Improper tender: DA wants MEC to quit

2012-10-11 16:03

Johannesburg - Limpopo MEC Pinky Kekana must step down after a finding that the provincial transport department unlawfully awarded a tender to On-Point engineering, the DA said on Thursday.

"The MEC clearly cannot be trusted with holding public office any more and must do the honourable thing and resign," Democratic Alliance provincial spokesperson Desiree van der Walt said.

Kekana approved the tender during her tenure as transport MEC. She was appointed as MEC for economic development in March.

Public Protector Thuli Madonsela said on Wednesday the MEC had done so unlawfully.

Van der Walt said Kekana's "wrongdoing" could not be ignored now that she was in a new position.

"After all, the wrong-doings attributed by the Public Protector to her previous department all happened when she was still at the helm of roads and transport.

"This is a crisp example of a closed, crony system where state tenders are a conduit to enrich political allies," she said.

"We expect MEC Kekana's immediate resignation in light of the findings of the public protector."

The provincial transport department declined to comment on the report on Thursday.

"We will be responding to what the public protector is saying. It is only that at this stage we are not ready, because we have not gone through the report," the department's spokesman Joshua Kwapa told SAfm.

Madonsela found that the tender was unlawful and that On-Point and former African National Congress Youth League leader Julius Malema benefited improperly from this.

Malema's business partner Lesiba Gwangwa is chief executive of On-Point.

Kwapa said the department only received the protector's report at 18:00 on Wednesday, the same day Madonsela addressed the media on the matter.

"We have to first study the report... when we say we are studying the report, it is seen as a delaying tactic. You must remember that we have to come out of this a responsible department, coming up with a statement that will be representative of what we have consumed," said Kwapa.

Madonsela received three complaints in July 2011 and decided to investigate allegations that the department of roads and transport awarded the On-Point tender corruptly.

  • tim.gordon.5011516 - 2012-10-11 16:12

    Doing the right thing is a Western concept. Fat chance of it happening here.

      kala.bafazi - 2012-10-11 16:39

      Step down!!!!!WTF!!! Arrest the thief. Let her study the document from behind the bars of a cell.

      johan.wilsnach - 2012-10-11 16:52

      It is not a western concept but rather Japanese and associated countries

  • desertratbkf - 2012-10-11 16:12

    There you go DA!!! Have your say, and help rid this country of these filthy rotten thieves! !

  • christelle.james.7 - 2012-10-11 16:12

    DA - you certainly have your work cut out with all the fraudulent ANC members you need to chase down. (It appears as if they oblivious to it)

      godfrey.welman - 2012-10-11 18:58

      Disappointed the PP did not come down harder on those awarding the tenders, it takes 2 to tango.

  • andrew.surtees1 - 2012-10-11 16:18

    corruption at its best, least the DA are willing to fight this and no it isnt cause they are racist its cause they are willing to do what is right for the country and the poeple! this current government doesnt care for the country and the president is the biggest thief out of the lot! Julius i thought you said that you never did anything illegal? well buddy the proof has come up hasnt it and ontop of it you reward you feiend with the tender and the company had only been open for a month! i hope you Julius and Jacob burn in hell or someone shoots you both!

      desertratbkf - 2012-10-11 16:24

      That fat gutted troll is very quiet today. Everytime I refresh the News24 page, I pray the headline will read - "Malema Arrested"

  • joe.farmer.92775 - 2012-10-11 16:23

    "coming up with a statement that will be representative of what we have consumed," said Kwapa. so we can expect a KFC menu then

      Erna - 2012-10-11 17:35

      More a liquid (Jack Daniels) menu.

  • John.Yossarian22 - 2012-10-11 16:25

    If there was any morality in the ANC, she would have been fired. No chance of that then.

  • george.michaelides.71 - 2012-10-11 16:38

    Welcome to the REAL World...........

  • willem.v.hoven - 2012-10-11 16:53

    The fat lady awarded the fat boy. What is wrong with that?

  • michael.freeman.16752 - 2012-10-11 16:55

    Do not steal. The government does not like competition.

  • Willie - 2012-10-11 16:59

    Step down sessie,don't even try to take the legal route--lawyers gonna meal your money ,baby

  • gus.fernandes.7 - 2012-10-11 16:59

    These people have no shame but have plenty of greed, as if their inflated salaries are not enough.

      croix.mactee - 2012-10-12 06:49

      They have no shame because they cannot blush? And thick-skinned? .... hell yes!

  • Tseke Mphela - 2012-10-11 17:14

    thanx DA for blowing the whistle..i personally blame the the ANC for every mess we r in..the xtend dt ppl take to protect the government is sad..nd in the end we r the ones that time we vote ppl lets give other parties a chance..lets vote for a party with policies that will improve SA..nd if dt party fails we vote them out..some ppl people r not supporters bt they r slaves of the ANC..

      christelle.james.7 - 2012-10-11 17:27

      U my friend, is a person who has a real concern for our country. You are also one who sees way beyond colour and is only concerned about the character of a person/party. bless you for that!!!!

  • joe.smit.549 - 2012-10-11 17:46

    A responsible Dept would not have issued the tender!

  • Zahir - 2012-10-11 18:14

    SA is going to go bankrupt with way this anc corruption give DA a chance in 2014 before it is too late to save the little we have left

  • ron.warwick.79 - 2012-10-11 18:26

    Ja right, why should she, she's just doing what every other ANC politican does, they don't quit. Proceedures have to be followed, first you deny everything, then you blame apartheid, when that doesn't work get any white deputy or spokesman to try and explain why you not guilty and then when all else fails be suspended on full pay for as long as possible.

  • ronald.vantoorn.9 - 2012-10-11 19:10

    As usual nothing will come from it!

  • glen.e.huysamer - 2012-10-11 20:12

    The DA should not request that the MEC Pinky Kekana be fired, they should demand that he be arrested. Not that anything will happen of course, it seems that the DA's only purpose is to keep Cape Town clean so that ANC Irish Coffee Society can have their weekends safely in Cape Town with out worrying about being assassinated.

      desertratbkf - 2012-10-11 22:28

      WTF? YOU are an ABSOLUTE amoebic form of dysentery, in one way! However, your bi-polar traits intrigue me! "Take your pills my boy, please!"

      glen.e.huysamer - 2012-10-11 23:30

      You are truly BK BF*K to long in the dessert, ......has made you confused and deliriously funny. Say something worth saying for a change. Otherwise this relationship is divorced.

  • archangel.zerachiel - 2012-10-12 06:28


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