HRC must probe hockey racism - premier

2012-05-10 07:26

Mahikeng - The South African Human Rights Commission must investigate claims that a 17-year-old Brits school girl was turned away from hockey trials in Rustenburg because of her race, North West Premier Thandi Modise said on Wednesday.

Modise called the incident "an affront to our democracy" and efforts towards reconciliation".

It was also unacceptable that sporting events organised along racial lines were still held.

The Times reported that 17-year-old Rego Modise, a Grade 11 pupil at Wagpos Horskool, was told that hockey trials held at Hoërskool Grenswag were for white pupils only.

Neither Koen nor Wagpos principal Daan Neethling could be reached for comment, but Rev Peter Stans, CEO of Afrikaner Volkseie Sport, the organisers of Bokkie Week, said Modise had "definitely" not been invited for the trials, which were by invitation only. He said the week was for "Afrikaner" children only.

No player of a different race had ever attended Bokkie Week, Stans said.

Task team

Modise's spokesperson Lesiba Kgwele said North West education MEC Louisa Mabe had launched a task team to investigate the matter.

The Democratic Alliance said it wanted answers too.

DA sports spokesperson Winston Rabotapi said he had written to Afrikaner Volkseie Sport president Koos Marais for clarification on the requirements for attendance of the Bokkie Week trials.

If he did not receive a satisfactory response within three days, he too would ask the Human Rights Commission to investigate.

"This type of exclusion harks back to the days of apartheid and is destructive to efforts at national reconciliation."

He said sport could be a powerful tool for unity.

  • Eugene - 2012-05-10 07:37

    Then at the same time let's have another look at our soccer teams and every other organisasion with the word black in front of it. Hypocricy at it's best.

      Bonga - 2012-05-10 08:06

      so i take it the SAFA board is full of blacks?....let alone players....

      Eugene - 2012-05-10 08:11

      Who cares about the board? We are talking about the players. How many soccer clubs are there in the country? Do you want to tell me there is absolutely no other players of race except that which you see running out on the field when Bafana Bafana is playing... think not...

      letwice - 2012-05-10 09:02

      I'm sorry but i have to disagree with you Eugene. Soccer in SA is starting to attract all races. Just like how rugby used to have mainly white players. Its purely because at the end of the day the coach has to play someone who sucks the least. Matthew booth for example was for me one of the best defenders we had before his injury. I agree that whites are few in soccer in SA but how many of them are really interested in playing the sport in the 1st place.

      Farmworker - 2012-05-10 09:25

      Whites don't want to involve themselves in soccer, I heard of lots of whites privates schools that banned or does not recognize soccer as a sport but recognize the non-entertaining, dangerous rugby.

      Eugene - 2012-05-10 15:43

      Whites dont want to involve themselves with soccer. the millions in the country that involves themselves in the Europeanleagues ..not an African game my friend. It is a global thing believe it or not. Go to the South of JHB and go see how many white soccer clubs there are...the world is a little bit bigger then your hometown. And as for rugby...go tell that to the brilliant black players like Brian Habana. Too dangerous...yeah, tell that to the rugby board please.

      Merven - 2012-05-11 07:29

      All that the ANC is securing is the fact that the majority whites will never vote for their racist party.

  • kamohelo.olifant - 2012-05-10 07:38

    ooh! Im just waiting for whites to comment on dis 1

      Lorain - 2012-05-10 08:00

      To be honest i dont think the HRC should get involved the worst that happened is that this girls feelings were hurt,they were not abuse towards her in any way BUT that jessicaleandra thing on the other hand should feel the wrath of the HRC,thats where they should concetrate their efforts.

      Frank - 2012-05-10 08:03

      What is there to comment about? This is just another piece of hypocrisy deserving of no attention at all. Please try and explain (rationally) how is this different from any Black Association/Forum/Previously Disadvantaged Camps we are living with daily?

      Koos - 2012-05-10 08:22

      There is no difference but according to dark logic it is not the same.

      mariuskowie - 2012-05-10 08:28

      @ kamohelo.olifant. What a racist comment!

      Benn - 2012-05-10 08:42

      I feel sorry for that young girl, but I also feel sorry for the thousands of young white kids who must hear the same thing at the places of employment. Lets be consistent,at least.

      CliveK - 2012-05-10 09:02

      This whitey deplores any form of racism, whether is was practised/enforced by the Nat regime, is currently being practised/encouraged by the ANC, is flaunted by certain exclusively black forums and associations, or is condoned by sporting bodies. Satisfied, Kamohelo?

      Stirrer - 2012-05-10 09:22

      Kamohelo, you seem to have a lot to say. Do you agree thgat the following organisations and government policies are also racist and should be investigated by the HRC? Affirmative action BEE BLACK Lawyers Association (BLA) BLACK Accountants Association (ABASA) BLACK Journalists Association BLACK Management Forum (BMF) BLACK Securities and Investment Professionals Association (ABSIP) BLACK Construction Association (BBCBE) BLACK Business Association (NAFCOC) BLACK Business Executive Circle (BBEC) BLACK Association of Travel Agents (BATASA) BLACK Brokers Association (BBCSA) BLACK Businesswomens Association (BBWA) AFRICAN Women Chartered Accountants (AWCA) Your thoughts on this?

      adrien.mcguire - 2012-05-10 09:48

      @Stirrer As Much as I said earlier, that the barring of the girl was a disgrace and an outrage.The concept of the 'Black' organisations is also a disgrace and an outrage. When are we going to learn to live side by side. I am totally against any form of segregation, racialism, BEE etc and everytime I see it my stomach turns !

      adrien.mcguire - 2012-05-10 09:55

      @Kamohelo.oliphant Instead of making an inane comment, I would like to hear your stance on the matter, and also on Stirrer's comment about the exclusionary 'Black' organisations. I dare you to engage this subject and tell people where you stand on racism !

      adrien.mcguire - 2012-05-10 10:04

      Just thinking What about the Maccabi games for jewish people, Are they against the constitution, exclusionary, etc?

      Thato - 2012-05-10 10:20

      Stirrer and the gang: what has professional bodies got to do with schooling and school events; you just cannot compare the two. This is a racial discrimination issue at a multi racial school at an official schooling event*- now now you gonna pull worker unions and political parties into this. schools and schooling events must be indepenent of race, ethnic, cultural, political even religious influences as this is where young professionals must be taught to work and live together in South Afica comes 2042; and hopefuly they will realise that professional forums based on race must be stoped... People who establish professional bodies on racial basis do so because of what was put into their heads so lets not continue to plough the seed of discrimination in kids- they are the answer to our social differences- Look at kids at kindergarden, preschool or creche- they just play along well regardless of race until parents start poisoning their minds with white's only sports events. Never heard of any sports event in the New South Africa where a participent was denied access based on race*- this only happens in Gernswag and has nothing to do with Black professional associations*

      adrien.mcguire - 2012-05-10 10:41

      @Thato You are right about the kids playing together and adults poisoning their minds. However, until the kids , becoming adults in today's South Africa get opportunities based on merit there will always be racism in this country. Whether it is in sport or business, we need the best people to succeed so that the sport/ economy can grow and absorb those leaving school. We cannot continue much longer, taking this country down to the lowest common denominator by having unskilled and unqualified people in place. The youth of today, played no part in the past and it is time they stop paying for the sins of their fathers.

      Stirrer - 2012-05-10 10:58

      @Kamohelo - I'm still waiting for your response... @Thato - There is no difference between Bokkie Week organised exclusively for Afrikaners, and all the Black Whatever Forum/Association/Etc's. In both cases it's one group excluding another group. In both cases it is based on race, so YES, both are equally racist. What I want to know is, if Bokkie Week and what happened there is being referred to the HRC, why are the others not also referred to the HRC? South Africa has no place for race based organisations, sports quotas, or BEE. Our constitution guarantees equality and so it should be.

      Thato - 2012-05-10 11:10

      Well said Adrien, and we agree to agree that black professional bodies have nothing to do with racial discrimination at a school sports event* and that until employees, at white owned and run companies, are paid and promoted based on performance and qualification instead of race there will be racism- "white workers are paid more because it is said that they has higher costs of living than blacks since they live in townships and don't pay rent and a white worker will be promoted quicker even after being at a company only for a few months while a qualified and experienced worker somehow does not fit the job"- and this is still know to happen at white owned companies and on the mines_ black man gets a jobs he wants thanks to affirmative action and BEE and not because of his qualification and experince (which black man has) as they don't count in the white man's eyes.

      Hugh - 2012-05-10 12:43

      @Adrien, So If I establish a:- White Business Forum or White Management Forum or White Lawyers Association? Double standards. @Thato, ok what about Boys and Girl schools? Isn't that sexist? I'm sick to death of oversensitive political correctness. A spade remains a spade, but then the holy cow "black" cant be racist. Its exclusively a white thing.

      Jacqui - 2012-05-10 13:26

      Farmworker, we are soccer fans and our children played soccer. Mind you not the inferior stuff played here. Your opinion about white people and soccer is nonsense.

      Maltacular - 2012-05-10 13:48

      @Stirrer do you have any idea how difficult it was in the 90's for an average black person with decent education to get a job? I will assume that you do not. So when initiatives are taken to empower a race previously disadvantaged by policies etc you should appreciate such moves instead of just looking at everything negatively.

      chantypalm - 2012-05-10 13:49

      does it matter what colour skin you have for your comment to be relevant or not? really? im white - and i think this whole situation was disgusting.... so? so what? who cares? you are probably the same person that complains about racism, yet you are the same person who brings it up

      adrien.mcguire - 2012-05-10 16:38

      @ hugh There should be no need for 'black' organisations, but from the rhetoric that I hear from them, they are nothing more than thinly veiled political organisations.

      Merven - 2012-05-11 07:33

      @Maltafcular do you have any idea how difficult it is now for an average white kid with decent sport skills to get a place in a sport team? I will assume that you do not. So when initiatives are taken to empower a race currently disadvantaged by policies etc you should appreciate such moves instead of just looking at everything negatively.

      Joanita - 2012-05-11 08:48

      And what would you want de whites to comment on dis 1?

  • Chumscrubber1 - 2012-05-10 07:38

    Why is it racism? Surely they would also exclude english speaking white girls. Call it exclusionism or something, but not racism. Why do people only care when a black person is excluded. For that matter, why care at all. Let the boere have their exclusive day - who is it hurting. I'm sure no afrikaans girl would like to attend the reed dance, and for that matter I think it would be appropriate to not allow white people to attens that - or Pedi's etc. Why is exclusivity considered so evil? The Jews do it all the time and nobody whines.

      Koos - 2012-05-10 07:44

      They would exclude white english kids to but then again,english wouldn't go there because they have common sense.

      MichelleRamsaySA - 2012-05-10 07:47

      I'm a white English and I played Bokkie week for three years. That's not the issue.

      Frank - 2012-05-10 08:05

      @ Thoka Are you lot ever going to get to the point where you feel vindicated from apartheid or will you actively keep it alive for ever? Pathetic, to say the least!

      Lorain - 2012-05-10 08:13

      @ Frank well maybe if you loose you apartheid mentality we wont have reason to mention it

      Gerhardus - 2012-05-10 08:14

      @Thoka - That's funny everyone is discriminated against not just black people, but this is a racist event. This girl must be glad they turned her down though, I knew a few good hockey players that were invited, which turned it down. Apparently joining this team is not good for you if you want to join provincial or a SA team. But yeah it's a racist event. I am white btw and screw these guys, they must stop events like this, also screw everyone that promotes racism, black/white or the freaken smurfs, we have to move on.

      Frank - 2012-05-10 08:19

      Lorain - May 10, 2012 at 08:13 So having a culture sports event is now apartheid? Don't be eternally stupid, man!

      Frank - 2012-05-10 08:44

      @ Thoka I believe you about Mokaba, as with that slow puncture infested fool that eventually killed him, you display the same traits he held dear.....he tried, he failed and so will you as sanity has the endearing quality to prevail in all situations despite the best efforts of morons!

      Jacqui - 2012-05-10 13:28

      Thoka with a mouth like yours, it's no wonder you are discriminated.

      Jacqui - 2012-05-10 13:29

      Lorain you will keep Apartheid alive because it serves to hide your failures.

  • winston.mullany - 2012-05-10 07:38

    Task team??? Really now!! Amazes me how they like to roll out the red carpet to investigate a simple matter! But gosh let a white person go to a black event and get turned away, nothing is heard of it!

      Thoka - 2012-05-10 07:46

      give me a single genuine incident, do not manufature 1.

      winston.mullany - 2012-05-10 07:51

      Thoka, journalist Ben Said.

      RoadSideBomer - 2012-05-10 07:57

      @ thoka, black journalist forum idiot whit journalist was not allowed to attend

      MSGRule - 2012-05-10 07:57

      Black lawyers assosiation/black journalist assosiation/black this and that

      Frank - 2012-05-10 08:08

      @Thoka So a white journalist are barred from the Black Whatever Forum. Please explain how is this different from this little storm in a teacup? Chop!!

      Frank - 2012-05-10 08:09

      Obviously should be IS barred! Sorry, mind racing away from the fingers! ;-((!

      Thoka - 2012-05-10 08:46

      like i said before lets drw the battle field, last mann standing shall walk away, am sick of racists.

      Chris - 2012-05-10 08:53

      @Thoka, you asked for examples and then when they're given to you then you decide you want to fight? Man up an admit that racism against whites is also common in this country.

      Frank - 2012-05-10 09:03

      Thoka - May 10, 2012 at 08:46 And this is your solution to the perceived problem? Can you not realistically fathom how stupid you sound and how insignificant this issue really is? The black population basking in all the glory of BEE and AA goes into a barrel roll each time some perceive racist situation arises, threatening death and destruction. You should realize that the world looks on in amazement that with all the unprecedented assistance you are offered, you still have to whine on about every little storm in a teacup you see as racism, instead of moving forward with your life like we are doing. It really doesn't say very much about you as a people!

      Stirrer - 2012-05-10 09:28

      @Frank - I have a lot of black business associates that I have the greatest personal and professional respect for. I look at them and think that we as a nation really have a bright future. Then someone like Thoka comes along and I realize we are actually f*cked.

      richard.hipkin - 2012-05-10 09:47

      @Thoka " sick of racists." Then stop commenting as you last few comments are pure racism.

      Chumscrubber1 - 2012-05-10 11:19

      I won't attend a "black" event, or for that matter an event that specifically wants afrikaners to attend. Why go somewhere you're not wanted? Why can't certain groups hold exclusive events? Would a Christian want to attend a Muslim event, and if so, why? This obsession with not allowing people freedom of association amazes me, why protect some freedoms but reject others?

      Jacqui - 2012-05-10 13:33

      Thoka, white friends wanted to go to a concert in a black area and they were turned away. Whites wanted to go to a political meeting and they were turned away. A white man applied for a job and was turned away because he didn't have the right colour. Grow up.

      Jacqui - 2012-05-10 13:35

      Thoka, and Iam sick of fools. You quickly changed your tune didn't you?.

      Frank - 2012-05-10 13:56

      @ Stirrer I have the same problem as you as I have met scores of hugely talented and genuine black people in all sectors of life and the hope flickers.....then a supposedly educated person like Thoka just manages to douse it to ashes! The really sad part is that I then want to question the motives of all black people.........

      Merven - 2012-05-11 07:37

      'am sick of racists.' Lol, rich coming from one of the biggest racists on this forum.

  • MichelleRamsaySA - 2012-05-10 07:40

    I've been expecting this day for some time.. Afrikaner Volkseie Sport doesn't make sense. Why exclude all other races from participating except white South Africans? It's about talent, not skin colour.

      Koos - 2012-05-10 07:43

      If it is about talent why are white kids excluded from selection due to quotas?

      MichelleRamsaySA - 2012-05-10 07:48

      @Koos, why don't you ask them?

      RoadSideBomer - 2012-05-10 07:54

      You make comments but when you have been asked a question, you kick the ball into touch typical brain dead

      Koos - 2012-05-10 07:55

      I know the answer, seems that you don't.

      MSGRule - 2012-05-10 07:59

      @Michelle - why are you commenting

      MichelleRamsaySA - 2012-05-10 08:00

      @Koos I don't know the answer you're right. Do you have the answer? If you do, care to share?

      Heibrin - 2012-05-10 08:01

      @Michelle: it's not about talent or racism, but about community and preservation of culture. Much like the Zulu would be affronted by the idea of a bunch of Boere turning up at the Reed dance, so the same applies. I've read your comment above about being English, however you had been invited? As such one might say you were a guest of the organization, and there as an exception, not a rule.

      kmangi - 2012-05-10 08:03

      Finally some1 who has a brain, people on news24 are biter, no one wants to be real that there is divisions of race in this country. and btw in soccer we dont exclude no one, its all about talent, when a foreign coach/player is hired we dont say why did they bring a white or black coach/player...

      MichelleRamsaySA - 2012-05-10 08:12

      @Heibrin, I completely understand your point. However to be completely honest I want to learn about different cultures! In my mind, the Zulu culture would welcome me if I asked to join in and learn who they are and how they live. That to me is sharing one's culture. Just like me asking the Xhosa culture to teach me their language, or dancing the way they do when their music plays in a club. We end up in a circle celebrating music, not the fact that we are different in colour. As to your point about me being an exception, I was born half Boer, half English. I made the team three times based on talent, not skin colour. Skin colour should not be an excuse for ANYTHING whatsoever. We all share the same bodies with the same organs, heart and live on the same planet. Why divide based on colour? Doesn't make sense to me..

      Mbulelo - 2012-05-10 08:18

      Koos, Koos, Koos, what quota are yout talking about? Where do you see quota? In which sport? If there is one or two blacks in a team of 11 on a cricket pitch, what do you call that? If out of 15 springbok players only one or two are black what is that? Is that quota? What do you want? All white sport teams running parallel to non-racial teams? As for AVS reasoning, what if the sport authority decides to exclude all those Afrikaner kids who benefit from this act of prejudice, from selection to any provincial and national hockey teams? Who is going to suffer? Of course the kids that are being indoctrinated by their parents, who subscribe to exclusive existence. Coexisence and inclusive way of life is the way to go.

      Manu - 2012-05-10 08:24

      koos, if there were no quotas the underpriviledged would not be able to enter these sports. These days it costs a lot of money to be competitive at sports and the underprivileged are severely disadvantaged. These quotas are needed to attract other ethnic groups to the sports so that they become more representative of the country. Please give others a chance, you have so much already!

      Koos - 2012-05-10 08:26

      Mbulelo: I was involved with junior cricket until not so long ago. Seven players MUST be players of colour irrespective of talent. They have their own trials where whites/indians are not allowed to participate.

      Heibrin - 2012-05-10 10:40

      @Michelle: I'm a half-and-half myself, which does make the culture thing interesting, to say the least. Here is a question for you then: an Indian couple gets married, and the father of the bride requests that, in respect of their culture (inclusive of religion), no non-hindu people attend. Does this make him racist?? A sangoma, asked to attend a elderly lady's house, in order to get rid of some evil spirits, asks that no one that is not from their tribe attend, so as to appease their ancestors. Does that make her racist?? Democratic freedom includes freedom of association, in whichever way you define yourself. If a certain group does not want to associate with you, for whatever reason, they should have the freedom to do so, provided that their actions does not exclude you from your constitutional rights. The question is then did they violate her constitutional rights? In my opinion not, since the event was by invitation only, and she hadn't been invited.

      Jacqui - 2012-05-10 13:39

      What is wrong with Afrikaner Volkseie Sport?. When the Britsh dance around the Mypole they don't invite other races to participate, but Afrikaners have to. Poor Afrikaners sure get the short end of the stick.

      Elton - 2012-05-10 13:57

      @ Heibrin : It is not about culture because hockey is certainly not a cultural event. Furthermore, nobody needs to be barred from a true cultural event because people of different cultures would have no interest. Let's put it at another angle. What if a girl has an Afrikaner father and English mother? Or say an Afrikaner father and a Chinese or Black mother? Will she also be barred? Where does one draw the line? What does it have to do with hockey? They are racists because they don't want to play hockey with blacks. They should be ashamed of themselves.

      Heibrin - 2012-05-10 14:22

      @Elton: any event can be culturally different: take weddings, as a prime example. Culture isn't what you do, but rather how you do it. For the black girl this hockey event would have been about playing on the field, for the Afrikaner girls this would have been about playing hockey, yes, but also about 'kerrie en rys', pannekoek, Afrikaner music etc, etc. Each to his own, me to mine.

      Heibrin - 2012-05-10 14:29

      And Elton: my dad's Afrikaans and Mom's English. I did however grow up Afrikaans. In my opinion being part of a certain cultural group depends not only on observing its culture, but also on being accepted as a peer in that culture. Only then can you label yourself as being of that culture. Prime example is Zimbabwe's Lemba people, DNA proves that they are genetically related to the Jewish people, and they observe a lot of Jewish traditions, however due to the fact that they marry outside their tribe, and that being Jewish is defined by your mother's side of the family, they are not considered Jewish by traditional Jews, and therefore would be excluded from attending traditional Jewish events.

      Elton - 2012-05-10 15:14

      @ Heibrin : It is hockey. Let other cultures play, you can still eat your 'kerrie en rys'. What are you afraid off? If your Dad was Chinese and you where brought up Afrikaans, you would have been kicked out, and you know it.

      Merven - 2012-05-11 07:41

      @Elton, yes, it is hockey, hockey for currently disadvantaged kids. The only way blacks can still be disadvantaged with AA and BEE and quotas is due to their useless political party and your own short comings. - go and blame the ANC!

  • Khetha Hlophe - 2012-05-10 07:44

    What were the trials for? was it the ordinary get together or had national,prov,local interest,\r\nDid they take the reg fee,was it political oriented? Then we can deduce the real answer

      RoadSideBomer - 2012-05-10 07:58

      Hi I think you are asking the right questions here

      Merven - 2012-05-11 07:44

      Bokkie weekends was created for white kids that gets discriminated against by school quota systems, to have a chance to play sport without any political interference from the ANC. It is privately sponsored and run and got nothing to do with national, provincial etc teams.

  • Phillip - 2012-05-10 07:46

    Rev Stans most probably believe that there is a 'whites only' signpost at the pearly gates.

      richard.hipkin - 2012-05-10 09:48

      You need to rather ask why Heaven has gates..

      Phillip - 2012-05-10 10:01

      possibly to keep racists out...

      Merven - 2012-05-11 07:45

      If Gandhi is in heaven then heaven is for racist also. Every read Gandhi's early writings? Google it.

  • Gregory - 2012-05-10 07:47

    "This type of exclusion harks back to the days of apartheid and is destructive to efforts at national reconciliation." ... and what about singing "Kill the Boer..." I suppose that builds national reconciliation.

      wehan.victor - 2012-05-10 11:31

      @Michael, You can't kill the Boer even if you tried your best. Better get used to us Boertjies being around!

      Jacqui - 2012-05-10 13:42

      Michael judging by the photo on your Facebook page, you need a lot of help to kill anything. Why use these white inventions if you hate us so much?.

  • Michelle - 2012-05-10 07:47

    It was by invitation only, the way I understand it and this girl arrived UNINVITED. Would love to hear the exact verbal exchange and wonder if what she says is what actually transpired.

      Koos - 2012-05-10 07:54

      Some people don't understand the concept of 'invitation'.

      Manu - 2012-05-10 08:48

      Michelle, what was the purpose of the event?

      Heibrin - 2012-05-10 10:47

      @Manu: that's inconsequential. If I hold a wedding (traditionally by invitation only), and you turned up, and I showed you the door, does that make me a racist, since there is a better than average chance that all the people at such a wedding would be European? If the Zulu King had held a fair celebrating Zulu culture, attendance by invitation only, and I turned up, and was shown the door, does it make the event racist, or does it make it tribalistic (my tribe being Afrikaner)?? Too many things are label as being racist, were as they are actually something completely different.

      Manu - 2012-05-10 11:36

      Heibrin, please do not confuse issues here. Weddings are legitimate cultural events. Tribal ceremonies are legitimate cultural events. When did hockey trials held at a school become cultural events? Imagine a crazy situation in which the different ethnic groups start to divide themselves along the lines of sport, health care, work and so on? What's to stop somebody putting up a clinic and saying 'patients by invitation only, this is a cultural event'?

      Elton - 2012-05-10 14:04

      @ Heibrin & Michelle - You are missing the point, blacks are not being invited to the even...

      Heibrin - 2012-05-10 14:19

      @Elton: no, you are missing the point: Whites (and all other races but Indians) would not have been invited to the wedding. Non-blacks wouldn't have been invited to the cleaning ritual. Does that make these events racist?

      Elton - 2012-05-10 14:26

      @ Heibrin : I am sure nobody would mind if I joined a cleaning ritual. Most cultures are tolerant. I have worked in many countries all over the world and has joined plenty of cultural events out of interest. In any case, hockey is not a cultural event. They are racists, you are trying to polish a turd.

  • Koos - 2012-05-10 07:48

    Why is it that Afrikaners should always be worried about national reconcilliation? Blacks can murder farmers and do as they please as that does not impact on national reconcilliation. This is an event organised by a private entity, it has nothing to do with government or any organ of state. Build a bridge and get over it.

      Bonga - 2012-05-10 07:51


      jafet.maclean - 2012-05-10 07:58

      Koos this can not be justified no matter how hard you try doing it. Its time that people like you stick to the specific article topics and not justify everything with either BEE, the ANC, farm murders etc etc.. Our country has become such a horrible place to live in with these daily racist rubbish that is commin everywhere, especially on this idiotic news site.

      kmangi - 2012-05-10 08:07, you serious? lmao

      Koos - 2012-05-10 08:10

      You can't seperate these things, try as you may. If I have a party and you are not invited, will you be shown the door because you are yellow/pink/green or because you were not invited? Keep in mind that whites have the exclusive right to be racists.

      Thato - 2012-05-10 09:37

      Koos, a party by invitation?- this was at a school, a multi racial school, hosting a sports code that is officialy played at the school and a young sportswoman was refused participation because of race?? and you try to justfy this by comparing to a party? if this was a private thing then why not host in on your farms and not pollute minds of young school kinds with racist tendencies? I do private parities in my back yard not at a local school...

      koos.vandermerwe.92 - 2012-05-10 10:30

      Thato, The school was not hosting the event.

      Thato - 2012-05-10 11:21

      Koos the event was at Hoer Skool Grenswag- our neighbours in my high school years- see other related articles. It was on school sports ground where the sport (hockey) is an official sports code at the school and hence this is a school event thats why the Black child from Wagpos High attended the event. you cannot play a sport at a school and not label it a school event- and it was not Union workers participating at the event; it was School kids- now Grenswag can not talk their way out of that- I think hockey must be banned at the school until the matter is resolved and if organisers (and Grenswag) are found guilty the sport must be discontinued for atlease the whole season, even two- this is a display of poor sportsmanship at the school...Period!!

      Thato - 2012-05-10 11:31

      and you know, I never understood why white, Afrikaans speaking, fellow participants in Hockey were so aggressive when we played them back in the years- they would tackle a black player differently to when playing my white fellow team mates; and one game with a school from Potchefstroom my fellow team mate walked off the field because of this- I thought the Afrikaans speaking players were doing it because of what their parents had tought them about politics in SA only to find that their behavior is being encournaged by schools, an organised sports body and being lead by a Reverent as a CEO*

      Stirrer - 2012-05-10 12:01

      @Thato - You seem to be a well balanced individual. You have a chip on EACH shoulder!

      Merven - 2012-05-11 07:48

      @Thato, they hired the schools facilities, it wasn't hosted by the school, learn to read.

  • jabu.frans - 2012-05-10 07:50

    This is absolutely shocking.

  • jabu.frans - 2012-05-10 07:50

    This is absolutely shocking.

      RoadSideBomer - 2012-05-10 08:02

      What is, the fact that the black forums exclude whites?

      richard.hipkin - 2012-05-10 09:49

      @RoadSideBomer, black forums do not exclude whites.

      Thato - 2012-05-10 09:58

      what have black vs white professional forums got to do with sport events at schools??- that's grown-up's stuff... draw the line between politics and schooling and let young sportsmen and women be*** - *My white friend back in our primary schooling years didn't understand why he was suddenly not to play with Blacks, Coloured and Indians - we had great times playing when we were younger until he got fellow whites to stop playing with other races and only associated amongst themselves until they realised this was not on and this was reported- it was shocking to the teachers when they investigated and questioned my fellow white school mate that his oupa had put him to this; while I only understood happenings and implications of apartheid in my High School years but never changed or stoped associating with my white fellow mates- Please leave kinds out of this rasicst system and let them choose who they want to associate with especialy at schooling events.

      dewalds3 - 2012-05-10 09:59

      No RoadSideBomer, they do not exclude whites from membership. They only exclude whites from their missions which is to empower black people. An I am not making it up - their missions are written clearly on their websites.

      Thato - 2012-05-10 10:38

      look for the definition of "Black people" in the RSA democracy and you will realise that your comments are irrelevant*

      Jacqui - 2012-05-10 13:44

      Pointblank, keep dreaming.

  • Rudi - 2012-05-10 07:51

    I don't agree with this volkeie anything, BUT with that said I don't agree with the black business forum or any other get together like that! All I'm saying is that if anybody has anything to say regarding this they should look at all races!

  • Hamrammr - 2012-05-10 07:52

    So on the other hand it is fair for the government to have policies like BEEE and quotas in white sport like rugby and cricket? Are we free to run to the HRC if we get excluded from a job interview based on our European heritage, even though we are the better candidates? I do not think so, the HRC could just as well be named BRC (Black Rights Commission) because they do not care about the rights of Whites, Indians or those of mixed ancestry, it only care about the rights of black people. It would have been hilarious if it wasn't so bloody sad!

      Wimpie.Haefele - 2012-05-10 08:04

      Well said

      spha.jaykay - 2012-05-10 11:21

      Did u for a second think, that the better man got the job? Did you check your competitors cv? Is this what I think it is? Supremicist ideology? The best man should get the Job and for it to be fair we require fair play and tht fair play is what we never got before.

      Hamrammr - 2012-05-10 12:37

      @spha.jaykay- No the better man do not always get the job, look at the jobs section in the smalls of any newspaper, in almost all of the ads the criteria clearly state AA position. So in other words: whities need not apply! I'm not coming from a supremicist's view just take a look at most of the government positions. Frequently white people with many more years of experience as well as a higher education get turned away because of their race in favour of a black person who have almost no qualifications or experience. For it to be fair and for the best man to get the position AA needs to be abolished, only then will this country benefit for the better of all of us. Only then will skills be the determining factor an will race no longer be a factor.

      maanda.mathapo - 2012-05-10 14:01

      BEE is a policy which seeks to readdress social inequalities, how can a country where majority is economically oppressed by the minority,how can u hamrammr honestly say that white ppl r oppressed? If u look closely at the polices including BEE, the government only requires that companies hand over a minority to ppl of color. No where does it state only black ppl, but rather all those who were previous disadvantaged. Hamrammr BEE, is not only applied in South Africa, in America and in most G8 countries, affirmative action is active as a mechanism to readdress social n economic inbalacances suffered by blacks, asians, at the hands of white ppl.hamrammr, how does 18-20years of this polices, over shadow 300years of being treated as slaves, beaten, killed cause of the color of our skin?

      Merven - 2012-05-11 07:50

      @spha.jaykay If their CV's were so good, blacks wouldn't need AA and BEE to get somewhere in life.

  • Muffin_man_can - 2012-05-10 07:52

    There are a couple of organisations exclusively for black people, why can't the Afrikaners have their own? Again it is the only white people are racist mentallity..

      Psalm - 2012-05-10 08:01

      @ Muffin_man_can - Please name these imaginary organizations that are "exclusively for Black people". There are NO Black organizations that PROHIBIT or EXCLUDE other races from becoming members. Such conduct seems to be the preserve of White Afrikaners (from Bokkie Week to Youth Kommando camps that teach that Blacks are "inferior").

      Koos - 2012-05-10 08:02

      Some people will always want what other people have.

      dewalds3 - 2012-05-10 09:00

      @PSalm - ABASA - The Association for the Advancement of Black Accountants of Southern Africa 'ABASA was established in 1985 to promote interests of black men and women engaged in the accounting profession. It is committed and dedicated in this pursuit, and is driven by the need to ensure that every black accountant and aspiring accountant is able to realise his/her full potential and aspirations.' So - I am allowed to join this organization even though I am not black. And this makes it non-racist???? I will pay membership fees. And they will do WHAT for me? Use my money to advance someone with a black skin at my peril? Every racial group can mask their bigotry and racism by calling it 'upliftment' of a certain race. But it doesn't change the fact that it is just a slightly more sophisticated form of racism.

      Psalm - 2012-05-10 09:35

      @ dewalds3 Are you retarded, by any chance? I answered this pointless quote of yours under another article and yet you are still to slow to actually grasp it? Where does your quote PROHIBIT other races from joining? Furthermore, AA and BEE are CONSTITUTIONAL (man, you are being idiotic!) and comply with International Human Rights Law.

      dewalds3 - 2012-05-10 09:48

      Psalm - the insults that you throw at me says a lot about you and little about me. It is very simple - to give someone better opportunities on the basis of race is the same as to take away opportunities on the basis of race. It is RACISM. And you know that very well, that i why you get angry at me for telling it to you. You want me to join a organization that makes it perfectly clear that they are willing to take membership fees from a a person from any race, but will only promote the interests of the ones that are black? Are you being serious?

      richard.hipkin - 2012-05-10 09:51

      @dewalds3, the fact you can join a black organization already renders your argument useless. There is simply no comparison to this, this just shows your shallow level of argument.

      Psalm - 2012-05-10 09:53

      @ dewalds3 My question regarding your mental state is valid under circumstances as I have ALREADY explained the legal position. But, you are not the only White "wanna-be-victim-of-imaginary-racism" who has difficulty grasping clear principles on this issue (i.e. AA, BEE and redress). News24 is flooded with people like you.

      dewalds3 - 2012-05-10 10:04

      @Psalm - the legal position? - you must remeber that Apartheid also had written laws and that was the actual legal position. For a long time the Apartheid government also had international allies and then it started changing. History is going to repeat itself....

      Psalm - 2012-05-10 10:38

      @ dewalds3 Are you sure you wanna bring up that argument? Yes, Apartheid and Nazism both had laws, which were deemed to be "crimes against humanity" under International Human Rights Law and International Criminal Law. AA, BEE and economic and social redress are in compliance with the abovementioned laws, and there is no credible human rights organization of any respectable standing that opposes them. Furthermore, they have been tested by our Constitutional Court, which is obliged to interpret the Bill of Rights in light of International Law. Furthermore, even countries around the globe apply AA for their own national interests. Now, despite this clear explanation I have given, I still doubt you will grasp the issue.

      Muffin_man_can - 2012-05-10 11:23

      Psalm you don't seem to be able to grasp what Dewald is trying to explain to you, and that is if something is legal that doesn't make it right.. The effects of BEE and AA are only starting to show now with government institutions being mismanaged.. Incompetent arrogant idiots are found at high positions on every corner. As for your example asked earlier, the black journalist association (not sure about the name) comes to mind where a white journalist was thrown out of one of their meetings.. Racism at its best... That's just one of many examples.

      Psalm - 2012-05-11 08:47

      @ Muffin_man_can Your answer confirms that you have no grasp of this issue. International Legal standards are the yardsticks used by the international community to guage whether various national laws and practices are just and equitable. Now, go read my comment to the confused dewalds3 again. Honestly, I do not have the time to keep repeating clear and obvious principles. Apartheid was declared a crime against humanity as its laws and practices are morally repugnant, unjust, uncivilised and inhumane. Nazism falls into the same category, as judged by the sane international standards.

  • Herman - 2012-05-10 07:53

    Why not probe AA, is most obviously racism as well? Or is racism only a thing whites do? Racism is so alive and kicking in SA and will NEVER go away.

      jafet.maclean - 2012-05-10 08:01

      Obviously its alive and kicking because you and every other racist whether black or white will never let it die.

      Bonga - 2012-05-10 08:09

      what is the objective of those organisations?

      Armando Swartz - 2012-05-10 08:09

      apartheid was wrong, you have to carry the consequences of your or those of you forefathers actions, so stop moaning, for years you undermined non whites. now that its your time you cant handle it....Im just saying

      Herman - 2012-05-10 08:30

      @jafet, to be self preserverend of yohr own, doesn't make you a racist, if you have no idea as to what a racist is, shut your trap.

      sororo.zono - 2012-05-10 11:09

      You complaning abt bEE and AA of only 18 yrz wat abt the 300yrz of slavery and white people takng ,wat dsnt belond to them,our gvnment is jst tryng to put us in the same level as you ,becz url stil hv evrything jst cmpare africans to whites ,the reason why you complain so much its cuz u want africans to never further in lyf so shut up u hd ur 300years its our turn to enjoy the fruits of our land.nd dnt say u were nt there bcz as a result of slavery africans are still sufferng.

      Jacqui - 2012-05-10 13:48

      Armando, so this kind of racism is fine in your book?. This is exactly the kind of thinking, stupid as it is, that keep us from moving forward.

  • Frans - 2012-05-10 07:54

    My son(who is outstanding to say the least.) went for soccer trials awhile ago. He was told they only need four african children. I'm waiting for the next elections!!!

      Nyiks11 - 2012-05-10 12:58

      atleast he was allowed at the trials , this girl was turned away at the gate even thought she paid R30.

  • Bzeng - 2012-05-10 07:58

    Afrikaner sport only for whites!! Ok Let us say all national level sports for black people only and everyone will be cool about it. These afrikaner think it is that time they had white beachs and sports and so on..

      RoadSideBomer - 2012-05-10 08:07

      @Bzeng really, black people only crap in their pants when something affects them, but for anything else then its fine, that’s why I really cant take you people (BLACKS) seriously.. Youre never fair when you comment.

      Jacqui - 2012-05-10 13:49

      Bseng, you don't know what Afrikaners think,,,,period.

  • kamohelo.olifant - 2012-05-10 08:00

    for once i thot white ppl a clever especialy those who like to comment here, but nah! Thy a all the same racists, how do u sleep @ night? what do u teach yo kids? how do u pray to God? U a all just bringing judgement on yoselfs, the kid is just 17 years nd u all adults u a trying to justifying dis evil act sies u should b ashamed

      RoadSideBomer - 2012-05-10 08:11

      @kamohelo just as you think we are all racist so do we think you are rapist, murderess, corrupt, and lacy useless, by the way I sleep warm at night.

      Koos - 2012-05-10 08:12

      Maybe it is in the upbringing. Will you send your kid to a party if she is not invited?

      Frank - 2012-05-10 08:13

      Oh, p!ss off!

      Carla - 2012-05-10 11:53

      @ Michael - South Africa is my home and the land of my birth. Not going anywhere.

      Jacqui - 2012-05-10 13:55

      Michael, raped your women and what else? Grow up child, I would hate to see you remain caught up in hate and ignorance for the rest of your life.

  • Peter - 2012-05-10 08:01

    Just 1 question aren't we as a white, afrikaans minority allowed to do anything anymore except being raped for our knowledge, integrity and taxes ???

      Phumezo Hlanganise - 2012-05-10 08:13

      Peter u can do anything that is related to your culture but do not use sport , sport we all believe that is uniting people,

      Koos - 2012-05-10 08:13

      Were not allowed to complain about being murdered, raped or taxed to death.

      Stavros - 2012-05-10 08:35

      Peter you are out of order! You are now making racial comment which in my opinion is childish.

      Koos - 2012-05-10 08:46

      @Stavros: have another bite of the apple.

      Mbulelo - 2012-05-10 09:27

      What kind of knowledge and integrity is being suggested here baffles me. The contributor here is regurgitating the historical lies of intellectual and cultural superiority of whites. This was started by the Western slave masters who kidaped Afican able bodied intellecutals and forced them to do mundane manual work for their prosperity. If the cradle of humankind is Africa how do you think our ancestors survivied. How did Africans managed to build the Sphinx if they were waiting for Europeans to come with their knowlege. Why did Aristotle and Socrates come to Africa to acquire their education? If you cared to enquire, the first calendar was devised here in Africa near the Nile River. Africans knew there was no life on the moon way before Neil Armstrong landed there. The first irrigation scheme was started on the shores of the Nile River by skilled Africans way before the invasion of the continent by marauidng criminals from Europe.

  • fdalana - 2012-05-10 08:02

    how can you probe a tradition? one can not be jailed for preserving their own culture. This is just another way for sustaining diversity.its so unfortunate that the little girl had to be given a wrong perspective about the nature of the selection.

  • Bonga - 2012-05-10 08:03

    look man point is in any race being discriminated only you're white,coloured,indian,black its not right worse on sport!!Rev i'm sure they taught you this in the biblical studies class,i hope they mentioned the part that says 'we are all made in the image of God'......

  • Pixie86 - 2012-05-10 08:05

    can we all just take a pledge to ignore all articles about race on news24? We know they're going to keep rewriting thing article at least 6 times. This is getting us no where.

      Fanie - 2012-05-10 09:00

      So where can I, as a racist, then comment on articles?

      Joanita - 2012-05-11 08:56

      LOL @ Fanie

  • Mtshezi Yonk'insipho Iyawasha Mkhize - 2012-05-10 08:06

    In High School I played Rugby, N I know at Under 18 Level for Craven Week, One of the selectors said that "they couldn't take many Black Players" obviously being young n naive it ddnt matter, but now it makes me wonder. Tht year the whole Kzn Under18 Craven week Team only had 3Black players, including me ds is a common practice in Rugby. No transformation the Former Masters

      Mtshezi Yonk'insipho Iyawasha Mkhize - 2012-05-10 08:06

      Own the game, n I know there were some Black Players who deserved being part of the team!!!

      Joanita - 2012-05-11 09:00

      You are talking the biggest load of bullsh*t now. Which year was this? And Craven week for which province? young and naive? now you are only still naive! And seeing that you made Craven week as stated, what have you done to further your rugby career?

  • MSGRule - 2012-05-10 08:06

    Only country in the world where the majority is intimadated by the minority. It is rediculous. Come on what a load of crap this is. Team of ministers and fat cats are goign to burn millions to investigate this nonsense. They could start their own hockey club

      Khutso - 2012-05-10 08:27

      Stop talking nonsense. Who said that was YOUR hockey club? It is that entitlement mentality that riles us black folks. That blacks are dealing with this issue in a civil manner somehow seem to matter too little to you instead we are told that we are intimidated by the minority. How utterly condescending! Historical disparities makes hockey not to be a priority sport when we have such backlogs.

      MSGRule - 2012-05-10 09:05

      @Khutso - Well now look at teh commentary above. Poeple are different in the smae race and then also across races. I was itn eh army, the last national service 1993, then after the army has gone to crap. Anyway that is a nother discussion. We all lived together in bungalows. black/couloured/white. But at eating time all the blacks sat together all the whites etc. and chruch time we all sat seperately. nto becuase we were told but because we are humans that associate with our own. all other stuuf cleanign trainign running was doen happily together.

      Merven - 2012-05-11 07:56

      Lol Kutso, you take the cake. A black man accusing other races of an entitlement mindset! Oh the irony...

  • Henk - 2012-05-10 08:09

    i've got proof that the sahrc is only for black complainants and you can only lodge complains against white racists!! i am still waiting foir response regarding my complain against thamana in the hate speach on twitter debacle! according to them they didnt received any complains against thamana. and now this hockey story!

  • neil.kroese - 2012-05-10 08:13

    I do not condone racism or racist behavior. I do however respect the South African Constitution. of which Section 18 states “Everyone has the right to freedom of association.” I find it sad that this incident is being used to stereotype "Afrikaners" and Afrikaans as backward racist oafs. (point of reference: See comments above)We are not all like that.

  • Sonja - 2012-05-10 08:14

    This inquiry will uncover the truth....LIES !! .... there is no way on this earth this black girl is telling the truth. her lips were moving!!!!

      Khutso - 2012-05-10 08:32

      If the inquiry is going to uncover the truth, why have you concluded already that 'this black girl' is not telling the truth?

      Sonja - 2012-05-10 08:38

      Khutso, my gut feeling is this girl is a liar. no school in the world would be racist like that. Especially in the NWest. This is about some pissed off little girl who wants some attention.klaar

  • Adil Smit - 2012-05-10 08:15

    Someone with the name of Peter Stans in charge of this - he doesn't sound Afrikaans at all. Also the hockey-week was organised at a government school, so no-one can be excluded.

      Merven - 2012-05-11 08:00

      No Adil, they hired the premises from the school, so they paid for it, out of private funds.

  • Kevin - 2012-05-10 08:15

    Will the HRC also investigate exclusion of Whites from Universities, businesses, tenders, soccer teams, cricket teams, rugby teams....the list is endless...I feel sorry for the Black man....always blaming the White man for for the colour of his skin...

      Stavros - 2012-05-10 08:45

      I feel sorry for you and your generation to come because this is a serious ticking bomb which will manifest to your generations to come and they will too survor worse issues, as black people have

      Khutso - 2012-05-10 08:59

      Don't be silly. You need to understand why there's fair discrimination to begin with. Growing up, we were told that white people are highly cognitive people, totally erudite and generally intelligent than black people. However, I've come to realise that couldn't be further from the truth and people shouldn't be judged on colour. Why I'm saying this is because I'm confronted with this idiotic comment where one fails to realise that if we fail to address the elephant in the room, historical imbalances, we will all end up losers. The masses will reach a boiling point and will revolt against anyone in the country. The status quo must change and it is for your own good. That you prefer whites to be in front first and the rest will just have to see means that you see things through race lenses. It matters too little that there are thousands of black matriculants who failed to get into universities. Your only concern I'd for whites. Sad, truly sad...

      Koos - 2012-05-10 09:03

      What is fair discrimination?

      MSGRule - 2012-05-10 09:09

      @Khutso - come on man. the previous revolt was against the government of the day. who are you goign to revolt against now. Universities are privately owned and need to get paid. Unfortunately we dotn live in a cpountry where all can be free. Also 30% pass rate in matric is not good enough for anything. soooooo then fix the school system (which was working, but had to be changed because it was aprtheid) so more pupils will come out beign able to attend universities.

      Merven - 2012-05-11 08:02

      What is fair discrimination? That is the racist ANC version of normal discrimination sugar coated.

  • Frans - 2012-05-10 08:15

    I'm sure the thumbs down on my comment are BLACK RACIST. F U anyway, his much better off now, playing for an overseas club.

      Joanita - 2012-05-11 09:03

      hahahahahahaha @ FU

  • sika.ncamane - 2012-05-10 08:17

    When HRC gets involved in this, it should not only concerntrate on the fact that a black child was not accepted in this event but rather all races Indians and so forth...this is not good in the name of sport and should be condermed in the strong possible way..if they don't want to change then this event must be banned in South Africa and should it go ahead anyone who tries to organise such an event must be prosecuted.

  • Manu - 2012-05-10 08:17

    What is discomforting about all this is that culture, sports and children are mixed together and packaged into a neat little bundle and called 'cultural celebration'. What do hockey trials have to do with cultural celebration? Moreso hockey trials for young girls. The danger here is obvious. Every racial group can start masking their bigotry and racism by calling it 'cultural celebration'. But it doesn't change the fact that it is a sophisticated form of racism.

      dewalds3 - 2012-05-10 08:54

      ABASA - The Association for the Advancement of Black Accountants of Southern Africa 'ABASA was established in 1985 to promote interests of black men and women engaged in the accounting profession. It is committed and dedicated in this pursuit, and is driven by the need to ensure that every black accountant and aspiring accountant is able to realise his/her full potential and aspirations.' So - I am allowed to join this organization even though I am not black. And this makes it non-racist???? I will pay membership fees. And they will do WHAT for me? Use my money to advance someone with a black skin at my peril? As you say - Every racial group can mask their bigotry and racism by calling it 'upliftment' of a certain race. But it doesn't change the fact that it is a sophisticated form of racism.

      Manu - 2012-05-10 09:15

      dewalds3, You are mixing issues. Those institutions that you speak of are not there to promote culture. They are there to advance blacks who have historically been denied opportunities in those fields. Where it not for the unfortunate history those associations would not be necessary today. It's not about bigotry but creating a just society. The fact that you refuse to understand this demonstrates that a) you lack a good grasp of SA history, and b) refuse to acknowledge the enormous priviledges that whites in general enjoy when compared to others. Uplifting the disadvantaged and underpriviledged in society is not bigotry. Understand that! Let me remind you that this situation that the disadvantaged and underprivileged in SA are by a large majority blacks is not the fault of blacks.

      dewalds3 - 2012-05-10 09:40

      Manu - we can not proof an outcome that never happened. We can not proof the outcome of South Africa in the case that there was no Apartheid. We have what we have as IT IS. One could compare what we have now with Europe or with Africa and try to draw some parallels, but it will remain speculation. You are justifying things which are WRONG NOW. History will just repeat itself and these things will be declared as crimes against humanity in a number of years. The fact that a majority in power did these things to a minority with very little political power will not be looked upon kindly by the international world.

      Merven - 2012-05-11 08:05

      @Manu "Those institutions that you speak of are not there to promote culture. They are there to advance blacks who have historically been denied opportunities in those fields." Bokkie was invented to advance whites who is currently been denied opportunities in sport due to quotas etc.

  • Lebzadikgetsi - 2012-05-10 08:18

    The task team should have comrade Malema as the chairman

      Sonja - 2012-05-10 08:39

      comrade? i thought he was a pip squeek dipsh*t used condom.

      Akhona - 2012-05-10 08:42

      we blcks sometimes exagerate things - the afrikaans were having their own event like we always do or is it rong do it here in SA? are they not South Africans - why white skined people always have to suffer because of us why is everytime a white skinned person does something that doesnt benefit us blacks is associated with racisim?

      Koos - 2012-05-10 08:48

      Akhona: I would dearly like to know the answer to your question.

      Jacqui - 2012-05-10 14:01

      Akhona, actually none of us should suffer racial tension of what ever kind. But screaming Racism is fashionable in some quarters and while that last, we will have this sort of thing.

  • toi.mtshali - 2012-05-10 08:26

    Is Racism part of a White persons DNA everyday a story like this makes headlines. S.A racist adults can you please stop destroying our children Black and White

      jafet.maclean - 2012-05-10 08:30

      Don't blame whites only for racism,it is in most black people's DNA as well. Our country is sick and it disgust me.

      RoadSideBomer - 2012-05-10 08:36

      Is Murder and Rape corruption etc part of the black man’s DNA every day we read horrific stories done by blacks..... See how it works when we generalize Idiot

      wehan.victor - 2012-05-10 11:37

      @Michael, geez man you are one ugly mofo!

      Jacqui - 2012-05-10 14:02

      Toi, I presume you are doing everything possible to grow racial acceptance?.

      Jacqui - 2012-05-10 14:05

      Michael you are a silly boy. This white fought for your freedom and lived in exile. My door is open for all races and thank goodness those brothers and sisters of yours that drink coffee with me are as disgusted with the likes of you as I am.

  • Danie - 2012-05-10 08:27

    Moet kinders nie aan sport deelneem om sport en die aktiwiteit te kan geniet ni?e . Hoekom moet volwasse mense kindersport gebruik hulle eie onvervuldportiewe asook politieke drome te bereik. Is 'n Afrikaner , nie 'n wit sport dag nie 'n idiale manier om kinders te leer om hulle Sport te geniet, Net soos 'n Isikoza of Isizulu sport dag 'n geleentheid om sport te kan geniet in hulle eie kultuur en manier van doen Ek voel indien staats of almal se belasting bronne gebruik word moet 'n geleentheid oop vir almal wees.Dus as jy 'n Afrikaner sportdag op privaat grond wil reel doen so.

      stanley.marries - 2012-05-10 08:38

      Swak kommentaar. Wat leer jy 'n kind wanneer jy voorstel dat sekere rasse nie mag deelneem aan 'n sekere sport soort nie? Dis belaglik dat wit mense nou sê sport is deel van hulle kultuur..van wanner af is dit so? Dit sou 'n ander saak was as dit miskien 'n potjie kos of braai of dalk bazzar geleentheid was,maar nee, dit was hokkie proewe. So ek stel voor dat jy mooi moet dink voordat jy rasisme verdedig en snaakse verskonings uitdink. Dis kinders wat lei omdat volwassenes apartheid wil lewending hou!

      Koos - 2012-05-10 08:54

      Was dit hokkie proewe vir SA, Noord Wes of vir die organisasie wat dit aangebied het. Dit was proewe vir die Noord Wes streek van die organisasie. Net so hou die Gauteng streek van die organisasie proewe vir sy lede. So ook die ander streke. As die organisasie se lede almal links handig, afrikaans sprekend en Afrikaner afstammelinge van 1810 moet wees om deel te wees van die organisasie then so bloody what.

      Elton - 2012-05-10 14:17

      Hoe speel jy hokkie in jou eie kultuur? Regtig man, dit is belaglik!

      Merven - 2012-05-11 08:06

      Wat leer jy 'n kind wanneer jy voorstel dat sekere rasse nie mag deelneem aan 'n sekere sport soort nie? Goeie vraag Stanley, net soos AA?

  • Ganon - 2012-05-10 08:29

    Look, racism, I associate it with satanism, because if u're a right thinking person, you will not even defend this act, finish & klaar. Any right thinking person knows that we have bad & good people in all races. This is God's land, stop racism because you are not helping issues, we shall not over come crime, job losses & all good things if we do not work together. It is fact that many whites still long for the olden days, work up, Mzansi is a beautiful country for everyone. That young white lady model was not even suppose to have commented using the 'k-word' if she was being brought up to respect other human beings. May be whites should understand even as blacks we experience tribalism & it hurts. We experience crime more & it hurts. White companies still excludes blacks based on colour using our black brothers who sit on their board of directors. Soccer has never had any racism from its inception. Blacks are more forgiving than whites, whites never forgive if u do them wrong, they never, all over the world., &, almost all who comment are just plain racists. To be a racist it means u're out of touch with reality just as u're a tribalist. ' Bushbuckridge Oukie' Ganon D. Nhubunga, from Bushbuckridge.

      Pur - 2012-05-10 09:14

      Why bring Satanism into it? Satanism is, as far as I know, certainly not exclusively for any one race.

      koos.vandermerwe.92 - 2012-05-10 09:32

      Satanism should be legalised. I would like to see who goes to their meeting to be offered.

  • Carla - 2012-05-10 08:29

    Ok, I think they need to clarify something. Was this a trials week, or was it a cultural week? Many people the original article have stated that Bokkie week is a cultural gathering and that you get no recognition for the games. Hockey trials however, is not a cultural thing and are generally used to pick players for the provincial teams. So which is it?

  • Refiloe - 2012-05-10 08:31

    they only invite White kids Wow and thats not Racism its what?

      Pur - 2012-05-10 09:30

      As far as I understood the article, they only invite Afrikaner kids, who just happen to be white. Likewise is some private organisation invited just Zulu kids they would likely be black. Celebrating one's language, heritage, traditions and culture is NOT racist. Racism is regarding your own race as superior and all other races as inferior.

      Merven - 2012-05-11 08:08

      Somebody must give these victims of AA a chance.

  • Stavros - 2012-05-10 08:32

    That event surely had no talent scouts or members of the hockey selection team. If so then it's wrong to not let the kid take part. One could start a rugby games and say its for blacks! Would it be a big deal in the Afrikaaners community?

      MSGRule - 2012-05-10 09:12

      No they will respect it and not take part cause the "blacks" want it so

  • Louis - 2012-05-10 08:33

    And what happens to the racists that don't allow the best athletes in the country to qualify for national sport teams because they are white??? This was a private organisation that organised an event for certain people! The government is not a private organisation - why is the government allowed to implement such policies, but there are no investigations against them?

      Khutso - 2012-05-10 08:43

      I bet it does not bother you that in a country where the population is more than 70% black, a national team can comprise of white players only. Why aren't you questioning why a tiny minority get preference, to the detriment of the majority, when it comes to certain sporting codes? Once again whites think they're entitled to walk into certain sporting codes solely because they happen to be white. If you feel policies put in place by the government to fix the historical imbalances are unfairly discriminatory, do contact the HRC. Instead you go and vent from an ignorant position and have absolutely no idea why we have transformation policies.

      Thando - 2012-05-10 08:51

      He wont go to the HRC because he's a racist troll......

      Jannie Pieterse - 2012-05-10 08:51

      Malizba Liz Mhlanga - 2012-05-10 09:01

      yewena louse did any white lawyer ever complained about those events??we are talking about an innocent kid here get that on your cruel skull

      Louis - 2012-05-10 09:24

      Yip, always the racist card, and no I'm not racist. Why don't we go to the HRC - because we will make it anyway - your problem is that you can't, because you just sit in your corner and moan permanently.

      Merven - 2012-05-11 08:11

      @Milizba, no a white lawyer didn't because unlike you we don't sit with a entitlement mindset. Get that into your idiotic skull.

  • Karen - 2012-05-10 08:35

    This is disgusting and totally unacceptable - sometimes I feel ashamed being an Afrikaner - these are just kids dammit!

      tshimangadzo.makoya - 2012-05-10 08:55

      i just wish we can wake up one day with one peace, love and respect for one another from GOD HIMSELF, regardless of our skin colour.... God please help us to live in unity together....

      Koos - 2012-05-10 08:56

      Wat se jy vir die kind as hy kom vra hoekom A in die span is as hy dan nie eers die bal kan vang nie?

      MSGRule - 2012-05-10 09:14

      Ja Karen wat se jy vir jou kinders as hulel werk gaan soek eendag. Jammer skat maar jy mag nie

      Schalk - 2012-05-10 18:05

      karen skrik net wakker of vrek asb

      Joanita - 2012-05-11 09:25

      LMFAO Schalk... Such nice manners 'vrek, ASSEBLIEF' hahahahah

  • Smithfield - 2012-05-10 08:35

    SAME OLD STORY EVERYDAY: I say let's settle scores at the battle field

      RoadSideBomer - 2012-05-10 08:37

      I would like that

      Sonja - 2012-05-10 08:40

      Where do we sign up...lets end this.

      stanley.marries - 2012-05-10 08:41

      We can do that anytime of the day. I don't know what makes you think you will win the battle,jsut because you are!!..idioot!

      Fanie - 2012-05-10 09:03

      Count me in!!

      Blacker - 2012-05-10 13:28

      Sign me up!! 40million vs odd 2million!!

      Schalk - 2012-05-10 18:04

      blacker! its going to be fun, plenty black and blacker f@ckers to shot at!!!!! we know how, not with rocks and sticks!

  • Andre - 2012-05-10 08:37

    Then the HRC must PLEASE also investigate the Black lawyers Convention, the Black Business Convention, and a dozen or so other Black conventions and associations!

      Koos - 2012-05-10 08:41

      Blacks can't be racists, please remember that.

      koos.vandermerwe.92 - 2012-05-10 10:37

      At least one that disagree.

      basiladams.basil - 2012-05-10 10:38

      All u blacks and whites are the same that's y u hate each other! if that girl wasn't invited then she should never have gone but if it was an english girl they would of let her play so I think its depends on witch side of the ”electic fence” u standing

  • nkadimeng - 2012-05-10 08:38

    simply put, it was racist event organised by a racist reverend intended to racialise the sport.

  • mlunghisigeorge.khosa - 2012-05-10 08:42

    Ja it hurts n still denied opportunities bcos of colour.Racism is still alive n we wll still remain the poorer of the poor.

  • Thando - 2012-05-10 08:44

    Didnt I mention The Great Trek earlier??.........

      MSGRule - 2012-05-10 09:17

      that was to get away form the English. please go read about it, if it hasnt been removed form history. and also where the black south africans came from. they werent here when everyone arrived 400 years ago.

      Thando - 2012-05-10 13:06

      My forefathers were here in SA by thn.......go check th real anthropology documents.....NOT th manufactured ones by yo 3rd grade holland/german citizens who came 2 this country around the said period.

      Merven - 2012-05-11 08:18

      Lol Thando, you mean ANC propoganda? You idiots didn't even had literature so who wrote down these 'real anthropology documents'?

  • jafet.maclean - 2012-05-10 08:44

    South Africa a 3rd world country with the majority of the population having 3rd world mind sets. Everyday I see a simple article on news24 being raped by racist trying to make their stupid idioligies known to the world. Black and white racist of south africa kindly leave and never come back. You make me and many normal people in this country sick. O and by the way you people are not normal...

      Thando - 2012-05-10 08:46 back to the article........

  • muriel.proudfoot - 2012-05-10 08:46

    Tit for Tat... don't dish out what you not willing to receive dear government!

  • jensbirger.giebelmann - 2012-05-10 08:50

    If you are not invited do not try and gate crash the party. The same happened to a white reporter at the black editors forum!