Land grab talk 'may lead to anarchy'

2011-06-24 16:11

Pretoria - ANC Youth League statements on land distribution could lead to "anarchy and disorder", a civil rights organisation warned on Friday.

"[We are] concerned that the tone and the posture of the youth league presents an opportunity of anarchy and disorder," said the SA National Civics Organisation's (Sanco) Gauteng chairperson Aubrey Nxumalo.

"[We agree] that the land discussion is at the hard core of the political emancipation. We have been, and always will, support the processes which are aimed at achieving this important milestone through stability, peace and mutual benefiting and that must be speeded-up," he said in a statement.

On Sunday, Julius Malema reportedly warned ruling party leaders they should either follow league policies - which included land grabs - or face removal from office.

He made his comments at the closing ceremony of the ANCYL conference, where he was re-elected leader.

Malema has in the past accused white people of being criminals for "stealing" land.

Nxumalo said they would be engaging the ANC on the detailed report regarding land distribution, particularly the willing-buyer-willing-seller programme.

Nxumalo also voiced concern at the slow delivery of land, saying giving thousands of rands to poor communities did not necessary solve the problem of ownership and the productive use of land.

The organisation also hit back at Malema who questioned the role it played in society.

"Sanco is on the ground rather than on [the] media trying to promote ourselves and the existence of the organisation.

"If the youth league wants to know [about] the existence of Sanco they must not talk at Gallagher [but] rather go to people on the ground and they will find Sanco there continuing to assist the communities."

  • Mad Hatter - 2011-06-24 16:20

    Change may to will in the headline.

      Blougroen - 2011-06-24 16:57

      . . and also change anarchy to "Zimabweanfication" while you are at it . . . . . .

      Enough! - 2011-06-24 17:01

      Malema only doing what he is being told to do. That he have great potential as a leader fighting for the rights of the poor is a fact but at the moment he is and remains but a puppet in Zumas hands being deceived by the lies that he is being fed. Its never been about the poor and only about Zumas agenda to steal and kill. The sooner we wake up and smell the coffee the better. That we need to address the issues of the past remains a priority and should be addressed but Zuma not interested in that. He simply interested in his own agenda and that was first to take all political power away from the Xhosas and then to confiscate the wealth of the whites. Its been a revolution about self enrichment and power and nothing else.

      freedom - 2011-06-24 17:09

      Very true ANYONE trying to take my possessions which I have earned through my own blood sweat and tears will lead to kak!!!! and I dont think I am the only white out there that feels this way! malema has stolen and wangled himself into millions, and now wants to steal from the whites. screw u juju

      Krolie - 2011-06-24 17:53

      I have one question for Malema: 30% of the country's land is already in the government's posession. Could he please report back to the public what exactly has been done in regards to this land, proving to us, citizens of this country, that ALL the land is either in full or in part productively being farmed, or where the poor has benefitted. There is no point wanting to take/buy/confiscate more land if they have not even done anything with the other land - my opinion.

      LBS - 2011-06-24 18:21

      I fully agree : He is doing Zuma's dirty work for him, that is why Zuma is staying mum on the entire issue.

      THE.SRG - 2011-06-24 21:38

  • iareknersis - 2011-06-24 16:21

    Malema is SA's biggest embarrassment. He is bringing out the worst in people.

      Jack - 2011-06-24 18:13

      he opens his trap and the Rand slides, I know of a very big investment deal that has recently been cancelled by a foreign company. This deal would have provided over 2000 jobs for Malema followers, who now will stay without a job.

  • Skubbe - 2011-06-24 16:21

    Vat so!

  • Gary - 2011-06-24 16:21

    I dont think they care. ANCYL only think about self enrichment.

      kakhuiskriek - 2011-07-03 11:47

      self enrichment = steal from others ;)

  • TamaraSays - 2011-06-24 16:22

    He WANTS anarchy. Remember the old saying, divide and conquer? While everyone is fighting each other, he'll quietly be stripping the coffers dry, and when the dust settles, he'll be nowhere to be seen.

      cuz - 2011-06-25 17:49

      In 1994 we stopped the war. The Whites made a deal with the Blacks to have peace in SA. Superficially, the deal was that we would get rid of all discriminatory laws & everyone would be equal in front of the law. The Whites held to this deal & willingly dismantled all their weapons, but the ANC did not. They never stopped their National Democratic Revolution. They are still waging war on White South Africans. Nelson Mandela declared a war on SA because of mainly two Apartheid laws that he saw as the cornerstones of Apartheid, The Population registration Act & the Group Areas Act. (Long walk to freedom page 140). He and MK decided to turn to violence & break the law. To sabotage & then to guerilla warfare & terrorism. Mandela had a problem with the Population Registration Act, that classified SA'ns in different races. Yet today the ANC is practicing exactly the same racial classification. Now what would happen if White SA'ns being racially discriminated against decide to follow Mandela’s example & decide to adopt these violent means of defiance against a racially oppressive government, namely the ANC? If the ANC wants to go back to 1994 & undo the deal we had, then they must say so & we can again come together & assemble those weapons that we so willingly dismantled. Frankly, I have had it with their threats. I cannot see this unbearable situation in South Africa lasting much longer. It is simply unnatural.

  • Poloyatonki - 2011-06-24 16:24

    Where was civil rights organisation when our land was stolen?

      Rover_ZA - 2011-06-24 16:26

      They (in different forms) were lobbying for the international support for sanctions against the Apartheid government. I don't suppose the peaceful path has any appeal to you though...

      KjustK - 2011-06-24 16:28

      @Poloyatonki: You had land?!?!?

      James - 2011-06-24 16:29

      If you are a bushmen (Of KhoiSan decent), you should justly reclaim some land. But if your Xhosa or Zulu.. you have no claim whatsoever - Southern Africa was originally occupied by the Khoisan..and the Zulu's and Xhosa slaughtered them and settled in what we now know is South Africa. Unfortunately, these kinds of facts are consider 'imperialist propaganda' - educate these fools, please.

      World Traveler - 2011-06-24 16:29

      @Poloyatonki - When was this land you never had stolen? Name the owner and the thief! You cannot!

      michaelx - 2011-06-24 16:32


      tryanything - 2011-06-24 16:33

      Yes and give us a case number please so that we may investigate it..

      trixit666 - 2011-06-24 16:35

      @Polyoyatonki,but you stole the land from the Khoisan, where were they then as well??

      Lee - 2011-06-24 16:38

      Lots of land round your township and lots while you drive out of it. Why don't you claim it or use it to grow food. That's right, to lazy. If you can't drive out be sure to claim a car and while your at it beat the person to death and take that card thing that goes in the wall. It gives free money. Your like my 2yr old, I want I want I want.

      Zion - 2011-06-24 16:39

      Poloyatonki, How about dropping these old hacknied chestnuts and come up with something a bit more usable instead of trying to stymieing the the works.

      DeonL - 2011-06-24 16:42

      You never had property

      Anonymus - 2011-06-24 16:42

      you had no land you tool. you stole it from the san!! either way, what are you going to with the land? destroy it and demand for more??

      FaxM8 Fax - 2011-06-24 16:45

      civil rights only applies to humans that behave in a civil way !

      Other Justin - 2011-06-24 16:45

      You are clueless, you do not have an understanding of South African history or a clear understanding of how land ownership works. I pity you and the other empty heads that follow like sheep the faeces that falls out of Julius's hole in his empty greedy fat head.

      Kenno - 2011-06-24 16:46


      THE.SRG - 2011-06-24 16:46

      maybe you should have made your own government before the whites came then you would have had a CRO....but no,you just didn't do anything until we got here then you latched on like parasites learning from all the things we brought here,now you wanna try grab the last things that actually make money here to ruin that too....and when its done and screwed up you will just blame us again

      8TcH - 2011-06-24 16:48

      Define "our"? and "your" was propably exchanged for tabaco and a few bottles of booze. I suggest you stop f@rting around on this site every day, start working and buy a farm like most people in this country did actually do. You obviously understand very little about the dynamics of farm ownership or economics. You will soon hoewever, when you find out that farmer you hate so much is responsible for feeding you.

      Odin Rapscallion - 2011-06-24 16:53

      {high five to Polyantonki} Jirrefok boet I take my hat off to your trolling skills.

      Sting3r - 2011-06-24 16:57

      you never owned any land, and you will NEVER take my land. And you're an idiot..

      Blougroen - 2011-06-24 17:00

      @poloyantonki . . . more or less in the same place as in the rest of Africa's dictatorships . . . . .

      Zinki - 2011-06-24 17:09

      The joke is these youths from the townships want land but they know squat about farming and don't ever intend living on an isolated farm working their butts off and getting their hands dirty. I have seen this firsthand where I live. The land sits there and nothing is done on it. A once very productive farm becomes totally unproductive. What a terrible shame. I first saw this in 1982 with the expropriation of farms for the homelands. It will not change now in 2011. In fact there are LESS people that WANT to farm because it is not an easy life...

      Zinki - 2011-06-24 17:15

      In fact, someone that works for me was given a tiny bit of land by the government but he lives in the township. Someone from the government recently met with these "emerging" farmers and said that those that don't live ON the land will lose it. You see, they don't want to live out in the stick without water and electricity and making fires outside to cook on. They would not know what to do with land if they were given it. I have seen the homelands where each family has a piece of land but the old grannies normally get left to look after the small kids under extremely harsh conditions while the younger people go to Joburg and Cape Town to work. Many of these people send money for the first few years to the poor old granny left in the sticks but after a few years they find other spouses and start new families and stop sending money home. It has happened many times to the people I work with daily!

      Goose - 2011-06-24 17:21

      Apparently we have resurrected an old legal case of land theft. I’ll have to dig through the archives and look for a 300 year old file. How ever, the plaintiff wasn’t able to read or write in those days, so there won’t be a signature, thus rendering the case null and void. There is also another complication, I believe the afore mentioned plaintiff actually stole said land from its rightful owner before the currently accused, ...and all the witnesses died about 200 years ago. Unless of course, we can get a traditional healer to contact some of the previously deceased witnesses for testimony. Amazing! I think we may have to call in Fox Mulder and Agent Scully for this one, cos this case is becoming paranormal.

      Tired - 2011-06-24 17:33

      Who stole you're shack? Go report it immediately!!

      dassie - 2011-06-24 17:43

      eish poepoldonkie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Juggernaut - 2011-06-24 17:51

      Your land was not stolen. You are telling a LIE. You never in any event had the capacity to develop the land that you squatted on swilling Bantu beer while your wives (many) tilled the land. In any event why did you not introduce a civics organisation?

      sonet.vd.westhuizen - 2011-06-24 19:26

      Blacks believe this country/lands belongs to them!."Wrong", go do research! First blacks here Koi and San.They never claimed land-were nomadic, followed rains-grazing/animals to kill for survival. Zulu's killed many of them during their migration from the Congo in the mid 1600's to the South(Ulundi) now known as KZN. Koisan attacked and stole from British,Germans & Settlers and was killed. Also killed off by the pock virus. 100 000 left now in desperate struggle for survival-more than half living in Botswana. First white settlement in SA-1656, Cape Good Hope. Farming community pushed eastward, crossed Southern Cape to Eastern Cape. Only 1,000 kilometres from Cape around 1770 & 120yrs after White settlement started they encountered first major Black tribe, Xhosa/descendants of Zulu(Nguni) during their migration into SA when - gradual migration movement which led thousands of blacks from the Congo & southern Zaire to cover most of Africa south of the Sahara took place.

      sonet.vd.westhuizen - 2011-06-24 19:27

      Whites - hated for what our fore fathers did by killing blacks. Incorrect!. They merely defended themselves, they were attacked and murdered by black tribes. Many white families - gruesomely killed!. Their possessions were stolen by tribes daily. Incidents like this led to BLOOD RIVER, THE BATTLE OF VEGKOP & many more battles. We have RIGHT to be here!, right to our lands! It did not belong to blacks. We bought this land, built it up and have the right to own it!

      Greybeard - 2011-06-24 20:25

      And you all fall for the troll. Poko, Sheep, Mad man etc. Pseudonyms for 1 or more persons in the ANCYL or employed by them to stir up resentment and illicit emotional and blatantly racist responses. Use your intelligence please, this is a public forum, and to judge by responses here, they are doing their job, creating racial tension. Think twice, then again. THEN post a response if you feel it necessary.

      DoublySalmon - 2011-06-25 09:26

      There was no such thing as civil rights before the concept was introduced in 1652.

      Kameomaua - 2011-06-25 10:52

      with GreyBeard: I fully agree with you and have also wondered whether there are elements in the ANCYL/ANC who "plant" these controversial comments to "reap" antagonism, hatred and resentment. We must not fall for it.

      cuz - 2011-06-25 18:02

      The world was told that the White Government in South Africa was absolutely evil. Yet, the White people made a great nation of South Africa and Black people thrived and prospered there. Far from genocide, Blacks came from all over Africa to enjoy the prosperity, medical care, education, and relative freedom that the White people created there. They had it better in South Africa than anywhere else on the whole continent. Meanwhile, in the rest of Africa, there were constant genocides, ethnic repressions, dictatorships, abject poverty, disease epidemics, wholesale crime and murder. While the world was gearing up their hate campaign against the White folks in South Africa in 1994, in the same year, 800,000 African, men, women and children were murdered by Hutu racists opposing Tutsi racists. And what do we have now, GENOCIDE coming to South Africa too! Not only do White people, but Black people also have a lot to look forward to! Of course in terms of crime, the Whites aren’t the only ones being murdered by the thousands, it isn’t too nice a place for Blacks anymore, either! If you are a child, you are more likely to be raped in South Africa than in any other modern country. Of course, it was once modern, the European people made it that way, but no worry, it’s getting less and less modern with each passing day. Won’t be long till its in the stone age again, or maybe worse than stone age, with wholesale barbarism combined with modern weapons. God help us.

      kakhuiskriek - 2011-07-03 11:48

      can i see your papers please ? you dont have ? ag shame ! ill make a paper on a etcha sketch for you and just as you sign it ill shake it all about :D

  • Sgtsa - 2011-06-24 16:27

    He is bringing the country to its knees and this is going to affect all races. He only cares about himself. When you see him and hear him speak it proves it. Read about his company SGL Engineering, with all the tenders he 'wins' he could take a portion of that money and put it back in to the local people and the community, his people, his community. If he really gave two s**** then that is what he should do. But he lives in an upmarket house, in a very upmarket supburb in Sandton, drives 4 x 4'x and watches his supporters battle to put food on their tables. Take that money and buy some land from the Government and give it out like candy. Just to prove that land grabs don't work, take a look at a tea estate in Tzaneen called Middelkop Tea Estate which was part of Sapekoe Tea Estates. Land claim went in and it was taken over by a local tribal leader, next thing is the manual workers are begging on the road outside the Estate as they hadn't been paid, and the 'big boy' drives off into the sunset never to be seen again. All in all, with all the Sapekoe Estates combined, 6000 people lost their jobs. Tea is dead, plant is stripped and the Middelkop Estate had been a fine source of revenue in the Limpopo Region for over 30 years.

      ChumScrubber - 2011-06-24 20:54

      The list is huge, these guys have already been given thousands of good productive farms. Basically half of Kiepersol, Lisbon and Saringwe estates near Paul Kruger gate, I would guess half of the lowveld belongs to them. (My area) Every single one trashed - absolutely trashed. The land issue is a lie, it is purely a political tool the power hungry use to decieve people. There is no demand for farm land, if there was, the land given would have been farmed. Tragic for all this lie, this huge lie. Black and white, only difference is white farmers move on - the black okes left behind are stuck in poverty. So who benefits from this lie?

  • Sgtsa - 2011-06-24 16:27

    I won't even mention the farms that have been lost and destroyed in the Letsitele Valley, the 'Cirtus Capital' of South Africa. How does that work? All that land grab does is cause loss of life and loss of jobs for all races. When will it stop? Again as I started this comment “The biggest problem that SA is facing is Julius Malema” PEACE TO ALL MY SOUTH AFRICANS.

      FaxM8 Fax - 2011-06-24 16:47

      Bottom line is africans are not farmer they are sqautters with open hands !

      Zinki - 2011-06-24 17:27

      Yes, I have seen firsthand beautiful productive farms grabbed from the whites for the homelands in the 70s and 80s and they became completely unproductive. In fact, things went downhill from the first day they were taken over. Windmills broke and no one could fix them, therefore no water to drink and for the stock too. Wire fencing stolen, cattle stolen, stunning old farmhouses pulled down brick by brick, crime flourished where there was never crime and of course Aids took over. Therefore the people on the land had to go to the towns to look for work because their new homeland "boss" did not pay them regularly. The list goes on...

      kakhuiskriek - 2011-07-03 11:50

      yeah come on defend yourself ! i cant live without citrus !? and the water in sa is **** . only drink berg water at high altitude otherwise someone might have urinated or watched their clothes in it, other wise filtered water hehe

  • factsforlive - 2011-06-24 16:28

    Zimbabwe II 2011 hottest squeal. From the makers of "Starving in Africa" and "No Farmer No Braai" Staring Julius Malema , Jacob Zuma and the star who gave name to the term "Necklacing" And Her role as child molester in "Touch me in Soweto" Winnie Madikizela Mandelaaaaaaaa' Showing in Farm Houses This winter.

      marcelminnaar - 2011-06-24 16:42

      Its a good one!!! Heheheh

      Enough! - 2011-06-24 17:11

      @factsforlive. brilliant man! just brilliant!

  • willieman - 2011-06-24 16:28

    The problem with some members of the ANCYL they depend on hearsay politics they do not read and give thought to what is been proposed.We all agree that the land issue should be addresses but reason to prevail not emotion otherwise all of us we will be lost and resort to pointing fingers at one another

      8TcH - 2011-06-24 16:38

      some??? more like most.

      Kenno - 2011-06-24 16:48

      Members of the ANCYL cant read!!They dont have brains!

  • Slapper - 2011-06-24 16:35

    I am pretty sure it will lead to something. Its a case of "Don't you touch me on my Land", or I will nail your feet to a tree.

      Heronakamura - 2011-06-24 16:50

      Of course, we will take our land back!

      Electronic Cemetery - 2011-06-24 17:38

      @Heronakamura How silly do you think the rest of the world would think white South Africans were if one went over to Europe and DEMANDED "THEIR LAND" back that their father's father's father's Auntie's Brother's Cousins told fables that it might of belonged to them once upon a time... Get real! There's plenty land for you to get given that's not owned by someone else or else just allowed to use to subsistence farm on without owning it... You are just lazy and don't want to actually take a baron piece of land and MAKE it into a farm! Also your family might have had a farm once, which your family's tribe's chief allowed you to use but never OWN, but your farm was the equivalent of a quarter acer and used for subsistence of your family it wasn't a 5000 hectare commercial farming operation which you attempt to claim now! If you displaced the Koisan previous to the Whites arrival what makes you better or more deserving than the whites of the land today? I WANT I WANT I WANT......... What national has ever become successful chanting this alone????

  • KjustK - 2011-06-24 16:43

    Malema is n OES met n P klank

      factsforlive - 2011-06-24 17:10

      No wait you are insulting "OES met n P klank" Malema is n ROL met n D klank.

  • WhoGivesAshi - 2011-06-24 16:44

    Bring it on!

  • FaxM8 Fax - 2011-06-24 16:45

    Damn right no way in hell I will just give up what I worked for Mshimi Wham , Mshimi Wham !!!

  • 8TcH - 2011-06-24 16:45

    Part of the chaos awaiting us is the defaulting on billions in loans that farmes have against their land. If the goverment takes these farms, the farmers wont have any obligation to pay. The banks will fold, the farms will become unproductive and millions will lose their jobs, similar to Zimbabwe. However, there's no will be no country south of the border to help or to go and find work in. So, if you are a farmer, go borrow what you can, you are going to need it for a plane ticket and a very long stay overseas until they (by then most likely the Chinese) will ask you to come and farm for them. Alternatively you can join together, and start fighting the same way you did 100 years ago when the English tried to do the same.

  • letsee - 2011-06-24 16:46

    The confusion created by the ANC/ANCYL is suitble for corruption and serves a few of its members.

  • JMan - 2011-06-24 16:47

    Blah blah blah blah...... everyone's *talking* about Malema, and nobody's *doing* anything.

  • zulufox - 2011-06-24 16:49

    lots of white malemas commenting here .... *pukes*

      Blougroen - 2011-06-24 17:03

      ' ' ' this implies a thinking Malema . . two thoughts that cant exist in the same space . . . .

  • Sting3r - 2011-06-24 16:53

    South Africa is the only country in the world where affirmative action is in the favour of the majority who has complete political control.The fact that the political majority requires affirmative action to protect them against a 9% minority group is testament to a complete FAILURE on their part to build their own wealth making structures, such that their only solution is to take it from others.

      Chippy Dog - 2011-06-24 17:14

      this should be our new national anthem??!!

  • theprodigy - 2011-06-24 16:58

    at last someone with insight, there is a god after all!!!

  • Democrat - 2011-06-24 17:00

    This is all getting very boring!

  • Babba x - 2011-06-24 17:08

    "...thousands of rands to poor communities did not necessary solve the problem of ownership and the productive use of land" - they just want money to spend on nice things. When it is finished they say "Eish, wtf?". Then they go and take some more somewhere else. Typical of Africans!! We are ready for the land grabbers. Come and try your luck, the non-Africans will f@ck you up!!

  • grooveabantu - 2011-06-24 17:09

    funny to see lots of anti ANCYL/MALEMA comments everytime on news 24. you guys should just admit that you are actually a version of Malema, it's just that you cant make it to the headlines. now let's see how many dislikes and comments this post is going to get, lets go!

  • Kristi10 - 2011-06-24 17:22

    What do farmer besides food? Face creams and hairproducts ( bovine keratine is used in most of these products and lanolin is a byproduct of when cleaning sheeps wool) washing powder (maize byproduct)clothes (cotten) shoes (leather) i can name many more everyday stuff that we use that we need a productive farm for. Please do not critize the farmer with a mouth full of food, clean clothes on your back, shoes on your feet and nice clean head of hair.

  • jasmin.haumann - 2011-06-24 17:23

    The day that you were born were you born with a piece of land in you hand,no i dont thing so it does not belong to anyone,it belongd to God,if you were born with a piece of land in you hand then you can say it's your's.juju loke to make poor believe his doing it for them,no his doing it for him self wake up people wake up

  • Derrick - 2011-06-24 17:26

    Can someone please just shoot this monkey in the face! He will be the end of this country!

  • Andy - 2011-06-24 17:29

    I'm an Englishman, my country has been invaded and conquered by the Vikings, Normans, and the Romans over the centuries! Get over yourself! You are owed nothing by the settlers who dragged your nation into the 20th century. Seriously what would this beautiful country look like without the white man. The Congo might be a clue.....

  • Nana - 2011-06-24 17:41

    The man clearly has no intentions to change for the better with the so called rainbow nation. If he turns this country into another Rhodesia history will repeat it'self. He is clearly brewing up a storm to show power and his continual hate speech and actions will turn this nations children into monsters. Our children are our future, what future will they have with this man at the helm. May god forgive him. I don't

  • jayt612 - 2011-06-24 17:43

    The North Gauteng High Court ruled that the farmers should be compensated with Zimbabwean assets in South Africa as well as that SADC tribunal rulings against the land grabs in Zimbabwe should be registered, recognised and enforceable by the South African government. The ruling affects some 4 000 farmers. Hence land grabs within the SADC region wont be so easy, considering the above landmark precedent. In its wisdom I cannot see how any government (or any person for that matter), in the world would now support any land grabs, be it directly or indirectly.

  • Hennie - 2011-06-24 17:52

    I would really like to know where this idea of having land comes from, definately not from the traditional african idea of land use i.e. we work on the land that we rent from the induna, as always power and land were owned by a few not individuals....please correct me if i'm wrong.

  • seansauk - 2011-06-24 17:52

    Amazed how some other African countries have taken white Zim farmers and welcomed them into their country to work the land to the advantage of everyone. A Boer is a Boer....There is no other nation in the world that can do what they do. I will add with the help of the labourers. I am an English South African, so this is not some rant from a Boer saying how good they are....... Very simple equation.... You take the land = taking food from your children’s mouths, you increase the cost of food and you show the rest of the world that SA is going to be just another African country. Would love to see how an ass like Malema would actually fair in real politics, with educated voters..... Africa has the potential to be a world leader, but while they keep listening to people like this joke Malema and News 24 giving him the platform, things will never change...

  • Bart Zimzon - 2011-06-24 17:54

    you can have your land back !! IF you give me back that original MIRROR (6 x 4 cm) and that 2c necklace. otherwise no deal ! duh !!!

  • Russell - 2011-06-24 17:56

    Mr Malema is a complete idiot. Unfortunatly SA citizens take his stupid comments seriously! He sits in his luxury home, sprouts forth with the biggest laod of bull - Julius get off you fat back side and get decent toilets and classroms for our youth - Get the nation EDUCATED not FRUSTATED Russell Komlosy

      Hennie - 2011-06-24 18:27

      Malema's utterances is utter tripe but where this worries me is not whether I believe it but how many of the uneducated, unemployed youth believe it.

  • Hopeforall - 2011-06-24 18:05

    Please don't speak of land grabs leading to anarchy, chairperson Aubs, as rather than serving as a warning, it is just the kind of huge encouragement the bandit troika Zuma, Mantashe and Malema are seeking. Their brand of Afro/communo/elitistism can thrive only in such conditions of manifest anarchy, which is the absolute aim in everything they do, and is the overriding goal of their (mis)rule. Patently they sense a growing discontent among their erstwhile following, however. The very noticeable increase of 'populist' rhetoric such as there has been of late, is evidence that their lying is no longer sufficient to mask over their thievery and trickery to keep the poor in poverty, whilst they amass stupendous wealth, at their expense. Not great for future prospects of a potentially universaly prosperous nation, but then, perhaps these times must first come to pass, before eyes, hearts and minds are opened to the unpleasant truth of communism.

  • shatzi - 2011-06-24 18:29

    I was in an informal settlement today and spoke to a few so called ancyl supporters and in so doing got a insight into their mentality and intelligence level. I can now see why Malema is so popular with the so called 30 year old youth.These things dont have the brains or mentality to vote

  • Bheki - 2011-06-24 18:38

    we want our land back that was stolen from cape to musina it was all stolen from our fathers and then mines were built on it and fancy houses and then they lie and say they paid for it hahaah, the nats gave it to theym for freeeee because they were pink !

      Hennie - 2011-06-24 22:05

      Your grasp of history is as tenuous as malema's grasp of woodwork :P

  • lilo69 - 2011-06-24 18:39

    NEWS24 = Wooden spoon

  • Freeworld - 2011-06-24 19:49

    one day he will get what is comming his way.. kkk

  • maseratifitt - 2011-06-24 19:58

    "Land Grab" is not an option. Why don't our "leaders" come up with a plan? 1. Only one farm per owner. 2. Owner must be on farm full time. 3. Buy farms from owners who do not comply with 1 and 2 above. 4. Train prospective black farmers intensively. 5. Once qualified, they can apply for farms bought by government. 6. Allocate farms to qualified black farmers on basis of loan granted/payback of loan arranged through farming profits. 7. Remove focus from white/black ownership to production levels (quality/quantity). 8. Give evenhanded government assistance to all farmers. 9. Don't politicize and racialise productive agriculture. Just let efficient farmers get on with the job. Remember, they feed the nation.

  • ChumScrubber - 2011-06-24 20:44

    Ever the pacifist and against doing anything that could be destructive to our future, I've turned a corner and am now more than willing to fight for what is mine. Stuff the consequences, we cannot allow evil to prevail over us. Us farmers are being used as political fodder. We're in a corner now and are going to have to fight our way out of it, we don't have the luxury of somewhere to flee. Sad, but our country is heading for a fall due to evil people dominating thought processes of the masses. Their will be no winners, but we can't just sit back and allow ourselves to be persecuted. Enough now.

  • onetickie - 2011-06-24 22:27

    The article should be headed: "WILL" lead to anarchy, not 'may'

  • pete - 2011-06-24 22:47

    another mugabe in the making

  • pete - 2011-06-24 23:02

    go on strike for a month and see how how they cope

  • Beannie - 2011-06-25 08:14

    One Malema, one bullet.

  • Wayne - 2011-06-25 10:14

    You know, Julius does have a point. Foreigners did invade this land and did take land without compensation. So in principle, taking the land back without compensation is fair play. However, what Julius is casually forgetting is that the land of today is very different to the land of 3 centuries ago. The land now has improvements on it. There is infrastructure (roads, dams, waterborne sewerage, electricity, waste removal etc.). There is municipal structures aimed at managing the infrastructure on the land (rates structures, collection environments etc.). There is primary industry such as mines and farming infrastructure e.g. silo's, produce marketing infrastructure and networks etc., which have funded the improved livelihoods of millions of South Africans from across the race spectrum, including that of Julius Malema). If Julius' argument is to be absolutely fair, then the land should be given back in exactly the same state as in which it was taken, i.e. with nothing on it! So Julius, do we fill in the mines that you want to take over and nationalise? Do we dig up the road infrastructure built on the land you want to take back? Do we destroy the dam walls which hold back the waters covering "your" land. Do we burn down the farm houses, barns and fields on the farms that you want to take? No! obviously not! Julius your argument, whilst it has merit, is badly flawed. Continue the debate to find equitable solutions. The answer is out there somewhere.

  • Wayne - 2011-06-25 10:25

    oh, and another thing Julius; What are your suggested guidelines for your proposed land grabbing without compensation; or is it going to be focussed on land which has a high inherent value or land owned by people of a certain race? Just asking :)?

  • CPII - 2011-06-25 10:50

    Under the old SA Defence Force more than 500 000 men were trained extensively under the forced conscription campaign. They were the best trained soldiers in the world the time. Let's say 80% of them are still in SA. Bring it on Juju ;)

  • HerrCranium - 2011-06-25 15:01

    ………..ROFL:ROFL:LOL:ROFL:ROFL…………………………….. ………….__________^__________……………………………….. L………/…………………………[ ] ……………………………… O======…………………………………………………………….. L………….._____________________]……………………………. ………………….I…………………..I………………………………. ……………….__________________/…………………………….

  • be200 - 2011-06-25 16:14

    I say let them starve like in the rest of Africa,will bring the numbers down! And so will Aids, the black man and his backward ideas will keep them in the stone ages! Will they ever learn?

  • slang jakes - 2011-06-25 16:23

    They just want the land , to do the same as in Zim, sell the mining rights to China.