Hundreds gather for EFF launch

2013-10-13 12:54

Marikana - Hundreds of people gathered in Marikana, North West on Sunday ahead of the launch of Julius Malema's EFF party.

People wearing red berets and T-shirts braved scorching heat as they waited for Malema to arrive.

The crowd was kept entertained by artists singing and dancing. Among the songs were "if you touch Malema you will see trouble", referring to President Jacob Zuma.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) received its registration certificate from the Independent Electoral Commission on Monday this week.

Malema, once an outspoken supporter of Zuma and a former president of the ANC Youth League, formed the party after being expelled from the ANC.

On Saturday, eight cattle were slaughtered ahead of a ceremony at the hill at the Nkaneng informal settlement where police shot dead 34 people, many of them striking miners in August last year.

Malema, dressed in a red party T-shirt, red beret, red trousers and red shoes, personally slaughtered one ox.

According to its constitution, the EFF is a radical, left-wing, anti-capitalist, and anti-imperialist movement.

The party claims it provides clear and cogent alternatives to post-colonial economic systems, which in many countries had kept the oppressed under colonial domination.

The party advocates the expropriation of South Africa's land without compensation, and the nationalisation of mines, banks, and other strategic sectors of the economy.

  • Michael Kleber - 2013-10-13 12:57

    They all spout this rhetoric of anti west , colonist imperialist , yet love all the western trappings , fancy homes , cars , watches etc

      BuksBurger - 2013-10-13 13:06

      They are like the AWB for blacks. Not relevant but full of hot air.

      Dmitri Dumas - 2013-10-13 13:35

      Lets face it. They just popped in for the free food and t-shirt !!!

      Ian Flack - 2013-10-13 13:41

      Did they say launch or lunch....? People can be easily confused you know....!!!!

      Themba Maseko - 2013-10-13 14:50

      To win elections you need thousands and not hundreds!

      Vickers Vermeulen - 2013-10-13 14:59

      Hundreds? Couldn't they gather even a thousand people? WOW!

  • Blackhole_Sun - 2013-10-13 12:58

    Hundreds? Oooh that's a massive threat! Bwahaha

      Horace Kawaka - 2013-10-13 13:10

      BuksBurger - 2013-10-13 13:35

      I am poor white man. No job and only R50 in my bank account. Will I also benefit from EFF once they win election? If so, i want to join.

  • Mthunzi Bhengu - 2013-10-13 13:04

    Viva EFF, asijiki

  • Frans Rabalao - 2013-10-13 13:05

    News24 hundreds eNCA say thousands what's the truth .

  • Nathan Lombard - 2013-10-13 13:07

    Hundreds? How many are there for the eff, and how many for a free feed?

      Themba Maseko - 2013-10-13 14:52

      True people want meat. 8 cows, that is a lot of meat!

  • Kabai Dephrey Moshidi - 2013-10-13 13:08

    Lol news24 hate EFF, we can see that they are morethan thousand

      Jonathan William King - 2013-10-13 14:13

      Common sense hates EFF.

      cc. - 2013-10-13 14:42

      Funny part is that news24 viewers n the same people commenting here doesn't exceed 1000 and call themselves Majority...that's how foolish they are!

  • Larry Routledge - 2013-10-13 13:10

    Amazing what the offer of a free meal and some clothes can attract eh?

  • Verbotene Liebe - 2013-10-13 13:10

    Thank God its hundreds, not Thousands,not millions. A party wich is not going anywhere.

      Bhramani Nkomo - 2013-10-13 13:16

      count the number of votes come next year.

      George Anderson - 2013-10-13 13:19

      I will, just as well I can count up to 10.

      Rob Mugabe - 2013-10-13 13:33

      I didn't attend I'm watching him on eNCA and my vote goes to him watch, is broadcast live on eNCA

      Kenneth Maimane - 2013-10-13 14:18

      How many were there at your red october march?tens?

  • Horace Kawaka - 2013-10-13 13:11

  • Michael Kleber - 2013-10-13 13:12

    In this photo julius is thinking ........... when i am president where can i build my nkandla and what car am i going to buy and how many , ja hurry up elections

  • Lawrice Sven Griffin - 2013-10-13 13:12

    OOH! HUNDREDS! that's really going to make a difference on the voters toll, I wonder what ANC has in store later on in the year, a buffet!

  • Katlego Kopi - 2013-10-13 13:13

    Bhwahahahahahaha hundreds News24 shame man please watch ENCA and maybe you can put the correct stories on your page.

  • Bongani Injembi Nhlapho - 2013-10-13 13:16

    Only 'hundreds of people gathered in Marikana. North West on Sunday ahead of the launch of Julius Malema's EFF party' I guess they are there for the 8 slaughtered cattles.

      phello.khiba - 2013-10-13 13:36

      we cnt reach marikana,all of us..u like him or hate him..malema is here to stay..n anc is here to increase mind ur own party..or else..the heart will attack an early stage.

  • Sean Bagley - 2013-10-13 13:18

    And all this coming from a graduate in woodwork and his Mein Kampf rhetoric.Does the fat moron even realize that even in a Socialist country you still have to pay your taxes? *Julias Malema the president and commander -in-chief of EFF. *And please these views are exactly the same as Idi Amin.

  • Gerhard Veldman - 2013-10-13 13:18

    .... already planning another BEE deal? ... defrauding SARS? ... lying to the West? ... etc etc etc! .... in the footsteps of Zuma!!!

  • Hlogi Dineo - 2013-10-13 13:20

    Slowly but gradualy our forefathers, our land is coming back to us

      Lawrice Sven Griffin - 2013-10-13 13:45

      i want land too..

  • Thanduxolo Galada - 2013-10-13 13:22

    Asijiki. I will mark my X next to EFF. One X can make a difference --> Malcolm X

      Jacques Booyse - 2013-10-13 15:50

      Really Quoting Malcolm X Is Not Going To Make You Sound Smarter, You Know That Malcolm X Was Not A Racist Pig Like The One Who Shall Not Be Named So When You Say His Name In The Same Sentence As eff You Are Insulting What He Stood For

  • Sthembiso Jali - 2013-10-13 13:22

    The launch of rebels organization

  • Rob Mugabe - 2013-10-13 13:24

    Whites get the truth on eNCA stay tune

  • Durbanite88 - 2013-10-13 13:24

    Who would in their sober minds tag a ranting motormouth such as Julius...JEFF his party is his private property and will never surrender the throne to any member. ..this silly gathering is all abt his quest for publicity and media headlines. Julius is a bloodthirsty cult and dangerous wannabe eader.

      Lawrice Sven Griffin - 2013-10-13 13:30

      watsan eader?

  • FerretGee - 2013-10-13 13:25

    A free meal, t-shirt and beret is guaranteed to get the hungry masses to a mass meeting. Doesn't mean they'll vote for him.

  • Zuko Goldstein - 2013-10-13 13:25

    "Hundreds gather for EFF launch" Ha ha! Really only hundreds?

  • John Letsoalo - 2013-10-13 13:27

    The whole suppot of eff is full of hunger en draught. Once dey eat !u ll be alone wth magstrate. Shame on u. Viva ANC. Young pres en teder boy forget

  • Flubba Fantastic - 2013-10-13 13:27

    Free food, I'm in. Sounds like an EFFing plan.

  • Lawrice Sven Griffin - 2013-10-13 13:28

    im just gonna comment to be in the comments, who is the best party to vote for again?

  • Oliver Mutombo - 2013-10-13 13:28

    THOUSANDS gather for EFF launch

      Sipho Masilela - 2013-10-13 14:35

      Who are you reporting to now?unless you are news25

  • Kyle TheKing Oelofse - 2013-10-13 13:30

    Bribe people with food to gain their vote! Ha ha ha too funny! Malema is EFFing mad! Judging be Malemas figure, he can certainly give away some of his food!

  • Glenda Gert - 2013-10-13 13:32

    Whether you like it or not. Juju is a threat

      Vaal Koos - 2013-10-13 15:29

      To himself yes the poor sod

  • John Letsoalo - 2013-10-13 13:32

    Instead of 8 cows for hundreds. Wy can't u share for de sake of orphanage.ur aim is to loot en defrau. Warning !the hawks again

  • Hans Oosthuizen - 2013-10-13 13:34

    Only hundreds...haha. What a joke this short fatso is...

      Rob Mugabe - 2013-10-13 13:36

      Millions are watching him on eNCA like myself

      Sea Robber - 2013-10-13 13:38

      Easthousing(oosthuizen) u must return to netherlands now!

      Hitmann Moctosio - 2013-10-13 14:01

      As if DA cn gather a thousand...hahaha! relax,its jus a beginning

  • Mamokwee Rathipa - 2013-10-13 13:36

    Lol Malema is areal idiot. He thinks people will refuse to eat for mahala. Only few are supporting him.

      Themba Monare - 2013-10-13 13:38

      You are a really idiot, you think people can travel long distance for cow meat?

      Kenneth Maimane - 2013-10-13 14:04

      And you are on your way there?if not then you are made of gum

  • Vincent Davince Malapane - 2013-10-13 13:37

    Some of Eff followers didn't make it to marikana..they ar following it here at News24.especialy whites..

  • Rob Mugabe - 2013-10-13 13:41

    AfriForum is answered today,isnt

  • Mike Peach - 2013-10-13 13:47

    Didnt he do woodwork,he wants the farms to repair the fence and gate poles hehehehehe

      Alice Tang - 2013-10-13 14:46

      He is currently studying Law at University of Limpopo.

  • Adam Kruger - 2013-10-13 13:47

    In order for the eff to impose any of its 'economic policies they need a representation of 67% of the nation assembly, that would imply not only to take seats of the anc, but also the da and smaller political parties, sorry eff your political ambitions are a mere pipedream.

  • Carlton - 2013-10-13 13:48

    viva EFF the Caucasians should swim back to Europe, there is no such thing as a white African period, Africa for Africans.

      Lawrice Sven Griffin - 2013-10-13 14:02

      but i have bah codded ide book, im staying...

      Elsie Palmer - 2013-10-13 14:03

      That's the reason South Africa is the way it is because some of the black people are digging up the past. We cannot move forward if the past if always brought up. If this is a New South Africa then leave the past behind and live with your white South Africans. If Africa is for Africans what about North african the people are not black. WAKE UP AND MOVE FORWARD.

      Venessa Born Stubborn Ede - 2013-10-13 15:09

      Sorry to bust your bubble, but I'm as much an African as you are. I will stay and live in peace with like-minded people from all walks of life. How about you, Juju and all other racist idiots like you (white and black) go jump into the ocean and swim to some deserted rock in the middle of nowhere and then you can exterminate one another.

  • Mike Peach - 2013-10-13 13:50

    Some sheeples comments are very educated hehehe no man shame!

  • Mike Peach - 2013-10-13 13:53

    Just seen a pic of a stolen tazz with 3 cattle in it legs tied up passenger seat removed,and im not lying,fact!

  • Ckervo Mccalip - 2013-10-13 13:55

    if the EFF can change their stance on land expropriation without compensation, like they have done with nationalisation of strategic sectors in the economy, I'd give them my vote.

  • Yanga Yung - 2013-10-13 13:58

    Oh thanx Malema with a meat bt 4get I wll nt vote 4 u poi never!!!

  • Rogan Twort - 2013-10-13 14:06

    A clutch of mamparras and moegoes in funny hats...

  • Teboho Mokotjomela - 2013-10-13 14:06

    This work-work victim cnt go anywhere wit his Personal party bcoz he is everything- rally organizer,spokesman,leader,...,etc

  • Ckervo Mccalip - 2013-10-13 14:07

    if the EFF can change their stance on land expropriation without compensation, like they have done with nationalisation of strategic sectors in the economy, I'd give them my vote.

  • Ckervo Mccalip - 2013-10-13 14:07

    if the EFF can change their stance on land expropriation without compensation, like they have done with nationalisation of strategic sectors in the economy, I'd give them my vote.

  • Buttonmenzi Menzi - 2013-10-13 14:09

    COPE members defected from the ANC and they pose much threat than this one but to date little we hear about them. 5months after elections people would be forgetten about EFF and some won't remember what this acronym 'EFF' stand for

      Tuelo Pharasi - 2013-10-13 14:28


      Ckervo Mccalip - 2013-10-13 14:48

      Malema is almost entirely the whole EFF and he's a very powerful and strong leader.It's tough times for the ANC, Malema is here to stay, fortunately so for the fighters and saidly so for the every one else.

  • Al Loots - 2013-10-13 14:10

    When you put out food, people will come. When food runs out, so does the people.

      Sipho Masilela - 2013-10-13 14:21

      How do you know loots?are you a soothsayer now?

  • Ed Vermaak - 2013-10-13 14:10

    They're all just there to get a free taste of sacrificed free beef.... I would also be there for a free meal if I was hungry and still vote with my brain. But, sadly most of those he attracts cannot think ahead and imagine how hungry they will become if this butcher becomes their leader.

      Mashoto Motheo Mothapo - 2013-10-13 14:24

      Cant think ahead???

      Mashoto Motheo Mothapo - 2013-10-13 14:28

      Cant think ahead???

  • Phranz Bodumele - 2013-10-13 14:12

    There's no reconciliation whilst you still have stolen property in your own hands.

  • Calcium-hmb H-manuel Baloyi - 2013-10-13 14:12


  • Sipho Masilela - 2013-10-13 14:13

    Ohh great news, and they forgot to report that half of that number comes from the whites.