Sona 2014 debate - as it happened

2014-06-18 14:01

Get the latest details as the National Assembly debates President Jacob Zuma's State of the Nation.

19:18 - The Speaker closes the days' proceedings.

19:09 - Davis - Medupi power station delays can be blamed on some private contractors as the country faces energy challenge.

19:07 - 

19:05 - Davis - Africa's future growth depends on industrialisation.

18:55 - Davis - Dressing up to Parliament like a fancy dress party is not radicalism.

18:53 - SACP's Rob Davis gives his speech.
18:52 - 
18:44 - Geordin Hill-Lewis takes the podium as the MPs calm down.
18:43 - MPs wants the "tapes" to be played back to see who was whistling.
18:42 - Malema wants Jackson Mthembu to be called to order for claimed that he was whistling.
18:41 - Shivambu says it was not EFF members who whistled.

18:40 - Mngxitama - Land in SA it stolen property... as black people we should not debate, we should agree that our land in stolen.

18:39 - EFF members asked not to whistle in Parliament.
18:36 - EFF's Andile Mngxitama is at the podium.

18:35 - 

18:29 - 

18:28 - Mahumapelo - Life expectancy has increased and the ANC is behind it in SA
18:19 - Supra Mahumapelo takes the podium.
18:19 - Lorimer - Mining: Employment hits rock bottom under Zuma
18:13 -James Lorimer is next to speak.
18:11 - Themba Godi is now at the podium.
18:10 - Dreyer is congratulated by fellow DA members as she returns to her seat.

18:05 - Anchen Dreyer is next to speak.

17:54 - 

17:51 - Lindiwe Zulu gives her maiden speech, talking about her family and her studies.
17:44 - Mosiuoa Lekota takes the podium.
17:42 -

17:35 - Natasha Michaels takes the podium.

17:35 - 

17:28 -

17:24 - Mamoloko Kubayi takes the podium.

17:23 - Deputy Speaker, Lechesa Tsenoli is now presiding.
17:21 - The State of the Nation address debate continues.
17:18 - 

16:58 - The Speaker suspends the house for 15 minutes.

16:58 - SA belongs to all of us who live in it. Thanks you - Sisulu

16:56 - Sisulu asks Maimane to join them in the fight to eradicate inequality.

16:53 - Sisulu - Our peoples hopes are not displaced, one school is opened up in the Eastern Cape every week.

16:50 - 

16:48 - Sisulu - Honorable Buthelezi... please stop embarrassing me and please stop embarrassing yourself, I love you too much

16:46 - Sisulu - Honorable Malema, welcome to this house where manners are required... it will be a very tough for you, hang in there.

16:45 - 

16:44 - Sisulu - there is a scam readily available at every corner in the City of Cape Town.
16:43 - Sisulu refuses to answer a question raised over the eviction of informal settlers by Sanral.

16:41 - Sisulu - Where the DA governs there is more misery for blacks
16:41 - Sisulu refers to Maimane as a worthy commodity, objection arises, 'you can not refer to a black person as a commodity'.
16:38 - 

16:36 - Sisulu refers to Maimane as a hired native.
16:35 - The DA has failed to be the government of Gauteng - Sisulu
16:34 - Lindiwe Sisulu takes the podium.
16:34 - SA youth deserves better... in the next five years the DA will ensure this - Van Damme

16:33 - Stop corruption and fire corrupt officials - Van Damme

16:32 - Van Damme urges Zuma to do more for the youth and address education, so that everyone has the opportunity to a tertiary education.
16:32 - I do not want to see our president fail - Van Damme
16:31 - Van Damme - As a young person we deserve better... how long must we put up with corruption... enough is enough.
16:29 - Phumzile van Damme takes the podium.
16:29 - Holomisa is cut short as his speech goes over time.
16:28 - Holomisa - UDM calls on government to set up a commission on mining.

16:26 - Holomisa - UDM believes South Africans of all races should engage in a debate for socio-economic transformation

16:25 - Holomisa says a consensus needs to be reached regarding the macro-economic policies.
16:24 - Bantu Holomisa takes the podium.
16:23 - James - Mr President... you sold us a dream and we will not buy it
16:23 - James says the ANC only serves the elite.

16:19 - James talks about unemployment and the economy. He says there are no bold reforms to turn around the economy.

16:17 - Carrim leaves the podium as Wilmot James steps up.

16:16 - No matter our political background we have an interest to play in our country... the future is our youth... play your part - Carrim
16:15 - Carrim, to EFF - Who is this economic freedom for? Is it for the elite?
16:14 - 

16:13 - Carrim says ANC is not out of touch as Maimane claims as the ANC was able to beat the DA in the elections. He says Maimane cannot claim to have bantu education and should be able to understand the numbers.
16:10 - All the minerals below the ground belong to the people of SA- Carrim says he talks about the affect of the mining strike on the economy and in the industrialisation of the mines.
16:09 - Carrim tells Malema that on Mandela Day he should clean up his own indebtedness.
16:08 - Carrim refers to Maimane as the suburban pin-up boy, with nothing new to say. He is called to order.
16:08 - 

16:07 - Carrim - Crucial aspect for the next five years is economic transformation, by radical we mean addressing the roots.
16:03 - 

16:03 - 

15:59 - Yunus Carrim takes the podium.

15:54 - 

15:52 - Honourable M Nawa takes the podium.
15:52 -  KaMagwaza-Msibi is told to round-up and steps down.

15:51 - KaMagwaza-Msibi - We need to acknowledge the progress we have made, yet there is still much to be done... the economy has performed below its potential, we have chronic deficits.
15:50 - 

15:48 - KaMagwaza-Msibi says there are numerous obstacles for the government to achieve transformation. 

15:47 -  KaMagwaza-Msibi - Intentions of the president's address can not be doubted.
15:46 - KaMagwaza-Msibi says Buthelezi was bitter and spiteful in his speech and she will not 'bother herself' with what he said.

15:45 - Zanele KaMagwaza-Msibi is next up to speak.
15:45 - Buthelezi is told his time has expired and leaves the podium.
15:44 - Speakers asks Buthelezi to finish off.
15:43 - MP asks if Buthelezi is giving his speech our going on a tangent.
15:42 - Buthelezi - The ANC builds monuments for the ANC alone, they don't even invite the family members.
15:40 - Buthelezi says Mandela told him that the ANC and IFP should work together.
15:39 - Buthelezi - They have used every ammunition to shoot down Buthlezi,but he is still there, he is a survivor.
15:37 - Buthelezi - I have witnessed the triumphs and troubles of ANC leadership.
15:35 - 

15:34 - Buthlezi: For many years IFP has been the voice of reason in Parliament, Parliament reacts, Buthelezi replies yes!, it's a fact.
15:33 - 

15:32 - Mangosuthu Buthelezi takes the podium.
15:31 - Malema is cut short and told that his time is up. He says the calls to order had cut into his time. He leaves the podium.

15:30 - Malema calls for free education and calls the two new universities as high schools. He says Zuma is failing to build schools.
15:29 - 

15:29 - Malema redraws statements about Blade Nzimande.
15:28 - Another EFF member comes to Malema's defence.
15:28 - Malema refuses to be called to order.
15:27 - Malema is repeatedly asked to refer to MPs as 'honourable' members.
15:26 - Malema - We demand establishment of salaries of mine workers
15:25 - Speaker says she will rule on the issue tomorrow.

15:25 - Malema is called to order and told to retract. He refuses.
15:24 - Malema: ANC massacred people in Marikana.

15:22 - 

15:21 - Malema is asked why he deliver his speech in white man's language. He responds: "I have not time for racists people."
15:20 - Malema says any white person who cannot speak at least one African language is not a friend.
15:19 - Malema says the time for black majority is now.
15:18 - Legacies of Botha must be struck - Malema
15:17 - Louis Botha is not our hero. It's people like this who made white people think the represents nothing SA stands for - Malema
15:16 - EFF is here to lead the struggle - Malema
15:15 - Malema says Zuma is extremely scared of white people.
15:14 - Malema is called to order as he did not call Cyril Ramphosa 'honourable'
15:14 -  All we will remember that is that we will be cleaning on Mandela Day - Malema
15:12 - The president's speech was uninspiring - Malema
15:11 - Julius Malema takes the podium dressed in a red overall.
15:10 - Let us contest for change, let us contest for jobs - Maimane
15:09 - Maimane: Last night the president talked about cleaning up, he had the perfect opportunity to come clean but did not.

15:08 -

15:07 - Maimane calls for the re-establishment for the Nkandla ad hoc committee
15:06 - President said too little about violent crimes that plague our communities - Mamaine
15:05 - Maimane - The president ignores what Martin Luther King spoke of, the fierce urgency of the now.

15:04 - 

15:04 - 

15:03 - Maimane - We have heard speeches like this from President Zuma before.

15:02 - Maimane - We need to foster new ways of developing our economy

15:00 - DA is the only party with radical transformation plan - Maimane
14:59 - There is a lot we can do to fire up the economy. Let make BEE work for us, for every man and woman - Maimane
14:59 - 

14:58 - People of SA are calling on leadership at times of economical difficulty - Maimane

14:57 - Maimane - Zuma must commit to stop job killing legislature.
14:56 - We have the potential, our economy should be creating jobs - Maimane
14:55 - Maimane - Our economy is striking and millions are without work.
14:54 - Maimane - Zuma's address was an opportunity missed.
14:52 - Maimane greets parliament.
14:52 - Next speaker is Mmusi Maimane.
14:50 - Radebe - NDP not just a plan for government but a plan for everyone.
14:50 - 
14:49 - Radebe - over the next five years we aim to build an ethical public service.
14:48 - Radebe - Unlocking economic potential of our oceans could yield R177bn to our GDP in 2033.

14:46 - 

14:45 - Radebe said government must focus on resorting mining sector, small businesses to increase youth employment and electricity constraints tackled.

14:44 - Radebe - We must focus on main challenges on inequality and unemployment to achieve our goals.
14:43 - 

14:42 - Radebe - Key measurement of 'radically' transform economy have been noted.
14:41 -  Radebe - We are a youthful country, where majority of our youth are unemployed.

14:40 - 

14:39 - 

14:38 - Radebe - We need to address , squalor hostels and poverty within mining sectors. 30 000 housing projects are currently under way.

14:37 - More housing planned for the mining community - Radebe

14:35 - Radebe - Our economy is still too reliant on exporting mineral resources and wealth shared among a minority.

14:34 -  Radebe is talking about the platinum strikes' effect on the economy and the rise in inflation rate.

14:32 - And they're back. Jeff Radebe addresses the assembly.

14:13 - The House will reconvene at 14:30 for the State of the Nation debate.

14:12 - Parliament is adjourned.

14:11 - 

14:09 - 

14:08 - 

14:03 - MPs pay tribute to MP Mike Coetzee who passed away.

14:02 - MPs return to the Assembly after lunch

  • feikmc.heither - 2014-06-18 15:33

    The circus has began, if you ain't missing out. Hahahahaaaaa, I'm loving this circus, why is it free though?

  • Abdul Cassiem - 2014-06-18 15:34

    Malema jy is nouwel i idiot at least you keeping parliament awake.

      Mike Heyns - 2014-06-18 15:48

      "Gogga maak vir baba bang!" As much as I do not like him, he is going to make jz counting beans!!

  • Liyema Mbatiwe - 2014-06-18 15:41

    Not interested at all!!

  • Liyema Mbatiwe - 2014-06-18 15:44


  • lacrimosewolf - 2014-06-18 15:50

    Ah the comedy continues. Well at least we get some entertainment

  • Phumzile Christine - 2014-06-18 15:55

    Make them awake Juju -Malema. They are sleeping there. U gotter love Malema He is straight and Forward:-)

  • Michael Mahlo - 2014-06-18 16:10

    this really proves that we as blacks still dont have the abilities to bring adifference in the lives of our people instead of coming together to can deffend the interests of our people we rather attack each other as stray dogs critcizing zuma will not bring change lets come with a working solution

  • Kenny Monei - 2014-06-18 16:14

    Maimane - The president ignores what Martin Luther King spoke of, the fierce urgency of the now. This guy is so obsessed with Americans - if he's not impersonating Barack Obama, he's quoting Martin Luther King.

  • Cobine Samuel - 2014-06-18 18:50

    Stupit people in palament. I can be better than everyone. The ship is sinking and all those idiots thy do is atck each other. Dam. God why u gave us stupit leader?

  • Thato Morakganye - 2014-06-18 19:08

    wow this guy Rob davies, i wish he was the one whose president

  • Siyanda Thenjwayo - 2014-06-18 19:18

    VIVA ANC VIVA! as usual da opposition combined offer no solution only insult but SA citezns ur not stupid dats why dey voted for our beloved ANC's vission,mission and core function so dat we move dis democracy forward.VIVA ANC VIVA

  • Hannes Engelbrecht - 2014-06-18 19:20

    What a circus

  • Daphne Bongi Mamncube Gamede - 2014-06-19 05:55

    Parliament becomes a circus they way they behave

  • Nodumo Popo Sotashe Jongile - 2014-06-19 14:10

    Malema was on point yesterday he touch on the very core of the issues facing black people in this country.EFF is here to stay!!!

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