Improve offices - ANC North West

2012-10-04 20:57

Johannesburg - The effectiveness of parliamentary constituency offices in the North West needs to be improved, the office of the province's chief whip said on Thursday.

Mothibedi Kegakilwe's office said in a statement that the constituency offices had a role to play in averting socio-economic problems.

"This will ensure that service delivery issues within communities, as well as socio-economic challenges similar to those of Marikana, are... resolved before they snowball into crippling and at times fatal protests."

These views were expressed at an inter-parliamentary caucus in the North West on Thursday.

Those attending included MPs, mayors and councillors.

"The meeting also affirmed the ANC Caucus' position that Parliament's democracy offices... are an unnecessary duplication of constituency offices and a wastage of resources," Kegakilwe's office said.

Delegates called for these offices to be closed and the resources channelled into the constituency offices.

The caucus meeting formed part of the ANC's countrywide programme aimed at assessing the ANC's parliamentary constituency offices' effectiveness.

  • george.slade.161 - 2012-10-04 21:11

    Close ANC Offices and replace with DA --then there may be some hope !

      Bra Tebzaah Sibilanga - 2012-10-04 21:21

      Still fantasizing with your DA,wake up it will Never happen dude

      john.smit.121772 - 2012-10-04 21:23

      Please explain to these zombies, people make an organisation efficient, not offices.

      tobydt - 2012-10-04 21:44

      ANC said the DA would never take the WCape :P

      henk.vanrensburg.31 - 2012-10-04 22:13

      yes bra we know. We just cannot educate you lot!

      sharon.erwin.96 - 2012-10-04 22:16

      ANC logic: If the figures don't balance, replace the computer!

  • kosie.nel.14 - 2012-10-04 21:40

    The ANC cannot run a bath - forget about running a country!

  • makavelithedonkilluminati.shakur - 2012-10-04 21:43

    Sorry comrades,as long as its not Nkandla,then I'm afraid there's nothing I can do about it,I'm only having R203m to improve my house for my wives and kids,try again next time..Sincerely yours J.Zuma

  • tobydt - 2012-10-04 21:43

    They discuss and say the most obvious things at these meetings.

  • stanton.clarke - 2012-10-04 22:23

    South Africa will first need to burn to the ground under the ANC before we can start to re build. Some day we will make documentaries about how the ANC destroyed this country. Apardheid related documentaries wont even be relevant any more, blacks, whites, all of us will suffer great hardships together.

  • Erna - 2012-10-05 01:47

    Don't hold your breath that anything will change in a hurry.

  • sminx.r.mandla - 2012-10-05 08:26

    So I'm guessing this plea is addressed to the shower-head since they, North West, is supporting him for a second term!!!

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