Gauteng ready for 2012 school year - MEC

2012-01-15 23:11

Johannesburg - Thirty-six new schools will be opened in Gauteng for the 2012 academic year, Education MEC Barbara Creecy said on Sunday.

"In the first term of this year, we will open 36 new schools in Gauteng - 18 in the month of January - to address space pressures. On Wednesday, 13 new schools will be ready for occupation," said Creecy.

She said all systems were ready for new learners.

"Admissions started on 1 August 2011. This year we anticipate 209 000 Grade 1 learners will begin their schooling career. We are also registering 110 000 learners in state supported Grade R facilities."

Creecy was at the Steve Tshwete Secondary School, Olivenhoutbosch helping preparation for the new year.

"To prepare for the first day of school, we have mobilised families, communities and organisations to assist with preparation for school opening."

Late applications

Creecy said parents who were still looking for schools for their children should visit their nearest district office, in which they had set up operation centres.

"District officials know the capacity of schools and will be in a position to place learners," she said.

Late applications would be handled at the special operation centres established at head office and district offices.

"In August we distributed the vacancy list for teaching posts in our schools. All vacancies were filled. We have approved 500 additional posts for the new schools.

"We started maintenance work on 69 schools in May 2011. Currently work is in progress at 42 sites," she said.

Creecy said the school nutrition program had been extended to the 36 new schools and routes for scholar transport had been finalised and signed off.

She said the parental guideline booklet and parent workshops launched in Diepsloot a year ago would be continued.

"These workshops have been successful in building a partnership with parents, educators and learners to make education a societal priority and will continue this year."

Creecy appealed to parents to participate in school governing body elections.

  • Grant - 2012-01-16 04:55

    Call me a sceptic, Ms Creecy but I wonder if the ANC adinistration has built more schools than were burnt down pre 1994. I also wonder if the 500 new teachers are able to teach bearing in mind the ANC closed down teacher trainer collages and the applicants probably only have an OBE education.

  • Max - 2012-01-16 05:28

    36 New schools with 500 new teachers. That gives you a little more than 2.3 teachers per grade per school and 72 learners per class for an average size school of 1000 learners. 18 Schools will open in January and the rest hopefully during the year. I assume Creecy made the announcement as something positive but if you look at it a bit more closely it again exposes the incompetence of the department and a total lack of planning.

      pws69 - 2012-01-16 06:23

      You are right. They opened a new school in Midrand last year. no Principal, no water, buildings incomplete. But, at least the buildings are there. It's a start.

  • pws69 - 2012-01-16 06:44

    I also find it ironic that Creecy want parents to participate in SGB elections, when the government MASSIVELY decreased the power and responsibilities of the SGB in December. Maybe they thought we would not notice.SGBs can no longer pay performance bonuses, retention bonuses, or overtime over a certain amount of time to retain good teachers. Apparently the ANC have given up on trying to improve the useless schools, and because it is POLITICALLY EXPEDIENT, they want to REDUCE the performance of quintile 4/5 schools to that of the worst township schools.

  • stefan.vanderspuy - 2012-01-16 10:09

    Being "ready" means different things to different people. I guess ready still means there will still be a delay in delivery of some text books, a shortage of teachers in certain critical subjects, etc.

  • ludlowdj - 2012-01-16 13:02

    well of course we expected them to be ready, its not as if the have to really teach anything, with our standards being so low a matric isn't even worth anything here anymore forget about overseas. The standards of education have been lowered to a point that no one has an excuse to fail. But I suppose all this was predicted prior to our pseudo democratic elections by those "mad Afrikaners" amazing how every single thing they predicted has come to pass, and those that haven't are obviously just around the corner.

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