pupils who qualified for Bachelor's studies had now increased to 24.3%, placing the department in good stead to meet the target of 175 000 set for 2014.

It was 23.5% in 2010, 19.9% in 2009, and 20.1% in 2008.

"Free schooling and school meals are central to our pro-poor policies, to maximise access and roll back poverty," Motshekga said.

No fees for 8 million pupils

Currently, over eight million pupils in over 80% of public schools benefited from the no-fee school policy.

Among other things, processes were being finalised to evaluate principals and deputy principals.

This would augur in a new era of performance agreements, accountability, sound school management and the accruing benefits of quality teaching and proper use of time.

The national workbook programme had been extended from Grades 1 to 6 to Grades 7, 8 and 9 this year.

About 54 million books were being distributed to pupils free of charge.

"Behind the compromise of the right of children to learn in a favourable atmosphere, with adequate classrooms, libraries, laboratories, fencing, electricity, water and sanitation, lies the mammoth task of building the necessary infrastructure and resolving the backlog we have inherited."

About 1 700 schools were still without water supply and about 700 had no toilets.

"We have an estimated shortfall of 63 000 classrooms and 15 000 schools are without libraries. Moreover, we still have schools built entirely of mud."

Motshekga said contractors had been appointed for the construction of 49 schools in the Lusikisiki, Libode and Mthatha regions.

They had seven months to complete all 49 schools.

Contractors had also been appointed for the provision of water and sanitation to 88 schools in the Eastern Cape and 78 in Limpopo.

KwaZulu-Natal had started implementing 88 projects of which 48 were in construction stage. Other provinces were also engaged in school infrastructure projects, including Gauteng and the Free State, she said.

  • bradleybrits - 2012-02-15 22:52

    Their education is free and they're getting what they paid for.. No books, absentee teachers or if the unqualified teachers do bother to pitch up they're sleeping with the students.. Nothing is free minister.. Somebody is paying for the education is paying for the education in one form or another.. and in the case that is truly virtually free.. as I said.. they're getting what they paid for..

      Sean - 2012-02-15 23:01

      What is the use of getting ``free education`` ?? The teachers are uneducated , they bang the students and the educations standards are pathetic !! Only in Africa !!

      Honest Raymond Makoi - 2012-02-15 23:13

      Ask the United Nations then Sean... We required to provide free education and not just africa but the whole world and u gotta start somewhere before hopefully u improve the quality of education!

      Honest Raymond Makoi - 2012-02-15 23:14

      Ask the United Nations then Sean... We required to provide free education and not just africa but the whole world and u gotta start somewhere before hopefully u improve the quality of education!

      Sean - 2012-02-15 23:30

      @Honest Raymond Makoi- Maybe you should ask the ANC government ! They have hundreds of millions available for parties and sh@t , but when it comes to education ?? I`m sorry to say , but Africa is suffering from a disease called ``africanism`` ! Zimbabwe at one stage had a good schooling / eduaction system , but the uncle bob came and like all African leaders ( except Madiba ) f@cked everything up !

      Sean - 2012-02-15 23:32

      Like I also said 100 times before , do you realy think the ANC wants the masses to be educated ??

      Myvision - 2012-02-15 23:33

      Those who were not born with silver spoons in the mouth realy appreciates the this move by the government.

      Honest Raymond Makoi - 2012-02-15 23:40

      True that sean... If they are all properly educated then it would not be easy to control them...

      nthabsh - 2012-02-15 23:41

      @Sean, as a country we are in dire straights with regards to education. To say it's the fruit of the ANC government smacks of chronic forgetfulness. The education system preceding that ( where Africans were taught enough to be drawers of water and hewers of wood) was no better. Blame doesn't solve anything. A collective effort to improve literacy, make a mark in the dream of a knowledge economy and improve our competitiveness as a country starts with all of us. Rather ask yourself ( besides being a tax payer) what you are doing differently to give into the future of the children in our country. How are you sharing the value of the (assumed) elitist education you have received?

      Sean - 2012-02-16 00:26

      @nthabsh - ``Blame doesn't solve anything`` You are 100 % right ! But what is one of the biggest problems in S.A ? Blame , blame of apartheid ! What has been learnt from apartheid , nothing ! Same mistakes , even worse , get made over and over and then this sh@t excuse of apartheid gets used ! To make a long story short - I do blame the ANC government for the mess the education is in ! This government is so corrupt and I personally see not much of a bright future for most South Africans. You can say what you want to and hope for the best , but reality is reality and we are going down sh@t street , thanks to this f@cken corrupt leadership !

      Sean - 2012-02-16 00:34

      @Myancmyfuture - What move ? The leaders live like kings , steal the country blind and those who voted for them starve of hunger ?? Great move , just look north and you see the result of a ``great move``!! You also seem to suffer from the black & white disease , just like Malema !

      Ntokozo V Zwane - 2012-02-16 00:56

      @sean. You raise very true and honest points that i agree with when it comes to the topic of education and yes the system needs a complete over haul i mean how you going to gain 50% at varsity if you getting 30% at high school. My concern though is this now ''white'' tendancy that mimmicks the ''black'' tendancy, black people blame all their problems on white oppression and racism, while white people blame it all on the ANC. ANC this ANC that, you need to start accepting the sad truth that ANC is still going to run this country for a while and 2 the worst replacement is the DA, sorry but to me they are 1 and the same thing

      Ntokozo V Zwane - 2012-02-16 01:05

      @sean. You raise very true and honest points that i agree with when it comes to the topic of education and yes the system needs a complete over haul i mean how you going to gain 50% at varsity if you getting 30% at high school. My concern though is this now ''white'' tendancy that mimmicks the ''black'' tendancy, black people blame all their problems on white oppression and racism, while white people blame it all on the ANC. ANC this ANC that, you need to start accepting the sad truth that ANC is still going to run this country for a while and 2 the worst replacement is the DA, sorry but to me they are 1 and the same thing

      Susanna - 2012-02-16 04:07

      I agree with you Ntokozo. Every rich white farmer (broederbonder) is voting ANC. Sometimes the poor majority benefit. It all boils down to integrity, which is something money can't buy. Leaders with a vision come but once in a life time.

      Leroy - 2012-02-16 07:30

      Thats the problem Susanna , every African wants to be a leader and have all the fame and fortune that comes along the African route!

      Marion - 2012-02-16 08:30

      @bradleybrits... what is wrong with free education for those who cannot afford to pay for it? When I was at school we paid school fees but, as I recall, all our stationery and textbooks were free. What I question is why they are only entitled to 'basic' education as opposed to 'good' or 'excellent' education. Also, why after 17 years there are still so many mud schools, shortages of classrooms etc., No one, in a progressive SA, should have to go to 'school' in conditions I saw on tv news last night. How can anyone learn in such conditions? Government sacrificed many kids with its constant changing of the curriculum etc., which obviously came at a cost. They should have remained with the education system that worked best in SA instead of ****ing with it as they have done in my opinion.

  • ivan.coetzee2 - 2012-02-15 23:04

    WTF u think its appreciated, think again

      Myvision - 2012-02-15 23:35

      The poor does appreciate, many dropped out because of books and some couldn't afford fees. Ask etv for the recording of yesterday's 3rd degree and you will see for yourself.

      Anthony - 2012-02-16 04:40

      in the old days it read "whites only"today it,s reading blacks only

      zapadela.tistarocha - 2013-02-12 11:46

      These upper crust MF's will never understand...simple as that.

  • bernpm - 2012-02-15 23:17

    Dear Minister, numbers, numbers and more numbers! Building more and more schools.....all lofty things. But.....quality teachers, quality education, quality results??????????

  • Kgomotso Radise - 2012-02-15 23:22

    This is contrary Minister Angie! Grade R in 2011 enrolment is 705 000 and you rejoice that they are increasingly completing grade 9 but we know that come 2023 when they enrolment for Grade 12 the 705000 will be reduce to be half if not quarter. What drastic measures are in place to mitigate this?

  • Myvision - 2012-02-15 23:31

    At least its a start, Well done

      Anthony - 2012-02-16 01:46

      @Myancmyfuture, Well said, it certainly is a start. From a government policy of more than 40 years, NOT to educate the Black population, to one of free education for all, is an unbelievable hard task. And comments like: ""What is the use of getting ``free education`` ?? The teachers are uneducated , they bang the students and the educations standards are pathetic !! Only in Africa !! "" is very disturbing!!! Yes, "only" in Africa we had this disgraceful education system, where part of the population we would educate, and the rest rather not. We are paying dearly for this madness today!!!!!

      ThandaMzansi - 2012-02-16 03:08

      So it's better now, Anthony, because none of them are getting an education? Think man! The ANC has buggered up education, so the people who can afford to (of all races) are sending their kids to private schools. There's STILL a split - except now it's a split between those who can afford private school, and those who can't. Did you know that there are companies out there who ASSUME that the students they give bursaries to will need bridging courses, or who ASSUME that a South African matric means nothing, and they will have to start from scratch? Excuse me if I am misinformed, but under the Bantu education system, at least by standard 9 kids could read! These days, they can't even do that. We're heading for a disaster at this rate, and as long as you keep your head buried in the sand, and blame the ANC's new, dumbed down, STUPID education system on apartheid, you're just speeding it along.

      Pur - 2012-02-16 07:00

      It may be a start, but its not a good one and its taken 18 years to get going. All thats really be done is to lower standards so more kids get a piece of paper at then end - but it is now worthless. This is hardly an achievement for our country to be proud of.

      Mike - 2012-02-16 07:49

      @Thanda: What should then happen with a pupil who was in a public school but was referred to a private school as he / she has a learning disability? Shouldn't they also qualify for free education?

      Thelma - 2012-02-16 08:05

      A start to what? Free nothing Going backward instead of moving forward! because that is what the children receive "NOTHING" Again the ANC comes up with false promises and again the poor suffer....

      jo.barton.92 - 2012-07-25 13:38

      Starting is one thing, but you haven't moved at all.You have regressed into a society where pass marks have to be lowered and the syllabi changed to suit the previously disadvantaged. That is NOT what your forefathers fought for. Many of your grandparents lost their lives just to give you a better life, but what use is freedom when you can't read,write or even speak properly?

  • Jan-Jan Van Aardt - 2012-02-15 23:58

    Whats the use if they keep on lowering the passing requirements? Yes you reach the quota, but at the same time you are filling jobs with people that are qualified & dont know how to do their jobs properly!!!!

  • Hedzer - 2012-02-16 00:07

    Currently, 365 447 teachers were employed. Sal graag wil weet watter kwalifikasie die grootste deel van hulle het. Verder hoeveel van hulle is elke dag by die skool en is daar ook "spook onderwysers". Maar grootste probleem in die skole is sekerlik dissipline of die te kort daaraan. Onderwysers mag mos nie werlik kinders deesdae meer tug nie. Ek dink dit is waar die groot probleem le want daar is onderwysers daar buite wat graag wil skool gee maar hulle sien nie kans vir kinders wat geen dissipline teenoor hulle onderwysers het nie.

      Marion - 2012-02-16 09:31

      Ek stem saam dat dissipline in skole benodig word. Maar, al mag onderwysers volgens die wet nie vir kinders tug nie, het baie van hulle hul eie manier van tug ontwerp en dit is erger, in my opinie, as om kantoor toe te gaan vir bietjie 'corporal punishment'. Omdat 'n paar onderwysers en ouers kinders misbruik is nou alle vorms van straf, behalwe detensie, verwyder. En nou wil hulle nie eens he dat 'n ouer sy/haar eie kind 'n pakslae mag gee nie. En as 'n kind nie die detensie bywoon nie dan is dit geen straf nie. Toe ek jonk was durf ons nie huistoe gaan en kla oor 'n pakslae nie want dan het ons boutjies weer gebrand.

  • ThandaMzansi - 2012-02-16 00:10

    They do say you get what you pay for. The way I see the pro poor education in this company is sort of like a badly run day care system. No one really learns anything of value, but it mostly keeps them off the street. That's not exactly a sterling recommendation though, is it?

      Nigel - 2012-02-16 08:37

      the problem ThandaMzansi is that the Government it throwing money blindly at education, Billions in fact, but it takes more than just bags of money, it needs a complete overhaul, it needs efficient management & clever systems, it needs a change of attitude, the parents & learners need to take education seriously, discipline is important, if parents don't make sure kids do their homework or behave in class or get to school on time, how can you expect the learners to pass. SA needs to wake up, the world doesn't owe us anything, we have to earn our place, & education is the 1st step.

  • MastersVoice - 2012-02-16 00:34

    The ANC regime are self-congratulatory about their progress in so-called education, but I'm of the opinion they're quite happy to maintain the status quo of producing un-employable, semi-educated South Africans, who are not capable of distinguishing between non-delivery of service and "white oppression". Our nation is becoming increasingly stupid...

      march54 - 2012-02-16 08:22

      Sorry, you should have said ignorant rather than stupid. Stupid- lacking quickness of mind. Ignorant -lacking in knowledge or training, uneducated. By keeping people ignorant they will not question the governments' decisions and continue to vote for them. Good move to dumb down education and keep the general population "ignorant".

  • marina.poniatowska - 2012-02-16 00:49

    So I guess Reuters was wrong then. According to this, the educational system is in a dire condition. Mrs. Minister, did you read this? Can you spell CONTRADICTION???

      Vicker - 2012-02-16 08:07

      Aahhh marina - you forget that our Gumment do not let facts and informed, expert opinions sway them... If our Presidunce and Moneyster say our edjukashun systum she is wekking too good, then who are we to question them????

      Nigel - 2012-02-16 08:26

      this link says it all ..... for mathematics & science, SA is the least performing & least improved measured from 1995 to 2007, after apartheid

  • Royle du Plessis - 2012-02-16 01:08

    Free or not! The teachers are hardly there because they have been sent to attend an “education workshop” so for that period of time weather it be a day or two or even more, what are the kids learning and who is teaching them? They learning nothing as there is nobody to teach them anything!!!

      dineo.mathebula - 2012-02-16 05:34

      I bet you the products of the current education system know the difference between 'weather' and 'whether'.

      Marion - 2012-02-16 09:00

      I have to agree that the kids lose out on a lot of education time. At the school my kid attends they have come home at least an hour earlier on at least 5 occasions this year. Yesterday let out early 'cos there weren't enough teachers to have an assembly. WTF !!! My sister's son went from being a winner of that maths competition in Grade 7 to barely passing maths in Grade 12. Why? They never had a maths teacher / permanent maths teacher for at least two years in high school.

  • Marcell - 2012-02-16 03:33

    As long as it is free the masses don't care about the quality. It is for FREEE!!! Yipeee!!!!

  • wdvilliers - 2012-02-16 05:26

    There is no such thing as a free meal...neither is there any thing like FREE schooling...

      Marion - 2012-02-16 09:03

      I agree with you that everything in life has a price. With free schooling the price is work your butt off to prove that you were deserving of it. But if you are given sub standard education how can you be expected to be anything other than sub standard even if you achieve distinctions? Garbage in, garbage out.

  • Tony - 2012-02-16 05:48

    Let's not be nieve .. Nothing is for FREE. Someone is paying for this, it's just not the beneficiary. And, we are still nurturing that African tradition of "I don't have to wek for it, someone will give donasheen". This is in fact the first lesson the beneficiary learns. Of course there's that thing, I didn't pay for it, so if I get pi$$ed off I can burn it down. The new school is FREE ... And then the taxpayer foots the bill ...... Again!

      Anthony - 2012-02-16 06:14

      @Tony, What is naive, is your comment. Off course someone is paying for it. The tax payer is !! What do you think taxes are for ? To built monuments !! Just in case you forgot; We have still today, MILLIONS of South Africans living in shacks, and Millions going to bed hungry. It is the duty of this government to see that these kids, can go to school, sothat possibly their kids will live a better live. And believe me, that will also be better for you and me !!!!

      Tony - 2012-02-16 06:41

      Glad that you got that off your chest. Glad you understood my comment about taxes. Glad that this governmentis sending them to school too. Cant forget all the poor, (and lets be fair, not all of these are victims). It is the mechanism that I question. And seeing as you raised taxes and poverty, enlighten me ... How does two jets for JZ help the poor, or changing street names, or exhobidant salaries, or spending millions on rallies and events? Maybe they forgot too? But if making me look like an idiot helps you reconcile Please go ahead.

      Anthony - 2012-02-16 07:01

      @Tony, I certainly did not want to make you look like an idiot. Merely pointing out, that your comments are wrong. And now to confuse the "free education" issue, with that of jets and street names, also makes no sence either !!! But Sir, to make out you to be an idiot, No, I am just saying you are wrong!!!!!

  • Jones - 2012-02-16 06:16

    That is progressive , free quality education is a way to go . No child should have an excuse of not going to school based on lack of funds. However , this progress should not be derailed by corrupt officials in the government , the schools to be built should also serve as a means of employment to the affected communities, tender allocations should not be monopolised . This free education should be extended to higher education ,it wont make sense to provide free education to the schools and when they have passed , they be blocked by high unnecessary registration fees , this issue need to be re-looked , especially the autonomy of higher education institutions

  • Kim - 2012-02-16 06:22

    Build all the schools you like as there will always be enough children to full them. The point missed here Angie Motshekga, is that your educators are lacking skills to teach these children. Right now all you are doing is providing a safe haven and nourishmet. Pointless doing this if you have uneducated teachers. These children are going to learn nothing.

      Vicker - 2012-02-16 08:41

      It has always been a "quantity before quality" issue, same as everything else...

      Marion - 2012-02-16 09:06

      Well put Kim. Too many incapable educators out there right now.

      Marion - 2012-02-16 09:48

      ... that should have read incompetent...

  • Jones - 2012-02-16 06:26

    There are other people who are opposed to this progressive move by the government. The gap between the rich and the poor in this country is too high and the very same people who are opposed to this initiative , they are the ones who are paying their workers peanuts and yet expecting the same exploited worker to still pay for their children. If indeed we want to address the inequality gap , we need to address the issue of education , i want to applaud the government to have come up with this move, that is where our taxes should be spent and everyone who intends doing corruption , should be cautioned as this is the virus against progress. Apartheid has committed its sins , it is time to address the imbalances of the past

      Archie - 2012-02-16 08:07

      Democracy allows people to be entrepreneurs (where the sky is the limit)If unions and communists want more then they can start their own enterprises.But they want guaranteed jobs/medical/pensions and dozens of days off. they know they will fail so they would rather be parasites and demand it all dished up on a platter.Private enterprise is about risk and ones ability to work very hard and progress to better things in life

  • pws69 - 2012-02-16 06:42

    I just wish it was free QUALITY education. We have dropped standards far to much, to the extent that grade 6's are functionally illiterate (check the latest ANA results on the Basic education website). Minister, in the context of population growth, that grade 1 enrollment is barely above population growth i.e. you haven't really show growth. Minister, in the context of actual education, the latest ANA's indicate that a child could not operate in the business world, as the basic skills of reading and math are just not there. Minister, The POLICY of a feeding scheme is laudable (Performance at school is directly related to nutrition) but please talk reality, and the number of feeding schemes that have collapsed due to corruption, including the almost entire feeding scheme in EC. Policy and reality are very different - fix it. Minister, you know better than anyone that the former model C (quintile 4/5) schools are by far the best performers, so why so much effort on REDUCING the capacity of these schools to perform (3200 of them) instead of IMPROVING the dysfunctional ones? You are trying to level the playing field the wrong way. Minister, the quality of teachers is seriously lacking. I interview teachers as part of my SGB chairman functions. I have encountered teachers with over 10 years "experience" that we would not employ as teachers aides. Minister, SADTU accounts for more lost working days than ANY OTHER industry in the country, but you applaud them. Why?

      Archie - 2012-02-16 07:57

      Do we have any idea of the level of qualification of the average sadtu teacher and how many hours they work a week.Does any one do performance trials on them? Like the old school inspectors pre 94.

      lindaawhelan - 2012-02-16 08:43

      It should be quality education for the amount of money that is being thrown at it. If the figures are correct, there are 12 million learners and an annual education budget of 189 billion. That equates to R15, 750 per learner. But without a sufficient number of quality teachers, all the money in the world won't make one bit of difference.

      Marion - 2012-02-16 09:09

      pws69... *applauds*...

  • Sammy Shadrak Sabata Mani - 2012-02-16 06:44

    i'm very much concerned about the northern cape is less mentioned but it has bigger problems than other provinces,i thought you'd mention the issue of a university.

  • Herbert - 2012-02-16 06:44

    No wonder then that the matric of today is worth zero! Refer to Prof Jonathan Jansen's comments about the pathetic standard of present day schooling ; the ignorant government is continuing to "sausage" grade 12's into an overstocked labour market. And the result : frustration, unemployment, poverty, crime. Thank you minister for fuelling the unemployment/crime pool!!!

  • anthro45 - 2012-02-16 06:50

    Just a question. Are any of these 8 million pupils white? If these pupil's parents start paying for schooling, less schools will be vandilized and parents will start to demand value for their money and force teachers to actually teach.

      Gerhard - 2012-02-16 09:37

      I seriously doubt it!!! Whites don't get hand outs, whites have to pay for themselves and pay for those entitled to hand outs. The more you think about it, the more you come to realise that your average white South African is just a slave to the ANC government. Sure we get paid but then we have to give most of it back anyways.

  • Gideon Stoop - 2012-02-16 07:05

    Good. Next step is to 'focas on the kwalaty and standard of education'

  • Nigel - 2012-02-16 07:39

    you only need to know 33% of what you learn, Opra said it, education in SA is way below par, the minister can bang on about numbers, the bottom line is that the masses remain uneducated & keep on voting for corrupt uneducated politicians, it will take another 20 years to fix the mess, & thats assuming we have a govt that cares & is capable, which currently we do not.

  • Thelma - 2012-02-16 07:43

    All fair and well receiving a free education but if the schools, teachers are not up to standard the child is left behind and that is what we are facing at present. The standard of education is far to low!

  • Archie - 2012-02-16 07:47

    Nothing is free only the air we breathe.This situation we have is entirely the gov, fault.ANC has three pillars (anc ,unions, communist party) all three have their own ideologies,put that together and you have ANALYSIS PARALYSIS.Commies run the country wearing their anc jerseys,unions ruin the country wearing their anc jerseys while bringing education to a halt and the old school anc has dissapeard.Every thing is about self enrichment using dumbd down voters to stay in power.The truth is the gov, is rotten from the top all the way down. A real gov, for the people cant fullfil its mandate if it is controlled by selfish union and communist ideals.

  • Beverley - 2012-02-16 07:47

    The article is all good and well and this should be happening but I, amongst thousands of others, are sick and tired of everything being blamed as INHERITED. Why are the kids still struggling in schools without toilets and running water etc etc when the powers that be have wasted billions on bad decisions and looking after themselves. I am one of hundreds of illustrators who have been working on educational books for many years. What has happened ? Mismanagement and lining of own pockets ?? Absolutely sickening and the disadvantaged kids are suffering as a result.

  • Yolanda - 2012-02-16 07:54

    what does this free education really entail? demotivated teachers, overcrowding in the classrooms, no books, no computers etc??? i really hope not.

      Thelma - 2012-02-16 08:09

      Exactly that....

  • Cebo - 2012-02-16 08:08

    viva ANC viva

      Nigel - 2012-02-16 09:03

      whats a + n + c = to ?

      Nigel - 2012-02-16 09:04

      its not that hard Cebo, I can see you are still struggling (excuse the pun) ....... a + n + c = F a i l u r e

  • butch.poulter - 2012-02-16 08:11

    Free education, free water, free elec, free housing, free health services and today the poorest of the poor still suffer at the incompetance of the corrupt government. IE: 30 billion arms deal. Shame on ANC.

  • grenville.felton - 2012-02-16 08:16

    Well Mrs Minister, what education are you referring to our current system works in the ANC favour does'nt it. Lack of educations more votes. ANC has fuc..... up the education system from once having one of the best in the world to a real third world education.Our great fanfare of matric results for 2011 was pathetic have to look closer to the results and current pass rates,and all the university entrants doing the basic degrees which will put them on the streets once completed.RSA is falling behind the rest of Africa.Now Gov wants to spend 300Billion and try and get expats back ha ha ha ha what you going to offer them Gov, short term contraact with BEE conditions.

  • Nigel - 2012-02-16 08:18

    South Africa has one of the highest public & government spends in the world 5.7 % of GDP (& 20 % of GDP for government spend) & yet we have one of the poorest results in the world , see link, the stats don't line Mr minister, & those that say we are at the bottom of the world for education because of apartheid, are talking nonsense, we have had a black government for the past 17 years, during this time the level of education has dropped & we are one of the worst performing nations, Asian countries, that are also poor but have a high work ethic are the most improved, you don't have to be rich to learn or have world class facilities to learn, you just need the will to learn. While we blame apartheid & have this outdated sense of entitlement together with an incompetent & corrupt government we will stay at the bottom of the pack, its as simple as that.

  • Keelvol - 2012-02-16 08:20

    And we can see the quality of pupils with that excersise. F@!#$!all in life is free.

  • betsy.compaan - 2012-02-16 08:20

    And even though News24 and the department of Education can pull amazing stats out of their asses the education of South Africa was still declared a National emergency this morning. The proof is in the pudding so stop slapping each other on the back and go ask forgiveness from the thousands who will suffer because you couldn't give them a proper education. It doesn't matter what your fake stats say, we can all see the "wonderful" level of education with our own eyes.

  • Ken - 2012-02-16 08:21

    Was Madiba educated in RSA under the old system? I believe so.

  • stefan.vanderspuy - 2012-02-16 08:26

    So they have a target of 175 000 university-exempt for 2014. Where, Minister, are these students gong to study?? Assuming they can find the funds. May I remind you that only 25% of the students with university exemption in the Eastern Cape could be accommodated this year. You plan like ESKOM, that is you don't plan. Universities aren't built n a month or two.

  • march54 - 2012-02-16 08:37

    Free education, do not think so. Our education system has been dumbed down so the matric pass rate looks good but the education system is spewing out ignorant learners who have a sense of entitlement to free houses, medical care, further education, water, electricity, social grants, employment, etc. Education system needs to produce go getters who realise that nothing is for free.

  • Manus - 2012-02-16 08:49

    Build more schools and discipline lazy teachers - better still, get rid of them. No use giving free education when classrooms are so overcrowded that it's not possible to educate the children efficiently and even good, conscientious teachers lose heart. Furthermore: When schools, especially in the platteland, get overcrowded, those who can afford it send their children away, which has a negative effect on local business, because they start shopping and doing business where their children are, thus leading to more unemployment and more crime. It's a vicious circle, and rural areas suffer because of it. It's a fact, there is no denying it, and we experience it every day.

  • Avuyile - 2012-02-16 08:57

    Free education even to one child is a blessing as it will change that persons life.We take so much for granted.Its so easy to sit back and moan the government is not doin enough and when it tries to do sumtin yet more criticism.What have you done for some1 else lately?

      Vicker - 2012-02-16 09:51

      Umm, Ive paid my taxes and I employ 23 wekkers...with that I do a helluva lot more than most...

      Gerhard - 2012-02-16 10:18

      You need to give them your farm now Vicker. We all know that all whites have farms. But 1 farm divided into 23 wekkers might be an issue.

  • Samkele Sofuthe - 2012-02-16 09:31

    This is positive news..she must just make sure that she doesn't blink when watching the eastern cape schools building project or!!! What's up with blade Nzimande is he still in the Country or has he moved to aussie (like some people after

  • Vicker - 2012-02-16 09:50

    Actually I quite like the fact that our education system is busy imploding. My daughter, being in a private school, will be receiving top notch education, putting her light years ahead of all the other losers. It is a compounded advantage she will have...

  • Hendrik - 2012-02-16 12:31

    Basic truth - if you pay for it you will look after it, if you get it for free you will f#$%% it up.

  • gcj.wood - 2012-02-16 14:00

    Roughly 17 years too late, so bang on schedule for the ANC! The sad fact is they have let down an entire generation of young South Africans. In '94 they promised the earth and led their voters to believe that changes would be instant. The flaw in their plan was, instead of building schools and giving the majority the opportunity to work hard at school, go on to university and then get a good job on the basis of academic achievement and talent, they lined their own pockets and gave us BEE, Epic Fail! Obviously the ANC are keeping the masses uneducated, thereby securing votes. As they know perfectly well that any educated person would see them for the chops they are and never vote for them!

  • Eunice - 2012-02-16 16:32

    This is totally unfair that certain schools will be free of charge. We are back into poverty. There is no white man anymore and Jacob is president. If the white took care of their people, Jacob's taking care of his people who's taking care of the COLOUREDS. The minister of Education should visit Eldorado Park schools. Our childrens reports are kept behind becuase the school fees are not paid. I'm a tax payer and my money is being used to benefit others and not even my own people. EDUCATION SHOULD BE FREE FOR ALL AND NOT JUST FOR THE AFRICAN SCHOOLS OR CERTAIN SCHOOLS. STOP OVER PAYING EVERYONE IN PARLIAMENT AND JUSt MAYBE THERE'LL BE MONEY LEFT TO TAKE CARE OF THE COLOUREDS IN THIS COUNTRY. THAN I'LL RATHER LIVE IN ZIMBABWE. Teachers are not even concentrating on the pupils anymore they in it for the money. Show me a teacher who does it for the pupil and not the money.

  • Eunice - 2012-02-16 16:36

    Incompetant teacher are even getting higher. How can a school send a sick child home with a child. who's going to be responsible for that child that died. The sister of that child. All teachers should go back to school and re learn everything from the ABC to the 123.

  • nicola.killops - 2012-02-18 10:08

    I'd like to know how many politicians send their own children to private schools?

  • jonathan.seagul.5 - 2012-07-25 15:05

    Who is paying for this free education. Nothing is for free in live. This stupid ANC government will soon realise that they are going to run out of other peoples money, but it will be too late. By then this country will have been desroyed!!!!

  • kimsaiyanprincess.murison - 2013-02-12 11:32

    - pro-poor??? When I was in primary school in the early 90's at a state school, we received free textbooks, stationary packs, athletic equipment, etc and all that has since stopped!!!

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