Julius Malema turns to music

2010-11-11 10:07

Johannesburg - Julius Malema, the leader of the ANC Youth League, is now using gospel music to drive his political agenda.

It's not just any gospel music either, but that of DJ Oskido, who writes gospel lyrics to the rhythm of lively dance music suitable for nightclubs.

The song Nationalisation is an appeal to President Jacob Zuma to nationalise the mines. But unlike Malema's previous struggle songs, this one is not aggressive.

It appears on Oskido's newest album, Church Grooves: 10th Commandment.

Oskido explained on Wednesday why it was culturally more appropriate to direct a song like this to the ANC.


"In our African culture, young people have to behave in a certain way towards older people. You can't just ask for something, you have to do it in a specific, respectful manner."

"The song therefore goes: 'Please, mister president, let's talk about this nationalisation. Can you please listen to us young people?"

The song, which is sung by Winnie Khumalo, includes a soft chorus, which goes: " Siyacela baba, siyacela Msholozi." It means "please, father, please Msholozi (Zuma's tribal name)."

Malema produced the song with Pule Mabe, treasurer general of the youth league.

Earlier this year, he had asked aspiring musicians to come up with political songs suitable for nightclubs.

"Malema came to me and asked if I could help him to write this kind of song," said Oskido. "It was therefore a joint attempt."

Oskido said Malema and Mabe wouldn't make money out of the CD sales and wouldn't get any royalties.

  • wflouw - 2010-11-11 10:22

    Isn't this reminicent of some 2nd world war tactics? If this isn't propoganda I don't know what is... Soon South Africans will wake up and find themselves in another comunist country, where the fat cats like Malema get fatter and the common man suffers. Wake up South Africa!

      BigD - 2011-02-01 06:56

      WE are in a communist counrty. It is such a joke that malema is now trying to be a music star, he has failed at everything else.

  • Mike Webber - 2010-11-11 10:23

    What a chop !!! Who does he say inspired him to write this song? "Eh-h tank you Jesu-u-u-uz, tank you Got"

      AlfredNeuman - 2010-11-11 12:57

      Rofl! Nice one!

  • GTFO - 2010-11-11 10:24


  • Mike Webber - 2010-11-11 10:26

    What a chop !!! Who does he say inspired him to write this song? "Eh-h tank you Jesu-u-u-uz, tank you Got"

  • pointblankza - 2010-11-11 10:29

    Singing about nationalisation is not Gospel, it's not even ayoba!

  • j-lo - 2010-11-11 10:37

    Any economist can tell you that nationalisation failsand is the worst thing for our economy at the moment. But Juju has his PHD in economics doesn't he? Of course he must know what's best for the country. Or is he just interested in the extra money the govt will get from this...????

  • Sharmay - 2010-11-11 10:40

    Shame on DJ Oskido... helping create political propaganda in music... makes him just as much of a moron as Juliass. The only reason that Julius wants nationalisation is because he has a finger in the mining industry. "Julius Malema is linked to a R250m mining deal that involves politically connected individuals at the expense of impoverished communities, the country's Sunday Times reported. The company at the heart of the deal is ASA Metals, which is 60% owned by Sinosteel subsidiary Eastern Asia Metals Investment Co Ltd from China and the rest is held by Limpopo Economic Development Enterprise (Limdev) of South Africa. ASA Metals owns a chromite mine and smelter near Steelpoort on the platinum-rich Eastern Busveld Igneous Complex. The Sunday Times said it had information showing those involved in the deal include soccer boss Irvin Khoza and Kgomotso Motlanthe, the son of deputy president Kgalema Motlanthe. Limdev will retain 10% of ASA once the deal is done. Malema was also a founding director in a consortium that was registered for the bid, shortly after discussions about the broad-based black economic empowerment (BEE) deal started in 2006. Me thinks Julius wants the money... he's not doing it to help the people.

  • massey35joe - 2010-11-11 10:44

    Bobbejaan klim die berg, so haastig en so lastig..........

      mariuslr - 2010-11-11 11:14

      he, he, he ... Malema wants to be president - he's just making sure when he gets there everything is lekker nice and cozy for him and his clan!

  • Brandon96end - 2010-11-11 11:04


      Swart - 2010-11-11 11:24

      You shouldnt post your password on the net... hahahahaha

  • GV - 2010-11-11 11:05

    Gospel Music???? Mal-enima? Did he learn it in Sunday School?

      Coop - 2010-11-11 12:04

      Naaah, didn't he fail sunday school?

  • shortcut - 2010-11-11 11:08

    "Oskido said Malema and Mabe wouldn't make money out of the CD sales and wouldn't get any royalties.".... Tell me another lie.

  • David - 2010-11-11 11:13

    Oh the irony of the album: Tenth Commandment!!! Though shalt not covet anything that your neighbour owns. Nationalisation is coveting.

  • sbouttell - 2010-11-11 11:36

    would that be "Julius in the hood" or "julius IS a hood"? this halfwit and bob mcmonkey are truly of one blood.

  • Loreley - 2010-11-11 11:38

    Read something about Mugabe dancing in a music video too. Bobbejuju and Bobbegabe should start a duet!!

  • bill - 2010-11-11 11:39

    Respect for elders ?? Do me a favour ! Where was his respect for the older Helen Zille when he called her a cockroach ? Sorry , I forgot - he shares his president's contempt for women .

  • FerretGee - 2010-11-11 11:43

    Heaven help us!!! What's his stage name going to be? "Fifty Rants"?? "J-Fiddy"??

  • JuJu Caesar Malemani - 2010-11-11 11:54

    WTH! If they aren't expecting royalties then why not allow it to be a free download like 'Mina Ngo Hlala Nginje'?

  • K-9-Commando - 2010-11-11 11:59

    On a Gospel CD!? Weirdo

  • SSDD - 2010-11-11 12:15

    Someone, please assassinate this idiot.

  • K-9-Commando - 2010-11-11 12:31

    ... I forgot, Club music!? Funny stuff, LOL!

  • AlfredNeuman - 2010-11-11 12:55

    Amazing. Only days ago it was reported that his great hero, Mugabe, was going to be starring in rap videos. You can't make this stuff up folks, it's gone from the sublime to the ridiculous...

  • DianaCroat - 2010-11-11 14:03

    What would Jesus say? I don't think it's right to use gospel music to further ones communist agenda!

  • notjeffery - 2010-11-11 14:14

    How many of you are black? We don't want to be blamed for having white tendancies... This song could become our next national anthem! This guy is a doos though...

  • BrownAfrican - 2010-11-11 15:06

    O skhokho mfana!!!! you go boy - 2010-11-14 13:44

      Eish you are a stuupit

  • Thulani - 2010-11-11 15:12

    who cares!!???

  • CharlieChap - 2010-11-11 15:56

    Whatta Chop!

  • drbuddak - 2010-11-12 08:47

    big up to the god father of south african politics. julie is the dawg. tell those bloody agents tell them. Enough of white tendencies for the coming decade. Julius Malema for president. oh i bet this track will be the song of the year.

  • Sivuyile dukada - 2010-11-12 13:30

    Oskido i love your work but for you to assosiate your self with that guy who is pulling SA down you need to reseach first of what kind of people you work with. Oska go on twitter and see how the south africaan youth think about malema and not only on that site just in general. - 2010-11-14 13:43

      I agree.

  • Dudley C - 2011-02-01 00:11

    Im curious, getting a Gospel Musician to produce the song... if this song filters through to the uneducated masses, will the inference be that God wants the mines to be nationalised?

      Dudley C - 2011-02-01 00:16

      Lol. I guess that comment was posted late. Strange that the article appears on the news24 homepage.

  • Beverley - 2011-02-01 07:35

    aaannnnndddd here comes "JUPAC"!!!!

  • birdman - 2011-02-01 13:10

    The Peter Principle states that "One rises to the level of your one's own incompetence - then stays there" This obviously doesn't apply to Julius - he passed that level looong ago!!

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