Lekota kicked out of Assembly

2012-10-30 15:58

Cape Town - Congress of the People leader Mosiuoa Lekota was told to leave the National Assembly on Tuesday after he refused to withdraw statements about President Jacob Zuma.

A week ago, Lekota made a statement in the House calling for Zuma to be "impeached".

Among other things, he said Zuma's office had, on 19 October, "defied an order, by the Supreme Court of Appeal, to hand over the abbreviated transcripts of the tapes that permitted criminal charges to be dropped or withdrawn against himself".

He was referring to the refusal to release transcripts of the secret recordings which were the basis of the decision to drop corruption, fraud, and racketeering charges against Zuma in early 2009.

Lekota said Zuma was bound by his oath of office to obey, respect and uphold the Constitution.

"As his office and his lawyers act daily under his direct authority, the inescapable conclusion is that the president is illegally refusing to be bound by... the Constitution, which binds all persons to obey a judicial order, and there are no exceptions," he said at the time.

On Tuesday, Deputy Speaker Nomaindia Mfeketo said Lekota should have brought his allegations to the Assembly by way of a substantive motion, and ruled his statements "unparliamentary".

She asked him to withdraw the statements. Lekota refused, saying the issue was sub-judice and he could not pre-empt a pending court ruling.

Following a number of ensuing points of order and repeated requests by Mfeketo for him to leave the chamber, he and most other Cope MPs eventually walked out.

Giving notice of a motion soon afterwards, ANC Chief Whip Mathole Motshekga asked for Lekota to be sanctioned for "misleading Parliament".

The Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) had "issued no such order against the president or the president's office", he said.

In terms of the SCA's judgment, the judicial order was directed at the National Prosecuting Authority.

"There was no order by the Supreme Court of Appeal against the president or his office to produce any record or documents," Motshekga said.

"By claiming in the House that the president has defied a lawful judicial order, Lekota has lied to Parliament, which is a serious transgression in terms of the practices, precedents, and conventions governing the business of the House."

Lekota should thus be sanctioned for knowingly presenting false information before Parliament, he said.

Later on Tuesday, Lekota said Parliament and the Constitution imposed a duty on MPs to make "sharp and severe criticisms protected by privilege".

The president enjoyed no protection in this regard, he said.

The freedom to criticise the president in the House on issues of governance could not only be by way of a substantive motion.

"The use of a substantive motion requires building of support and cannot be done by a single party on its own.

"Robust criticism of the president and the whole Cabinet is enshrined in the Constitution and allowed under the rules of the South African parliament," Lekota said.

  • Montagnes.Bleues - 2012-10-30 16:03

    IMPEACHMENT DRAWS SUPER CLOSE - and not even cadres in cahoots can stop it this time. then INDICTMENT Then release of all tax payers funds from propping up tribal trusts and royalty which are totally anti-democratic

      johny.stront - 2012-10-30 16:15

      Don't Stop Lekota! don't Stop!!! This is crazy. What is ZUMA??? GOd??

      moriri.mosweu - 2012-10-30 16:16

      Did they tell him that he's a bloody agent?

      ClassWarTrotsky - 2012-10-30 16:16

      Zuma looks like a black PW. Only the finger is pushing up the glasses, not being wagged in your face. That is what his spear is for.

      mark.richardson.3914207 - 2012-10-30 16:21

      African one party terrorist state with a touch of spin democracy. What a bunch of fools, About time someone stood up to this lot of corrupt dictators.

      nrgx.nrg - 2012-10-30 16:26

      Is this what the anc call a democracy?

      themba.mkhize.5494 - 2012-10-30 16:27

      Terror for president

      Willie - 2012-10-30 16:31


      brad.ken.18 - 2012-10-30 16:50

      These cANCer vermin are too scared to face the FACTS!!!! Go opposition parties! Rid this country of these thieving, rotten vermin!

      shirley.steenkamp - 2012-10-30 16:52

      Whatever happend to freedom of speech? This is the reaction of a dictatorship!

      ruan.smith.14 - 2012-10-30 16:56

      Atleast the anc wont call him racist, so that card is out of the way.

      andrea.greunen - 2012-10-31 11:36

      Animal farm all over again...

      ivy.malema.3 - 2012-11-01 12:42

      Lekota you are clever in the eyes of whites now that you attack another black person, they will call you names once you talk about uplifting blacks.You are still holding grudges

      peterpeter.pumkineater.5 - 2012-11-01 15:56

      Aggg...shampie you go...made it just for you...a NICE BIG FREE cup of STFU

      JohnB - 2012-11-02 03:05

      Ivy, are you related to that fat criminal? Birds of a feather?

  • lunga.mcoseli - 2012-10-30 16:05

    Mr Lekota stand tall and do not be shaken

      rodney.bevan.58 - 2012-10-30 16:11

      Spot on there lunga. The speaker is obviously not as impartial as he should be. Lekota did nothing wrong in bringing this up and still showerhead has done nothing to comply with the court ruling. Zuma is trying to draw this out until after Mangaung, he obviously believes if he can get re-elected he will be safe.

      andrew.hendrikse - 2012-10-30 16:11

      I don't blame him walking out of that joke they call parliament. Zuma and the ANC are become a law unto themselves. Zuma is arrogantly placing himself above the law!!

      jeremy.thewasp - 2012-10-30 16:12

      Mosiuoa Lekota YOU GO BOY! Its time all opposition parties stand up to the ANC and their corruption and to this Common Crook of a Prez Shoewerhead your days are numbered you useless Twat!

      gretchen.oswald.3 - 2012-10-30 16:35

      Viva Lekota! I am fully behind you on this one.

      andrew.hendrikse - 2012-10-30 16:40

      @jeremy.thewasp ...You are 100% right!!! It is time for opposition parties to co-operate!! We need something like a DA/COPE all inclusive, All South African, non-racist party to take out the ANC!!!!

      george.outremer - 2012-10-30 17:08

      Indeed. Respect. Give the man a case of Bells!

  • leemalin.moodley - 2012-10-30 16:06

    ..I love my country but I hate my government..

      bob.mcmillen.564 - 2012-10-31 12:11

      Really, it's no surprise Lekota was kicked out, he should know better then tell the truth at the House of Assembly.

  • Andrea - 2012-10-30 16:07

    At least he is not backing off, he certainly has my support in this. I wonder how far the mighty Zoemer will go to keep those recordings secret.

      Michael - 2012-10-30 16:52

      what recordings...

      jose.d.santos.9041 - 2012-10-31 09:53

      surely they destroyed already

  • deon.louw.7505 - 2012-10-30 16:10

    You can lie in parliament but when you tell the truth you are asked to leave?

      john.kirkwood.9619 - 2012-10-30 16:17


      andrez.kolesky - 2012-10-30 19:47

      Parliament is a place where everybody talks, nobody listens and everybody disagrees later on

  • mbuti.manopole.3 - 2012-10-30 16:12

    Lol I love how MR Lekota burst like a bubble @ parliament

  • George - 2012-10-30 16:15

    The moron is an attention seeker. He destroyed his own party which has not had a decent elective conference since its inception. Leader for life.

      idille.borchers - 2012-10-30 19:27

      For your information Mpaketsane, COPE was almost, but not quite, brought down by political opportunists who jumped on the bandwagon, not because of any political principles, but because they saw it as shortcut to get themselves into positions of power and their hands into the honeypot. Never give up, Mr Lekota. The only people who are against you are those who see nothing wrong with theft, money-laundering, corruption and defeating the ends of justice.

      john.plaatjies.142 - 2012-10-31 14:10

      Mpaketsane, the only moron i can see in this debacle, is you and zuma. Go play in the traffic.

  • rob.gunning.1 - 2012-10-30 16:16

    Good man!

  • brad.ken.18 - 2012-10-30 16:20

    STEP DOWN SHOWERHEAD! Hamba lapa khaya!!!!!!

      musazwane - 2012-10-30 17:32

      What the hell are you you saying, you need to go back to school.

      brad.ken.18 - 2012-10-30 17:55

      Get out and get back to your kraal!

  • peter.jefferies.90 - 2012-10-30 16:21

    So if you challange the ANC you get thrown out! There goes our democracy. The ANC are a bunch of dictaitors and the sooner the party dissolves the better.

  • eyesears.handsfeet - 2012-10-30 16:22

    Again? Then he must be saying something right.

  • clivegoss - 2012-10-30 16:22

    WHAT DID TERROR DO WRONG ? He called what we all know is so,and I for one agree with him, so what is the problem ? Does the president think he is Stalin/Hitler/Lenin/Gaddafi/Mugabe or Fidel Castro ?

  • segomotso - 2012-10-30 16:23

    lekota is doing nothing 2 contribute positively towards helping r country 2 excellence,his obssession and hatred 4 zuma impedes progress in his political work,i wish he could concerntrate on his ailing and failing project called COPE.

      idille.borchers - 2012-10-30 19:31

      What an inane statement!

      Odicito - 2012-10-30 22:29

      Do you realize the magnitude of this man's contribution to the cause of South African problems? Just this one incident he is pushing for could set precedent for punishment for corruption which STEALS billions of money from the public including yourself! Whether you agree or not (and whether you perceive it or not), Zuma and his friends are stealing from you. If Lekota's cause can set precedent against corrupt behavior, that will save us a country billions of Rands, and maybe finally some money intended for schools could finally buy books for which they were INTENDED for anyway!!

  • amanda.matthews.14811 - 2012-10-30 16:32

    Oh well done Terror - you have the courage of your convictions. They can kick you out of Parliament but they cannot silence the truth you speak.

  • jannie.kotze.7 - 2012-10-30 16:33

    Zoompie and his cronies who run parliament can't exept the truth!! They will use every unethical method in the book to silence those who speak the truth. Good for you Lekota. You stood your man. Don't back down but keep doing the right thing. We need people like you!!

  • foreignem - 2012-10-30 16:34

    This is enough evidence to call on the judiciary to write judgments in local languages and not only the Queen's or Koninging's languages. Mosiuoa cannot be blamed for misleading Parliament if his interpretation of the English written judgment meant to him that it was the President and not NPA that has disobeyed a court order and undermined the rule of law. We all know that Parliament is lifeless without the naughty Mosiuoa. After all, we know how boring a household can be if it does not have a naughty kid.

  • tsietsi.mshengu - 2012-10-30 16:34

    Strange that there are people who would still defend Zuma even when he deliberately ignores a court order. He should not be let off the hook on this one. I salute you Lekota on this one.

      Erna - 2012-10-30 16:39

      It is scary how many people are protecting this man. Have none of them got any integrity and do all their jobs depend on him?

      kobus.louw.980 - 2012-10-30 22:55

      Did you see the ruling of JZ'z big mate the Hon Judge Hlope? If you see that then you will understand that even the Justice System is under pressure!

  • grant.hide - 2012-10-30 16:36

    I like this Lekota, Give that man a bells for having the gutz to say something and stand by it.

      junebugg.kinte - 2012-10-30 17:13

      mabhekana.nzuza, typical Zuma supporter always thinking about sex. Brain must be dusty coz clearly the engine is running but there is no one behind the wheel. - 2012-10-30 18:26

      mabhekana... sshhhh... the big people are talking

      idille.borchers - 2012-10-30 19:38

      @ mabhekana.nzuza - your comments are disgustingly crude and belong in a whore house. Go back to where you belong.

      rontheogre - 2012-10-30 23:58

      Mabhekana, instead of keeping quiet and people thinking you are crude, stupid and uneducated, by posting these crude comments you have now confirmed it to the world at large. Typical to degenerate into sexual denigration when the ability to think and reason is no more. The famous saying goes, "I think, therefore I am". So you aren't. Congrats!

      Erna - 2012-10-31 09:58

      @ mabhekana.nzuza If you can't comment without being dirty, then please go!!

  • Jade-Mach - 2012-10-30 16:39

    There are only few South Africans who can really stand up for their rights. What most of us do is just vent on media platforms with the hope that these corrupt politicians will by some miracle see that what they are doing is wrong and surrender themselves to the law. That's called wishful thinking because none of them is going to admit that they are letting our country down. The same oposition leaders are just as compromised. \r\nThe only people in this country who seem to have shown that they have guts to stand up for what they deserve and their right to proper living are the miners ( not saying I condone their violent actions).\r\nIts time that every South Africa, especially Tax paying South Africans, say enough is enough!

      justin.sly.77 - 2012-10-30 17:07

      With you on this one!

      marc.ross.965 - 2012-10-31 10:17

      Time for Tax payers to go on strike. I like it.

  • Jade-Mach - 2012-10-30 16:39

    There are only few South Africans who can really stand up for their rights. What most of us do is just vent on media platforms with the hope that these corrupt politicians will by some miracle see that what they are doing is wrong and surrender themselves to the law. That's called wishful thinking because none of them is going to admit that they are letting our country down. The same oposition leaders are just as compromised. \r\nThe only people in this country who seem to have shown that they have guts to stand up for what they deserve and their right to proper living are the miners ( not saying I condone their violent actions).\r\nIts time that every South Africa, especially Tax paying South Africans, say enough is enough!

  • Jade-Mach - 2012-10-30 16:43

    When Julius Malema said Zuma is a dictator, we all criticized him n told him to shuttup ( Bheki Cele style). I bet wherever he is, he's saying I told you so!

  • john.s.stalwart - 2012-10-30 16:46

    A leader who can't take responsibility for his actions but stil want to remain the president of law abiding citizens,from which rocks did he creep from my gues! Owh my gues came right,made in Nkandla,there's not a constitution nor law in Nkandla,that's y it's like punching the air when u try to hold a Nkandlan responsible for abusing the law,he just doesn't know what u talkin bwt,u tel him bwt impeachment he think u tlkn bwt anada word of poaching,u wana poach him he thinks,hence the anger,no wonder the continuing looting by him and his most home boys,they knw not the law,so there is nothing for them to obey,only the day they wana use the law for their benefit they pay millions to the lawyers stupidly evenly so,only if I was Zuma's counsel i'd be super rich nw,asinine...

  • jon.jones.90663894 - 2012-10-30 16:47

    Now if about 1 or 2 or 3 million people turned out one fine day to support Lekota and literaly stand with him in the sun or the rain THAT would put the wind up Showerhead and the rest of the embezzlers. They like to think that they have 'mass support'. If they could see the way the 'masses ' are feeling it could , just maybe , possibly be the beginning of the end of this gangster regime.But then again maybe people have braais and stokvels and other 'more important' things to attend to.

      jay.haripersad - 2012-11-02 04:38

      Now that is a great Idea

  • ally.oh.7 - 2012-10-30 16:50

    Mfeketo is a discredited fatcat (the size of that rear end tells a lot about her) who was a laughing stock when she tried to play govern-govern in Western Cape a few years ago. She has a blinding cheek to now throw her considerable weight around and play speaker-speaker in Parliament.

  • wynandjsmit - 2012-10-30 16:50

    Lekota for President!!! Zuma en sy cronies is darem wragtig pateties, skandalig en 'n klad op die mensdom. Foeitog, verlos hom.!

  • gutta.nyamela - 2012-10-30 16:52

    ANC is out of order.

      mabhekana.nzuza - 2012-10-30 18:11

      Yo party is in order ne.

  • Leonard Eric Abdol - 2012-10-30 16:53

    If Zuma has nothing to hide he'll make the tapes available, there's nothing private about it and it's in the best interest of the country to sort this matter out..... then again, what's in the best interest of the country and what's in Zuma' best interest might not be the same. @ clivegoss, you might add the names of Verwoerd, Vorster and Botha to your list of irrational dictators.

  • justin.sly.77 - 2012-10-30 16:55

    Typical. Speak against the cANCer in parliament and you will get kicked out. The cANCer virus is killing the short period of democracy we have had. B**** Agents!

  • ian.pollock.313 - 2012-10-30 16:55

    What happened to free speach?

  • justin.sly.77 - 2012-10-30 16:57

    Keep going Mosiuoa Lekota. Don't let them intimidate you! Keep strong, keep pushing!

  • dorovan - 2012-10-30 16:58

    Impeached - how about imprisoned for rape, corruption, inciting violence & hate speech.

  • bongani.nsele.58 - 2012-10-30 16:58

    why is this brother fighting his own brothers instead of fighting the real fight still facing African people....kodwa nibesabani abelungu...nilwa nodwa njena sang our brother Mbongeni Ngema

      idille.borchers - 2012-10-30 19:58

      The real fight facing African people is ignorance through lack of education being denied them by corrupt and inefficient ANC government. Government spending money on parties and holidays instead of improving living conditions of the poor. This brother, Lekota, is fighting for the rights of all South Aficans, especially the poor who are being ripped off by their own big brothers in government. Are you also in government?

  • ndyeboreginaldmazawule - 2012-10-30 17:03

    This guy should campaign for his party and talk crap about president

  • Leonard Eric Abdol - 2012-10-30 17:04

    I'm totally confused over how grown, supposedly intelligent people can still support Zuma after what has happened so far in his presidency, I understand loyalty to the ANC perfectly well, not loyalty to someone who's desecrating the memory of the great leaders we've had in the past. The man, when one of his responsibilities as deputy president of the ANC was the moral regeneration of the movement, was accused of rape and involvement in corrupt relationships. Wake up people..

      duduzile.nkosi - 2012-10-30 17:58

      Party politics take over country politics thats were the problem lies

      mabhekana.nzuza - 2012-10-30 18:06

      Respect other people's choice.

      rontheogre - 2012-10-31 00:03

      I cannot respect another person's choice when it unnecessarily affects me and the broader community in a negative way.

  • Karabo Phetoane - 2012-10-30 17:04

    I always ask myself why are you(whites) always attacking our President,yes he is making his mistakes but you always on his case.When your government were killing and oppressing us you were silent and now you are screaming over your lungs.

      junebugg.kinte - 2012-10-30 17:33

      I am not white but this crazy breeding brother must go..!! It has nothing to do with color, your president is incompetent,greedy and no moral values at all. Daai een kestlaela, he doesnt know whether he is coming or going...

      parys.fotograaf - 2012-10-30 18:01

      He does not just make mistakes. He is a mistake.

      luke.dekoker - 2012-10-30 18:10

      duduzile.nkosi, Most of the problems we have are caused by your corrupt shower-boy, and the breeding out of control CancEr lot - 2012-10-30 18:34

      no karabo, don't lie... white south africans voted in a referendum for the abolishment of apartheid and a change of government, at least give credit for that... stop slanting and skewing the truth to suit your racist BS... duduzile... same applies, lying racist

      mawetu.janda - 2012-10-31 05:35

      Be in your right minds.Lekota and lot more who criticise SHOWERMAN are not white.

      rhyno.vermaak - 2012-10-31 10:31

      Who do you think voted in the 1992 referendum? Whites stood up against what was wrong with the country... against other whites. Zuma is an idiot, not because he's black, but simply because he is... wait for it... an idiot.

      john.plaatjies.142 - 2012-10-31 14:17

      Karebo, mistakes he does not want to admit is in effect lying to the country, dont cover for his lies

  • tolo.maano - 2012-10-30 17:10

    Keep them on their toes mr president LEKOTA ..they kicked out of assembly as many as like and they won't break you....defend our constitution defend it...

  • gladstone.dyonase - 2012-10-30 17:12

    For refusing to say I'm sorry to the Showerhead your are allowed to leave the parliament for the nearest bar and spend our taxes. Who on earth wouldn't want to work for this RSA parliament?

  • Kelabetswe Matshedisho - 2012-10-30 17:19

    it saddens me to see wats going dwn in the house of parliament! soon there wont be a difference between Zimbabwe n South Africa(anarchy system)

  • george.michaelides.71 - 2012-10-30 17:41

    Go Terror Go....Impeach him...You can Do It :)

      dbo.kacebisa - 2012-10-30 17:59

      Dude....plz terror cant impeach the are you?

  • george.michaelides.71 - 2012-10-30 17:44

    Geez...doesnt anyone work around

  • duduzile.nkosi - 2012-10-30 17:49

    Lekota hates Zuma and the entire ANC so every statement he makes will be viewed as coming from that place of hate. I wonder if those tapes really exist

      rontheogre - 2012-10-31 00:11

      If those tapes don't exist, then the 700 charges against Zuma were dropped through a conspiracy of lies and he should not be president, again reason to impeach him.

  • parys.fotograaf - 2012-10-30 17:57

    Clearly the speaker does not read the news. Zoomer should simply be arrested and jailed for contempt of court and ignoring a court order. He should be jailed until the tapes are handed over.

  • neilpretorius83 - 2012-10-30 18:08

    They just need to ship him off to Robben Island and the transformation will be complete.

  • sello.r.molefe - 2012-10-30 18:15

    Hehehe nd shower still got the tapes... Gotta love south africa

  • debduplessis - 2012-10-30 18:31

    Well done Lekota for standing your ground - your fautless in this matter!!! Motshekga should catch up with reality & democracy - there was a court order to produce & hand over tapes however Zuma ignored it as usual. The ANC is hell bent upon thinking everyone else should abide by the law & the constitution whilst they want to dictatorship rule in the most disgusting unconstitutional way remembering they NEVER DID get a 2/3 s majority vote (they were short of the target). The ANC is unconstitutional & are the oppressors.... Vote DA & COPE if this country & its people are to stand a surviving day to day chance!

  • cya.khubone - 2012-10-30 18:31

    Lekota must go back to school and learn how to real, listen and interpret things correctly otherwise......

      kent.paulsen.79 - 2012-10-31 08:38

      "Lekota must go back to school and learn how to real," Yes and you too!!!

  • nofikathiniskeyi.eunice - 2012-10-30 18:31

    thatha Lekota thatha phantsi ngozuma phantsi nomaindia kanti uthini umgaqo siseko ngokuthetha ngokukhululekileyo uzuma akango Thixo kuthi nguye kuni

      philas.ntuli - 2012-10-30 18:42

      Ukasu uZuma ukhuphe esi sidakwa ePhalamende!! Uyeva? Ngoba besitsho ukuba uSpeaker umkhuphile. Kwaye ne Court ayizange yamyalela uMongameli ukuba akhipha ama Tapes. Wena no Lekota khohlwani u-ANC, nakani iCope yenu.

      snethemba.biyela - 2012-10-30 23:50

      Tshisa Terror phansi ngo Jabu Pule*Zuma or shower*

  • philas.ntuli - 2012-10-30 18:35

    He is so like hendrik Verwoed!! They must not let him(lekota) come to perliament again, every time he opens his mouth one would think he has been in the tarven or something.

      Andrew Shongwe - 2012-10-30 19:18

      Lol. I think he drinks before coming to parliament. And i suspects he takes castle stout!

  • philas.ntuli - 2012-10-30 18:38

    He and Lindiwe Maziko are becoming a problem, they both learnt this kind of behavior from the Madam..

      Andrew Shongwe - 2012-10-30 19:16

      Puppets in the making. As for Lindiwe, she's the master's lapdog. Sellout!

      mawandewonderman.mkuba - 2012-10-31 08:14


  • Michael - 2012-10-30 18:39

    Terror Lekota, you are an embarasment to black leaders in this country, your idiocity being displayed in the parliament is a desgrace and avery bad example on how a leader should behave themselves, look you got kicked out twice by a lady Deputy Speaker this year, please represent men well Mr Lekota, its embarasing to see you walking out wearing trousers and a jacket and a tie because of being out of order.

      Andrew Shongwe - 2012-10-30 19:14

      I agreed with you 100%. What a fool. I would not associate myself with such stupidity. those who follow such leaders, should be feeling sorry for themselves now. Isilima in the making.

      sihlangu.hokweni - 2012-10-30 19:46

      You 2 are an EMBARASSMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      neo.motsepe - 2012-10-30 20:48

      @michael...Poor lost soul, I sympathize with you.

      snethemba.biyela - 2012-10-30 23:44

      Terror u are man of integrity

      james.hurley.1401 - 2012-11-02 00:52

      michael uyageza lol

      james.hurley.1401 - 2012-11-02 00:53