Ignore Malema at your peril, Uys warns

2012-04-23 22:37

Johannesburg - Political activist Pieter-Dirk Uys on Monday warned South Africans to not ignore suspended ANCYL president Julius Malema.

"Every single thing he said... we may not ignore, and we ignore at our peril. He is a clever politician in the year 2012. He has not followed the blueprint of the past.

"He has surprised everybody with his unbelievable cheek," he said.

Uys was speaking at a public lecture entitled "You ANC nothing yet – on the road to Mangaung" at the University of the Witwatersrand, in Johannesburg, where he urged South Africa's young people to get more involved within youth structures.

He said people should not underestimate the power of the ANC Youth League or any youth league.

"Why are so few young people involved with the youth league? The future is there."

The people had to lead and the government to follow. The future of South Africa was what the people made of it, not the government, he said.

All South Africans needed to be involved with what was happening.

"We are a country of democrats that care... and not people who say 'ons is bang, ons is bang, ons is bang' [we are scared]," said Uys. 

Stupidity can kill

Earlier, Uys said an oppressive system similar to apartheid could rear its head again if South Africans do not get more involved and hold the government accountable.

"Apartheid will never ever come back again under the same name. But don't underestimate the inventiveness of that era of politics.

"Of course it will come back, it made money. It will call itself something else, it will be benign, an acronym. We won't even know what it means."

Uys said this was because in a democracy people did not do their homework.

"We have a government that does its homework and you'll vote for it and be back in the dark ages for the next four generations," he said.

Uys said apartheid was a "stupid" system. He recalled how he was explaining to a 12-year-old boy how, during apartheid, black people were not allowed to sit on certain benches.

The little boy asked Uys "this apartheid thing, did it really happen?".

Uys said he asked the boy why he had said that and he replied "'cause it sounds so stupid", because who could stop him from sitting on a bench.

He said he thought about it and thought to himself "my God it sounds stupid".

"Stupidity can kill, stupidity is so inventive; so never underestimate the power of stupidity. Don't underestimate the power of the things you call stupid in politics."

South Africa was a democratic country because millions of people believed there was a future in the dark. He said there were good people in government as well as bad people, and South Africans should not forget that.

  • PVRZA - 2012-04-23 22:57

    new24 is so disapointing, earlier u said ANCYL is stupid according to Uys now u changed the lines. Get ur facts straight before publishing

      Frank - 2012-04-24 07:17

      Tsotsi - April 23, 2012 at 23:04 Report comment We are the on the other hand, sir, are a common, garden variety jack@ss!!

      Mattewis - 2012-04-24 07:47

      @Tsotsi The only racist liar is you! @Hugh_Influence Nothing coupled with the word Malema can evoke humor in me (genius or otherwise), sorry!

      Herman - 2012-04-24 08:58

      @ hugh, even if you try, they will never understand, that, is the advantage the people with brains have over idiots like these. Knowledge IS power.

      Morne - 2012-04-24 19:17

      Ja Pieter, JM is as comical as you! Really!, what are you smoking?

      James - 2012-04-24 19:51

      Prof Dunning Cornell U. Recent study proved that some people are too stupid to realise they are stupid.

      Kolobe - 2012-04-24 19:53

      only pro-white comments stick around

      bluzulu - 2012-04-24 20:22

      The only joke here is this Fake Joker Uys handing out lectures.

      bluzulu - 2012-04-24 20:23

      easy half my comments are removed, And they comply with the comment rules.

  • Melania - 2012-04-23 23:01

    Good words. But will some inderstand fully what was meant.

  • Gareth - 2012-04-23 23:01

    Yes, I remember him saying this from the article you people put up this morning. Rewording it hasn't made it anymore interesting.

  • Lungile - 2012-04-23 23:15

    Malema has managed to open eyes of quite a number of ppl.

      Arthur - 2012-04-23 23:36

      Yah I agree, Malema opens their eyes with a silver spoon, then he puts the poor peoples eyes on a silver platter, has a fat party paid for from the silver in his bank that he stole and didn't pay tax on, then serves that fine platter of the poor's vision to his fat guests while the poor walk around blind, starving and homeless.

      psebetlela - 2012-04-25 11:25

      @Hugh, enuf wit ds 'fat,silver platter,robbin poor n tenderpreneuship' utterances already, they dnt amuse me anymore.lets start discussin real issues dt de youth league hv put on de agenda 4 all south africans.if u constructively critisiz those den m wit opinion is if malema is enrichin hmself a bit here n there so wht?especialy given de huge gap apartheid hs created btw black n white regardin economic freedom.i tell u if we wer2go a legimate open-book-way wit dt,it wd take blacks in ds country 200yrs 2b on same level wit most whites(ntwitstanding fact dt ther some whites out ther who r poor),n dts a fact.... lon as he's pushin 4 acute me,thr wil b a time whn ds corruption is capped n none,we nt ther yet boss.

  • Nolubabalo - 2012-04-23 23:18

    I can't agree more,If you listen to what he says you will find out that most of the time he is spot on.What you can ignore is the way he puts the message across,but he is a brite pltcn. Abt apartheid coming bck we will all be liable 4 allowing it 2 hpn

      Piet - 2012-04-23 23:56

      eish we are doomed if you believe in malema...

      Martin-Cullen - 2012-04-24 06:09

      NO !! We will not all be liable, ONLY the MAJORITY will be liable as the MAJORITY VOTE Carries. ON the other hand, if YOU ARE one of the MAJORITY voting ANC, then guilt WILL be on YOUR hands. DO some reading On JOSPEH KONI and then tell me, that 'THAT' will never happen in SOUTH AFRICA. ANd don't forget that sphilis brain moron of Robert Mugabe! Don't think the fate of South Africa will be any different to Zimbabwe. The youth of today where raised without morals and conscience. Why would they be any different to the rest of Africa and the horrible destruction of a once civilized society? YOU can take the man out the bush, but you can't take the bush out his blood, other than through changing his environment, his education and uplifting his way of life. If Africa wants prosperity, they need to stop acting like animals and start thinking like human beings. Show me ONE single African Country that no matter how much wealth, natural resource or position they inherite, the result are straight back to waste, destruction, desolute poverty, hunger, fly covered snot nosed children begging from white missionaries, crime, violence and brutal forced enslavement of their kind? WAKE UP ALL SOUTH AFRICANS!! Kick out the illegal, imprison the crimnals, march on Gov to change the laws. Vote collectively for the party that can bring positive change that will enrich the lives of ALL South Africa. To hell with the immigrants taking SOuth African Jobs and bringing their crimes!

      gailcarolynhayes - 2012-04-24 11:19

      Nolubabale, BEE/AA is apartheid in a different guise - precisely as Uys is saying in his funny way. It has no susnet clause and it doesn't just benefitall previously disadvantaged but in many cases a small elite and their comrades who are covetous of the outward signs that money can buy them but no clue how much work and merit is required to maintain the inflow of money and keep up the standards to which they wish to become accustomed. Sadly both those who deserve to be appointed because of merit and those who get there through dvious means are tarred with the same brush and the abahlali will not know the difference so ultimately we will lose the best with the worst when the time comes. The red tape around starting up a small business and the regulations and laws about the composition of your employees is stifling investment although it must be recognised that so is the failure of of the fiscal system. There are no easy answers to overpopulation and stupidity except natural disasters which do not discriminate. There is no difference between Whites only and AA/BBEEE candidates only need apply. Both are discriminating against a group whose skills and merit for the employment may well be greater than those who qualify and the average taxpayer pays the price. Asmuch as I'd like to believe that this obsession the media has with Malema would vanish into obscurity perhaps it is marginally better to allow him to vent unchecked and hang himself then sticking our heads in the sand.

      Loo - 2012-04-24 15:36

      Read what i said about the blind leading the deaf and blind .. An with THAT I am SPOT on

      Krish - 2012-04-26 16:02

      He is a fool and talking bull. He is only keeping this feud going for as long as it can hoping for the ANC to fail. Thats his agenda. ANC is too poweful and intellegent to let a pip squeek like Malema to scare them.

  • Thebe - 2012-04-23 23:19

    I will happily ignore him thank you.

      Arthur - 2012-04-24 01:48

      Great to hear you will ignore Malema from now on, we all should! Viva Uys met Eish!

  • twellington3 - 2012-04-23 23:22

    Indeed apartheid showed stupidity, in the political arena, with their apartheid denomination!!!

      Piet - 2012-04-23 23:57

      the only mistale the nats made, was to make apartheid a law and not compliance like AA and BEE?

      Arthur - 2012-04-24 01:49

      Down with denomination! down with... waaait a minute ;-)

      gailcarolynhayes - 2012-04-24 11:38

      I think you mean domination there twellington3. Apartheid was loosely based on Nationalism. What does the ANC have in common with it? NATIONALISM. All -ISMS are fundamentally flawed and doomed to fail because not all Africans are equal, nor are Europeans, Chinese, Indian etc. Man is given freedom of choice between good and evil, between love and hate, between living in the now or the past or worrying about the future. No two people will agree because we all wwalk different paths and make choices for ourselves which when they fail we prefer to blame on anything but ourselves because it amounts to loss of face in the eyes of those we wish to impress. Some people are fighters/hunters/gatherers, others are thinkers, scorekeepers, innovators. None of them are better than the other, it is a symbiotic relationship in which we all need to recognise that we need each others differences and are no better or worse - just different and in need of respect and recognition so that we can take pride in ourselves, whether we are a street sweeper or a shaman/witch/doctor. We need to stop placing people with thinker mentality above those who do the most base work and accept that each of us have our place in society.

  • mica.gogome - 2012-04-23 23:32

    I fully agree that stupidity kills.But i'm strugling in to making sense of the whole article.

      Arthur - 2012-04-24 01:51

      Think sarcastically, read the whole article, the look at bits from the bottom and bits from the top. It will all make sense. It's very clever and very sarcastic. The man is a genius, I wish I could write like this.

      Morrone - 2012-04-24 07:42

      Hugh are you a farmer? you rant like a troll, well most farmers act like that

  • Gladstone - 2012-04-24 00:05

    Did you guys(N24) have to write about this? Mr Uys I know you but that was ur weakest speach\\joke.

      Arthur - 2012-04-24 01:57

      You're not going to be very glad when you find out what the punch line is, GladStone. It'll be like a stone hit your funny bone.

  • lmadikwe - 2012-04-24 00:37

    Apartheid will never ever come back again under the same name = SECRECY BILL

      hein.huyser - 2012-04-24 07:01

      That will be one of the faces of the "new apartheid". Who will we blame now?

      altusvanzyl - 2012-04-24 07:57

      you got that right

  • Ted - 2012-04-24 01:57

    Uys is right. Malema is dangerous. For evil to rule, good people say nothing. We are too comfortable. A Zim can happen here. If your drive has ever been disrupted by a Cosatu march, imagine a general uncontrolled march of so-called 'economic freedom fighters'. Scary stuff ma gents.

      Hansie - 2012-04-24 06:06

      ill b readyfor them!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Sterling - 2012-04-24 21:41

      There is an article written by Mbembe calls the Zombification of the African population by the ruling parties in Africa. After reading this article then one will understand why the Africans are so quite.

  • Ask - 2012-04-24 02:39

    Great observation and I totally agree; be warned of the 'fence sitters'; they are the 'powerful' group that are in government and support 'woodwork' and will not build anything now. They are waiting for the right moment... whenever that happens... so yes... I'm not surprised that Mr Uys enlightened us with his 'political satire' again...

  • goodman.segage - 2012-04-24 03:42

    Uys will never support the ruling party's youth his lying to those he lectured. I think the organizers are aware of his tricks to inflame the Youth as if they were all right. The Piet Dirk Uys Lecture Team (PDULT) is using public institution to revolt against the govt, he shouldn't be given such platform. Sir I refused to be manipulated lectured by you and your funders to try and inflame ill discipline within our youth at large, believing whatever they did were good thing. I'm out....

      hein.huyser - 2012-04-24 07:08

      Goodman, as much as I hate PD Uys and what he stands for, you must be able to understand and read between the lines. PD Yus is calling for the youth to get involved in a positive way. They must not let racists under the guise or cloac of the ruling party indoctrinate a people with ideas that are so old, not even hardened comunists believe in anymore. We need positive engagement that will ensure a better South Africa, not the backward thinking of a few racist tenderpreneurs that manupilate the system to enrich themselves at the cost of the man in the street.

  • Nkosinathi - 2012-04-24 04:59

    Malema is just holding a toy gun. Beside inciting poor youth to committee xenophobia just to cause throuble what can he do as ANC has expelled him? Leadership vacuum within the party degenerated to what is has become. The 2007 Polokwane conference gave birth to this confusion. If we are to accept that an educated leader is a thousand times better than a woodwork leader I am sure some will agree. Malema speak all the serious problems poor people faces but he is not living that life, he is a millionaire building a house with a bunker, with tenders worth millions but he has the energy to remind poor people the real situation about poverty. What all this mean is that politicians are all liars more like mafias draining public coffers. Malema is bad example of how a young black person think and behave and its unfortunate that innocent youth have this curse leader Internationally the country suffers serious image damages.

      Arthur - 2012-04-24 09:46

      Well said.

  • Ted - 2012-04-24 05:18

    Rule of life no. 1: Politicians are like porn stars. As long as the cameras are rolling, the pretension never ends. \r\n\r\nIf we keep Malema on the front pages everyday, you give him unnecessary exposure and traction. You create the impression that you fear him so much. There should surely be better issues to report about rather than recycling this tired story. There are great people doing great things but we hear them not any more.

  • Ally Rhandzeka - 2012-04-24 05:37

    come on mr dirk..u sound jst lik one of malema suptrs..wel thanks to dmcrcy u a entld to u own opnion.anc is nt a one man part.big guns cm and gone bt th party is stl goin strng.go and ask lekota and shilowa

      hein.huyser - 2012-04-24 07:11

      nt undst wht ur trin to sc

  • Hummy - 2012-04-24 05:41

    UYS thank you very much for a wakeup call to those who knows nothing about polotics...MALIMA is a dangerous young comrate with a vision.

  • olerilwe.mosiane - 2012-04-24 05:51

    good 1 pieter dirk uys good 1 indeed,whenever dr juju malema cough the minority must stand guard.we are not guning 4 u bt our land,if don't want to share,b prepare 2 give back the land free of charge,no matter how long wil it take we are getting there.the government or contitution my foot

  • olerilwe.mosiane - 2012-04-24 05:52

    good 1 pieter dirk uys good 1 indeed,whenever dr juju malema cough the minority must stand guard.we are not guning 4 u bt our land,if don't want to share,b prepare 2 give back the land free of charge,no matter how long wil it take we are getting there.the government or contitution my foot

  • Lebo - 2012-04-24 05:55

    Well said.

      Sibani - 2012-04-24 06:02

      Juju fights for what he believe is right, he just does not choose his words right . Viva Juju viva! Amandla! Awethu!

  • Jacky Mutsila - 2012-04-24 06:04

    this is powerful,very powerful article

  • Carry - 2012-04-24 06:10


      Ask - 2012-04-24 06:13

      I think you should read this article again... ( and they live amongst us...)

  • Mesh - 2012-04-24 06:19

    ignorance is what made ds country delay 4 change nd liberation.nd i blieve in ys concern..south africans should take initiative in bringing ds country at stable 2 sustain democracy at large..nd as 4 Malema,we need 2 uphold his name as our future leader.not being afraid 2 support his point of return 2 apartheid.we r de future as de youth nd we shall support him 4 his dedication 2 make south africa a better place 2 be...4 us nd generations 2 just no place 4 dictators in south ANCYL

  • Marko - 2012-04-24 06:23

    How can any body take Pieter Dirk Uys seriously, he has an identity crises between hi male form and his female side. Usually Evita Bezuidenhout makes the stupid political comments. I think he should stick to theater.

  • zybt99 - 2012-04-24 06:30

    People really need to stop being played and to use their brains. Mr Uys is basically trying to get it into peoples heads that our democracy and constitution are weak. White South Africans seem to fear Malema so much that believe everything that is said about him. We have been bomberded with useless articles on him on a daily basis. Anyone that says Malema is a smart politician does not understand politics. The funny thing is his surpot base is very small but it serves the media to make him seem like every young black person follows him. The fear of having a Zim hapn is so great that people are startin to sound silly. We love our country and we love peace. Mr Uys forgets that we are not mere sheep.

      dave.prinsloo - 2012-04-24 06:37

      the previous comments on this article disproves your point and proves Uys' point - ignore him at your peril

      marumobongani - 2012-04-24 06:51

      the top dogs can't tell like it is

      zybt99 - 2012-04-24 06:54

      @Dave if we used news24 as a yardstick for what people think then we are in trouble. The basic truth is by the time Mangaung starts he will be without power. Yes fear the boogey man but don't use him as a standard for all black youths.

      Arthur - 2012-04-24 09:50

      Dave.Prinsloo read my comments, I clearly explain to the tards above to read between the lines of the article, but no, instead they keep fighting along racial lines. Zybt99 I agree, at least you understand it. Oh well, I still think Uys is a genius.

  • phathuchicos - 2012-04-24 06:32

    What has tit-AN-i-C promised this guy?

  • marumobongani - 2012-04-24 06:33

    in case people forget who's original citizen I am the true south african my visions are based on its people and its future in hands of that citizen dark or blue you gonna stay out of our way its clear to me that apartheid still exist you aint gonna stop our way of thinking in our own land you've shame us enough and you still trying to stop our progression is said street name change you come up blah blah nye nye it seems like you opposed to everything we do and you still consider yourself my brother

      Saamprater - 2012-04-24 07:48

      Can not call you "brother", because my brother have lost his racist eyes and glasses and realized long ago that he can never call racist cleptomaniacs his leaders again. My brother lives in peacefull unity next to me, leave for work at 5 when I leave for work and realizes that only honest hard work pays for the things we need in life. My brother realizes that his kids must be educated not to believe that when a mine gets nationalized, that "those riches" now all of a sudden will go to the poor. No, they will learn that people lie to benefit themselves. Yes, even the current leaders do that My brother also knows that we have enough examples in Africa where we can see that the current racist exclutionist ways are destructive in nature, and everyone suffers as a result of those policies. My brother realizes that when you have 10trillion rands and can't buy a bread with that, that his racist ways of old have caught up with him My brother chooses the path of inclusive positive development for all the citizens of South Africa, because he has learned from the past My brothe knows that he don't know, and he uses every oportunity to surround himself with information that enlighten his mind, and not be dragged back to where we come from My brother knows me, and I have asked him, he doesn't know you

      marumobongani - 2012-04-24 08:23

      you sound well trained for peotry or you must be afri-forum youth league

  • Thabiso - 2012-04-24 06:42

    Mr Uys is right, if ANC can ignore Malema, they will be in danger.

      Pro Elvis Ginindza - 2012-04-24 06:56

      I thnk dey shud get rid o4 him,once n 4 all,he ic a treath 2 our organisation,or else we gona be sory

      thapsta - 2012-04-24 07:22

      @Pro in which way should they get rid of him. lol i hope its not the one im thinking

  • thapsta - 2012-04-24 06:51

    some white south africans are really terrified by this Malema character. its funny how he gets their heart racing. honestly m not a malema fan but i kinda like his courage, if he can push a little bit more Zumas leadership will come crushing down.

      Gerald - 2012-04-24 07:20

      i don't agree with Juju's politics but they serve a purpose, he does provide an extremely left wing voice that is not represented by the ANC which has become elitist. Truth is the majority of the voters are rural based, uneducated, live below the breadline are fodder for the advancement of narrow self enrichment ideas of ANC cadres in power. Look at Zuma's legacy, the plundering of state resources for his family, eg his son's acero-mittal deal, look at motsepe's rise, continuously getting bbbee deals, how often must a black man get empowered. Look at Cyril ramaphosa, biggest trade Unionist become biggest businessman. I know one will argue Juju is corrupt as well with his tendering, truth is if corruption is so endemic, why then silence his views, they do represent a harsh alternative, that sparks fierce debate and introspection. White folks will call you a sheep for supporting Julius, because he only enriches himself, but my take is they are all doing that, I care not so much about their corruption if they will also advance the man on the ground. Or his representation. Until we can get someone who genuinely cares. Zille, she means well, but I don't see her putting an emphasis on the plight of the rural poor. Perhaps, just as a thought, this intensely personal sparring by politicians is what this country needs, maybe it will force us to vote according to constituencies and not have greedy incompetent men hide behind green, yellow and black.

      Saamprater - 2012-04-24 07:55

      You mistake our reaction to the likes of Malema as fear. We have seen what hell people like that can unleash in a country, and we don't want that to happen again. But fear? Nope. If you think a Verwoerd or Voster, Idi Amin, Robert Mugabe, Poll Pott or Hitler started any different then you are mistaken Think twicebefore you unleash this person on your kids

  • marumobongani - 2012-04-24 06:58

    anc leadership they were brainwashed by apartheid regime they are afraid of action they mislead our generation we dont need people cant tell it like it is

  • David - 2012-04-24 07:01

    MALEMA he is our future leader like it or not,those ZULU'S they think we don't see what's going on at their cabinet,let me put it straght'our PRESIDENT ZUMA cabinet is corrupt'

      zybt99 - 2012-04-24 07:13

      I'm guessing you rode the 9am bus to school. The cabinet is not Zulus its an ANC cabinet. But then again if u are from limpopo you would have no idea who is in the cabinet...

      Lindela - 2012-04-24 07:19

      Please comment on Zuma and his cabinet (who are not all Zulus) don't become tribalist on us! If you support Malema do so, I doubt if even Malema shares your tribalist rant David! No hate speech against Zulus please!

      Sibusiso - 2012-04-24 07:37

      David this is not a matter of tribalism, competency. Is the criteria for selecting the president.

      Nigel - 2012-04-24 08:18

      Your leader has managed to brainwash you into hating Zulus now as well, you don't see what Malema is doing, he has successfully managed to create division between everybody, white & black, black & coloured\indian, & now black & black (Xhosas & Zulus). He has destroyed any racial & tribal harmony the existed, it this is what you think a leader is, they you have a serious problem.

      Gerald - 2012-04-24 09:50

      @ Nigel, how has Malema destroyed tribal harmony?

      Arthur - 2012-04-24 09:53

      Malema still doesn't know what a Cabinet is, nor how to make one.

  • Vincent - 2012-04-24 07:01

    Fact.He is the only leader who shakes anybody in this countr.

      Cyprian - 2012-04-24 07:08

      No is de known leader nt only leader

  • ksmithgoldie - 2012-04-24 07:05

    Never underestimate the power of very stupid people in large groups :)

      Nigel - 2012-04-24 08:20

      Or the power of arrogant ignorance fuled by an ego that is out of control.

  • Blip - 2012-04-24 07:05

    PDU isn't a "political activist". He's only a cross-dressing comedian who has peddled the same increasingly-stale joke for 30 years. The guy is trapped in a time-warp.

      Arthur - 2012-04-24 09:55

      And what have you achieved in your life that's so special? Nothing? So you're a nobody? Right, carry on then keyboard warrior.

  • DjSnoopy924 - 2012-04-24 07:09

    I still cant believe that we still have stinking-fools racists. Instead of fixing, we are breaking. I am not a proud South Africam when thinking about Apartheid, but am proud because we finally are the 1 nation, regardless of unecessary colour looking. Grow up people, just like Malema will grow up and see that what he says about a certain colour group is idiotic. Like it or not, we are all 1 nation and no1 will or can change that. You just have to get over it, you racists. I am a young black kid boy and I see every1 who have the same ID Document as mine as a South African.

      Ze Don - 2012-04-24 07:26

      I really wish we were the one nation you speak about, we are capable of so much more than what are today. Unfortunately race is permanently used as an excuse and weapon to divide us. The worst part of this is that it's our own government that wants too keep us divided!

  • DjSnoopy924 - 2012-04-24 07:09

    I still cant believe that we still have stinking-fools racists. Instead of fixing, we are breaking. I am not a proud South Africam when thinking about Apartheid, but am proud because we finally are the 1 nation, regardless of unecessary colour looking. Grow up people, just like Malema will grow up and see that what he says about a certain colour group is idiotic. Like it or not, we are all 1 nation and no1 will or can change that. You just have to get over it, you racists. I am a young black kid boy and I see every1 who have the same ID Document as mine as a South African.

  • collen.masetla - 2012-04-24 07:29 i always tell not over, it will never be over and it must never be the end for Young LION JUJU. HE IS COMING BACK, YOU LIKE OR HATE,NEVER MIND TODAY'S RULING BY PUPPET ndca. \r\n\r\nHE IS NOT GUILTY.\r\n\r\nIs there a rule in the ANC that say never compare presidents? What is wrong with comparing presidents? He apologised about Botswana, why charge him even if he did not act on it?\r\n\r\nTribalism and dictatorship is killing the ANC. Corruption as well.

      John - 2012-04-24 07:56

      @Collen, itr\n\r\n\\r\wouldn't be so bad if wer\nr\nr\n new what the frig you arer\n\r\n\r\non about. i see that you still have this damn speech impedimentr\n\r\n\r\\nhave you been to see a doctor? overr\n\r\nr\and out.

      JohnnoBfree - 2012-04-24 08:08

      If Malema gets in we are all doomed, you and me. Zimbabwe ring a bell to you. If you think that Zim has a good government then you are just plain dumb. Ask yourself then, if Zim has a great system of government then why are all its' people living here. Go figure.

  • Sibusiso - 2012-04-24 07:33

    I would die protecting a white man against black criminals, but 50 % of mine ownership must be bought from the international miners and be sold to south africans, both black and white and those from disadvantaged backgrounds must be given loans to buy the mines and those loans must be payed back when they make profit: this is my dream of nationalisation

      JohnnoBfree - 2012-04-24 08:01

      Look what has happened with Aurora gold mine. What a fiasco! Look how many people have lost their jobs. Very sad, Sibu, very sad.

      Saamprater - 2012-04-24 08:02

      Nice dream. Ask the Aurora mineworkers

      Ze Don - 2012-04-24 08:15

      Where will the money come from to buy the mines? If they do buy them, who will decide who gets what? Look at what happened when the Zuma's & Mandela's got their grubby little paws on a mine. Why do you want to nationalise the mines anyway, tourism brings in more money annually....

      Sibusiso - 2012-04-24 08:16

      Very sad indeed, I forgot something in my sentence, ...and only those who prove to be competent must be in the board of directors. Only those who are competence must run the mines, regardless of their skin colour.\r\nOr we can even let those who have been managing the mines continue to do so under the new ownership

      Sibusiso - 2012-04-24 08:23

      @Ze don, do distribute wealth and to stop the big gap between those who where previously advantaged by the botha and cronies government and those who were oppressed by botha and cronies. If we don't do something to close this gap, soon or later the likes of Malema will start \operation take what you like\

      Sibusiso - 2012-04-24 08:26

      @johnno and saamprater, would you not like to have an opportunity to own something like a mine in your mother land?

      Ze Don - 2012-04-24 08:40

      I understand what you're trying to achieve Sibusiso and I have no problem with it. For some or other reason the currently advantaged seem to think that whites got everything for free under the previous government. The truth is that we paid & worked for everything we got. We need people to get up and work, not give them freebies. People don't appreciate things when they don't work for them.

      Sibusiso - 2012-04-24 08:56

      I agree there Ze don, not all white people got things for free, I know you worked hard for all you have but the truth is my great grand father was told to pack his bags from his own farm and it was given to some white father, I don't want that farm back since I know nothing about farming and you might find out the poor guy bought the farm fairly he did not even know that someone was removed at gun point. What I want is the opportunity for post apartheid south africans to own their country, both black and white.

      Sibusiso - 2012-04-24 08:59

      The sad part about international companies owning our resources and us getting a small percentage of their profits is that when these resources run out, they will leave S.A and go mine in Australia for example, so we need to make sure while we still have these resources, South Africans benefit to the fullest

      Sibusiso - 2012-04-24 08:59

      The sad part about international companies owning our resources and us getting a small percentage of their profits is that when these resources run out, they will leave S.A and go mine in Australia for example, so we need to make sure while we still have these resources, South Africans benefit to the fullest

      Ze Don - 2012-04-24 09:13

      Apartheid was a stupid system that was doom to failure Sibusiso. We can't undo our history but at some or other stage we have to start moving forward, otherwise we'll just end up repeating our mistakes. A wise woman once told me that if ALL South Africans would just realise that we need each other and that if we work together NOTHING can stop us!

      Sibusiso - 2012-04-24 09:40

      I agree with you 100%, I'm an ANC supporter and I think we need new leaders who will serve us united and the criteria of choosing the new leadership should not be race but competence. \r\nThank you Ze don by voicing out your ideas without throwing racial insults like many do here on news24

      Ze Don - 2012-04-24 10:03

      I honestly don't care what party you support as long as we can agree that we need honest, accountable leadership. Thank you for a constructive discussion Sibusiso, it's refreshing not having pointless, inflammatory comments thrown about.

      Bless Boswell - 2012-04-24 10:27

      Sibusiso: if the mines were nationalized, and the ANC got their hands on the dividends, do you really believe that any of those funds would filter down to you? As a white south African, I get no handouts or favors, there is no money stashed away, all the men, for the last 3 generations have lost their lives for the wars they fought - to protect all the people in south Africa. So where does this leave me and my family? Why do black people hate us so? I did not make the rules. Same as you - you didn't make the rules that we live by now - so why should you have to bear the burden of the anc's greed? We are together in this boat / we must all paddle to safety - together.

      Bless Boswell - 2012-04-24 10:33

      How can a mine hope to be profitable if there are 50 or do million shareholders? If the shareholders were earning their shares it might be a different issue - but the sense if entitlement is what is going to cause it to fail. You get nothing for nothing. And if you work really hard, maybe you get something - ghats the way it goes. Just standing there with your hand out saying "give me" is not what it's all about. If I thought my children were doing that I would die of shame. We all have to earn our places in society.

  • Taki - 2012-04-24 07:39

    Malema isn the issue! Ppl are angry out there. Its more survival than racial. Unless we balance opportunities and wealth creation, ths will xplode and eventually no1 wins. Act wise, act now!

  • Taki - 2012-04-24 07:39

    Malema isn the issue! Ppl are angry out there. Its more survival than racial. Unless we balance opportunities and wealth creation, ths will xplode and eventually no1 wins. Act wise, act now!

  • Sandra - 2012-04-24 07:40

    Tsotsi, economic freedom is not just an issue for the darker side of the spectrum of our wonderful rainbow nation. NO, there are many people of all colours that are homeless that go to bed hungry, no medical cover. THE PROBLEM IS NOT THE PEOPLE OF SA BUT RATHER THOSE THAT THINK THEY HAVE THE RIGHT. NOBODY HAS THE RIGHT, YOU WANT SOMETHING WORK FOR IT, WORK HARD AND MOST IMPORTANTLY STOP PUTTING THE BLAME ON EVERYONE ELSE. I agree with Uys, the youth is our future, the government needs to be held accountable. If there is any blame to be had, look at your government, yip the government that you voted for. Tsotsi, if you want change, vote for those that can and will be held accountable. Viva South Africa.

  • bmntwaphi - 2012-04-24 07:41

    Is this a Political Activisit, who is praising Malema? His head need to be examined, because he is so stupid.

      Olebogeng - 2012-04-24 07:51

      Can u read?

      dave.prinsloo - 2012-04-24 09:44

      you are proof of the dangerous levels of stupidity in mzansi. Idiot

      Arthur - 2012-04-24 09:58

      Stupid people can't laugh at a Pieter Dirk Uys show because often his jokes are too clever and subtle, and this articles comments are proof.

  • Thamsanqa - 2012-04-24 07:42

    datz a vry POWERFUL ARTICLE.....

  • Phumi - 2012-04-24 07:43

    Malema's next and final destination is the Union Buildings in Tshwane!

      zybt99 - 2012-04-24 07:51

      I didn't know there were courts at the union buildings. His next destination is the tax court. I have no clue what his final destination after bankrupcy will be.

      Saamprater - 2012-04-24 08:04

      Yep, and Verwoerd had the same path

      vlngcobo - 2012-04-24 08:17

      Am scared if that can happen,because to me that man acts like a dictator.

      vlngcobo - 2012-04-24 08:19

      That man acts like a dictator

  • Leonard - 2012-04-24 08:00

    Why all the retoric?? The "white man" stands between South Africa and its economic freedom. Just look at all the economic freedom in Zim and the rest of Africa. Something to look forward to.........??

  • alan.erwin1 - 2012-04-24 08:01

    Stupidity Stupidity Stupidity Stupidity - your whole statement is Stupidity. YES apartheid was wrong! so is the working of the ANC with its plans full of stupidity. What has the ANC done with the so-called freedom and democracy? Created the worst crime in history and the world. Shown what the so-called culture really is (barbaric, crawl and inhuman) Corruption beyond belief, with billions of rands missing. If you think the ANC is doing a good job? Then wait a little longer and you will see how stupid they are and you are for putting them there. Just REMEMBER THIS – soon there will be another protest and someone will get brave and shoot at the police (not sticks or stones REAL BULLITS) and the response from the police will make Sharpville look like a tea party. IT WILL HAPPEN.

      Dumsile - 2012-04-24 10:49

      For your sake I hope you did not just insult black peoples culture by saying its barbaric, cruel and inhuman. You are such an ignorant fool. Shut up and do not criticize somehing you know absolutley nothing about.

  • Nigel - 2012-04-24 08:04

    Pieter, I agree with many things you say, I also agree that the ANC will become a police state (like the apartheid Govt.) if they continue to get blind support & are not held accountable for their numerous failures & poor governance. We all know that the wealth gap is unacceptable, we also know that we have very serious social problems that need urgent attention & we know that the current Government is not addressing these properly, but what is to be done & how, that is the question, what Malema has done is taken advantage of a leadership vacuum & said things that he knows will gain him support, but his solutions are unworkable & crude, his motives are self-serving & the result of his plan will be disaster. So maybe what you should be saying Pieter, is that some of the issues raised by him are relevant, but he is trying to hijack the process, this is not the solution, non-militant, tolerant engagement from educated youth is what we need, not opportunist, militant, ego-centric dictatorship, which is what Malema offers.

  • Nosiphiwo - 2012-04-24 08:09

    Very powerful article, so scary because SA youth is very careless!!!

      Nigel - 2012-04-24 08:25

      you hit the nail on the head, is the youth sufficiently mature or educated to contribute responsibly, I don't think so, just look at how the YL behaves, militancy & intolerance is their modus operandi, we need more youth like Lindiwe Mazibuko, not hateful idiots like Malema or Floyd

      Nosiphiwo - 2012-04-24 10:50

      Nigel I fully agree with you, we need a youth that is not hating and youth that influence each other with positive future of our country, a youth that describe each other by name and height not by race!!!

  • J.A.Rademan - 2012-04-24 08:31

    The acronym is already here - BEE

  • Ntokozo - 2012-04-24 08:31

    Malema is totaly wrong,let not hide dat he has broken de anc policy ,n if we ignore dis I'm telling yol south africans,we diging our own grave .let not lyk a person 2 much n forget da future dat await our future generation. If we go back to aparthied dn tata Mandela got arrested 4 nothing,chris died 4 nothing.wake up south africans n let work 2getha.n da gvrn must listen 2 ppl ,n dat ppl must listen 2 gvrn.remember governmemt 4 da ppl,n ppl 4 da government

      collen.masetla - 2012-04-24 09:13

      What policy did he break?