IFP Youth fights for Mangosuthu highway

2011-09-16 22:27

Durban - The IFP Youth Brigade vowed on Friday to make the eThekwini municipality ungovernable if it renamed the Mangosuthu Highway in Umlazi.

"We will use every possible avenue available to us to change this dictatorial decision, and if that means rendering eThekwini ungovernable then so be it," said youth wing chairperson Mkhuleko Hlengwa.

He said his party had noted with concern an announcement by Mayor James Nxumalo that the highway, named after Inkatha Freedom Party leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi, would be renamed.

"The mayor is obviously hell-bent on perpetuating intolerance and provocation. He is at odds with all efforts of reconciliation between the IFP and the African National Congress."

According to the initial proposal, Mangosuthu Highway would be renamed after ANC activist Griffiths Mxenge.

The move by the ANC-led municipality met with fierce opposition from opposition parties.

In 2007, the IFP organised a march calling for the eThekwini municipality to halt its controversial street renaming process. More than 100 streets were renamed as part of the municipality’s attempts at doing away with colonial and apartheid-era names.

Hlengwa said his party would use every possible means to change the mayor’s "dictatorial decision".

"There comes a time when enough is enough. We have long passed that time. We have had it. We declare war on the obliteration of our history," he said.

The mayor could not immediately be reached for comment.

  • John - 2011-09-16 22:41

    Wakey wakey IFP, about time the IFP woke up - we havent heard from them since 1993. While they are about it, I think they should take on Malema and the ANCYL - they are getting all the limelight and IFP are getting none. IFPYL - go and give Malema a good hiding !

      StBad - 2011-09-17 00:12

      Hopefully the IFP (youth league?) and the ANCYL can go at it head to head... and potentially cancel each other out!

      stefventerza - 2011-09-17 07:27

      John, StBad, I am sure that none off you have lived during the 80ties as to have riots again like during that time, or shall I say clashes between 2 tribes. It was devestating, and I as an ex police man that had to stand in the middle to try and prevent it, got it the worsed. Is riots, killing and horror scenes the only way you people can solve things, Well seems so as I have seen it since I was able to have a open mind and worked during those times and ques what, It still happens.

  • Jayden - 2011-09-17 02:04

    I just learnt how to spell the new highway name , is there really a need to change it again ! It works , so lets keep it. What umses me is the lack of consideration for all the businesses that operate an address from that road, they now have to change all address letterheads at who's cost ???? So unnecessary really.

      Foxie911 - 2011-09-17 04:17

      Jayden, but then consider who is the main instigator of all these name changes just to curry favour with his ANC-bosses - no less than Mikey himself - Mike Sutcliffe - who is ready, willing and able to fall over backwards to please his ANC bosses. In Afrikaans he would be called a "Gatkruiper." Never mind that thousands of Durban residents kicked against these name changes, Mikey and his merry men simply tossed them aside to rename streets and buildings, perhaps hoping to create the impression that the city of Durban was their exclusive property, developed, built and paid for by the hapless and milked-dry taxpayers. Go for it, IFP!

  • Ross - 2011-09-17 03:50

    ANC being spitefull again. It happens all over the country on the other hand it is about all they are capable of doing.

  • Paul - 2011-09-17 11:47

    This is weak and pathetic. The question why is Mangosothu Buthelezi not GOOD Enough? SIMPLE IT IS NOT AN ANC NAME!!!!! Typical ANC mentality renaming everything does not make it more acceptable. This is nothing more that ANC painting this country history as their own and excluding all other heritage contributions. Because nothing they have done so far is building a better South Africa. This is just creating a bigger divide. So go for it!! soon the ANC will be regret their callous disregard for OTHER SOUTH AFRICANS. Soon democracy will prevail and the ANC will be put into its place

  • Mlungu - 2011-09-17 13:35

    Just call it Totsi Highway

  • watyasay - 2011-09-18 02:15

    who the f*ck is Griffiths Mxenge??

  • urbanice - 2011-09-19 12:45

    @john are you drunk? coz tuy sound like you are.the ANCYL is untochable

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