IFP: Zuma should have addressed miners

2012-08-20 20:31

Rustenburg - President Jacob Zuma should have addressed the striking workers at Lonmin himself when he visited the mine last week, the IFP said on Monday.

"People have lost their lives here. The president should have at least spoken to these workers and offered his condolences directly," said Inkatha Freedom Party spokesperson Nhlanhla Msimango.

Zuma visited the Marikana mine, in North West, on Friday.

"We know he went to visit those in hospital, but we think it would have been much appreciated around here if he addressed the workers," said Msimango.

On Thursday, police shot dead 34 people and wounded 78 others while trying to disperse a group of protesters encamped on the Wonderkop hill.

Ten people, including police and security guards, had already died in the week before the clash.

On Monday, opposition party leaders visited the Wonderkop squatter camp, where mineworkers and community members had converged.

Democratic Alliance MP Wilmot James said his party had requested "robust" terms of reference for a judicial commission of inquiry set up to probe the killings.

Congress of the People leader Mosiuoa Lekota said their concerns would top the agenda at a special sitting of Parliament on Tuesday.

The opposition parties had yet to visit the injured in hospital and would later hold meetings with the mine's management and its unions.

  • henk.vanrensburg.31 - 2012-08-20 20:46

    And leave al the ungaurded woman alone?

  • mabotja2 - 2012-08-20 20:48


  • sharon.erwin.96 - 2012-08-20 20:51

    He made a big mistake, and Julius cashed in on it. He cannot be seen to be impartial if he does not spend time with all parties involved. A bit of a catch 22, eh?

  • lacrimose.wolf - 2012-08-20 21:00

    Yep, IFP. We all note how you or any other politician (from any party) rushed to the scene when the 1st 10 died. Like vultures you all gathered once the corpses were on the ground. Please tell us what you are doing about solving the violence in your own jurisdictions. Where's the King (with so much tax-payer money and hi-jacking of retired domestic workers' pensions) and all of your leaders doing anything at all to educate people as to basic problem-solving skills?

  • leviy - 2012-08-20 21:03

    once theres death its not a political issue anymore,this is crime nogal all this political parties must spare us their ideologies and back off,this is not a platform to canvas for yo parties...let the police deal with this***the problem with country is that we are led by criminals,its time we elect a president based on merit not because he comes from Robbin Island prison...we need leadership

  • craig.s.pepper - 2012-08-20 21:06

    Sounds like our president..... Bang anything with a hole. But don't have the nuts to face angry miners. Just another coward raping the country.

  • Eric Mdudus Shaku - 2012-08-20 22:15

    Do u thnk Mr President want to die? those miners are armed they shoot anytime

  • Vince.York - 2012-08-21 06:28

    Why, he has taken so much money from the tax payers coffers to bolster up his own mining resource ownership here and around the continent that he is alike to Ramaphosa and Motsepe, Mitel and MUST CONTROL his economic slaves, "those mining for him" now. Did any zuma come forward and pay up to the Aurora miners or those that starved for a few years under the misguided notion of mining the zuma's and Mandela's carried out EVER. You "citizens" certainly have high expectations not least of all FALSE aspirations regarding your promiscuous leader and his "good intent" towards you. He does NOT. His nose can only sniff in the direction of zuma enrichment in every way he can comprehend, and then will spill a few crumbs off his table in your direction as he raises himself alongside the tables of the myriad kings he needs pay back for foisting him into a position through the orchestrated debacle at Polokwane. It is now time to tell the world that you do NOT understand the strength of Democracy and want to support your quasi expensive royalty and democracy was merely a screen tool with which to latch onto as much funding for own redistribution as possible. While at it, warn the other whites basking on pristine beaches around the world, that it is soon their turn to suffer REVERSE RACISM at the hands of this new arrogant racist anc. YOU VOTED FOR THIS.

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