IFP expels KwaZulu-Natal MPL

2012-08-05 17:31

Johannesburg - The Inkatha Freedom Party's national council has expelled a "disloyal" member, it said on Sunday.

The expulsion of Ephraim Sipho Mbatha, who was a KwaZulu-Natal MPL, followed serious allegations, said IFP national spokesperson Joshua Mazibuko.

"Mbatha was accused of using IFP resources to assist someone who was canvassing support for another political party," he said.

He was also accused of discrediting the IFP and of promoting disloyalty among members, said Mazibuko.

Mbatha is the party's former deputy national organiser.

The decision to expel him, with immediate effect, was made at a council meeting in Ulundi on Saturday and Sunday.

Mazibuko said Mbatha had twice failed to appear before the council after being invited to respond to the allegations.

"His hearing was first postponed to 4 August after his attorney informed the national council that Mbatha would not be able to attend," he said.

Mbatha's attorney had apparently given assurances that he would attend the hearing on Saturday.

In the meantime, he reportedly wrote to the IFP president offering to resign from the legislature with effect from the end of July.

"The council proceeded with the case when the day of his hearing arrived and after it was established that he was absent," said Mazibuko.

Neither Mbatha nor his attorney had explained their absence.

Mazibuko said the council decided to expel Mbatha after examining all the evidence presented against him and following his offer to resign.

He described the decision as saddening and "unavoidable given the circumstances".

The IFP thanked him for his contribution to the party and wished him well "in whatever endeavour he may involve himself in", said Mazibuko.

  • - 2012-08-05 17:43

    this is not unusual. the funny thing is its so old news its not even funny anymore. Is there ever gonna come a time when we won't read how some Cadre robbed the tax coffers and the country? When will we hear that we are heading in a positive direction, that poverty, unemployment and corruption no longer exist? Well i can tell you: not as long as Zipper and his brain dead Cadres are in control.

  • lacrimose.wolf - 2012-08-05 20:16

    Don't you just love politic-speak. Some person uses party funds to fund someone else in another party and they are expelled for disloyalty. It's THEFT. Quite right to expel this person but yet again, zero prosecution. Imagine an employee stealing bucks from your company to finance the opposition. Fired for sure, but methinks also in court faster than you can say espionage.

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