Mahlangu-Nkabinde: Didn't dodge meetings

2011-09-26 22:42

Johannesburg - Minister of Public Works Gwen Mahlangu-Nkabinde said on Monday that, contrary to some media reports; it was she who had requested an opportunity to brief members of the parliamentary portfolio committee on public works about the situation surrounding the "Roux Shabangu" leases of office space for police.

In a statement, the minister said she wrote to the portfolio committee chairperson on August 1 2011 requesting an opportunity to address the committee.

"I asked for a slot in the diary to allow me to give them full details," she said "but before I was allotted a time the president had referred the public protector's report on the matter to the speaker of the National Assembly".

Parliamentary procedure meant that the speaker would then make a decision as to the best way forward, the minister added.

In due course the speaker did refer the matter to the portfolio committee on public works and the minister and her legal team, including Enver Daniels, chief state law adviser, attended the meeting of the committee held on August 23.

At that meeting the committee chairperson said that the matter would be postponed until October 10 2011 when a special joint sitting of police and public works portfolio committees would take place.

"My ministry followed proper procedure in all of these engagements with Parliament," said the minister. "It is completely untrue that my ministry tried to avoid attending the portfolio committees, the truth is that it was me who initiated the process."

The minister said that she welcomed the joint sitting. "It is in the best interests of South Africa that this matter be discussed publicly and I can assure South Africans that we are working as hard as we can to ensure that wrong-doing by officials in the department of public works is rooted out and the perpetrators brought to justice."

  • Really - 2011-09-26 23:46


  • James - 2011-09-27 02:18

    Yawn. Yawn.

  • Ya Beauty! - 2011-09-27 04:46

    Not Only is this woman corrupt she even looks it.....

      letsee - 2011-09-27 07:12

      You should shoot the politics and not the person. Like in sports you play the ball and not the player. People that can't respect people must step out of this forum for they have no credibility to make statements.

      York Hunt - 2011-09-27 14:39

      If the Winnie Mandela- Jannie Odendaal case has anything to do with this - the public prosecutor should be charged criminally for harassing Gwen. You know, for consistency...

  • Francois - 2011-09-27 05:58

    Miesies Gwen, if you are one of the perpetrators will you resign without asking of a golden handshake? Even further, will you go to SAPS and hand yourself in. I am sure that Bheki will not put on the cuffs himself, but if you need them, let them come.

  • noitall - 2011-09-27 06:45

    parliamentary portfolio committee for doing sweet "f" all

  • Dread69 - 2011-09-27 06:55

    Unbelievable! There is silence so that can plot their excuses. Once the plan is set, they come up with this drivel - why didn't she say this at the very beginning? Because it's all lies. How do you know it's lies? Because she says " ... and I can assure South Africans that we are working as hard as we can to ensure that wrong-doing by officials in the department of public works is rooted out and the perpetrators brought to justice." Who are you trying to fool? It is unbelievable just how rotten these people are...

  • Proudly SA - 2011-09-27 07:03

    Sidestepping and passing hot potato -she should have been at the World Cup !!

  • letsee - 2011-09-27 07:12

    So, what happened?

  • Leona Mmapelo - 2011-09-27 07:29

    she even suspended acting Director General last week

  • MnrFotograaf - 2011-09-27 07:31

    Why all this has not been taken directly to court is beyond me. Now politicians are playing prosecutor and judges? How sick can we get?

      Big Brother - 2011-09-27 10:23

      Hey funny thing last time President Zuma appointed Richard Baloyi Minister of Public Servant and Administration and Paven Gordan Minister of Finance to investigate that. How sick is that?

  • Nipcat - 2011-09-27 09:04

    Funny how she has so much to say now, but refused to co-operate with the Public Protector - wonder why? Damage control maybe?

  • Ke maketse - 2011-09-27 09:08


  • Johnny - 2011-09-27 09:15

    always the excuse never the solution, just fire her already, she has already recieved her severance package

  • akba19763 - 2011-09-27 11:28

    how could a face that innocent be guilty? these bloody agents are trying to cause divisions in the ANC.Bloody Imperialist!!!!!

  • Al - 2011-09-27 14:38


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