Leaders left high and dry at ANC bash

2012-01-11 10:16

Bloemfontein - Several African heads of state are apparently deeply upset after they were left without food and bedding at the accommodation provided to them for the ANC's centenary celebrations.

The heads of state allegedly had to buy their own bedding, food, pots, pans, glasses and bottled water because the ANC had ordered the owners of the houses it rented at Woodlands Hills Wildlife Estate to remove all their possessions. There was apparently only liquor provided.

The hotel group contracted to equip the houses, which had been rented for up to R50 000 per day, allegedly did not do its job properly.

Had to buy necessities

Security guards for President Yuweri Museveni from Uganda had to buy him some grilled chicken from Nando’s.

“Ugandan officials had to leave Woodlands to go and buy duvets, food and other necessities for the president as there was a bed without linen,” said Mampho Mmelaedi, who looked after the house Museveni was staying in.

At least 15 women who were hired as housekeepers, waitresses and cleaners in the estate, came forward to speak about their dissatisfaction over how foreign dignitaries were treated.

Presidents who were treated badly included Bingu wa Mutharika from Malawi, Obiang Mbasogo from Equatorial Guinea, Hifikepunye Pohamba from Namibia and Paul Kagame from Rwanda.

Valentine Rantsoareng, joint owner of the Rantsoareng hotel group, confirmed they were contracted for the job by the department of international relations.

He strongly denied allegations about the accommodation, adding that some of the heads of state had deviated from the menu and “rather asked for chicken”.

He said the staff members were hired by Design HR.

“I think people who make these allegations are somewhat dissatisfied because they haven’t been paid yet, but I have only now received the receipt for it,” he said.


The women had another version of events, however.

“Namibian officials went to buy food, pots, plates and glasses to cook for the president [Pohamba]. I could see he was angry and disappointed,” said Motladi Metsing.

Kenalemang Pula said the Nigerian delegation arrived on Sunday morning and had packed their bags by lunchtime.

President Thomas Boni of Benin apparently immediately “stormed out" of Woodlands Hills.

One of the women said: “They kept asking us if we worked for the ANC or for the South African government. Understandably, they kept shouting at us. We were embarrassed to be there.”

When reached for comment, Museveni’s press secretary Tamale Mirundi, who was not part of the delegation, was trying to confirm the claims. However, Mirundi emphasised that if the reports were true the Ugandans would not have complained, because they saw themselves as fellow Africans, not visitors needing special treatment.

No official complaints

Free State ANC spokesperson William Bulwane said the party had been alerted to the claims. "Although we have not yet received any official complaints from heads of state we are going to be following this up with the estate."

ANC spokesperson Jackson Mthembu said he was unaware of any complaints, but said there had been “very, very serious problems" with accreditation for international dignitaries, spiritual leaders and the media.

President Jacob Zuma would apologise in person to heads of state and the department of international relations and co-operation would apologise to other international dignitaries, he said.

"We are not aware of any instances where heads of state had to go out of their way to secure linen or pots for private use. This was an event arranged by government and government made sure that all was in order.

"However, there were some instances where private houses who opened their doors to guests of the ANC did not adhere to the contract signed with the ANC. In these instances we dealt with these matters."

Everything would have come past me so I would have known if any complaints have been made.”

International relations spokesperson Clayson Monyela was also in the dark.

- Additional reporting by The Witness.

  • Clayton - 2012-01-11 10:23


      Bardy - 2012-01-11 10:26

      What did you expect from the ANC? Totally unprofessional to say the least! Banana republic at it's best!

      Kylie - 2012-01-11 10:26


      rbphiri - 2012-01-11 10:28

      Another case of poor service delivery, I'm suprised the accomodation didn't come with open toilets.

      Ettienne - 2012-01-11 10:31

      So where and on what was the supposed R100 mil spent??? Someones pockets got lined again. Well done ANC, you never fail to dissapoint.

      Willie - 2012-01-11 10:32

      Can't wait to see the Nandos add thats going to emerge from this!

      Willie - 2012-01-11 10:40


      George - 2012-01-11 10:59

      Bet the anc will say it was a 100%, no problems

      Fredster - 2012-01-11 11:01


      Sean - 2012-01-11 11:14

      Nandos. I can't wait for you to entertain us with this one!!! "What sheet is this, forkn spoon" :)

      jody.beggs - 2012-01-11 11:14

      Come on guys this is rubbish , the President said the event was a runaway success. Or was that just propaganda. Damn the man.

      tony.fourie - 2012-01-11 11:16 chinese take-away? Its one thing to p*ss the voters off, but when you poo on the doorstep of your so-called allies, and show your true colour, who you gonna call? Thes is in line with the ANC's thinking of we are better than the rest.....the so called chosen....Could the dignitaries not taste the food through the lips of the elite?

      procold2 - 2012-01-11 11:17

      How much money was stolen,needs a full finacial investigation

      Jason - 2012-01-11 11:32


      Flowingriver - 2012-01-11 11:33

      The gravy is only for us. We shall not share the gravy.......not even with fellow africans ........that is why we are so xenophobic.......Why is everyone so surprised?

      John - 2012-01-11 11:36

      No surprises here. The ANC is a international embarrassment wherever they go and this is just par for the course. What a bunch of self-serving, pocket lining cretins we have chosen to be a representation of our nation!

      Chris - 2012-01-11 11:40

      Ag shame. These guys really had a hard time. Wonder if they know what it's like in a shack.

      Swapie - 2012-01-11 12:13

      Who needs food if you have booze?

      Ronald - 2012-01-11 12:35

      Apartheid's fault? Just askin!

      Ray - 2012-01-11 13:13

      Couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery !!

      Mike - 2012-01-11 13:18

      O shame my heart bleeds for them - thats the only reason that they go to these things is for the free booze and food

      Ann - 2012-01-11 13:21

      Amazing how proud the ANC is on this score - Zapiro's latest cartoon says it all! :)

      Sean - 2012-01-11 13:30

      Lol ! They can`t even look after the so called ``leadership`` , now what about the masses that vote for them ?? Eish !! You realy have to dumb to vote ANC !

      Wes - 2012-01-11 14:08

      Just watch the poor cleaner will get fired for this...

      GWS - 2012-01-11 14:09

      Once again...excuses excuses excuses. Not one ANC lackey wants to be accountable or take ownership.

      Anthony - 2012-01-11 19:35

      Well, lets not cry for Obiang Mbasogo ( from Equatorial Guinea ) He and his lovely family have stolen billions, so they could easily buy the whole of Nando's, and it would just be like any other day for these thugs!!!!

      John - 2012-01-11 22:56

      Malema, Jesus loves you, Malema, Your mother loves you, Malema, Your father loves, Repent, Manpara, repent, Repent, Ignorant, repent, Repent, Negligent, repent, Repent, Liar, repent, Repent, Thief, repent, Repent, Baby Killer, repent, Repent, Genocider, repent! Okai, stop the bus, how can you say all that? Lets have a look: Malema is Ignorant that the Failed Communist Countries like the USSR, China, Vietnam, Cuba, etc, employed Central Control Economies ( CCE ), with full and total nationalization. Negligent - as the head of an organization, it is his duty to be fully informed of the economic history of total disasters of CCE. He does not know that Gorbachov announced reforms away from nationalization – in the early 1980’s! He is a Liar, because these are not his ideas, these ideas have been around for over 100 years. Thief, he has stolen the PEOPLES money – that is how bribery and corruption works. Baby Killer, as a member of the ANC – Abortion Murder Genocide, is guilty of the Genocide of 800 000 black babies in government hospitals! Genocider, as a member of the ANC – Abortion Murder Genocide, is guilty of the Genocide of 5 Million Aids sufferers which were refused medication. Repent, Manpara, Repent!

      John - 2012-01-11 22:58

      I have now got a box of Benzene for the Virodene Awards of 2011: The nominees are: Thabo Mbeki Doctor ( of medicine ) Nkosazana Zuma ( the 2 were the big pushers of the attempt to Genocide 5 million aids sufferers with Benzene labelled as Virodene - which is now their prize! ) Pres Zuma Julius Malema ( acomplices ) David Miliband ( cover up ) Barack Obama Hilary Silly Hilly Billy Clinton Bill the Clown Clinton ( Financiers of Abortions ) Jullian Assenge ( the Genocide of Millions of SA People is not important to him - a few Iraqui casualties are : arab bloob is more important than african blood ) Ariel Adorfmann ( the mentally challenged does not understand that if Mandela was aquitted in his trial of treason because he does not owe allegiance, neither does SA owe benefits to him and his people ) Fidel Castro and Raul Castro ( for the Genocide of the Cuban and African People, particularly 1 500 000 Ethiopians and 500 000 Angolans ) And the Manpara Virodene Award goes to... Julius Malema! For doing his utmost to reveal the truth about the ANC!

      John - 2012-01-12 05:09

      Ettienne, Check JuJu's bank account for any recent deposits from cANCer or Showerhead.

      Msholozi - 2012-01-12 07:39

      how is responable for saying these thing that our brother are upset? the media is selling again

      thozi - 2012-01-12 17:43

      At least President Yuweri Museveni was not alone. Poor Mugabe had to share his Nandos with dead Dictators...

  • alecjackson2183 - 2012-01-11 10:23

    And a lot of the owners have still not been paid.... pretty standard from 3rd world government running a first world infrastructure!

      Peace - 2012-01-11 10:33

      @alec Let`s respect our government and stop hurling insults all over the show,we do not really have the facts as to what really happened in Mangaung.Aluta continua!!!

      Mike_or_Mpho - 2012-01-11 10:42

      @Peace - respect needs to be earned, not forced upon

      George - 2012-01-11 10:54

      ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (recuring) on my back

      Squeegee - 2012-01-11 11:02

      Make room George... hahahaha

      George - 2012-01-11 11:09

      Hay bru mind my feet they cant stop bouncing an all

      DiamondDirk - 2012-01-11 11:10

      @Peace - Don't you feel embarrassed about this? Let's say you go overseas and they ask you where you from. As soon as you say SA, how would you feel if some comments: "Oh, so you're from the country that doesn't take care of other heads of state."

      jody.beggs - 2012-01-11 11:16

      Then what happened to the 400 mil ? Someone's back pocket is thickly line. Damn the cANCer ridden government.

      Peace - 2012-01-11 11:18

      you may all laugh,but im not embarassed by what happened in mangaung,i would be embarrassed to say im south african if our struggle heroes had failed to exterminate apartheid.Aluta Continua!

      Ettienne - 2012-01-11 11:39

      Peace, you're not embarresed because you're an idiot. Stop drinking the Cool-aid.

      DiamondDirk - 2012-01-11 11:51

      @Peace - The struggle is done and Apartheid has been defeated. The problem is that currently, the leaders of ANC are like someone who has won the lotto. How many people that has won the lotto has ended up worse off than before they won it?

      alecjackson2183 - 2012-01-11 12:06

      @Peace..... apartheid has been abolished get over it, but you have a typical African mindset of living on other's achievements and milking it till the end! Our government (and considering youre opinions probably you too) should get off their lazy asses and earn respect for delivering to the people who put them there!!!

      Ann - 2012-01-11 13:22

      By accommodating this unruly bunch, they deserve what they get!

      Peace - 2012-01-11 16:25

      call me idiot,lunatic and other derogatory names,if you are not patriotic to the government that has fought so hard for human rights and equal opportunities for all you don`t belong in South Africa,perhaps you should contemplate immigrating to Australia.

      Peace - 2012-01-11 16:26

      ANC will rule until kingom comes!

      Jerhone - 2012-01-11 18:21

      @ Peace you must be another ANC zombie, go open your history book if you can read and look what really brought down apartheit, it was a combonation of SANCTIONS and a REFERENDUM FROM WHITE south africans, your ANC were running around in central and northern Africa playing soldiers, so why the hell should we respect them? they slipped with their a*ses in the butter now they are helping themselves to the state coffers wake up dead brain

      TheWatcher - 2012-01-11 19:15

      @ Peace Patriotism: 'love for or devotion to one's country' involving: 1) Special affection for one's own country 2) A sense of personal identification with the country 3) Special concern for the well-being of the country 4) Willingness to sacrifice to promote the country's good ref: All of those apply to me but I think that the ANC are a bunch of thieving hooligans. So myself and seemingly most of the rest of this forum consider it our patriotic duty to call the government to task for ruining the reputation of our beloved country. And we will continue to ridicule and deride the ANC until they are either out of power or do the job the were elected to do for a change.

      afroduckk - 2012-01-12 05:32

      The article reads = 'This was an event arranged by government and government made sure that all was in order.' ..... This was not a Government function , this was a Political Party Function , WHY DID THE GOVERNMENT pay for this ????? Typical tyranny / One Party State / Dictatorship.

      Peter - 2012-01-12 09:49

      Good point afrodukk.

      Judith - 2012-01-12 12:36

      @afroduckk That's exactly what I picked up from this article, suddenly this is a government function, so it IS our taxes that they are using...disgusting

  • raath - 2012-01-11 10:23

    Another ANC PR victory. Just when you think they can't damage our country's reputation further, they surprise us.

      rbphiri - 2012-01-11 10:31

      I bet that's why Mugabe didn't come to the celebrations, since his a homophobe he doesnt want to be screwed over by ANC

      Eric - 2012-01-11 11:11

      @Margie. It would make more sense if they just stopped voting for the ANC. At present, it's violent tantrums on Monday, vote ANC on Tuesday, violent tantrums on Wednesday, vote ANC on Thursday, and so on. Surely at some stage they have to realize that continually banging your head on the wall gives you a continuous headache?

      Johncarlos Cynical Biza - 2012-01-11 11:37

      @Raath they do not surprise me anymore. @Eric most citizens do not vote ANC. Compared to the total of eligible and registered voters, the ANC gets at most a third of the votes.

      DavidHFox - 2012-01-11 11:39

      Eric: an insight into why "the masses" still vote ANC -

      Ann - 2012-01-11 13:23

      @ RPhiri, particularly if he was quaffing things that will make him 'better' such as South African rhino horn!

      rbphiri - 2012-01-11 13:41

      lol Ann!!!

      John - 2012-01-12 05:40

      RPhiri, maybe that was Zimgabe's new years resolution, " I've been screwed by everyone, I'm not going to let Showerhead screw me publicly"

  • dlawre30 - 2012-01-11 10:23

    LOL what a joke - but as per usual alcohol waqs provided

  • paul.maarman - 2012-01-11 10:24

    ....Nando's is always the go to take out for me, when catering is lacking whether be it at home, or at an function.

      Xenswim1 - 2012-01-11 11:19

      Imagine The next Nando's advert. Heads of state queued for the chicken of choice. With an ANC banner with slogan proudly proclaiming 'let them eat chicken'

      Mary-Ann - 2012-01-11 16:19

      @Xenswim1: Priceless!!! LOL!!!!

  • Nitronic - 2012-01-11 10:24

    Where is my KFC as promised!!!!! hahahhaha

      rbphiri - 2012-01-11 10:44

      If they ran out of KFC they can start with Julius another chicken

      Sean - 2012-01-11 11:22


      rbphiri - 2012-01-11 11:24

      Thanks Sean!

  • Blade - 2012-01-11 10:25

    A bunch of tin-pot dictators having to pay their own way for once! I love it!

  • rbphiri - 2012-01-11 10:26

    There is no "We" in ANC.

      H - 2012-01-11 10:32

      Brilliant! Thanks for the chuckle :)

      Peter - 2012-01-11 10:44

      Just proves that the thieves of africa cannot even trust each other, but we really knew this, thats why uncle bob didnt come to the bash he knew he would have to put his hand in his filthy pocket, i love the saying that there is never a free meal, the joke is on the anc and all the nasty losers who attended this mess.

      George - 2012-01-11 10:55

      Wee, they were pissed off

      wesley.bischoff - 2012-01-11 10:57

      lol @ RPhiri, you are a witty guy :-)

      rbphiri - 2012-01-11 11:16

      Thanks Wesley!

  • Buck - 2012-01-11 10:27

    Seriously, how low can they go?

      johnwilliam.roberts - 2012-01-11 10:34


      Peter - 2012-01-11 10:45

      So low that they can parachute out of a snakes backside, now that is really low, dont you thing??????

      rbphiri - 2012-01-11 10:46

      It's suprising how they have been going for so long without a brain. Or were they running on manure

      George - 2012-01-11 10:52

      You havent seen LOW yet

      jody.beggs - 2012-01-11 11:19

      What's been hidden from the public eye ? This is why we need transparency , the cANCer says its a runaway success but after the party , non-payment is still an issue ? Who got the 400 mil ?

  • michael.ferraris - 2012-01-11 10:27


      George - 2012-01-11 10:57

      Just like everything the anc gets the dirty mits on

      rbphiri - 2012-01-11 10:59

      Apparently the tables where the delegates were staying were flimsy and broken. It's no suprise since their carpenter Julius failed wood work

      DuToitCoetzee - 2012-01-11 11:09

      @RPhiri. Ass much as i do not want to pull JM into many conversations I could not help having a short moment giggle bursting out of my chest. Mooi man! That was funny!

      rbphiri - 2012-01-11 11:15

      Thanks DuToit!

  • jonessierob - 2012-01-11 10:28


  • Sphiwe - 2012-01-11 10:28

    The ANC like any other organisation with International VIP's should have tasked a couple of people to overlook what the Rantsoaneng Hotel Group had prepared for their guests, because the group is now paid but the ANC's name is tainted, these where NOT mickey mouse people but Heads of State and Former Heads of state, so all I can say is an oversight from the ANC, because I am sure one could have followed up with the group that was tasked to check if all was Ok, if NOT then demand that the guests where well taken care of!

      Rob - 2012-01-11 10:56

      Africa is not famous for forsight and planning, and even less famous for delivering on plans. At core is an almost complete absence of personal accountability fostered by an irrational conviction that collectivism solves everything. It does not, it creates places to hide.

      Peace - 2012-01-11 11:26

      @Rob if Africa is not good at planning and organising events as you say,I get the feeling you are not proud to be african and perhaps you should immigrate to Australia where they always get everything right!

      Daan - 2012-01-11 11:55

      Yes man. Another BEE screw-up. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Wes - 2012-01-11 14:07

      Just watch the poor cleaner will get fired for this...

      Rob - 2012-01-11 14:51

      Peace: Your arrogance is typical, and is a significant contributer to what you might consider to be proudly african. Idiots like yourself will drive away the very skills the country needs to improve. Sure I can go to Oz, and maybe I will now that I am retired having brought my skills and education to this country 30 years ago and contributed in some small measure to the healthcare system here. But as I said it is yours and others arrogance that will drive away skills and resources, many of which have a lot more to offer SA today than I have.

      Jonathan - 2012-01-11 14:55

      Oversight? Is it not incompetance like in all other stuff they do including running the country

      bad spike - 2012-01-11 14:59

      @piss. You sound like a dumb bunny. If all people with high expectations are asked to leave the country, we will be be left with people with low expectations, such as yourself. Learn to think and then make an intelligent or worthwhile comment.

      Rob - 2012-01-11 15:55

      Oh Peace, In my rush to reply to you I missed your mistake. I was not suggesting that Africa is not so good at organising events. My comment was not so specific, rather I was referring to a general incapacity.

      Mantsho - 2012-01-11 20:29

      @Peace could you please step aside, the grown up are having a serious conversations, the reason why ANC is rubbish like this is because of people like you!ANC is too proud that is why is falling like this.

      John - 2012-01-12 07:27

      Sphiwe, All the over lookers were too busy overlooking the split from the till. JuJu was probably the overlooker of the overlookers.

  • moikhethi - 2012-01-11 10:28

    Zuma and his admin are a disgrace to the South African population, from judiciary to hosting guests. Heed the call and support it before it's too late. He must go........

      Felix - 2012-01-11 10:36

      Get rid of the whole 'church' 100 years was a good run, now it's just a name brand being used by greedy fat pigs.

      Peace - 2012-01-11 10:51

      @moikhethi lets be supportive of our government because it fought for our liberation,I know there are flaws in our government and our liberation movement,apartheid was worse than what we are going through right now!

      jody.beggs - 2012-01-11 11:29

      @Peace. Is that what you believe, cANCer was the only organization fighting for liberation. Steve Biko and IFP had more to do with "your" freedom than any cANCer member , but the Government wants to cover that truth up. Damn the man.

      Ettienne - 2012-01-11 11:35

      The country will never fall back into it's apartheid ways, thank God, but it doesn't mean we have to just accept our now loacal corrupt government, does it? During apartheid the blacks got screwed, now we're ALL getting screwed. The ANC didn't fight for liberation..... the people did. Take the red pill Peace, you're living in a dream world.

      Daan - 2012-01-11 11:59

      @Peace. I agree, BUT........ How long will the money and infrastructure left by the "apartheid regime"(sic) last ??????????? Already there's hardly anything left.

      William - 2012-01-11 12:00

      @Felix: It saddens me greatly to see your comment here, becuase I think your opinion reflects the same opinion of many of our uneducated brothers & sisters around South Africa who keep the party in power. The struggle was not won by the ANC, or any other party, the struggle was won by the PEOPLE of South Africa. It was ordinary PEOPLE like you & me who risked everything to bring an end to apartheid. In those days, people like Madiba lead the cause and orchestrated some strategies to effect change we wanted, but it was always the PEOPLE that executed those strategies and MADE the change happen. THIS GOVERNMENT...this cancer that calls itself the ANC does not reflect ANY of that. They do not respect each other, they do not respect the dream of freedom and equality for all, and worst of all, they do not respect the PEOPLE that fought & died for a better life. THIS GOVERNMENT is nothing more than a wolf in freedom's clothing. Have you ever heard the story of the emperor's new clothes? Well in SA those masses that vote for the ANC are the emperor, believing they will have fancy new clothes that the ANC is promising them when in fact they are naked & will remain naked forever because this party wants you to eat food through "their" lips. Don't be proud of the ANC, they didn't end Apartheid.. our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters did. All the ANC has done is hijacked all the spoils for themselves. These "people" are not your friends.

      William - 2012-01-11 13:57

      Sorry, that was meant for "Peace", not Felix

      Felix - 2012-01-12 10:06

      @William, I was like What? :)

  • Johannes Van Der Walt - 2012-01-11 10:29

    Cant organise a sleep over but qualified to run a country?

      rbphiri - 2012-01-11 10:48

      A sleep over where food and drinks were just a wet dream

      rbphiri - 2012-01-11 11:00

      But they would be perfect at running a sewage plant with all the crap they have in the ANC

      Sean - 2012-01-11 11:34

      Sounds like a pajama party to me.......!

      wesley.bischoff - 2012-01-11 12:44

      Waaahahahaha!!! Oh RPhiri, you are one quality man

  • Jimmy - 2012-01-11 10:29

    "Had to buy necessities Security guards for President Yuweri Museveni from Uganda had to buy him some grilled chicken from Nando’s." lol nothing like the bare necessities..

      Leon - 2012-01-11 10:34

      "Security guards for President Yuweri Museveni from Uganda had to buy him some grilled chicken from Nando’s." I see a new Nando's ad coming! LOL

  • TheSlip - 2012-01-11 10:29

    Can't wait for the Nando's ad :D

  • lydonmcg - 2012-01-11 10:29

    I started cackling at the Nando's bit. Oh the irony!

  • ben.nel2 - 2012-01-11 10:32

    TIA - This is Africa?

  • Heinrich - 2012-01-11 10:32

    There is really nothing to complain about. The priorities were attended to. There was liquor. A drinking nation is a happy nation. And who wants to sleep during a celebration?

  • Morne - 2012-01-11 10:32

    Seriously who cares (or is surprised)? Millions of South Africans are still waiting for food, houses (forget beds & linen) for more than 15 years from them.

  • MissGremlin - 2012-01-11 10:33

    Priceless. *snorts with laughter*

  • johnwilliam.roberts - 2012-01-11 10:35


  • nibishaka - 2012-01-11 10:35

    In other words, NANDOS can do a better job than the ANC. LOL

      Peter - 2012-01-11 10:50


      Heinrich - 2012-01-11 11:04

      Advert showing African leaders from far and wide flocking to Nando's. Some with their own bedding under their arms, some with a bottle of Klipdrift in hand, saying "we're here for the ANC. The African Nando's Celebration. We saw it on TV".

  • Andrew - 2012-01-11 10:36

    The ANC once again proved they are not capable in organization and what ever stories now emerge as to who is at fault for this fiasco, they must accept responsibility as the onus was for them to follow up and ensure all was in place. But as in the past blame will be laid elsewhere. Fortunately this was a party for the ANC movement and not the country, Mr Cameron ( British PM) stated they were a shining example to the rest of the world yet we know better.

  • Newsmonger - 2012-01-11 10:37

    oh shamepies....poor anc head of states. They used our tax money no doubt but still they feel wrong done by. Poor corrupt thieving ba$tards.

  • gillian.sanderson - 2012-01-11 10:38


  • Moss - 2012-01-11 10:39

    Haha, yaa neh!!

  • Johan - 2012-01-11 10:40

    If this was bad for the country's image, wait and see what the ANC is going to do this month at the United Nations!

      Eric - 2012-01-11 11:15

      Terrifying thought! Don't expect too much sense out of the Security Council for a while!

  • reg.tischendorf - 2012-01-11 10:40

    Typical, these a...holes could not organise a piss up in a brewery. We are the laughing stock of the world. Please mother earth, open and swallow the damn lot of them from the face o the earth for good!!!

      Hendrik - 2012-01-11 10:52

      Let's hope those ancient Mexican dudes were correct! Problem could be solved for all of us by 21 December this year........

      Nicoline - 2012-01-11 13:02

      ...only one thing:poor mother earth WILL die immediately!,after swallowed the damn lot of them.....

  • Herbert - 2012-01-11 10:41

    As ANC we do not, I repeat, we do not share a cent of the R 400 million with anyone, be it a head of state, a head of household or any other nuthead who happened to attend the farce in Bloem!!!!! Nog enetjie? Ja met Eish !!!!

  • rickvcooper - 2012-01-11 10:41

    Welcome to Affirmative Standards!

      Juan - 2012-01-11 12:22

      Yes and they apply those exacting standards to service delivery. No wonder everything is in such a mess. Viva ANC. Absolutely pathetic

      Juan - 2012-01-11 12:23

      And look to every other African country, all the same

  • sardick.davids - 2012-01-11 10:42


  • AmosMoledi - 2012-01-11 10:43

    How are you gonna run mines?

      Sean - 2012-01-11 11:41

      @Amos - The miners will be expected to buy their own spitforks! Beers will be free though!

      Juan - 2012-01-11 12:26

      Deeper into the gound?

  • MikeBrassellSA - 2012-01-11 10:44

    Rantsoareng hotel group??? Never heard of them. Maybe another BEE flop???

      perqvind - 2012-01-12 14:11

      Well Valentine Rantsoareng is one of the owners of the company who is also mentioned on this page so BEE the company is but it smells ugly something fierce.

  • Peace - 2012-01-11 10:45

    so his excellency Dr Jacob Zuma,my president was supposed to hold all and sundry by hand to make sure they are well taken care of?while there were other important matters like the centenary celebrations programme that had to be followed?

      Moi - 2012-01-11 11:01

      When you invite VIP's to your party, then yes, you are expected to ensure that they are well taken care of!

      Jason - 2012-01-11 11:03

      Yes peace, when you invite International Guests to your Country where you are the host, that is what you do, you ensure that they are well taken care of you clown, you ensure that if they are sleeping in your Country that there is linen on their beds, are you stuck on stupid??

      Nevilenofriends - 2012-01-11 11:04

      No this is micro example of what is wrong on the whole. They get a buddy to tender, take a fat cut of the pie. Meanwhile the buddy doesn’t have the ability to the job? Why do you think our municipalities are all broke an failing? It is for exactly these reasons,.... don’t you get it? I truly believe that the definition of corruption is lost on most South Africans. This is such a good example of how a system is broken down by corruption i.e. employing cronies (that cant do the job) to get a cut of the taxpayers pie. I am probably wasting my “breath”

      Peace - 2012-01-11 11:12

      @jason so his excellency Dr Jacob Zuma,was supposed to personally oversee that sheets are fitted in foreign dignitaries` beds?

      jody.beggs - 2012-01-11 11:31

      @Peace. Yes its called management. Which clearly he can't do !

      Cracker - 2012-01-11 11:38

      @ Peace Don't argue like a retard. Please. Nobody is suggesting that the president does what you now suggest. Using absurdity as an argument only works if the situations are comparable and the conclusion drawn from it is realistic. Otherwise it degenerates into useless sarcasm of no practical value. Must the most obvious of the obvious always be pointed out to some?

      rlong1952 - 2012-01-11 11:41

      'Dr Jacob Zuma'.... ha ha Peace you are funny, he has Grade 6.... ha ha ha ha. Ever thought of becoming a standup comedian.

      Sean - 2012-01-11 11:45

      @Peace - He doesn't have to do it himself! There are people that get paid to attend to the admnistration of such events don't you realise it?

      Koos - 2012-01-11 12:00

      yes peace... like when the stadium went empty while he did his speach.... do you always invites quests over and have them by their own food and bedding?.... mmmmmm........

      martin.vandermerwe - 2012-01-11 12:18

      @Peace, "excellency Dr Jacob Zuma" WTF, he has a std 4 for crying in a bucket, please do not use the abbreviation of Dr in the same sentence as Zuma, I take acception to that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Paul - 2012-01-11 12:44

      ha ba ha ha STOP DR zuma please stop

      Heibrin - 2012-01-11 13:02

      @Sean: Some things in life we regard as common sense. Unfortunately common sense isn't common to everyone.

      Peace - 2012-01-11 17:19

      @martin and rlong whether you like him or not,grade 6 education or not,his excellency Dr Jacob Zuma is your president and mine.Aluta continua!

      Piet - 2012-01-11 18:04

      Nooo man...just guide the heads of state where to purchase their styf pap and runaways...By the way, a Dr title with std 3 qualification??? Nuff said.

      rlong1952 - 2012-01-11 23:59

      There is no way in hell he is my President, he is a criminal and should be in jail. I am so embarrassed to say that he is a South African President, but he is NOT my president, never has been and never will be. By the way Peace, stop being an ostrich and take your head out of the sand and get a life.

      Lionel - 2012-01-12 08:48

      You're either a troll or very stupid; so if I invite you to my party and to stay over, I will expect you to bring your own food, and a tent to sleep in! LOL.

  • scottGdunlop - 2012-01-11 10:46

    Yoweri Museveni, Paul Kagame, Obiang Nguema, Bingu wa Mutharika? Dictators, all of them, and they have plenty of money plundered from their own countries to splash out on a little Nandos every now and then.

  • Eduard - 2012-01-11 10:48

    trust the ANC to stuff it up ... just like the rest of everything they are in charge of.

      Sean - 2012-01-11 11:49

      Pap and vleis was beneath them! Nandos was their choice instead - I am sure that they will start importing Take-aways from now on.........

  • pieterengelbrecht01 - 2012-01-11 10:48

    according to the plan,what plan, any plan aslong as there is drinks,mmm the drinks wil make them forget about everything,even the complaints.proberly read the speach abbout pres Zuma in the papers the next day

  • sean.ward2 - 2012-01-11 10:49

    The ANC are only interested in them selves, not the people. They treated the foriegn delegates the way they treat the rest of the nation who are not in ANC leadership.

  • Hunter - 2012-01-11 10:49

    "He said the staff members were hired by Design HR." Did they actually use a labour hire company? I thought they were to be done away with as part of the evil apartheid legacy.

  • Cameronl - 2012-01-11 10:49

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA YA YA YA as if I'm really surprised this happened. one word -TYPICAL

  • cliff.slabbert - 2012-01-11 10:50

    They could not get pissed if they fell into a barrel of Johnny Walker Black!

  • Daniel - 2012-01-11 10:52

    " This was an event arranged by government and government made sure that all was in order.".....presies ja!:-P

  • Andriette - 2012-01-11 10:52

    I would like to see a breakdown of the R100 million and what is was actually spent on.

      Twolips - 2012-01-11 11:07

      Wasn't it R400 mil?

      Pur - 2012-01-11 11:37

      It was R100 million of ANC money PLUS R400 million of taxpayers money. Would of thought for half a billion they could have put sheets on the beds and food on the table....

  • Had - 2012-01-11 10:54

    BEE contractors hired, or more likely relative of some viking - payments of 10's of millions made, but it just went through their business acct into their personal acct. They then forgot to actually do the job for which they were hired. Definitely not surprised !

      Sean - 2012-01-11 11:54

      They were so busy counting the money they forgot to sheet......hehehe!

  • ubhejane - 2012-01-11 10:55

    The fundamental problem is the mentality of the ANC and the fact that they have closed their eyes to what kind of expertise we have within the country. We will never know the true cost of this celebration. One has to assume some of the funds went into the fixing up of Bloemfontein, but what struck me most was the fact, that after spending R32 Million on the restoration of the Wesleyan Church, that you would have a black electric cord running up a newly plastered wall and then bolt a wooden cross over the electric cord. I also noticed unfinished plaster work where the wall meets the ceiling boards. At R32 Million I would have expected a wooden cornice to conceal unfinished plaster work. Who was the contractor entrusted with this renovation? As we have read now, it was another black owned company in charge of the accommodation arrangements. What has happened to all the companies involved with the Soccer World Cup? Or is this true that FIFA brought in their own expertise to organise the World Cup, but we are so terrified of employing a white owned company because we just love ignoring the fact that South Africa has brilliant "white" expertise to show us off as a First World country? Not all white South Africans are like most of the commentators on here. There are many white South Africans that has a lot to offer South Africa and as South Africans they should be given the chance to show the world who we are. Not all of us, black and white, are stuck in the past like the ANC.

      Sean - 2012-01-11 11:59

      That is why the government are begging expertise to return to South Africa....... Makes you think hey?

      Heinrich - 2012-01-11 12:45

      This was in evidence shortly after 1994, Ubhejane. Good management amongst other things means getting optimal utilisation out of resources. Buiding on strenghts and eliminating weaknesses. How shall I put it. The ANC shot itself in the face, cut off its foot to spoil the nose of the dog in the manger looking at the mouth of the gift horse.

      Nkulekweni - 2012-01-11 14:54

      Ubhejane Is it a question of black or white or is it a question of skill. The person who can do the job best, be he/she white or black or indeed a blakc white partnership (things need not always be polarised between black and white) should be given the job. If you still think in terms of white=skill and black =non-skilled then you also live in the past and are like the majority of commentators here.

      Jerhone - 2012-01-12 18:45

      well said Ubhejane

  • Robi - 2012-01-11 10:55

    How can that be after plashing 100 million on celebration?

  • wesley.bischoff - 2012-01-11 10:55

    Ja and? Why must South African taxpayers pay for foreign leaders to eat, sleep and drink? Oh wait, it's that "sense of entitlement"

      Wall - 2012-01-11 12:30

      I think the problem is that we did pay, lots and lots of money that could have been spent on essential things... and yet, despite the lots and lots that we paid, we embarrassed ourselves in front of the important foreign guests. One would have hoped that some of the taxpayers' money (which was spent on who knows what) would have at least put sheets on the beds and food on the tables of our guests from other countries. It's about our image.

      wesley.bischoff - 2012-01-11 12:49

      Embarrassed ourselves in front of the ANC's dictator cronies? Who gives a sh*t. It's the ANC that are embarrassed, not the nation as a whole.

      William - 2012-01-11 13:49

      @Wesley: No, the nation as a whole is embarrassed, because the fact is the money WAS spent, but spent on what? Nobody knows... I agree that we shouldn't be wasting our money on these despots in the first place, but at least we'd know where the money went. Now we don't know what's going on...which in my opinion is even worse.

  • Deon - 2012-01-11 10:56

    I love it, now the world can see we live in a Banana Republic

  • - 2012-01-11 10:56

    HAHAHAHA!! Pathetic! - Typical ANC! Now if they cant even take care of the guests and heavy weight leaders, what are the chances that they'll take care of the ordinary man in the street!?