Gauteng govt gets mixed score from DA

2013-01-08 18:46

Johannesburg - Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane deserves modest appraisal despite some improvements, the Democratic Alliance's provincial branch said on Tuesday.

Mokonyane's "biggest failures" were a 14% staff vacancy rate in provincial departments, and delays in payments to government suppliers, DA provincial leader Jack Bloom said in a statement.

Mokonyane received a "5 out of 10" on the DA's "report card", which was a slight improvement on the previous year, he said.

The improvement was because of the dismissal of Humphrey Mmemezi from his position as MEC for local government and housing, and the promotion of new officials to the provincial Cabinet, said Bloom.

Education MEC Barbara Creecy and health MEC Hope Papo received high marks for their performances.
Bloom commended Creecy for Gauteng achieving the highest provincial pass rate, but called on her to "close the gap between suburban and township schools".

He said Papo showed "a refreshing honesty" about the problems faced by the provincial health department.

Worst performer

"He recognises the crisis, is attentive to queries and hopefully can succeed in turning around the poor state of health services by improving financial management and stamping out corruption," Bloom said.

He also praised economic development MEC Nkosiphendule Kolisile for "steering away from grand promises towards policies that can actually facilitate the creation of jobs".

Bloom said the worst performer was community safety MEC Faith Mazibuko who "still does not understand her essential oversight role in holding the police to account".

He said a few police stations had been assessed in the past year and the civilian oversight programme had underspent its budget by almost half.

"Detective services are abysmal, especially with regard to sexual offences which rarely get to court because of poor investigation."

Bloom said there had been average performances by housing MEC Ntombi Mekgwe and finance MEC Mandla Nkomfe.

  • tim.gordon.5011516 - 2013-01-08 18:58

    In fairness, I would like to see a rating for the DA.

      avremel.niselow - 2013-01-08 19:54

      I'd give them a B+

      ramabele.tisetso - 2013-01-08 20:28

      When Zille ascended to Nkandla , not only putting her life in danger but also putting public financial abuse back to national debate, shaming Zuma, she proved that protecting democracy and hard earned freedoms require concrete actions. For that she deserves a 10.

      sani.ghana.3 - 2013-01-08 21:44

      I vote da but they complain too much, we want to read about the good things of the da and not always complaints about the anc coz we all know

      ancbasher - 2013-01-09 07:01

      @tim.gordon.5011516 - DA cannot be rated, as the voters have not yet given them the opportunity to perform as Provincial Government in Gauteng. But they are right up there anyway as opposition.

      Mbongeni Masilela - 2013-01-16 23:06


      johan.mostert.967 - 2013-02-25 16:47

      @SaniGhana - that is what a opposition party does, it complains about the leading party and point out their weaknesses, and if the leading party is responsible, it will improve on it. @Mbongeni, Tim didn't ask for your woodwork grade.

  • ernest.lwandle - 2013-01-08 19:12

    trolls her is your food,now im giving you fair opportunity,pls grab it.

      ronald.stilianou - 2013-01-08 20:23

      You can't string a sentence together, can you? Get an education, and then come try to comment here.

  • morrisn2 - 2013-01-08 19:32

    Look at yourself and ur own province! U too obsessed with the ANC gvt. Give yourself score out of ten! I`d say 2 or less.

      ronald.stilianou - 2013-01-08 20:26

      The DA is looking at their own province, that is why it is so much better here than in the sh&thole that you call home. You are a true idiot, your comment is doing the ANC more harm than good.

      charl.malan.12 - 2013-01-08 21:09

      I give your comment a 0 out of 10!

  • ernest.lwandle - 2013-01-08 19:33

    In fairness,i would like to see a rating for Alibaba and his 40 thieves.

      ronald.stilianou - 2013-01-08 20:27

      Then go ask your kindergarten teacher. Oh, wait, education is not high on your agenda.

      charl.malan.12 - 2013-01-08 21:11

      Hahahahha, I spotted the sarcasm!

  • Yandisa Rwaai - 2013-01-08 20:00

    Why doesn't the DA address the poverty, inequality and the crime in the WC 1st and then we can make talk!! Nxa!! all they do is react !!b

      ramabele.tisetso - 2013-01-08 20:15

      They are the opposition, they are doing their job which is to hold government to account.

      ronald.stilianou - 2013-01-08 20:31

      How about they do the same amount of work your ANC does in the other provinces........

  • annie.israel.50 - 2013-01-08 20:08

    The "DA" is the opposition of the government THE IDIOTIC ANC and all his corrupt croonys are slammbering words towards the DA - THEY ANC IS WELL KNOWN FOR BEING HIGHLY CORRUPT "no question about tht "!!! Zumatje does us all a favour, as you are well aware SA is one of the biggest Gold produce of the world - "take some of you GOLD BARS, locked in your bunker" and give it back to the hard-working people SA - never forget that the SOUTH AFRICAN = WHITE is known all over the world as HARD WORKING PEOPLE WITH HIGH REGARDS FOR THEM -if you did not know that then at least your have learned something!?

      ernest.lwandle - 2013-01-08 20:17

      ANASKA and fourty trolls allert

  • adam.moloi.5 - 2013-01-08 20:28

    So who put the minoriity DA in charge of us now?

      ramabele.tisetso - 2013-01-08 20:37

      By default, in a viable democract, the opposition becomes a policeman on behalf of everybody - a ratting agency of you like.

      ramabele.tisetso - 2013-01-08 20:40

      I meant viable democracy

  • adam.moloi.5 - 2013-01-08 20:32

    I think the DA should be last to point fingers at other parties', they have no feelings for poor people and lack honesty' just like th ANC.

      charl.malan.12 - 2013-01-08 21:03

      Absolute rubbish comment, you don't know what you talking about!

      tersia.louw.12 - 2013-01-08 22:00

      Would you like to elaborate, adam.moloi.5? A bald statement like that merely tells us your opinion, but gives no basis for what you're thinking.

      Mbongeni Masilela - 2013-01-16 23:08

      Indeed they don't, the DAndruff party has made it to the top using negative critics on our government and its leaders. DAndruff must back off, I'm sick of them insulting our honorable president Zuma.

      johan.mostert.967 - 2013-02-25 16:50

      You can not mention honesty and politics in one sentence.

  • adam.moloi.5 - 2013-01-08 20:34

    So who put the minoriity DA in charge of us now?

      charl.malan.12 - 2013-01-08 21:02

      They not in charge, its called democracy, but you clearly don't know the term, like the rest of government!

      Mbongeni Masilela - 2013-01-16 23:09

      DA is minor to ANC. They've appointed themselves.

  • Yandisa Rwaai - 2013-01-08 21:13

    And for you Charl to preach democracy when no white government has ever practiced in this country perturbs me!!!

      charl.malan.12 - 2013-01-08 21:23

      Duh, this country became a democracy in 1994!

      tersia.louw.12 - 2013-01-08 22:02

      No, Yandisa, you were plenty perturbed before Charl...

  • charl.malan.12 - 2013-01-08 21:46

    @Yandisa Rwaai?2 the whole of the world knows that south africa wasn't a democracy until '94, so I don't know what you going on about! I know how a democracy works, the government that runs the country, doesn't know and clearly you don't as well and living in the past, move on!

  • warwick.railton.7 - 2013-01-09 06:44

    Iā€™d like to see the DA take on the real issues facing Gauteng citizens, like the etolling fiasco, the billing crisis, short staffed hospitals etc. all they do is bleat, they might be No 2 in SA politics, but they lack a pair ā€“ instead they rely on OUTA & COSATU to do their battles. The DA has got to get more involved, start letting the world know, organize protests ā€“ it works in Africa. The DA are not a school, we do not need school marks for the obvious nincompoops running the show here, the DA are supposed to be opposition ā€“ get out and expose & react with a set of stainless steel balls.

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