KZN parties battle over street names

2011-09-21 19:00

Durban - The ANC could be compelled by the Supreme Court of Appeal to halt its bid to rename the Mangosuthu Highway in Umlazi, the Democratic Alliance said on Wednesday.

The DA approached the Durban Magistrate's Court in 2008 to fight the ANC on its street renaming process. The DA contended that the process was flawed because interested parties were not consulted.

"We lost the case last year, and opted to appeal against the judgment at the Supreme Court of Appeal in Bloemfontein," Zwakele Mncwango said.

Judgment was expected in November.

James Nxumalo, eThekwini mayor, announced on Friday that the city would go ahead with the renaming of Mangosuthu Highway in Umlazi after ANC activist Griffiths Mxenge.

Mncwango warned that the issue could lead to political instability.

"We believe this issue has the potential to bring back political intolerance that plagued KZN for much of the 1990s," he said.

Mncwango said that in 2008 the IFP threatened to march and make the city ungovernable if the ruling party renamed Mangosuthu highway.

"The ANC is not interested in reconciliation and is guilty of using apartheid styled tactics of divide and rule by imposing decisions on the citizens of Durban."

The DA was not against the renaming of streets as long as this was done in a consultative manner that promoted nation building.

"We will be tabling the issue of the Mangosuthu Highway at the next multi-party meeting that deals with political intolerance in KwaZulu-Natal," Mncwango said.

  • Scorpion - 2011-09-21 19:22

    "The ANC is not interested in reconciliation and is guilty of using apartheid styled tactics of divide and rule by imposing decisions" So true. The ANC have gone ahead and named Kingsway in Amanzimtoti after Andrew Zondo, The MK coward that palnted a bomb which killed 2 Adults and three children, the youngest being two years old. That is not the work of a hero. There is no reconciliation in that renaming. There are members of the victims families still living in that area. The residents have protested this but the ANC will not budge. So much for democracy. The ANC is a racist organisation intent on dividing the country

      AMS-Dammer - 2011-09-22 09:30


  • Ruben32 - 2011-09-21 19:44

    Please rename it, I hope the IFP makes good on their claim.

      Grayman - 2011-09-21 20:06

      @Ruben: Why on earth do you want Durban to become ungovernable? It is hardly governed at the moment and life is not easy at the best of times. We could well do without a factional war on our doorstep once again. It is time for reconciliation and proper government through legal and sensible means.

      Ruben32 - 2011-09-21 20:31

      Its clear the ANC don't want reconciliation so why should we keep pretending. It's an IFP name, were than not part of the revolution? Its clear now that ANC want to divide. End of Game.

  • Boetman - 2011-09-21 19:48

    Imagine every time the UK or USA get a new government, they proceed to rename every town and major street in the country? And that after some nitwit that nobody can remember! What a shame and waste of money. We have truely become a banana republic ~ no disrespect to bananas.

      Parko - 2011-09-21 20:06

      Try driving in the Durban CBD nowadays - when I visited the last time it was a nightmare trying to find your way around.

      proudandpink - 2011-09-21 20:25

      That's why streets and places should be named after a tree/plant/animal, anything but a person. Your hero isn't my hero and vice versa.

  • ja_flip_nee - 2011-09-21 20:03

    The ANC only create ANGER and HATE! They do not understaned the word RECOCILLIATION.

      ja_flip_nee - 2011-09-21 20:04


      ja_flip_nee - 2011-09-21 20:06

      Ek sukkel met die flippen woord. RECONCILIATION!

      proudandpink - 2011-09-21 20:26


      Dave - 2011-09-21 20:32

      Ja Flip, at least you have honest intentions with the word, ANC not....

      AMS-Dammer - 2011-09-22 09:32

      After the ANC has FUCT UP every town in South Africa, they change the names of streets, roads and Avenues...... ROFLMAO!!!!

      archvdw - 2011-09-22 10:46


  • Willem-Dirk - 2011-09-21 20:18

    How about they build NEW streets and name those streets whatever they want! Now THERE is a strange and outlandish idea! (Please note the sarcasm) And once they're finished building the streets they can start building houses for those poor people that voted for them! What's the unemployment rate? 25%? Surely there are enough people around to build a few streets and houses???

  • Elle_black - 2011-09-22 07:07

    I'm so sick of this name changing game,there are far more pressing mattersc at hand. i hope the IFP will not take this lying down

  • SGL - 2011-09-22 07:50


  • Dudley - 2011-09-22 08:37

    JA FLIP NEE RECONCIILIATION Thats really funny had a good laugh at your comments

  • Nge - 2011-09-22 09:19

    And every election we ask ourselves, what have they done since the previous election. We get the same answer. They have endless useless meetings with no way forward. Since they own the SABC, we get the news that they want us to hear. Malema this, Malema that, rename the street, lets go to court etc. All does not help to improve the lives of South African. Its always about who said what, not about who did what. The only people who get things done are the criminals.

  • lordwabbitspam - 2011-09-22 10:23

    Rename the streets and roads that are named after apartheid people by all means, but renaming every bloody road in the country after some nitwits neice is a waste of my tax money. To top it off they do a half assed job and leave half the old road signs in place. To make matters worse everyone still calls the roads by their old names anyway so trying to navigate using someones directions becomes next to impossible. Surely the money would be better spent enclosing toilets or something?

  • Dean - 2011-09-22 15:31

    So if I live in poverty off Mangosuthu highway, my life will improve suddenly because it is called Mxenge highway? Fantastic logic.

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