Jay Naidoo poses Manyi challenge

2011-03-06 19:12

Johannesburg - Social activist and former cabinet member Jay Naidoo has challenged the ANC and government to act on Cabinet spokesperson Jimmy Manyi's ­racist outbursts to prove to the country that the ruling party has not ­abandoned non-racialism.

Naidoo’s comments come amid a ­furore over remarks Manyi made while he was still director-general of the ­labour department.

Manyi made ­remarks about the “oversupply’’ of ­coloured people in the Western Cape and about Indians “negotiating’’ their way into over-representation in ­management positions.

His comments sparked an outcry from various sections of society, with Minister in the Presidency Trevor Manuel issuing an open letter calling Manyi a “worst-­order’’ racist.

Naidoo told City Press that while President Jacob Zuma was a “committed advocate of non-racialism’’ it was cause for concern that somebody with “the kind of thinking Manyi has shown’’ was spokesperson for both the presidency and government.

“Do Manyi’s remarks reflect a shift away from non-racialism? The only the Presidency can answer that, and our political parties, especially the ANC.

"Silence on this ­regrettable matter may be misunderstood to the contrary,” Naidoo said.

He said Manyi would be required to make an “unqualified apology to the nation or face disciplinary procedures if we had a government that believed in the Constitution and was intolerant of racism in all its forms”.

“Manyi does not represent the ­majority of the jobless, marginalised poor of the country but a ‘creamy layer’ of elites who have so far been the only ones who have benefited from black economic empowerment and who represent sectional class interests.

'Loose cannon'

"­Narrow Africanism and nationalism are really a luxury only for those who want their turn to feed from the trough,’’ he added. Naidoo said South Africans had to “constantly” fight for non-racialism.

“Non-racialism is only dead the day we all agree to allow ourselves to be ­defined as racists and act as racists, and we have not done that,” he said.

Naidoo said Manyi’s words “remind us just how easy it is to allow the basics of our democracy to slip away”.

Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi said he believed Manyi was a “loose cannon at work” and that his views did not represent a shift in ­government or ANC policy.

Vavi, who has backed Manuel for his broadside against Manyi, said Manyi’s comments were “downright racist and cannot be explained in any other way”.

“We can’t all of a sudden say that the ANC thinks this way.


On the basis of the ANC and government policies that are there, he is clearly way out of line and I hope that there will be some form of censure.

“He apologised, but equally a clear message has to be sent out to everyone that the movement and government can’t allow this to happen,” Vavi said.

He said Manyi’s thinking had been “contaminated” by his inability to ­differentiate between Black Management Forum (BMF) positions and ­government ­positions.

“His is a way of speaking in a voice which was contaminated by his BMF view, a view which will put him at loggerheads with government,” said Vavi.

“The problem now is that ordinary people do not know whether he is speaking for government or the BMF.”

While the ANC has slammed Manyi’s comments, members of its national ­executive committee (NEC) have ­refused to be drawn into the battle.


Party spokesperson Jackson Mthembu said the matter was “of ­national interest” and likely to be ­discussed at the next national executive committee meeting.

He said NEC members were bound by the decision of the party’s national general council last year not to fight their internal battles in public.

However, the party’s youth league has thrown its weight behind Manyi and attacked Manuel.

So has Zuma ally Paul Ngobeni, one of the lawyers involved in the Friends of Jacob Zuma Trust, who has slammed Manuel in an open letter backing Manyi.

Ngobeni said he was “appalled” by Manuel’s “cowardly, unwarranted and racist” attacks on Manyi and accused Manuel of targeting him because he is the Black Management Forum’s president.

“In gangster-like fashion, some of you have deliberately targeted Manyi and have relentlessly pursued an agenda of driving him out of any position where his views may be heard.

“You have deliberately exploited your position as a Cabinet minister and a senior member of the ANC and have written your letter with full knowledge that it would be given wide-spread publicity and would have the tendency to inflict maximum reputational damage on Manyi,” he said.

Ngobeni also called on Zuma, who has called for restraint over the matter, to fire Manuel for “unconstitutional actions and political grandstanding”.

  • za101 - 2011-03-06 19:25

    thank u manual, vavi and naidoo I as 1 person, appreciate your views. south africa got to do more to raise living standards, but concetrating on race issues to the extent we are currenly seeing is not going to get us there

      GetitRight - 2011-03-06 19:39

      Ngobeni is currently facing a series of criminal charges in Connecticut. These are of forgery in the 3rd degree, larceny in the 4th degree, larceny in the 3rd degree and larceny in the 6th degree. However, Ngobeni's motion to have the other charges dismissed was denied by the court. Ngobeni was due to appear in court in Connecticut on March 28 2008. However, he failed to turn up and a re-arrest warrant was issued. @Paul Ngobeni....WHO IS THE GANGSTER....Your records speaks for itself. And you claim to be an ANC HEAVYWEIGHT and backer of President Zuma...eiiiiscchhhh! Whatever happened to the National Intelligence Services to advise the President on people like Ngobeni and Manyi? You are a WORST-ORDER CRIMINAL? Are we now harbouring INTERNATIONAL CRIMINALS AND THIEVES? What else is new? *sigh!*...PAST THE POPCORN PLEASE!

      GetitRight - 2011-03-06 19:40

      On September 27, 2005, the Connecticut Office of the Chief Disciplinary Counsel filed an application for the interim suspension of Paul Ngobeni, alleging that he "posed a substantial threat of irreparable harm to his clients or to prospective clients." On December 19, 2005, after he failed to appear for a hearing on this application, a judge in the Superior Court for the Hartford Judicial District in Connecticut ordered that he be placed on interim suspension. On January 20, 2006, bar counsel filed a petition in Massachusetts for reciprocal discipline based on the interim suspension order entered in Connecticut. On March 16, 2006, the court issued an order of immediate temporary suspension, after Ngobeni had failed to respond. In a presentment filed in the Connecticut Superior Court on September 25, 2006, disciplinary counsel in Connecticut alleged seventeen counts of misconduct involving sixteen separate clients. The presentment, as amended, included allegations that the respondent took fees without providing services, was incompetent, lacked diligence, failed to communicate with clients, engaged in misrepresentation and deceit, failed to explain an overdraft in his clients' funds account, failed to safeguard clients' funds, and failed to respond to requests for information from the Connecticut bar discipline authorities. @Paul Ngobeni...WHO IS THE GANGSTER....YOU RECORD SPEAKS FOR ITSELF.

      jouplesier - 2011-03-06 19:53

      getitright, they ALL are gangsters with their own motives; none of them can be believed when speaking in front of a microphone or journalist

      Perfume - 2011-03-06 20:31

      @Tshepo you talking shit...Google is at your disposal, please try it and then come back and post!!!!!!!! Oxygen thief

      Thouca - 2011-03-06 21:07

      @tsepho...hands down winner of chop comment of the article...congrats!

      Hans-Erik Iken - 2011-03-06 21:34

      Disbarred lawyer and convicted bailjunmper at large as legal consultant to the ministry of defense:

      Johan - 2011-03-06 21:56

      @Tshepo...The way I see it and they way a couple of million people se it is that you Tshepo are part of the millions of second class citizens of this country. Your government even think so too. They have made laws so that you can get a job. They have made laws so you can get a place in a sports team. Because they think you are not good enough to get it on your own in fact they know you are not good enough that is why they have the laws. So tell me Tshepo who is really the second class citizen?

      Grant - 2011-03-06 22:12

      @tshepo. Eish this computor, it is abusing me and my brothers, hau it is bastard agent - I better burn it to teach it a lesson

      Sheda Hab - 2011-03-07 11:06

      dubula, dubula, ziyarapa lezinja can we allow racism to come back. Should we start a new Freedom Song - dubula Manyi, dubula Ngobeni. Do we allow people to talk openly racially condemning others and then to be defended by Ngobeni with further racist statements - I say NO. I say test us, because, we will NEVER alllow racism back in our land. This is only the start yet you must STOP now. Do not think because of your skin color you can make racist remarks at will. There are many more with the same skin color as you who will defend the war against racism. umshini wami......... - 2011-03-08 10:03

      History has a funny way of repeating itself. Sad state of affairs. Pity those that are failing the country and please sympathize with those that have to pay for and clean up after this party ends. Sadly I believe I will never see nor feel free.

  • Perfume - 2011-03-06 19:38

    Ngobeni wants Mr Manuel fired!!!!!! Then let Zuma fire Mr Manuel, Zuma knows he cannot do that, he needs votes to fire Mr Manuel will cause the ANC to lose votes quicker than they can say "oversupply" lmao!!!!!! Mr Naidoo where have you been hiding?

      GetitRight - 2011-03-06 20:51


  • SamuelMabena - 2011-03-06 19:41


      lakhan7 - 2011-03-06 22:03

      ...this year im voting for ... HOPE

      Mr Hobbit - 2011-03-07 10:12

      All opposition parties should unite to fight the evil ones!

  • Perfume - 2011-03-06 19:41

    Someone must of told this crook Ngobeni that he will get Mr.Manuel's job again I say fire Mr. Manuel it will be the biggest mistake the ANC ever made in history!!!!!! Drum roll, popcorn *check*, remote control *check* let the games begin

  • Di - 2011-03-06 19:52

    there has always been an uncomfortable marriage of coloureds in the ANC, and its fault lines are now plain to see - the ANC is for blacks only, and only blacks who are useless, nepotistic fraudsters who are doing everything in their power to bleed this country to death

  • CheekySod - 2011-03-06 20:03

    At this stage the ANC can only do damage control. Their lack of condeming Racisim is dooming. The ANC has legislated various Racist laws and if they dare open their mouths, they will be slammed, whatever they say. They are very protective of their "Justified Racisim". It keeps them in the lap of luxury. The situation reminds me so much of Idi Amin. He was also welcomed by his population and the International community. In 1972, Amin declared "economic war" on Uganda's Asian population. Amin NATIONALISED many businesses and regarded any "Non Black" ad the enemy. Needless to say, it took Amin 8 years to destroy Uganda. With all the "Justified Racisim" how long can South Africa possibly survive? The ANC regime must take action. Nice speeches will not work any more. They have to, either condem Grand Racists like Manyi and Malema. Fire them, Charge them with the crime of Racisim and take them to court. If the Racist cancer is not cut out, it will grow and destroy any possible positive future for all South African. Alternatively the ANC regine can support Manyi and Malema. This is what seemingly is hapening now. The ANC Regime must take sides. As a supposedly mature and responsible government, they cannot leave this issue any more. Inaction is seen as support for Racisim. Press releases with no action is seen an govermental impotency. Please don't govern South Africa to Uganda or Zimbabwe like situation. The future is not written. there still is time to change direction.

  • Chris - 2011-03-06 20:17

    The ANC's policies on Race show them to be ideological bedfellows with the Nats. The spectre of the reemergence of Verwoed type racism is scary!

  • Gaffer - 2011-03-06 20:32

    Trevor Manuel you are my man..!!!!

  • jkoorts - 2011-03-06 20:36


  • colin.phantom - 2011-03-06 20:44

    The ANC is racist. It is a black nationalist orginisation. It constantly plays the race card, keeps the masses desperate and fuels anti white sentiment all to enrich the leaders and stay in power.

  • Mdav-uyadav - 2011-03-06 20:46

    the fact that Ngobeni is an advisor to the defence minister is worrisome, it just shows that we are really in an unfortunate period indeed

  • SAFFA-CAT - 2011-03-06 20:48

    @TshepotheVERMINator: The Western Cape does not belong to YOU or your brethren....The so called Black African folk have no claim to the south which I am sure a "wise soul" such as yourself already knew. The tribes inhabiting the Southern parts of this country pre colonisation can in NO WAY be called Black African. Your lot had NO claim to the Western Cape then, and funny thing; you keep trying, but you can't even claim the WC now. Viva the Republic of the Western Cape :) Tought titty Tshepo.

  • Cyril - 2011-03-06 20:48

    Erm Dear Mr Naidoo. How does striking for higher wages not equal more demand on products and services and therefore price increases. Next year everyones got to strike all over again. Mr Naidoo. Are you there???

  • a.bryanh - 2011-03-06 20:55

    Are the indians {not the handfull on the inside}only now waking up to the truth?

      Sanjeev - 2011-03-07 07:10

      Most Indians stopped supporting ANC not long after 94. In 1999 the DA won many wards in Durban

      Mebob - 2011-03-07 08:55

      Actually we stopped supporting the ANC during Mbeki's reign. He felt let down and removed almost all Indian from parliment. Initially we had hoped for a better life for all. But sadly we were mistaken. We admit our mistake but feel that we can make a change.At least we are educated.That should count for a lot. I personally believe that education and not hand outs are the only way to gain wealth.

      Vesto - 2011-03-07 09:26

      Sanjeev & Mebob speak for yourself there are more Indians in KZN that vote for the ANC than ever. They are the main beneficiaries of BEE than any race in SA.

  • Blip - 2011-03-06 21:01

    Ngobeni's a wanted man in the USA on serious fraud charges. So with that, and his racist defence of the racist Manyi, it's clear he fits right in with the racist ANC.

  • GetitRight - 2011-03-06 21:04

    LIST OF ANC ALIGNED POLITICIANS WHO HAVE SPOKEN OUT AGAINST RACIALISM(MANYI) : - Trevor Manuel - Kader Asmal - Alan Boesak - Zwelinzima Vavi - Jay Naidoo - Tony Enhenrich - Vuzi Mona Business leaders : - Lot Nlovu - Nolitha Fakude - Bheki Sibaya A very small list...not so???? Those supporting MANYI and RACIALISM in the MEDIA....a few KNOWN CRIMINALS

      MyPal_Al - 2011-03-06 23:16

      Please people you are getting to emotionally charge and blinded by the ANC and Alliance partners skills in Smoke and Mirrors. This is all an optical illusion, they have used the Solidarity plan against us all and then played a clever illusion trick to move you focus. Think carefully how this all started. Solidarity started this with the new law to be brought into affect and used Jimmy to show that this is people like Jimmy that created the new law. Now everyone has been lead by Manuel, Vavi, Naidoo and co to focus on on what Jimmy said 1 year ago. Forget what happened 1 year ago and who said it, ask yourself why these same players are not fighting againt the law? Why is Manuel so against Jimmy, yet says nothing about the racist law that will displace so many due to it's demographic requirements? Similar can be said for Vavi and Naidoo why only the comment on Jimmy and nothing about the racist nature of the new law? This is all to use Jimmy as the fall guy to distract you not about votes or elections. Racism is part of Government policy they are not fighting about any of these racist policy. If they were truly worried about racism they would force those policies from government. No this is just smoke and mirrors to divert attention while they pass the new law. Once nearing completion they will fire Jimmy, while attention is on Jimmy the law will be passed into the real world. The law will be use move the strength of the colored people from the WC, by taking away there Jobs.

  • Thouca - 2011-03-06 21:04

    if u reading this saw no reason to vote, this recent carry-on surely must be reason enough for u and your entire families to getup, stand up do something more for our country and be happnened in the WC... it can happen nationally

  • - 2011-03-06 21:09

    There is always blame, he is at fault, that party is at fault. Mayby so but try, try, try work it out because nobody is going anywhere until it happens!

  • Pragasen - 2011-03-06 21:10

    Cry My Beloved PARTY Cry !!!!!!!! Looks like U just lost The Western Cape And KZN !!!!!!! Put your EGOS in your pocket and Discipline Corrupt MANYI. He was out of order. Reign in your Egos and win back WC and KZN. Remember LG Elections are coming up. In between Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and the Likes. Listen to the voice of reason !!!!!!!!!

      Perfume - 2011-03-06 21:18

      Win back the WC their dreams..pigs will start flying the day it happens

  • WiseOwl2 - 2011-03-06 21:22

    Eisssh Jay you are so right, first we had Boswell Wilkie Circus now we have the ANC circus only now with no actors only clowns !!

      Perfume - 2011-03-06 21:39


      SaintBruce - 2011-03-07 11:23

      Surely you meant - "no Performers, only Clowns" LOL The key is the Amendments to the Employment Equity Act which seems to have been engineered by Jimmy Manyi or under his watch. The boundaries of voting districts are mostly set so the only way to ANC vistory is to change the voter make up in each district. Quite simple really - have a national majority black demographic in every province and you are assured to win every province! Promise lots of jobs to those you move (Done) to bring your books into balance, leave the others to the mercy of the market ( ie: no work). Diabolical but effective if executed.

  • amabok - 2011-03-06 21:23

    ANC has rabies

  • amabok - 2011-03-06 21:24

    The ANC has rabies, it must be put down

  • SA4LIFE - 2011-03-06 21:24

    Hi Tsepotheterminator, u r an asshole....ur comment says a lot abt what type of a person u r.....if I was u I would go back 2 the drawing board & understand what the ANC initially built the party on.....I am sure u r an African between the ages of 20 & 35.....ur comment speaks 4 itself....asshole...

  • R.Suppards - 2011-03-06 21:41

    No more fence sitting President Zuma. Please lance this boil of racism. Abollish all racial quota legislation and let MERIT be the only criteria. The ANC has had 16 years at the helm, but you still harp on, and on and on, about race, get real, put your country first, instead of me first, then friends, then party, then country.

  • Sarel - 2011-03-06 21:42

    I'm sorry to say, there is no difference between the racial classification of the apartheid government and the now ANC government. They both put people into the same racial categories! Shame on you!! We thought the apartheid regime ended in 1996 but it didn't. The ANC dig it out, again!!

      brown_bread - 2011-03-07 09:12


  • Bonzo - 2011-03-06 21:46

    Well spoken, Jay Naidoo. You are well remembered as a leader in the United Democratic Front, fighting against apartheid and for a non-racial democracy in South Africa, back in the 1980s. Thank you for speaking out on this.

  • U1 - 2011-03-06 21:51

    The anc is a black africans first party. Anyone not black african will be kicked out before the party will act against a black member. Africanism at its worst.

  • R.Suppards - 2011-03-06 22:05

    Well said Jay, I did not agree with you before, but in this instance I do. While you're about it, do ALL LOYAL South Africans a BIG favour and call for a PUBLIC TELEVISED DEBATE with the following:- Bheki Cele Julius Malema Jimmy Myani Amos Mosando Plus any others that you think have betrayed Madiba's legacy

      Parko - 2011-03-07 07:15

      You won't get much of a debate with those 4... The collective IQ will struggle to break 100.....

      Perfume - 2011-03-07 07:51

      What debate you calling on @R.Suppards, it will start snowing in hell the day they agree to a televised debate.

      Paco7 - 2011-03-07 12:31

      this looks like a nomination for Africa's dumbest criminal and it's a tie they are all winners which was unanimous

  • Sword&Cross - 2011-03-06 22:13

    The ANC under Zuma led cronyism, has become the most racist government in the world and lost all real form of Democracy too. There are FAR TOO MANY BLACKS in South Africa stretching to much worse than merely over supply, and they exacerbate it even more by pumping out millions of child grants for even MORE imbeciles that will also never attain a capacity to get more than a 0.5% umalusi pass rate (although that will supercede jacob and julius added together). These FORCED REMOVALS of coloureds firstly via labour laws, then devolving to brutal force after they have lost employ, income and are starving in the paths and streams UNTIL it becomes expedient to exterminate them followed by other annoying minorities. SURE BEATS THE PREVIOUS AFRIKANERS APARTHEID STYLE. Enough is never enough. ALL BLACKS means nothing to do with NZ here. It means adding every single racist policy on top of another regardless of intention until eternity so as to create that false sense of Bravado whereby they can assume their rightful place in the history of Africa's ethnic cleansing murderers.

  • batmanart - 2011-03-06 22:24

    Tshepo is just being honest. Coloureds, Indians and whites are second class citizens that are treated as inferiors by blacks working even in service industry jobs no matter if you studied for 20 odd years to qualify yourself even the black with matric thinks he is better than you and will not greet your first - even if you are the customer in your local supermarket. They have clearly made their minds up that Africa is for Africans - we all know they have this attitude so what happens next. Little do they know that without the support of esteemed coloureds, indians and whites the democracy of a majority unaccomplished society will vote in leadership who will promise people "free" jobs, grants, water, electricity etc. Malema will be the next president and like Mugabe even he will be voted in by people if the economy suffers.

  • Sword&Cross - 2011-03-06 22:24

    NEXT after the FORCED REMOVALS of Coloureds, will be the Indian South African minority, so that the Zuma administration can replace them all with wealthier Foreign Indians. As for the whites, Pahad does not even see fit for a local white to exist in Africa. ONLY FOREIGN PAYING WHITE TOURISTS & INVESTORS who will never see their money again are welcome under THIS ANC.

  • batmanart - 2011-03-06 22:26

    Tshepo is just being honest. Coloureds, Indians and whites are second class citizens that are treated as inferiors by blacks working even in service industry jobs no matter if you studied for 20 odd years to qualify yourself even the black with matric thinks he is better than you and will not greet your first - even if you are the customer in your local supermarket. They have clearly made their minds up that Africa is for Africans - we all know they have this attitude so what happens next. Little do they know that without the support of esteemed coloureds, indians and whites the democracy of a majority unaccomplished society will vote in leadership who will promise people "free" jobs, grants, water, electricity etc. Malema will be the next president and like Mugabe even he will be voted in by people if the economy suffers.

  • batmanart - 2011-03-06 22:28

    &*^BLACK ARROGANCE *&% The problem with black society entering the stage where they are actively looking to sideline coloureds and indians from jobs and influential political positions means that the support for the leadership by esteemed group of indians, coloureds is now removed. Once this support base is removed the yardstick used to measure quality of the leadership is moved to the hands of the poor and downtrodden. The problem with a democracy of the poor and downtrodden is that even their leadership has no respect for them hence leaders like Mugabe who control unaccomplished societies and are democratically re-elected year after year even though the economy is being destroyed. Malema will be next president because he is for the poor majority, he is against BEE pro-elitist blacks getting all the money. The poor will vote him in - however we all know that Malema is no Gandhi - he is not just doing it because it is the right thing. The poor don’t know and don’t care - as long as somebody can give them "free" jobs, grants, electricity, water - living in shacks and matchbox houses they don't have the luxury to care.

      GetitRight - 2011-03-06 22:43


  • No_BS_Please - 2011-03-06 22:50

    Anytime Malema and the Youth league back someone everybody knows that that person is a racist, squealing at the trough of tenderpreneurship/BEE, piglet. PS Tshepo please immediately put on some skins and go back to your mud hut. Obviously you have no need of any inventions from the racist nations of the west, India and Asia.

  • manyanyaphiri - 2011-03-06 23:47

    Is there nothing else to discuss except Manyi? It looks to me like although we are all of us agreed that South Africa is on fire, some sections of our pupulation, for reasons best known to themselves, are sitting at the sidelines, waiting in that stampede to have their corns trampled upon and then start howling, screaming and squealing. For goodness, Manyi must have been grappling with a problem, got himself talking out of turn in the process. So, what thereafter? Please get over it whoever you are still after Manyi's scalp. The Manyi topic is already a hackney!

  • jayt612 - 2011-03-07 03:09

    Every country needs a strong industrial base and properly maintained infrastructure, otherwise it will deteriorate and go to ruin. One also has to adhere to proper industry standards ~ not just lip service. Synthetic politically correct type job creation wont work either! Where is the proper mentoring? Where is Olifantsfontein? I can only think, that maybe certain skill sets go hand in hand with certain mindsets. Quick fix solutions are merely an indication of desperation and denial. The already long proven, efficient and dedicated engineering skills base in SA is now being eroded. Where has AA (or similar) been applied successfully in any neighboring countries ~ I notice many job adverts online at BestJobs SA, JobMail and many other agencies advertising and looking for specialists outside their own countries! What would be the reason? In my opinion all engineering specialists in SA should be exempted from AA. The real Skills needs of SA should take national preference over AA. Doing so also makes economic and strategic sense. The country's engineering knowledge base is now at risk. One cannot buy high level experience and know-how. It comes with years of pain and dedication ~ attention to detail. I have noticed that certain countries in the world (USA and some Euro countries) are being de-industrialized, while China and a few other Oriental countries are being over-industrialized. I may well be that China is being engineered somehow to be the next super power, with India close behind in second spot. Then China will eventually control most global industries/supply lines to the Western world and maybe even run the world's new reserve currency after the demise of the USD, which in all probability will be backed by Gold and Silver. Thereafter China could end up governing the whole world - not impossible!

  • BigD - 2011-03-07 05:40

    Zuma has missed an ideal oppertunity to correct the matter if he had spoken out straight away. His silence is deafening.

      Perfume - 2011-03-07 07:55

      They have all missed an ideal opportunity to correct this matter from the onset, come voting day, that is where people will be speaking the loudest. He will regret this day as President for not reigning in Manyi, this bail jumper Ngobeni and the rest of Boswell Wilkie Circus. Mr Manuel is quiet and then still going on and on like a stuck record.

  • Saamprater - 2011-03-07 06:25

    Just hope you guys see the monster you've helped create Mr Naidoo. Now start undoing it. So by the way Mr. Naidoo, as long as there are laws like BEE on the lawbooks based on skin-colour there will be racism in SA.

  • Mart - 2011-03-07 08:09

    the difference between our goverment and the circus is that in a circus the clowns don't get to run the show. all this jostling for position and the placement and monetry support of undeniably corrupt and incompetent cadres proves only one thing to me....the ANC is no longer a single party, but a multitude of different factions who without the ANC name and umbrella, amount to nothing more than hot air and a focus on self enrichment. The poor people of this country shall remain poor because the ANC is lying to them, and are selling them down the river of no return.

  • Darwinian - 2011-03-07 08:25

    Naidoo told City Press that while President Jacob Zuma was a “committed advocate of non-racialism’’.......... The president's silence on this matter just proves that he is sided with Manyi, nothing more, nothing less

  • amy0aylif - 2011-03-07 08:30

    O please tell this Ngobeni fellow to take his head out of his ass!!

  • wakeup - 2011-03-07 08:32

    lets go to war pls and end all of this

  • Granule - 2011-03-07 08:55

    I often find a lot of comments referring to a post by @Tshepo. But I never see the specific post by @Tshepo. Why is that please News24?

  • Craig - 2011-03-07 09:00

    So...whose voting for the Association of Nepotism and Cronyism on 18 May?

  • Mordred - 2011-03-07 09:15

    I have been saying all along that the coloureds will never have any place or say even though they fought alongside the ANC and really thought they would be in the pound seats in the new SA but it will never ever happen. If Zuma really was disgusted by Manyi's rantings, he would dismiss him immediately. A coloured or white person would have been out on their ear already. As for "lamsak Malema" he has turned around every word that Manuel said (which he always does when uttered by a white or coloured person) and now sees this as an opportunity to get rid of another coloured who is one of the few high-ranking coloureds in the government. So where is the black loyalty towards the coloureds now???? Everybody lives in a dreamworld in SA about racism but it is definitely still rampant and also practised by blacks who are the biggest racists of all. This is how bad it is because Ngobeni who is a criminal, still has a say. Nothing will be done about this incident and I really hope this will open the coloureds eyes. Manuel was in no way being racist. He was just reacting strongly to Manyi's rantings, which were disgusting and racist. Trevor, you can also forget about Zuma backing you because he is just as "lamsak" as Manyi. Good Luck.

  • Debonaire - 2011-03-07 09:29

    He overlooked the fact that there are too many whites in Sandton and too many blacks in Soweto ???? What a chop

  • diode - 2011-03-07 09:46

    its time that the minority race groups stand together against this racist regime before we become the next zimbabwe police state. Let us make sure the ANC never takes the western cape so that there will always be a safe place for the minotity race groups that are being discriminated against. I hope the black people start realising that cope is a better choice than the ANC and that shilowa was an agent for the ANC trying to split up the party. The ANC is ruled by maggots and its eating away at our beautiful country.

  • Sheda Hab - 2011-03-07 11:02

    dubula, dubula, ziyarapa lezinja can we allow racism to come back. Should we start a new Freedom Song - dubula Manyi, dubula Ngobeni. Do we allow people to talk openly racially condemning others and then to be defended by Ngobeni with further racist statements - I say NO. I say test us, because, we will NEVER alllow racism back in our land. This is only the start yet you must STOP now. Do not think because of your skin color you can make racist remarks at will. There are many more with the same skin color as you who will defend the war against racism. umshini wami.........

  • Henry - 2011-03-07 11:08

    I am at a lost for words. A man of his stature and to utter such nomnsence, what did we( coloureds) fight for in the first place. Trevor is right our fore-fathers were first to have fought oppressors.

      GetitRight - 2011-03-07 12:48

      What STATURE?....I suggest you do a bit of research on both MANYI and NGOBENI. Stature....he he he he he.

  • onetickie - 2011-03-07 11:53

    Vavi is WRONG when he says manyi's views did not represent a shift in government or ANC policy. Vavi is fooling himself but not the people. manyi DOES represent the government/ANC policies which we all know are racist. Those in govenment might be dumb but not the people of SA.