Gauteng pays R612m in legal cases

2012-03-19 16:17

Johannesburg - Legal settlements cost the Gauteng provincial government R612m last year, the DA said on Monday.

"It's an indication of poor governance that is costing the taxpayer dearly," said Democratic Alliance Gauteng caucus leader Jack Bloom.

According to information provided by the premier's office at a meeting on Friday of the Gauteng legislature's oversight committee, Gauteng departments faced 450 legal claims last year.

They lost 48 cases in court, won 39 and settled 71. About 300 cases were still pending.

The Gauteng finance department paid R279m for the termination of the Sibize call centre, and R1.5m involving Standard Bank. The call centre had handled bookings for driver's licences.

Roads and transport paid out R183m, and infrastructure development paid R120m. The health department lost 10 medical negligence cases in court, and had to pay R16.9m.

Comment from the premier's office was not immediately available.

  • Mark - 2012-03-19 16:21

    Yes, poor governance and seemingly without consequence till now.

      Napolita - 2012-03-19 16:36

      Government's till is your pocket ;) Heads they win, tails you loose. So, no there are consequences, and you my friend you bear 'em.

      Foc - 2012-03-19 16:41

      Why do they terminate a contract and pay R279m if the service povider has NOT performed!! The Gauteng govt should have CLAIMED from the service provider ... mind you this was probably one of the politicians own companies .... this is so sad and pathetic I wanna cry

      Mike - 2012-03-19 17:29

      Gauteng pays or the tax payer pays?

  • Sharon - 2012-03-19 16:22

    And what will the premier of the Gauteng Provincial Government have to say about this? Probably "It's only money", or "Easy come, easy go"

      PhilipV - 2012-03-19 16:28


  • dineo.mathebula - 2012-03-19 16:34

    shut up DA!!

      Foc - 2012-03-19 16:38

      You a real BANKER .... but it is spelled with a W .... try and work this one out

      Neil - 2012-03-19 16:40

      Well that is a really intelligent comment. You are a complete fargin icehole. No wonder the Anc are still in power with idiots like you.

      Juan - 2012-03-19 17:03

      Yeah the DA makes your ANC buddies look bad hey. Don't see this crap happening in Cape Town. ANC = useless, bitter pill to swallow isn't it?

      Phillys - 2012-03-19 17:41

      the nappyhead speaketh!!!!!

      Kim - 2012-03-19 17:46

      Take your meds dineo

      George - 2012-03-20 03:55

      Say slowly now, and mean what you say. "I will learn to think for myself", "I will learn to think for myself", repeat 10,000 times. It will do you good.

  • Arp Liebenberg - 2012-03-19 16:40

    dineo you must shut up fool!

  • alexander.lombard - 2012-03-19 16:41

    Please only people who are willing to go and vote make comments. The rest should accept their fait. The opposition I think only needs a million or so votes in Gauteng to form a coalition and kick out the trouble makers. I could be wrong. Those ooms that said they stopped voting after the yes or no vote and those who take it as a publick holiday or those who say their vote won't make a difference should rather refrain from complaining.

      Sharon - 2012-03-19 17:44

      I fully agree! People who don't vote lose their right to complain.

  • Kala - 2012-03-19 16:48

    I wonder if this includes attorney's fees.

      Richard - 2012-03-19 17:30

      Sadly, you will find the bulk is to "legal fees"

  • Richard - 2012-03-19 17:05

    If one third have been dealt with; two thirds still outstanding then this figure should be "more or less" three times that amount. And people stave, live in shacks and the agony continues! 1. I wish we really would take this wastage down to the people - inform, inform, inform of wastage, greed and corruption. Think how powerful we could all be if we simply told, and re-told, daily, fact without emotion or aggression.... who did what where and when.... and how much it cost, and more importantly what it could have been used for, instead, to change that person or communities life. Possibly this would be even more powerful if it was co-ordinated.... ie., of all the stories, tell this one as widely today as possible... 2. Encourage, encourage and encouraged all sane sensible people to vote... no race, just sane, thinking people who love this country and who want to stop the rot for all We can do it! We can make changes!

  • Ngaka - 2012-03-19 17:09

    Spare us your bloody opportunistic sympathy DA,we(taxpayers)don't long as is our (black) government spending money like this,it's o.k....DA will NEVER govern this country,NEVER!!not in my lifetime.This is a small amount.The Oppenheimers can settle it without complaint,GO ASK THEM, they've our money.

      maureen.bryden - 2012-03-19 17:22

      @Ngaka - methinks perhaps you are a few sabdwiches short of a picnic, you know, your lift doesn't go all the way to the top.

      Ngaka - 2012-03-19 17:27

      @maureen..O reng?

      Foc - 2012-03-19 17:28

      *yawn* ... Ngaka pity there are no tablets for stupidity ....

      Linda - 2012-03-19 17:31

      @Ngaka - are you planning on dying soon? Because the DA WILL govern soon - and I mean govern - and not just steal whatever they can get their hands on! The fact that you dont mind your Black government stealing taxpayers money - both black and white - shows what a retarded racist you are. This money should have been spent on improving the lives of the masses - not be stolen by those in power to ensure that they live like royalty. But perhaps you are one of the thieves..... which is why you have a problem with people objecting? Just asking?!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????

      Anthony - 2012-03-19 17:51

      the BIG question for you NGAKA is how has your life changed since 1994--has the anc given u a farm -have they given u a BMW ,have they given u a cheque book --have they given u a gold bar ---i dont think so ---what i do know is they have given u a VERY VERY inferior education --u must be so proud of the ANC hey!!!

      Stephen - 2012-03-19 19:57

      @Ngaka, ther are a few reasons you can make a comment, quite as crass as this 1. You are less tahn 26 years old and have been educated by your elected goverment. 2. you are blind and connot see what you are typing. 3. You are a complete racist. 4. You are so gullible you believe the self congratulatory speeches from you leaders. 5. You are JZ, and rushing around making babies will keep you in power.

      Barry - 2012-03-20 08:08

      Ngaka, do you prefer driving cars......or washing them.

  • Linda - 2012-03-19 17:36

    Hasnt anyone else cottoned on to the biggest scam being perpetrated by the ANC? Grant your friend a tender which they are incapable of fulfilling, without including any penalty clauses for non performance. Then cancel the tender so your friend can go to court to demand full payment of the contract! So - they get paid in full for failing to provide the goods/services. The attorney get paid a fortune out of tax payers/rate payers money to fight the case - and pays a kickback to the government official who gives them the brief..... And the circle of corruption continues................

  • Phillys - 2012-03-19 17:39

    Dianna "Nomvula" Ross doesnt have time to comment!!! It is too busy picking out a new flashy car, and expensive furniture for the house using tax payers money. she has no time for a piffling R600 milyooon!!

  • Kim - 2012-03-19 17:43

    Cost the Gauteng provincial government.....You mean it costs us Taxpayers. Fire these useless maaifoedies and SA can move ahead

      Francois - 2012-03-19 18:56

      Come on Kim, if you say fire them, someone will necklace them. If a kid is playing with a bicycle tyre in the street they still fine him for neckless driving. The fire brigade will be late as they have probably not paid the fuel bill. I think the ultimate solution for government employees that are members of the ANC is that they are only allowed to use state hospitals, state schools, state security, public transport and their children may not be given underprivileged status in being selected for university. Then you will quickly see that SADTU teachers work and that state hospitals get the meds (that dineo must take). Well maybe Dineo have been taking other meds as well.

      Francois - 2012-03-19 19:07

      Oom Kriel of Tannie Marikie, waar is jy nou?

  • George - 2012-03-20 03:51

    A wonderful incentive to become a lawyer. Soon our budget will go exclusively towards bribes and fines! Has anyone thought of doing a sitcom on Life in South Africa. You could not make up the stuff that goes on. I hope our historian are carefully recording because future generations, assuming there will be any, will marvel at our stupidity. Well done Presidents, Ministers. You have led us right into the brown stuff!

  • brionyl.french - 2012-03-20 05:39

    seems like a real waste of money

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