Govt entities face surprise-visit blitz

2012-10-04 22:21

Johannesburg - The performance monitoring and evaluation department has started a programme of unannounced visits to public service institutions, Minister in the Presidency Collins Chabane said on Thursday.

"The objectives are to collect evidence on the quality of services and to work with the relevant departments to demonstrate how to use such monitoring information for improvements," he said.

The sites included schools, health facilities, police stations and municipal customer care centres.

Speaking at a seminar in East London, Chabane said the monitoring processes had identified policy and system weaknesses such as poor facility maintenance and the lack of effective operational systems.

He said that through the initiative, the department would be able to brief various Parliamentary committees.

He said not all government departments were being monitored by his department, because they were doing their own monitoring of their sectors.

"... For example, health and basic education should have systems to monitor a range of key indicators, including the supply of medicines and the delivery of textbooks."

He said that while all levels of government needed to carry out monitoring and evaluation, there was no need for duplication.

"The challenge is to ensure that monitoring and evaluation is complementary across all levels, with sharing of data and analysis as far as possible. All parties need to consciously avoid duplication and to co-operate to avoid overloading...," he said.

The department had stuck to this principle.

It was not carrying out audits as it relied he auditor general's information. It was also not setting up new systems to assess the performance of individual departments against their plans.

"There is an existing system of strategic plans and annual performance plans and annual reports which is managed by National Treasury," he said.

Chabane also said his department was not taking measures to hold public servants accountable and to take disciplinary action for poor performance as there was an existing system in terms of the Public Service Act and Public Service Regulation.

  • Jimmy NZ - 2012-10-04 22:39

    Mmm... You've just told them you're coming! SA goverment for the win!

      Jimmy NZ - 2012-10-04 22:46

      *government* Jimmy spelling fail! Should work for News24 :)

      max.reynecke - 2012-10-04 23:00

      The question is actually, who is going to do the inspections and who is going to come up with the corrective measures. If you know anything about the quality of personnel appointed in government you will realise that this is just smoke and mirrors and will end up as just another ANC failure. - 2012-10-04 23:56

      Man I hope none of you believe this crap. The only thing they ever do is talk and talk since the CANCER took over all you hear is we gonna do this and we gonna do that. And then? months down the line we hear that the courts have now issued a third warning for the school books to be delivered. What the hell happened about the first 2? talk talk talk talk

      mc.segal.5 - 2012-10-05 06:31

      18 years later we wake up...

      steve.gibson.146612 - 2012-10-05 07:22

      Have they woken up? Or is this just another spin doctoring image before Manguang. Notice all the extra effort in Eastern Cape and sudden anouncements. Is SA that easily fooled????????

      greg.quinn.353 - 2012-10-05 09:06

      "... For example, health and basic education should have systems to monitor a range of key indicators, including the supply of medicines and the delivery of textbooks." Wow.. that instills me with great amounts of confidence..

      jbm.moate - 2012-10-05 12:15

      Not really Jimmy, he didnt give them the dates and time did he? so they only know he is coming they must start cleaning their act now, until then he decides to surprise them...

  • makavelithedonkilluminati.shakur - 2012-10-04 22:47

    @least something positive @ last,but its already too late because the limpopo kids are going fail their exams.

      Phiwe Mazula'yithole Ximba - 2012-10-05 06:26

      @ Shakur I am very sad about limpompo kids cos its simple means their parent as well are useless,how do u let you kids go to school 4 7 month but there is no book Y do you keep quite even one or two month, u can not be

      Jaap - 2012-10-05 07:17

      It's never too late for KFC and Nandos!

      steve.gibson.146612 - 2012-10-05 07:23

      @Phiwe A true reflection of non performance and disinterest by the parents who expect Govt to assume responsibility for everything >

      jacques.smit - 2012-10-05 12:48

      yet MANY people will still vote the incompatent ANC into power again.... WHY??

  • keamogetswe.seoma - 2012-10-04 22:48

    No comment...public service is poor already, what makes you to decide today...a public stant to be notice by media or mangaung - 2012-10-04 23:57

      yes it's just propaganda

      jacques.smit - 2012-10-05 12:55

      Its called politics.. Tell gullable people they will get something and they follow you blindly.. wonder how many people are still waiting for their '94 election washing machines.... Yet they still vote for ANC.. Baffles me..

  • PaasHaas - 2012-10-04 23:30

    Another magnificent PR excercise from Zuma and Co - Look people, see what we are doing to sort out crime, corruption and ineptitude in the civil service. Tomorrow in invesigator arrives at Mr Dlamini's desk after learning he he runs a private company from his government office. Guess what, Mr Dlamini will be drumming up support for old Jacob at Mangaung. Mr Dlamini's business will be operating without hinderance from now on. However if Mr Dlamini had once hinted that he thought Tokyo was a good prospect for President, Mr Dlamini would be suspended (on full pay of course) and his access to resources to run his company curtailed (slightly).

  • abedmakhi.mhlungu - 2012-10-04 23:45

    Under President Jacob Zuma we see real leadership, serious leaders to rescue our country, I like this method,I think it will make government officials to do their jobs accordingly therefore long ques will come to an end.

      croix.mactee - 2012-10-05 05:44

      Their integrity, work ethics and loyalty should be the driving force behind "doing their jobs". Anyway, this function was previously performed internally by the DG and other senior officials. Of course I forgot ...... they are too busy running their own private busineses!

      mc.segal.5 - 2012-10-05 06:35

      They will not fix the problems . If our leadership cannot fix small things like broken windows and simple littering we are in trouble.. It is in the culture....Crap on your own doorstep and not see whats wrong with it.

      Zahir - 2012-10-05 07:19

      This is just another smokescreen created by anc to confuse there loyal blind voters

      steve.gibson.146612 - 2012-10-05 07:26

      Spin Doctoring for Manguang. Are we blind???????

      Andrea - 2012-10-05 11:52

      Abedmakhi, I'm not sure that we live in the same country. "real leadership, serious leaders to rescue our country ..." You are as ignorant as the rest of the whatnots, do you seriously believe what you wrote? Please point out to me the progress and growth, all I see is a country crippled by poverty as a result of the endless greed of its' Serious Leaders!

  • njdejager - 2012-10-05 00:16

    @abedmakhi are you from this planet?

  • Erna - 2012-10-05 01:33

    It all depends who is doing the checking. If it's the usual government (anc) officials they wouldn't recognise bad service / work ethics if it hit them in the face.

  • sally.lewitt - 2012-10-05 01:42

    Lol! Isn't this a bit late in the day for doing this? What a load of BS.. Ai Ai!

  • nzapheza - 2012-10-05 01:55

    Wat kind of stupidity leads a minister to announce publicly that he will make \surprise\ visits? Perhaps the police can also announce beforehand where they gonna conduct raids.

  • tiaan.truter - 2012-10-05 04:11

    LOL if this oak ends up by the SAPS door step,i highly doubt he will be leaving soon.You dont have enough resources to correct everything thats wrong in the different sectors.Plus this will take sooooo much time to evaluate before anything can be done.

  • croix.mactee - 2012-10-05 05:35

    Whatever systems and monitoring measures are currently in place - they're sure as hell not working too well. On the other hand this will mean extended stays in fancy hotels, travel claims, etc, etc, by more of the same 'incapables' currently not able to perform the work in the first place. If not also for disciplinary purposes, WHAT then?

  • Gerald Jordaan - 2012-10-05 06:45

    The dumb f*cknuts couldn't arrange a shag in a brothel not to mention improving service delivery !! Joburg and KOSH municipalities are equally incompetent !! The ANC has no idea how to manage..BUT when it comes to stealing corruption and nepotism they are masters !!

  • Michael - 2012-10-05 07:10

    Why DA will never rule this country? No 1: It is being led by a white person, and your comments here reflect what we can expect when you come to power. No 2: Most of you white people just live in this country not by choice, but because you happen to find yourselves here and have no where to go, othewise you would have left long ago. No 3. You are very bitter and there is no way you can lead while majority of you are still thinking and talk they way you do in this forum. Start putting thumb down.

      steve.gibson.146612 - 2012-10-05 07:32

      bitter yes, Because good infrastructure, efficient systems etc are crumbling before our eyes. Just look at the item on Cancer machines not being repaired. Roads decaying, litter building up, No water in some towns,sewage systems not upgraded, Corruption everywhere,School books not deliverd and even ordered on time, Municipal account b@lls ups, Do ypou want me to continue or is this message clear enough???????

      Andrea - 2012-10-05 11:56

      Steve, no point in continuing to point out the most obvious of decay, Michael is just another ignorant whatnot, your effort is wasted with him.

  • sefako.mokgalaka - 2012-10-05 08:48

    Nice one! What happened to the Zuma hotline?

      Andrea - 2012-10-05 11:57

      having lunch at KFC

  • ari.potah - 2012-10-05 08:52

    I doubt this joker has access to anyone who is in fact competent to perform such monitoring and evaluations. Its all "tick-box" stuff - like every other so-called regulator.

  • quartus.vanzyl - 2012-10-05 09:10

    So eventually the government acknowledges that the wrong kind of person is employed in the government service. The type you must pay surprise visits to. The type you must "spy" on. All this thanks to affirmative action!

  • nicolas.gombert.16 - 2012-10-05 10:25

    I support this, as the Auditor General only looks at the adherence to financial procedures and not things like the length of the queue at a hospital. Whether something will be done to alleviate these problems, remains to be seen, but we should not rely on the spin from the department in question that "all is well", because it ain't. Nothing like a bit of wandering around and paying unexpected visits to catch somebody sleeping on the job. Start with the cops sitting (sleeping) next to the highways.

  • gert.theunissen.3 - 2012-10-05 10:58

    If you pay him a surprise visit, you will most properly find one finger up his nose and the other hand with his hands in a cookie jar busy steeling,and when you ask him a question he will be lying, like how is the surprise monitoring going in the education departments?? the answer will be ..eeeish it is challenging, but we are trying,if it wasn't for apartheid we would have been there already, and no, I'm not enriching myself or my dumb-ass comrades

  • elizabethann.auld - 2012-10-05 11:17

    Another waste of tax payers money. We need a strong leader - have seen none yet - someone who can make a decision without committees hellping tthe committe that helps..... Make the decision - where necessary get through arliament withouts a committee - just a government decision and then ACT - NO TALK - ACYION. For eaxmple: All yeachers not at work without a valid doctor's certificate - apply same rules as for any private company as laid down in the BCEA. The same for all government staff - all those rules as for 'normal' people. Where necessary have mass dismissals and then employ people willing to work and work well - even if they ARE over 35 - so what! If you won't / can't do the job properly - get out! Colour and BBBEE does not do the work capable people do!

  • dries.appelgryn - 2012-10-05 11:18

    How long is this learning curve to go on? After 18 years of schooling from entering school plus a masters degree I would think that education has borne some fruit..but alas not in government.

      Andrea - 2012-10-05 12:01

      Only because they keep employing the same people to different departments, almost like inbreeding, there's never new blood therefore the inferior intellect cannot be refreshed in order to uplift.

  • Andrea - 2012-10-05 11:43

    And who will be overseeing the department to ensure they are actually monitoring the ones who they are going to be paid to monitor ??

  • mzondistanley - 2012-10-05 13:11

    This will enforce Productive from non Producting work, Accountability, Honesty and Quality of work!!

  • jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-10-05 13:13

    Just another money wasting effort in the perpetual play of trying to look as if they know what they are doing.

  • johan.jacobs.33821 - 2012-10-05 14:20

    Till after the election.

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