IFP Youth Brigade wants NYDA probed

2011-11-03 17:35

Durban - Public Protector Thuli Madonsela will be asked to probe how the Natiobnal Youth Development Agency spent R106m during a youth festival, the IFP Youth Brigade said on Thursday.

"We will be writing to Madonsela requesting her to launch an investigation into some of the activities of the NYDA," said chairperson Mkhuleko Hlengwa.

He said the World Festival of Youth and Students organised by the NYDA was a dismal failure.

"We have since learnt that this festival was in fact an African National Congress programme and that the NYDA willingly bankrolled it with taxpayer's money," Hlengwa said.

The manner in which the money was used was a "direct insult to South African youth".

The IFP youth and the Congress of the People Youth Movement leaders this week called for a national youth ministry to replace the NYDA during their meeting in Johannesburg.

Leaders of the two organisations said the NYDA, said to be dominated by ANC Youth League leaders, had failed to tackle issues affecting young people.

Hlengwa said the state and party line was blurred and compromised during the youth festival.

"It is our expectation that public protector investigates this aspect as well," he said.

Comment from the NYDA could not be immediately obtained.

  • Alva - 2011-11-03 17:50

    Good idea to investigate the NYDA. After spending R106 and a senseless bash,the NYDA have proved they are totally out of touch and clueless. What an absolute waste of money!

      Ronald - 2011-11-03 19:16

      And they have requested in excess of R1 Billion from government for future "projects"!

  • Linda Mbongwa - 2011-11-03 17:53

    Who is IFP Youth Brigade? And what have they done for the 'youth'? Any legacy project we can refer to before anyone can take them seriously? First clean up your house...maybe, just maybe we might take notice.

      Mike - 2011-11-03 18:18

      I'm taking notice

      Ronald - 2011-11-03 19:34

      I guarantee you they will have done something more constructive for the SA youth and SA in total with R106 000 than the NYDA did with R106 Million.According to the Centre for Development and Enterprise the cost of creating an internationally comparable sustainable job in 2006 was R39 000. lets call it R50 000 because of inflation and union demands. Thus the R106 Million could have gone towards creating 2120 permanent jobs for people that are now still roaming the streets in desperation. Do the same math for the estimated R620 Billion wasted and misappropriated by government in the past 17 years and that brings you to more than 12 Million jobs that could have been created. I know that this is a simplistic mathematical exercise, but should suffice as an example.

  • Gary Gasson - 2011-11-03 18:41

    The truth will prevail!

  • Koos - 2011-11-03 19:26

    Agree - Looks like "like fathers like sons" - corrupt culture

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