Gauteng health department pays its debt

2012-02-12 22:15

Johannesburg - The Gauteng department of health has paid over R700m it owed to health service providers in the province, a spokesperson said on Sunday.

"The total amount that was disbursed by Friday for urgent payments amounts to R736m," said Simon Zwane.

The National Health Laboratory Services (NHLS), which is responsible for diagnostic tests, including tests related to HIV and TB [tuberculosis] was owed over R700m.

"A total of R386m was paid for medical supplies, while R150m was paid to NHLS and a further R50m was paid to South African National Blood Service," he said.

"In the coming week, the Gauteng provincial team will initiate a process of negotiating with individual service providers around the payment plans towards redeeming debt owed to suppliers," said Zwane.

The Democratic Alliance reported in January that the shortfall in payments to the NHLS resulted in the halting of training of technicians and the closing down of labs in an effort to save costs while awaiting payment.

Zwane said the provincial government had identified "a potential R1bn in cash to pay for service providers in the Gauteng health department".

This would result in a R1.6bn to be paid by the end of March.

"We would like to reiterate that the department is fully aware and committed to meeting all its past and future obligations to its suppliers," said Zwane.

  • Alex - 2012-02-12 22:01

    Well Thanks to 702 on this one, they really got on the health depts back.

  • Max - 2012-02-12 22:28

    The Gauteng Provincial Government is in shambles because of their Shared Services idea that they were warned against on various occasions. They were to stupid to understand that it was not going to work and now that it failed they are to stupid to rectify the problem... He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool.

      Bernadette Amir - 2012-02-13 07:17

      I fully agree

  • seanpresherhughes_1 - 2012-02-12 23:40

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn......! What's new with this government??? They can't even budget their own bank accounts!

  • brionyl.french - 2012-02-13 05:15

    As a South African we should be allowed to see where our tax payer money goes... I wanna start seeing it otherwise maybe i should go overseas and not pay tax to this stupid ANC government

  • Wesley - 2012-02-13 05:52

    Why could they pay now, why not when ut is due, will somebody get in trouble, or will he get a performance bonus for the last week's work and forget the years of no work before last week

  • dare.myburgh - 2012-02-13 06:44

    Just waiting to see who the corrupt one is going to pocket all this money.

  • Bernadette Amir - 2012-02-13 07:14

    Take out GSSC they are halting much needed purchases and payment.

  • Kathleen - 2012-02-13 08:20

    Must there be public outrage before anything gets done in this country? As in Greece where the government has been voted in time and again by unthinking voters, so the same thing is happening here.

  • Gaby - 2012-02-13 09:02

    Yay, we should give them a medal. I suppose they wrote out a cheque and ticked it off in a little book?

  • John - 2012-02-13 09:47

    They can't pay there accounts for months.... and then in 1 week after a public outcry settle R700m+. There should be a sting of heads on the line... starting at the top

  • Karabo Nkosi - 2012-02-13 12:09

    How abou outstanding payment to Municipalities for primary health care, Emergengy Medical Services and HIV Aids grants ? ...the failure of one deparment is causing a fianacial strain for the broader Gauteng ..!

  • Patsy - 2012-02-13 20:55

    About bloody time, too!!!

  • Patsy - 2012-02-15 20:01

    Not again, surely??? Isn't there enough money in this country to keep solvent or it all being siphoned off into back pockets?

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