Health minister urged to intervene at Bara

2013-01-16 22:31

Johannesburg - Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane and Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi must intervene in the closure of the Chris Hani Baragwanath Nursing College, the IFP said on Wednesday.

"We are already facing a challenge of filling many vacant nursing posts. This strike must not be allowed to add to this problem and must therefore be resolved urgently," Inkatha Freedom Party MP Hilda Msweli said.

The Gauteng health department on Wednesday announced an indefinite closure of the college following a week-long illegal protest and class disruptions by students, who wanted three heads of department (HODs) removed.

Health MEC Hope Papo ordered students to vacate the college by Wednesday afternoon.

"The students have also defied a court interdict compelling them to stop the protest and return to classes," said Papo.

He said the department would address whatever legitimate grievances the students had. But it would not act unlawfully against any of its staff.

In 2011 students submitted grievances demanding the removal of the staff members, among others. Papo said the department had taken all reasonable steps to resolve the dispute, but the students remained adamant.

In 2011, the department instituted an investigation into the grievances.

The reporting lines of the HODs were temporarily changed, so that during the investigation they did not report to the college, he said. Investigators completed their report in February 2012.

Meanwhile the HODs declared a dispute over the changing of their reporting lines.

Students protested and disrupted the functioning of the college.

Management then agreed that the HODs should go on special leave to allow the department to bring the situation back to normality.

Papo said a series of meetings was held with the student representative council to find a solution.

"The department even appointed a private mediator to assist the process of finding an amicable solution to the impasse. The students however refused to participate in the mediation process," he said.

Strikes resumed on January 7 and the situation deteriorated, with students refusing to attend classes.

  • drcpot - 2013-01-17 00:58

    Striking and violence has now become the norm, government WAS warned that this behavior will eventually go into a snowball downhill fall. But hey this is Africa, where forward thinking is frowned upon.

      kgomotso.rabothata.7 - 2013-01-17 22:37

      As for the record, we r nt striking we r protesting, peaceful nogal, yes protesting is our right at the moment coz we've been trying to be heard by our lowest level of management, bt they cudn't solve the issue. If u knew that we tried for three years to go by the right channel bt the government made us fools, u wudn't even utter such words. This was our last resort becoz it is hw they will give us attention. Either way in the constitution it's our right to voice out our concern and protest. So le wena u r welcome to protest, no violence done. We r learned ppl. That foward thinking the government doesn't knw what it is.

  • graeme.stockwell - 2013-01-17 06:36

    What a load of BS a bunch of snotty nosed kids cant pass their exams and now the government must get involved.

      tsakane.thobela - 2013-01-17 13:03

      If only U understood wats happening in this college than U wudnt be saying wat U jst said.get ur facts straight n then comment....

      sweetness.deer - 2013-01-17 17:53

      Cnt pass examssuch n unda statement!!! Go 2

      zingitwa.segomalefane - 2013-01-18 17:44

      The load of BS is the one coming out your ass. Get your facts straight. Clearly you are mis informed. Its in the absence of these HOD's that students A's their exams... U seem to think you know everything. Don't show the world how stupid you are by commenting on issues you made no research on. Snotty ass adult!

  • march54 - 2013-01-17 06:56

    Students who are there to learn questioning how Lecturers carry out their function? Tail wagging the dog. If you fail in the classroom how safe are your patients? Get back to the task at hand and learn.

      thato.motha.5 - 2013-01-17 20:06

      I guess u where there with the student who went 2 a tutors office 2 consult about a condition she did not understand during a study period when she heard the tutor asking the HOD how she can give a particular student a script that says she did not achive(failed) when she had passed

  • andrew.mackie.90 - 2013-01-17 08:53

    An amazing read, since when does a student have the right to demand the removal of staff and in particular HOD's. Are these people there to learn a vocation so as to be able to nurse and care for patients in hospital. In this case these disruptive students should be dimissed and replaced with one willing to study and become true to their calling.

      mpaimagashule - 2013-01-17 21:11

      Removal of certain elements is necessary if those individuals victimize, intimidate and terrorise our future hard working nurses. The country has a serious of nursing staff. Have you been to a public hospital lately? - 2013-01-17 23:01

      its funy hw ppl blabb abt CHBNC n nt havin a clue abt wat s happening,u r selfish individuals who r nt willing to change....we r fighting for blak on blak opression n u guys r calling us funny names,try walking a centimeter in our shoes dan c f u wil hav da same view! s da state willing to sacrifice thousands of young bloods dan antiques who has less dan 10yrs to serve b4 dey go for pension? - 2013-01-17 23:02

      its funy hw ppl blabb abt CHBNC n nt havin a clue abt wat s happening,u r selfish individuals who r nt willing to change....we r fighting for blak on blak opression n u guys r calling us funny names,try walking a centimeter in our shoes dan c f u wil hav da same view! s da state willing to sacrifice thousands of young bloods dan antiques who has less dan 10yrs to serve b4 dey go for pension?

      gloria.motaung.3 - 2013-01-17 23:14

      Why dn't u ask yrself why nurses ar so angry at hospitals en clinics?is because of does hod's,so we dn't want to be like dat we want to be happy all de tym,dis is our future if u knw history of chbnc u'll understnd bt knw u talking toilet!!

      adonestmlula.ngobeni - 2013-01-18 06:43

      How many ppl are willing to study nursing and meeting the criteria to be taken in to study nursing?

      godfrey.nxumalo.5 - 2013-01-24 09:47

      OMG!!! Not another WHITIE....#sighs!

  • - 2013-01-17 09:22

    Do u think ± 3000 current

  • moi.carla.1980 - 2013-01-17 12:22

    It would be interesting to know what the complaints against the HOD's are and also the findings resulting from the investigation. As regards the students striking, they don't seem to realise that they are only harming their own situation. If they don't complete their employment. There are other ways to achieve your goals other than striking. If the complaints are serious, why not take it to the newspapers etc...

      tsakane.thobela - 2013-01-17 13:48

      Lol Moi nursing is a passion to many of us,y do ppl think the government usenzela i favour by letting us study to be nurses,its nt its God's will n these hod's think they R gods n can decide our fate n temper wit God's plan for us,im sorry bt we can't let that happen we won't let that happen. ppl need nurses more than the mec needs those hods

      moi.carla.1980 - 2013-01-17 14:38

      It may be God's will, but then surely attending classes and working hard to ensure you pass would be fulfulling God's will? People need QUALIFIED nurses that know what they are doing. That would entail not striking and attending lectures.

      thato.motha.5 - 2013-01-17 19:52

      Moi government employees r nt supposed 2 report their grievances 2 da media. We have channels that r used striking is the last resort hence da students r sriking(legal or not)its part of our grievance procedure. So ur advice would have had them jobless bt they can still b employed as nurses depending on the qualifications they have so far. So since u obviously know jack, y dnt u just not say jack

      bmiya2 - 2013-01-17 20:58

      clearly you dont read or listen to the news on radio or television ,this problem is not new!! im a former student at chris hani bara nursing college,when i went to collect my results after my final exam..i was told i had failed and should leave the college(verbally,no statement to show)..i really felt that i had done my best..and expected at least 80 percent..i payed them R300 for my paper to be remarked at Wits...they called me 3 weeks later to tell me my results are ''back from Wits''...they told me i got exactly the same mark...not lower'not higher...there was no proof that my script was really sent to statement from Wits NOTHING...I demanded to see my script but was told its against their policy.....Strike or no strike, either way....futures are destroyed!!

      tsakane.thobela - 2013-01-17 21:35

      R U trying to say our lectures are nt capable of making sure that we R professional,qualified nurses without the three hod's coz mind we have been doing well without the three,the pass rate has increase,the number of suicides has dropped at our college,so y bring them back. We jst want to complete the course n serve...

      moi.carla.1980 - 2013-01-18 08:14

      Are your channels working??? Obviously not. So now the institution has been shut down. Well done. "So ur advice would have had them jobless bt they can still b employed as nurses depending on the qualifications they have so far." Where would my advice have them jobless?? You say this is an ongoing problem...surely that indicates that the channels you follow are incapable of rectifying the problems? Does that not then call for taking drastic action and take the matter to the papers? Striking has resulted in the institution being closed indefinitely. Who does that help? It doesn't resolve anything and you lose out becuase you are unable to continue your studies.

      tsakane.thobela - 2013-01-18 09:44

      Moi who loses more, me or the communities we serve,I lose a career n ppl will lose the ryt to proper health care that is done by nurses nt dr's bt nurses,doesn't dat mean the rise in mortality rate bcoz of the increase shortege of nurse,n U talking abt them getting jobs as nurses yes they will bt that doesn't correct the problem the country is facing of caring nurses nt bitter n spiteful ones coz of their past...

      gloria.motaung.3 - 2013-01-18 10:09

      Moi if only u were at or in our profession u we're gona understand!closing college doesn't make us unemployd bt wasting taxpayers mony en we hv already achievd somethng in de profession we ar not gona leave empty handed.some of us ar official ena's,en's en rn's so have info befor judging we ar educated here,we strike Wif reasons.Now dat de issue got public attention it means we ar gettng wher we want.If dey fire us dey must back pay /-2000 student en give us our pension fund money dat u must knw en just imagine wher ar dey going to get dat money frm while de dpt is broke no money!

      moi.carla.1980 - 2013-01-18 10:26

      No where did I say you are not educated. Please re-read. My statements are as regards COMPLETING the course that you are currently busy with. At the moment, the health care in the country is going down the drain. Whether it's down to the institutions providing the training or the trainees, I don't know. It may be getting you public attention, but for all the wrong reasons. The strike is making you out to be spoiled brats. I'm not saying that's the correct assumption, but until you make a point of taking your side of the story to the papers, that's what people are going to think and you will not be getting any support.

      godfrey.nxumalo.5 - 2013-01-24 09:28

      ...And don't you think that's exactly what the students have done previously yet still their voices weren't heard...? Do you honestly think that students would resort to protesting without attempting other means? I'm not too sure whether you're 'myopic' or just playing dumb. Godfrey Nxumalo...CHBNC

  • kgomotso.rabothata.7 - 2013-01-17 14:49

    I meant to say it's a pity we cudn't record the things they said, that's probably why they got away with this. It's enough nw we've heard it with their unprofessional behaviour toward students we r nt small kids.

  • michael.kleber.376 - 2013-01-17 17:44

    expel them , there is far too much of this going on , if you dont like somebodies management style you strike , it seems to be the way things are done currently in South Africa , if they dont attend lectures expel them , there are thousands looking for work , its about time the govt stood up to protest action , the reason people resort to it as they get their way

      kgomotso.rabothata.7 - 2013-01-17 19:47

      Wena Michael, then go and apply and get in, those many ppl hv tried to apply and there is a criteria that they were nt fit to get into the course, it's nt like we got in the course by bribery, we got in due to our honest marks.we r grown ups who just want to become something in the community, instead the public seems to be against the same ppl who want to help them, go on and say what u want abt us coz u dnt knw any1 in CHBNC. If ur sibling was there u wudn't even be commenting on this site.

      mpaimagashule - 2013-01-17 21:07

      Micheal please shut up and keep your ill-informed opinion to yourself. This is bigger than you can ever imagine.

      busisiwe.lebelo - 2013-01-17 22:02

      I'm a straight A student nd I pass my tests exams nd practicals but I was kicked out coz I was pregnant. Is dat write according 2 u? U don't have a clue of wat we face in dat college yet u have the audacity to say wateva u want. U better come nd feel how we feel then ull understand but for now keep ur comments 2 urself!

      nozee.skade - 2013-01-17 22:31

      U dong knw wats goin on here so shut d f up micheal those ldies tormented us in 2011 n da college perfomance ws bad 2012 w passed so high wen dy whr gone so plz don't comment t things u don't know

      gloria.motaung.3 - 2013-01-17 23:05

      Michael u talking malaena stools nxa!!do u even knw brunner,marieb or even knw de difference between cough en flu?,nursing is not a job/work as u say it is a passion,calling we do it 4 love not becaz we ar stranded.I dn't thnk u cn even stand 4 12hrs en come bck to study same day!have facts befor u comment!!

      busisiwe.b.mahlaba - 2013-01-18 09:34

      Micheal please shut up coz u have no Idea wat u talking about! Do u honestly think ppl enjoy having to protest in order to be heard, if so then u actually stupid plain and simple... - 2013-01-18 09:50

      shut up ur face micheal....t wud nt surprise me f u r an illitrate who s nt willing to empower himself wit knowledge

  • mpaimagashule - 2013-01-17 21:00

    It is very sad that ppl make comments about things they have no clue about. There is a huge number of students who were failed even though they met the exam criteria. Some who had info about exam scripts re-marking went on to get their papers re-marked. I'm happy to say that they had passed in the first place.

  • busisiwe.lebelo - 2013-01-17 22:30

    To all those who are not students @ CHBNC would u pliz stay out of this! Its the batlle of the people who are in this situation. Rather keep ur nasty comments 2 yourself. Can u work 12 hours in an overcrowded medical ward and get back 2 res and study? If u can do dat then feel free 2 apply so that u can face what we face.

      nozee.skade - 2013-01-17 22:32

      Thanx busi well spoken w da 1nz suffering

  • busisiwe.lebelo - 2013-01-17 22:42

    We work wholeheartedly 2 give the best care to our patients. We work long hours and study @ da same time. The content of our studies is congested but we try 2 remain positive and motivated but its not easy when there are people intimidating and threatening u obviously the performance will drop. So please stop talking like we are just lazy students who don't knw what they want coz we knw wat we want nd we will fight 4 it until we get it!

  • adonestmlula.ngobeni - 2013-01-18 15:08

    I would like to challenge every1 to have a look @ 2nd page of Sowetan, then make ur conclusion.

  • nozee.skade - 2013-01-18 17:05

    All w want is da removal of da 3 so dat w can learn n pass in a conjucive environment mec ,minister hear our cries coz our patients need us more n u taking looong to resolve ds matter and u choosing minority over majority wch is unfair,these 3 monsters have made our studyin at bara b hell so Pls save us da misery and do right by the students so dat w get on with our studies

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