Godongwana no scrooge

2011-12-14 20:25

Cape Town - Deputy Economic Development Minister Enoch Godongwana spent about R49 000 staying at a luxury lodge and another R110 000 at a five-star hotel in Cape Town while in his previous post at public enterprises.

A response to a parliamentary question published on Wednesday showed the deputy minister twice stayed at the Zimbali Lodge on KwaZulu-Natal's Dolphin Coast on official business.

A two-day stay set the state back R11 699 and another of a week cost R37 365.

Godongwana routinely stayed at the Table Bay hotel in Cape Town. He spent a total of 25 nights there at a cost of R110 875 between his appointment in May 2009 and the October 2010 Cabinet reshuffle that saw him moved to his new portfolio.

Public Enterprises Minister Malusi Gigaba, who took up the post in that reshuffle, has on four occasions stayed at the Hilton Hotel in Durban.

His room cost more than R5 000 a night each time. Godongwana also spent a night there at a cost of R5 905.

Gigaba has stayed at the Southern Sun Emnotweni in Mbombela three times, spending up to R4 700 a night.

  • Marius Koen - 2011-12-14 20:37

    When is this going to end?????? Bleeding the coffers dry, while SARS is doing everything to replendish it? What a joke we have become. I see only one solution: stop paying taxes.

  • Marius Koen - 2011-12-14 20:41

    Best of all: there are mp houses available, ministerial residences, etc. but NO! we are fancy and only stay in the best hotels. Never mind the poor bastards out there who has got nothing.

  • Dave - 2011-12-14 20:41

    Would he have enjoyed the lavish lifestyle if he had to pay for it himself? I think not, when is this pig-out behaviour going to stop. Newspapers and radio stations, please make this unacceptable troughism known, and link it to how many houses, how many homes connected to a water supply, something the man in the street can relate to.

  • AyGeewils - 2011-12-14 20:49

    Public servants? more like public drains ... disgusting waste and all for a phony opulence

  • maseratifittipaldi - 2011-12-14 20:53

    Useless parasites.

  • fargone - 2011-12-14 22:03

    Would have been cheaper to fly return SAA on a daily basis...

  • edwin.netto - 2011-12-15 11:52

    The prescribed accommodation rate should at least be less per week than that of the monthly pension paid to our pensioners. A pensioner gets R1000 per month so R1000 per week should be the maximum allowed for accommodation. Then maybe the ministers will realise what pain and suffering they are causing the poor pensioners. What’s wrong with a Town Lodge Rate or R700 per night, its only a bed, but a minister spends R5000 per night only on accommodation, what was the meal and other sundry costs?!

  • MEC - 2011-12-15 13:05

    This government think they are royalty!

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