Limpopo ANC wants Potch mayor reinstated

2012-11-26 14:28

Johannesburg - The ANC in Limpopo wants axed Potchefstroom Mayor Maphetle Maphetle reinstated.

"We are doing everything in our power to make this happen," said ANC provincial spokesperson Kenny Morolong.

"Our ANC provincial executive committee has committed itself to the reinstatement of comrade Maphetle as the mayor of Tlokwe local municipality."

He said a meeting was held after Democratic Alliance councillor Annette Combrinck replaced Maphetle.

"A meeting was convened with all ANC councillors committing to reinstate him which, inter alia, has been exhibited through a petition to the speaker of the city council."


The petition calling for a special meeting had been signed by all ANC councillors in the area.

Morolong said the party had also met with a legal team to examine all processes related to the council resolution which led to the mayor's removal last week.

"The ANC in the province will thoroughly investigate this setback, which is tantamount to a counter-revolution," he said.

"And action will indeed be taken against those responsible for bringing such shame and embarrassment to our movement."

Tlokwe municipal spokesperson Willie Maphosa said Maphetle was voted out last Wednesday, and Combrinck was immediately voted in.

Morolong said the motion was not an ANC decision, because it was "unknown to the organisation".


Last week, the North West DA said an ANC-driven motion of no-confidence in Maphetle was accepted, with 37 votes in favour and 13 against.

Combrinck became the first DA mayor in the province after defeating ANC candidate Lucky Tsagae by 20 votes to 19.

Several ANC members tabled a notice of a motion of no confidence in Combrinck shortly after she won the vote.

The national ANC said it would lodge a formal complaint with the Independent Broadcasting Complaints Commission after it was allegedly reported that executive member Jackson Mthembu attended the council meeting where Maphetle was ousted.

On Sunday, DA leader Helen Zille referred to the situation in the North West and said the ruling party's in-fighting had caused serious division within the movement which resulted in the ANC battling to "get it together".

She said the party was so divided that it could not even agree on a mayoral preference.

  • danie.strydom.7 - 2012-11-26 14:35

    Limpopo ANC? Potch mayor? Next the KZN ANC will demand a change in the Western Cape. LOL

      janice.mcmaster.92 - 2012-11-26 15:28

      DA for government, and the sooner the better! Go Helen!!!!!

      allan.m.levitt - 2012-11-26 15:34

      Or demund replacement of Cameron as British Prime Minister. What a bunch of jokers!!

      tinus.dewet.50 - 2012-11-26 15:45

      Whatch out Potch! It was this exact same scenario that caused the unrest in Swellendam...

      sphe.ndlovu.50 - 2012-11-26 15:47

      The DA will never be the ruling party in SA because if they win the elections there will be war (real war, not an exchange of words). I fear for the future of SA.

      nosiphom.mazibuko - 2012-11-26 15:57

      I also thought it should be the NW ANC doing all in its powers to... What has Limpopo got to do with Potch, or maybe the ANC Provincial borders are different to the Country's provintila borders.

      rontheogre - 2012-11-26 15:58

      Never in my life, in all the African countries I have visited, have I experienced such a gathering of ........well, this lot is just beyond description. We will have to invent new words to describe these inept, corrupt, unqualified, self serving, egotistical ANC clowns in Limpopo and elsewhere. And when listening or reading reports on the latest rubbish they have sprouted, they actually thinks it to be quite intellectual and something to be proud of. Never have so few done so much for so many(ANC providing material for comedians and cartoonists)

      Klaus - 2012-11-26 17:08

      They have never been instructed in geography-local or otherwise Important subjects: tenderpreneur, stealing, thieving, procreation cANCer full marks - 100%

      ronald.stilianou - 2012-11-26 20:49

      Sphe....really dude?, you want war?, do you know what you want?, if you are able to, google war, especially African war, have a look and see if you can stomach that I sure hope you don't have children or loved ones, they suffer the most "I hate idiots like this that don't know what they are talking about"

      morris.khunou - 2012-11-27 15:07

      Those morons of unprecedented proportions need to all be recalled! The Provincial leadership must show some leadership and stop making parrot like calls such as "counter revolutionery" as the answer for anything and everything! The DA major should voluntarily resighn to avoid embarrasment.

  • adriaan.pieterse - 2012-11-26 14:36

    One can only chuckle... "counter revolutionary" or is it that their own members are all so fed up with the internal BS that they are scattering in different directions.

      fanie.viljoen.73 - 2012-11-26 15:27

      That's the problem, after almost 20 years in power they are still in a revolution! Against who? Seriously?

      darryl.maze1 - 2012-11-26 16:02

      They dont even know what counter revolutionary means. These idiots dont know anything. There own ppl voted against him in a vote of no confidence and now they want him back??? Gues they also dont know the meaning of no confidence. ANC needs to go back to pre-primary and start learning what all these big words mean and when to use them

      bradh.quaide - 2012-11-26 16:06

      Can't help but laugh and feel sad at the same time when these so called leaders and councillers open their mouths, saying the appointment is "counter revolutionary" and they demand reinstatement, just shows how misguided their idea of a "democracy" is. Good luck prof Combrinck, you've got tough times ahead, may you achieve upliftment for all in Potchefstroom.

  • kala.bafazi - 2012-11-26 14:37

    I seriously believe the anc have zero idea of what democracy is. The anc had the councillor removed through a vote of no confidence and subsequently VOTED out. The DA councillor was the VOTED in. What is scary is this is what will happen when one day the anc get voted out of power, they are NOT going to hand over control to whoever win the election AKA Mugabe style.

      0001000ghost - 2012-11-26 14:46

      You are so right. It's scary but I believe the people will decide when enough is enough.

      nigel.burgess.334 - 2012-11-26 15:02

      I seriously agree with you.

      SarelJBotha - 2012-11-26 15:28

      For those who do not know; Democracy=mobrule, as sure recipe for disaster.

      darryl.maze1 - 2012-11-26 16:06

      All the ANC needs now to put all there ANC clowns into is a tent and they will have there own circus. You ANC really give us all a good laugh when you make yourselves look so stupid when you use these big words you dont even know the meaning of them.

      sheik.mohammad.378 - 2012-11-26 16:09

      kala.bafazi that is a given. The only way they'll "RULE" till Jesus comes.

      liveby.thesword.1 - 2012-11-26 23:42

      well when they don't hand it over(and we all know they wont).....marikana on a MASSIVE scale......

  • JanGrimbeek - 2012-11-26 14:38

    "Morolong said the motion was not an ANC decision, because it was "unknown to the organisation"." Anything democratic and legal is unknown to the anc organisation and its members and voters and leader(sinking)ship"

      kevan.stuart - 2012-11-26 15:55

      But they did manage to "redeploy" Mbeki from the presidency...

  • Gert van Coller - 2012-11-26 14:44

    Don't understand the very basics of democracy, bad losers, even worse when in office. Yaaaaawn...

      JanGrimbeek - 2012-11-26 16:45

      @Margie.rensburg - I think you are a little late, News 24 had the news on their frontpage this morning already. I quote their heading with the time of publication, look at the most read articles and you will notice that this article is on top as well "Brit 'who loved SA' brutally killed on farm 2012-11-26 08:31" wakker word suster, wakker word.

  • 0001000ghost - 2012-11-26 14:45

    Counter-revolution? The way the ANC runs the country is Counter-revolution. You are a party of Counter-revolutionists.

      aniken.vader.31 - 2012-11-26 14:51

      The way they are running the country is counter-evolution to be exactly. ...

      kala.bafazi - 2012-11-26 14:52

      They are also turning the clock on our country counter clockwise.

      SarelJBotha - 2012-11-26 15:29

      Party of idiots seems more true.

  • richard.hipkin - 2012-11-26 14:45

    This is a perfect opportunity for people to see how the ANC act when they lose. Watch carefully people.

      kala.bafazi - 2012-11-26 14:53

      Right on PointBlank. We are going to some serious whining when they start losing provinces and then the general elections.

      piet.snot.77964 - 2012-11-26 15:11

      kala.bafazi and Point Blank agreed - whining yes but also burning and breaking and destroying everything they can - they cannot lose anywhere - they will cause chaos when they eventually lose - yes watch carefully people watch and prepare.

      rontheogre - 2012-11-26 16:04

      Reminds me of the tantrum the one child threw at the zoo after his dad told him not to cry if his ice cream fell on the ground because he was hopping up and down in order to irritate the animals. The result? Plop....Whaaaaaa.

  • john.turner.58760608 - 2012-11-26 14:48

    Maybe I am lost with my geography of South Africa with all these name changes but I thought Potchefstroom (Tlokwe) was in Northern Province not Limpopo. I suggest that Limpopo ANC get their dysfunctional province going right and not interfere in the DEMOCRATIC process in other provinces.

      aniken.vader.31 - 2012-11-26 15:26

      Lol u are so right. I did not even notice perhaps due to th same issues regarding name changes. .lol

      rontheogre - 2012-11-26 16:07

      The same lot wanted to interfere in BOTSWANA politics, nogal. But then the worst politician became SA president, so you do not have to be good in your post or even qualified in this country's politics.

  • Martha1234 - 2012-11-26 14:48

    I want never gets! Too late to change your mind, what's done is done, you bought this on yourselves! I could go on... Suck it up, you lost fair and square!

      aniken.vader.31 - 2012-11-26 15:28

      Eish. They do not understand this foreign concept called fair and square. What is???? Please take this white tendency concept away from this African concept called thieving and killing...

  • peter.jefferies.90 - 2012-11-26 14:51

    Hahahahahaaaaa if anyone or any party is being counter-revolutionary it is the ANC and its unqualified corrupt leaders! GO DA!!!!

  • ross.urquhart1 - 2012-11-26 14:52

    The Limpopo province can't even sort out all the mess and chaos, in their own district , now that want to interfere in processes in other provinces ... complete lack of focus and dedication to the people they should be serving !!!

      nigel.burgess.334 - 2012-11-26 15:40

      Well the ANC is not really a serving party. They prefer to be served.

  • thethird.wors - 2012-11-26 14:53

    I demand the return of Elvis.

      aniken.vader.31 - 2012-11-26 15:24

      And the unicorns...

      SarelJBotha - 2012-11-26 15:30

      ..and I want Gnl Delarey back and perhaps even Glenda and her pet snake.

      harald.voney - 2012-11-26 15:32

      The question is... What are you prepared to burn for his return!!?? hmm?

  • maven.punk.5 - 2012-11-26 14:54

    Viva counter-revolution, VIVA!!!

      nigel.burgess.334 - 2012-11-26 15:03


      aniken.vader.31 - 2012-11-26 15:23


  • gary.desousa.7 - 2012-11-26 14:59

    its a strange strange system we live in master jack,(apologies to 4 jacks and a jill) Its called democracy at work.LOL

  • Erna - 2012-11-26 15:08

    Democracy at its best. Wonder what they told the "counter revolutionary" anc councillors would happen to them if they didn't vote right. There is no hope in this country.

  • sean.noble1 - 2012-11-26 15:08

    Its not a revolution you morons its called a democracy, go look it up

  • J.Stephen.Whiteley - 2012-11-26 15:10

    "And action will indeed be taken against those responsible for bringing such shame and embarrassment to our movement." Have they forgotten Fat Boy and Showerhead have brought shame and embarrassment to the ANC, and Shaik and Jackie, I could go on. Kathy

      aniken.vader.31 - 2012-11-26 15:23

      But hang on a moment. The shame and embarrsent was bought by the very guy they want to reinstate lol. If it wasn't for him or the cANCer there would not have been a need for this democratic foreign concept called motion of no confidence lol.

      JanGrimbeek - 2012-11-26 15:28

      They're going to lodge a motion for a vote of no confidence in these cadres who brought the shame on them anc.

      sheik.mohammad.378 - 2012-11-26 16:14

      They still don't get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Montagnes.Bleues - 2012-11-26 15:17

    Polokwane Mayor NEXT ON THE LINE - be warned the BLUE WAVE is cresting above you! Run scared for your lives and go and kill as many lucky rabbits and herds of 12 cows as you can BUT you cannot stop the Blue Wave!

  • aspruyt - 2012-11-26 15:22

    Limpopo is in shambles, sort your own incompetence out before you stick your noses anywhere else idiots.

  • mullervince - 2012-11-26 15:25

    O my, is the gravy train now stopped???? And most probably the DA will soon point out all these useless parasite ANC's. The only way to keep your job is to do your work as required in the interest of all South African tax payers, and not misuse their monies, or make it dissappear. I would also be worried if the golden hand is suddenly chopped off, and corruption plans stopped.

  • henk.tredoux.7 - 2012-11-26 15:25

    You want you want! What do you give?

      nigel.burgess.334 - 2012-11-26 15:39

      They're not big on giving. Taking is their style.

  • SarelJBotha - 2012-11-26 15:27

    These lumberingpoppos should go and have a good night of cadrelove in their own sad province and leave NW alone. The have no say in NW and there interference is nothing less than unconstitutional and most probably criminal.

  • Montagnes.Bleues - 2012-11-26 15:28

    ANC - ABSOLUTLEY NO CONSEQUENCES ne? Rotten racist inefficient arrogant thieves

  • simon.brewer.35 - 2012-11-26 15:29

    This is a great turn of events - something similar happened the other day in PE where the acting municipal manager was booted out by both opposition parties and ANC councillors (who were counter revoluntionaries with foreign tendanicies). Is this the beginning of some ANC deployees getting the hell in with what is happening in the country and are beginning to do what is right.....???

  • sparks.sephakgamele - 2012-11-26 15:41

    I do not think it is Limpopo ANC, i believe it is an obsession of News 24 editor about Limpopo ANC matters. If it indeed Limpopo, that would be very controversial and a deliberate act of undermining North West ANC.

      morne.demeillon - 2012-11-26 16:41

      Sparks, why would the news agency make up stories which is not true? They will be closed down, if they publish news without fact. Did you expect anything less from the ANC in Limpopo?

  • simon.pearce.790 - 2012-11-26 15:47

    ANC are sore loosers, hey!

  • John Badenhorst - 2012-11-26 15:57

    Maybe its me but you have to be a total dumb ar$e not to know the difference between NORTH WEST and Limpopo...soon the cANCer in KZN will want to dictate what happens in Gauteng...what a joke...incompetence at its highest order...

  • ro.jhb.1 - 2012-11-26 16:09

    These pr-cks cant even organise a p_ss up in a brewery!!! Counter revolution - sadly ends up where it began - thats the problem with a revolution - dumb twits

  • richard.lemmer1 - 2012-11-26 16:36

    Focus on your own incompetence and keep away from matters that does not concern you at all ??? I am in Limpopo and can confirm how smart our leaders are .............

  • steve.gibson.146612 - 2012-11-26 17:08

    What amazes me is the quick reaction to support a member who requires serious answers to corruption charges yet they have made no mention of investigating these charges against the ex mayor. They would rather take retaliatory action against the honourable ANC councillors who appear to be trying to stop the corruption. There can now be no arguments that they support corruption as a policy!!!!

  • lynne.barker.7 - 2012-11-26 17:20

    The people of Potch will stand amazed at the changes the DA mayor will make in a very short space of time - they WON'T want the ANC there ever again.......

  • abdul.cassiem.9 - 2012-11-26 17:22

    Thy hve to Hw do u thnk they'll get t tenders.

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