Leadership debate must continue: ANC

2011-09-07 16:05

Johannesburg - Discussion on the ruling party's future leaders must continue, the ANC's Gauteng secretary David Makhura said on Wednesday.

He was happy with the decision taken by the party's national executive committee (NEC) to allow branches to think for themselves on leadership choices, rather than being dictated to by certain party members.

"The discussion on leadership is not the same as succession. Who must succeed who, that's a nomination process," Makhura told reporters in Johannesburg.

"The ongoing discussion on the tasks and challenges of leadership by the ANC is something that the NEC says must happen all the time so we are happy with that decision."

In August, ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe said branches should not be given a "list of slates" developed by a narrow, well-resourced circle in the ANC.

"Branches must be allowed to say 'that comrade did not do the work that he or she was given to do. Change that comrade'. And we are saying that culture must continue," he said at the time.

Liberate the ANC

"But if we do what is called succession, you are actually killing the branches of the ANC... that is a leadership responsibility; to liberate these branches from the vice of groupings that are intelligent, have the monopoly of wisdom, have resources, have a lot of cash flow around elections... We must liberate the ANC from that."

Mantashe argued the nationalisation of the mines could not be used as a tool for punting leaders ahead of the party's elective conference in Mangaung next year.

The Gauteng ANC had agreed to develop a discussion document detailing the calibre of cadres who should lead the movement. Makhura said this would ensure members had a disciplined debate on their organisation's future.

Elections in regional conferences in mid-September should not disrupt and destabilise the functioning of municipalities, he said. Makhura emphasised that regional conference elections would not result in changes in the current leadership of municipalities.

"We have instructed all mayors and other municipal leaders to focus on development priorities and urgent service delivery issues raised by communities during the local government elections.

"The leadership elections must not be allowed to divert the energy [of] ANC councillors away from service delivery issues."

Buying votes

He stressed that the "do's and don'ts" of lobbying were set out in its rules and regulations document.

"There is no circulation of money to buy votes. That's one of the rules."

The Gauteng branch said it was awaiting the finalisation of the establishment of an integrity committee.

Last month, ANC organiser Fikile Mbalula said a proposal had been put forward at the party's national general council. The committee would be tasked with looking into possible "conflict of interest" involving ANC members.

Its role would be investigative in nature. The outcome of probes would then be referred to a disciplinary committee if necessary.

  • MojoBa - 2011-09-07 16:09

    We don't care what you do internally. Just don't embarrass our country any more.

      willieman - 2011-09-07 16:31

      Agree, they must stop supporting silly characters with dodgy history and lots of allegations on their heads

      willieman - 2011-09-07 16:45

      "There is no circulation of money to buy votes. That's one of the rules." Makhura what are you smoking ? votes are been bought my friend and it is a fact

  • P-JB - 2011-09-07 16:15

    A word of warning to all the ANC members: Just make sure that you support the right candidate; otherwise you will upset the spirits of your forefathers. This will surely create quite a predicament for you because if each candidate quotes this famous line used by J Zuma prior to our last elections you will all be in trouble. Who will the spirits haunt and who will the spirits support – only time will tell? Good luck making your decision, but beware of the spirits of your forefathers. They will haunt you if you make the wrong choice.

      Succubus - 2011-09-07 16:21

      And if the spirits of your forefathers don't haunt you, ...I will!

      Taurus 11 - 2011-09-07 16:29

      Which spirits are you talking about Methylated spirits or the ones bought in a bottle store The way people behave I am sure that use use either or both

      J Burnstein - 2011-09-07 16:33

      Succubus you are so scarry...oooo

  • psydomx - 2011-09-07 16:16


  • George - 2011-09-07 16:16

    The ANC is truly a democratic organisation running a democratic country where majority rules as in any European country. I feel so blessed that even the constitutional judge is openly Gay in an African country such as South Africa. God bless us all.

  • John - 2011-09-07 16:19

    try and get zille,de lille and co. then things will start going right

  • sushi - 2011-09-07 16:20

    the list is as follows> PRESIDENT : KGALEMA SECRETARY : MBALULA and the rest will follow as we discuss further.thank you comrades

      Christelle - 2011-09-07 16:28

      Sh&tstirrer - Malema

      Phlegm - 2011-09-07 17:09

      So Mbalula is going to be the president's secretary?

  • Exilestar - 2011-09-07 16:25

    will they ever finish debating and start doing, maybe we wouldn't be having these protests all over the country where ANC rules

      Muzi - 2011-09-07 16:34

      Like in Cape Town?

  • Koko - 2011-09-07 16:26

    He is going...

  • Ryan Tunney - 2011-09-07 16:28

    Well firstly they should get a few potential leadership candidates. At this stage the ANC only has power hungry uneducated bafoons in their midst so it's very difficult to see where any leadership candidates may come from.

  • Mart - 2011-09-07 16:38

    Think we will have to have a meeting about this. Zuma must start waving his finger around and demand discipline and start making some meaningful decisions. I think we will continue in the same downward spiral on which the ANC is leading this country, unless the voting system is changed. 'Insanity is continuing to support the same political party, and expecting them to deliver a different outcome.' The ANC has so many internal problems that they will never, I repeat never, be able to deliver even half of their promises to the people who keep them in power.

  • Ozymandios - 2011-09-07 16:59

    To those of you out there- am I really living in a country with what is called "a government" that debates all these things like those mentioned in this article, plus numerous other inane topics we get dumped on us, that sounds like a Boy Scout Parents Meeting to discuss the next Jamboree. For me and I hope I am totaly wrong, but I read these articles and if it is not the journalist, then obviously its the government; its like listening to a bunch of 8 year olds discussing the next skateboard competition at the local shopping mall's parking area. It comes across, well to me anyway, as being infantile. The subject is of such a low level of mental invigoration. I have yet to see one iota of leadership ever come out from this group, in the past 17 years.And yet here we are reading some trivial person, who is deemed as some leader of his province or whatever, talking like this is such a momentuous occasion. I will accept whatever criticism follows but I read this and think " this is like reading "Janet,John and Rover go Walking in the Park" which is what I read when I was 6 years of age. I do not know but maybe its the way the article is written, the standard of writing etc. but then where is the editor? Where are the leaders of the future? Nowhere to be found thats for sure!

  • maggielou - 2011-09-07 17:12

    All they seem to do is jostle for position. With all the time spent on their own businesses and where and how they can steal next from the ficus, no wonder there is no time for governing.

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