Lekota launches Cope manifesto

2011-04-02 22:28

Cape Town - A call for change in governance was made by Cope president Mosiuoa Lekota during the party's Western Cape manifesto launch at the Langa sports complex on Saturday.

"Our people deserve better than what they have been sold to date," Lekota said.

He said in a statement that capable and caring men and women who, together with the professional civil servants would be appointed by Cope.

These people would stop corruption, waste and maladministration that characterises the majority of municipalities, and to the "cadre deployment" that robbed people of basic rights and services.

"The ruling party continues to fail our people as it lurches from Zumagate to Manyigate, from the corruption of police commissioners compromised by criminals to selling our country, our future, to one financial advisor to the President, and yet again to another.

"SA citizens deserved better than empty promises, lip-service to delivery and services that fail to live up to the country's commitment to a South Africa that belonged to all who lived in it," Lekota said.

He said Cope was committed to ensuring that all South Africans got quality, affordable services from local government.

"We, as the Congress of the People are committed to defeating racism and prejudice, to building true non-racialism and a united and prosperous South Africa for all who live in it," Lekota said.

  • BigMoose - 2011-04-02 22:48

    The Cape can Cope without you. Cheers, loser. We have heard all of this crap before.

  • drostdystaff abasebenzi - 2011-04-03 00:01


  • Gaanake - 2011-04-03 00:02

    COPE has been a disappointment. It was one party that could really challenge the ANC but lost that great opportunity through its never-ending internal-squables. In the process, it lost its credible leaders and lost the support of many South Africans who were seeing it as the alternative salvation to the current sucidal path taken by the self-enriching ANC officials. In the meantime, the poor, the uneducated and ignorant masses, are still being duped into returning the ANC (and the Malemas)into power. What a pity Mr Lekota!

      Shadango7 - 2011-04-03 01:17

      Ja is a pity with all that. Really needed a stronger more "black" opposition to appeal to the ppl,hence I voted for them nationally two years ago.... don't think a lot of SAfricans are ready to vote for a party as white as the DA - who can blame them. Hopefully COPE will cope and come right!!!

      Benzo - 2011-04-03 13:10

      If COPE's internal government is anything to go by, I would not trust them with the government of the nation. Maybe they grow up one day but we have been waiting for the ANC to grow up as well.

  • Rapier - 2011-04-03 08:21

    There is a HUGE lack of knowledge about the so-called WHITE DA - in fact, the VERY GOOD DA Mayoral Candidate is Mmusi Maimani, and Lindiwe Mazibuko is an excellent, articulate MP. They both have very high levels of integrity, and the DA is not racked by dissension and greed at every level. People who have their eyes open should take note - it WILL be the party of the future, and they have proved they CAN deliver. Very exciting developments. Joburg had 27% DA support last election - it will be fascinating to see where people will VOTE, instead of the useless service delivery protests like Zandspruit, and then go and vote ANC again, believing the lies they are being fed.

  • chris - 2011-04-03 08:32

    Kyk Sodra die mense van Suid Afrika die woord arparteit vergeet en diskreminasie vergeet dan sal Suid Afrika n' groot land woord en die mense moet ophou om mekaar in die rug te steek.Dit is nou al die party'e,hulle wil almal net op die sous trein ry en kyk net na hulle self so ook in die municipalityte ook.

  • edvermaak - 2011-04-03 11:04

    Are these clowns called COPE still around? I think it is time to knock down the circus tent and get moving because the show aint funny anymore.

  • gossipgirl58 - 2011-04-03 12:19

    For now the DA is the best alternative to the ANC. We need to give the DA a chance to prove if they can deliver what they promise. If they do not deliver they are out by next election and hopefully COPE will have their house in order to be given a chance to prove their worth.No party should be in power indefinitely because of abuses of power. The people of this country must not forget that we will never go back to apartheid so fear not to try the unknown because true power in a democratic country such as ours is in the hands of the people so lets excercise that right to give ordinary people a chance at a better life.

  • Callie - 2011-04-04 09:55

    I suggest we use the slogan "THE ONLY ALTERNATIVE" on our Pamphlets for the coming elections.Viva!!!! Callie Schutte Candidate Mossel Bay

  • Smolly - 2011-04-04 20:48

    People must vote Cope there is no other altenative, is willing to fight corruption as they did to shilowa and defend our democracy which ANC is abusing these days,Cope is here to stay for ever,the ruling party is pathetic from President to councillors.

  • Moeketsi - 2011-04-24 00:07

    DIKWANKWETLA PARTY OF SOUTH AFRICA 2011 LOCAL GOVERNMENT ELECTIONS MANIFESTO UNVEILING BY THE LEADER MOEKETSI LEBESA 25 APRIL 2011 PHUTHADITJHABA “Phalafala tsa ntate ke tsela………….Dikwankwetla………. Mehlala ya bona e bonahala sa meriti ya letsatsi la hlabula Manganga a bona a thiba la le le teterrr…ha se fela Ke a tseba ………Bakubeletsa ke bale ……bakubeletsa ba ile……. Ke ne ke jarile koristina ke ikela Maokeng Ke palame sekelepeli ya tlekeki ya mohla mokete Sala hantle moshana re tla bonana ha re boya sekwele…………..” (Sankomota;Bakubeletsa) “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more; Or close the wall up with our ……….. dead”. King Henry V encouraging his troops to attack the city of Harfleur once again. Shakespear Henry V, Act III, 1598 Now is the time, to defy the world, shake our heads, gird our loins and geared our self ready for the tough battle ahead. The forthcoming elections could be compared to”…A tide in the affairs of men” as Shakespeare rightly puts it ;” Which, taken at the floods, leads onto fortune ; Omitted , all the voyage of ( our) life, Is bound in shallows and in miseries .On such a full sea are we now afloat , And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our venture”. (Julius Ceasar Act 4 scene 3, 218- 224) If we timeously could heed this truth, we could prevent our country from gliding into anarchy and chaos. Our country is very much in agony. The country has turned into a battle-ground of contending dooms ; AIDS, poverty , hunger , joblessness , crime , corruption , squatting , drought , social breakdown , disintegrating roads , nepotism etc Deepening poverty in black areas particularly squatter camps and shanty towns is escalating unabated. Rising crime rates, HIV/ AIDS have become the order of the day. Shanty towns are spreading, squatter camps and graves are mushrooming all over the place. Hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of people from rural areas are pouring into urban and semi-urban areas Because of state orchestrated mass poverty and AIDS, they die like files. Oh! Cry the beloved country! The ruling party has in the last seventeen years created an island of prosperity for a few in a sea of misery. I have been in many places. I have spoken to many people. Wherever I have been, whomever I have spoken to, I have heard over again people talking and complaining about same issues. I have heard great similarities of issues and complaints. Our manifesto addresses problems that people feel, experience and suffer everyday.80% of black people live below poverty datum line compared with less than 5% of whites and others in a similar state and we have very short lifespan on this earth. We are conscious of the reality that on the 18 MAY 2011 South Africans either VOTE for life and democracy or death and destruction. Take the tide when it serves or lose your ventures. Municipalities will never be same again after the elections. The DPSA brings a message of hope. We are the champions of development .Who amongst the political parties actually think they can do better than we did when we were steering the helm of a ship of government? We provide a clear alternative .No retreat! No Surrender!! We refuse to give up. We are READY TO SERVE. Our cause is true, just and noble. We dare not relax our efforts in our stride to attain our goal of clean and efficient administration. I say to you: ‘Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. Moeketsi Lebesa – President Dikwankwetla Party of South Africa WHY MUST YOU VOTE FOR DPSA? EMPLOYENT / JOBS Since 1994 millions of jobs have been destroyed .We experienced horrors of poverty and increasing unemployed and economic hardships. Unemployment rate is at 42%. Economy is unable to create jobs THE DPSA WILL: • Create environment conducive to local economic growth. Attract new businesses and investors to invest in the local economy. Reduce the cost of doing business by giving investors incentives. • Diversify our economy For a long time agricultural and mining sectors traditionally have been cornerstones of our economy. These sectors have now for a number of years, been subjected to extremely adverse production and market conditions. The long lasting drought conditions and steep increases in inputs costs in agriculture and gold mining together with sharp decline in the world price of gold resulted in a sharp decline in the contribution of these sectors to the total economic performance of this region. (Free State: eg Welkom). It can thus be said that the relatively low level of diversification of the economy poses a potential threat in terms of future economic growth and development. This calls for an urgent need for an integrated and mutual development goal. Such a goal should guide and focus all aspects of human, economic and physical development in such a way that economically viable opportunities in the region can be exploited in order to achieve the optimum prosperity for all the people in the region. • Promote tourism – Using available opportunities in the Free State e.g strong and busiest road networks N5,N8,N1,N3. Beautiful and scenic environments. • Infrastructure available (Charles Mopeli Stadium second biggest soccer stadium after FNB Stadium , highest hotel in the Southern Hemisphere, Judicial capital-Bloemfontein ) • Cultural tourism Tourism is the fastest growing industry world- wide. Tourism provides employment to millions of people .Everyday millions of rands pass through N3 to Gauteng and KZN. What percentage of this relatively “easy” money is finding its way into Qwaqwa and Harrismith? The DPSA WILL • Establish cultural and art centers in all towns on N5, N8, N1, N3 routes. • Organize flee markets and shows in all towns under its control. • Enhance the state of art, recreation and cultural heritage in our towns. • Provide support, vibrant space and develop cultural, recreational and artistic talent through music, visual arts, craft, dance, painting, poetry, literature, choreography, drama and designing. • Motivate people to create jobs, entertain and promote pride through arts and craft. INTRODUCE INCENTIVES FOR NEW BUSINESSE ANDTHE INVESTORS THE DPSA WILL ? Call on those countries that have the capacity to invest in the local economy to do so. ? Support small businesses by granting loans called risk capital ( These are creators of jobs ) ? A tax incentive for SMME’s and tax exemption for new small businesses in the first five years. ? SMME’s with an annual turnover of less than 2 million will be exempted from paying tax. • Foreign investors are geese that lay the golden eggs “ ( The creators of wealth and employment , movers and shakers )” • No punitive Taxes for foreign investors • No exorbitant rentals for investor and businesses • They should see the benefits of investing in our local economy POVERTY ALLEVIATION THE DPSA WILL • Bring back Manthatlala Projects (Poverty ALLEVIATION Projects that are sustainable through labour intensive project). • Promote free market economy underpinned by private initiatives. • Organize shows in major / small towns for people to showcase their talents • Abolition of tenders. Tenders are serving the interest of the rich THE DPSA will scrap TENDERING system. All projects will be implemented by people under the watchful eye of the qualified council officials. This will ensure that millions of rands are taken to the millions of our people not to the millionaires. • We will promote labour intensive projects. HAWKERS EMPLOYEMENT (No harassment of street hawkers) If you unshackle the informal sector – those hawkers in the street, the spaza shops, the shebeens etc you are empowering them to earn a living. Often they ask nothing more than freedom to pursue their economic goals unhindered by force other than those of God. They need to be freed from the harassment, of perhaps, well intentioned, but sadly over-zealous and ignorant policemen, health inspectors and other bureaucrats. THE DPSA WILL • Remove obstacles hindering business development and hawkers. • Remove all strict health regulations prescribing to the restaurants and butcheries (etc ceiling height, widows, and ventilators). • Introduce a new economic system aimed at empowering people at ward level called “HO ISA KGOMO MAFISA”.’GIVE and TAKE.’ System where businesses within the municipality plough back social responsibility budgets pro rata to different wards. This will also encourage residents to buy locally and contribute to the local economy. The money will be managed by representative ward committees to hire local people to maintain ward roads, drainages and parks. This revolving and residual ward based HO ISA KGOMO MAFISA income will be used to establish ward based businesses- bakeries, brick -making, nursaries etc. BLACK ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT Today BEE is a sinister ploy aimed at the creation of a black middle class to act as a buffer between the haves and the have-nots. It is limited to the so called fat capitalist pigs connected to the ruling cartel. DPSA believes that the BBE should target the advancements of the black community as a whole. From students to teachers; from small and informal businesses to big business; from workers to women; from the arts to religion; and from politician to professional; all need to be involved. STRATEGIE FOR BEEE (KEY PILLARS OF BEE) A Bank that would only not serve as a receptacle for Black Funds, but also ensure that capital will be available for the various development projects. At the moment Blacks do not have access to adequate capital. The present financial institutions are structured in ways that make it virtually impossible for most Blacks to raise money. We need our own institutions that would be sensitive to our plight as a deprived people. AN INSURANCE COMPANY that would pool the millions of rand that our people are presently investing into white business .The funds that we put into white insurance companies are in turn invested in white owned banks, and these are not sympathetic to our plight. Similarly our pension fund contributions go to white owned financial institutions that do not fund Black development projects. We will dictate where these funds should be invested. We will mobilize the labour unions to prevail upon employers to invest our pension contributions into our own institutions. To further encourage investment in Black institutions, we will consider a unit trust company that would enable our people to have a share in the wealth of their country without having to go through the rather sophisticated stock exchange. Finally a Black run medical aid scheme would serve the twin needs of promoting people’s health and servicing as a channel through which Black Funds would be pooled for investment in our own organizations. AFRIKANERS DID IT IN THE LAST CENTURY (VOLKSKAS, SANLAM, SAAMBOU, (AVBOB). WHY CAN’T WE DO IT? WE ARE READY TO SERVE SUPPORT FARMERS / AGRICULTURE Many farmers, especially Blacks, had gone bankrupt since 1994. “ Tlala a patetse , masimong a omme Mehoma e rusitse , dipeo ha diyo Diphoofolo ke meketa , re sitwa le ho hlaba” (Tshepo Tshola; Badisana ba matha la Ntshwekge) THE DSPA WILL • Subsidies farmers to cultivate land that provides food security and jobs. • Financially support farmers so as to become a net exporting municipality of agricultural fresh produce • Stop exporting our raw materials which make other areas rich when they turn our raw materials into manufactured goods and sell them at a profit. • Set up plants and factories in towns and areas that produce raw materials to turn raw materials into finished goods for sale on the market • Encourage people to turn every piece of land, a backyard into a vegetable garden for food security and income. (No need to plant flowers and lawn). PRIVATISATION OF ASSETS The DPSA believes that municipal assets that are not economic must be privatized (Adventures, Abattoirs, Parks, Aerodromes) and all proceeds be used to create employment. • The DPSA is totally opposed to the privatization or outsourcing of basic services: water, electricity, sanitation, telecommunication, health care and education etc. THE DPSA WILL • Have a direct control over the provision of basic services • Abolish property tax ( on land and property) • Cancel all debts accrued due to property tax and all municipal debts. • Provide unlimited amount of free clean water. We did it for 20 years. Away with water meters and 6kls • Quality and affordable electricity (Eskom will be our agent) • BASIC SERVICES: Residents will only pay for services delivered and received. No services No payments. • ABOLISH VIP TOILETS and provide flushable toilets • Establish special department called ROADS and BRIDGES to plan, maintain and monitor roads and bridges EDUCATION (a number one priority) (National and Provincial manifesto) THE DPSA WILL • Provide a free and compulsory education for all from pre-school to tertiary for at least 30 years to catch up with our hide counterparts. • Diversify system of education ( Maths and Science School: Mampoi , Commercial Makabela ;Technical : Kwetlisong Agriculture, Hotel and Hospitality :Seotlong ) • Re-employ all MATHS, Science, Commerce teachers who took severance packages in 1996. • Uphold certain right for our youth, including a right to learn without interference (All who were denied education because they were over 18 will go back to school) • Train our youth who leave the school on micro-enterprise business to enhance their employability. • Introduce education in human values (EHV) in our schools to counter moral decay and immorality. HEALTH DPSA does not believe that one department of health is panacea .We believe the health service must be decentralized to the local level in order to provide a caring and compassionate health services. THE DPSA WILL • Decentralize various health departments to the municipal level considering the geographical vastness of our country and high volume of population to be served. • Abolish low pay and long hours in order to attract and retain health professional. • Ensure all hospitals and clinics are properly stocked with medicine / medical; supplies HIV / AIDS In the last century the human race received an alarming wake up-call. The human race now faces an unprecedented threat posed by HIV/ AIDS which can decimate the entire mankind. Millions of people have died of HIV/ AIDS because of disastrous policies of the government. THE DPSA WILL • Promote a healthy lifestyle amongst our youth with special focus on danger of HIV/ AIDS, alcohol and substance abuse. • Provide free HIV/ AIDS drugs to all HIV positive people who need them. • Traditional healers / herbalist will be incorporated into the health services. SOCIAL GRANTS Millions of our people live below poverty datum line. The senior citizens are the ones who most feel the effects of poverty in terms of increasing unemployment and economic hardships. They are looking after their sons, daughters in laws and grand children. They are the poorest of the poor section of the society. THE DPSA WILL • Propose R1600.00 per month for the old age pensioners and physical challenged While we support the child support grant, we believe that the system is bringing more poverty to the families. THE DPSA WILL • Give all mothers of children who receive grants first preference when job are available. It’s better to have a job than live on hand outs. CRIME South African is crime ridden third world basket case. The world’s capital city of crime. THE DPSA WILL • Employ more police and establish local police service at the municipal level. • Ensure more vigorous policing. Attack on police official must be regarded as an attack on state integrity with mandatory life sentence. • Abolish low pay • Hold referendum on the reinstatement of capital punishment CORRUPTION The DPSA is opposed to all forms of corruption. We are the champions of a clean administration. TO VOTE FOR DPSA YOU VOTE FOR A CLEAN AND EFFICIENT ADMINISTRATION THE DPSA WILL • Punish and isolate the rogue leaders who are corrupt. • Ensure that official corruption, whether in the form of nepotism, favoritism or bribery will be stamped out root. CHEAP AND DECENT HOUSING DPSA believes that a house is not just a physical structure, but a social emotional space in which your total humanness comes together, and should not be viewed as a product but a process. THE DPSA WILL • Provide houses that have visual variety. • Allow beneficiaries a choice of tenure and type of accommodation. • Develop houses that have a mixture of single – storey, townhouse, row houses and walk up flats. This will establish a mixed land use and attractive urban environment. • Rent out some of the houses by municipalities. Its developmental costs are recovered through rentals. • Give sectional little deeds to encourage ownership. • Provide mass affordable rental housing. THE PROVISION OF HOUSE CANNOT BE SERVED EFFICIENNTLY BY ONE SIZEABLE CENTRALISED BUREAUCRACY THE DPSA WILL • Devolve the provision of housing to the municipalities. Communication lines will be shorter and simple. TRADITIONAL LEADERS: THE DPSA will ensure that traditional leaders are afforded direct representation in the local councils so as to have direct influence on matters that affect their subject. The current legislation undermines the legitimacy, authority, and supremacy of traditional leaders. Bohle re na le tokelo ya ho vouta hore re etse diqeto tsa ho qetela hodima ditaba tse a mang maphelo a rona . Re ke ke ra tshepisa moeti nonyana e ka morung e mpa khoho e le teng ka hokong. Ha re imameleng , mme re imamele ka thata re se ye le mahoo hoo a yang le kgongwana hodimo . Re e bone mesebetsi ya Nongqause! O boetse o kgutlile ka kgehlekgehle ya ditshepiso. Re ithutile re batho. Ha re yeng dikgethong , re kgethe mokgatlo oo re o tsebang hore ke bommampodi ntshetsopeleng. Ha re tshwaraneng ka matsoho hore ka leihlo le ntjhotjho , le sa panyeng re sebeletse puso le tsamaiso e hlwekileng e hlokang manyofonyofo. Qeto e sallane le wena .E, ena ke nako . E sena ke senwelo seo re kekeng ra se qoba. Letlama , qhanolla pere di fule Hoba ntwa boholo ke ya hosasa Bosiu ba esa, ra sha Letlama ba mmetsa ba le qhoweng A tjhaya fatshe, morena wa Matlama A tjhaya fatshe ha fateha mangope Tlamana tsa bajwa hara lehlabula Otlwanyana tsa tjhela mabaleng Difate tsa foforeha makgapetla……. DIKWANKWETLA PARTY OF SOUTH AFRICA DPSA X

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