Maimane to be probed for unparliamentary behaviour

2014-12-11 21:00

Cape Town - Three MPs, including DA parliamentary leader Mmusi Maimane, are set to be investigated for alleged misconduct, according to parliamentary papers published on Thursday.

National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete asked Parliament's powers and privileges committee to investigate Maimane, DA Deputy Chief Whip Mike Waters and ANC MP Bertha Mabe.

"An unparliamentary remark by the leader of the opposition, Mr M Maimane, in the National Assembly on Thursday, 13 November 2014, and his subsequent conduct, have been referred to the Powers and Privileges Committee in terms of Rule 194 for consideration and report..," Mbete announced in the ATC (Announcement, Tablings and Committee reports).

On 13 November, during Parliament's most chaotic sitting yet, Maimane refused to sit down when ordered to do so by Mbete.

On the same day, Waters was ordered to "leave the House", but refused to move from his seat.

The sitting ended when police stormed into the chamber to remove an EFF MP from the podium after she repeatedly refused to withdraw a remark that President Jacob Zuma was "the greatest thief in the world".

Bertha Mabe stands accused of uttering "an unparliamentary remark" following her speech in the debate on the motion of no confidence in Mbete on 16 September.

She was heard saying "bloody bastards" as she left the podium.

  • jungleboy - 2014-12-11 21:07

    I support him 100%. The beeatch can go to hell.

      Nikki Downes - 2014-12-11 21:24

      Total support here too. Could this be on the back of his counts that the ANC is abusing parliament?

      Godfrey Welman - 2014-12-11 22:26

      Funny that Mabe is only being investigated now, we all hear her swearing at Maimane as she left the podium.

      Scouter Four-One - 2014-12-11 22:39

      The over riding fact is that Zuma has yet to be bought to account in Parliament - until such time as that happens, the SA Parliament remains a joke to everyone outside of the ANC(and that includes the international community)....

      Chris Nortje - 2014-12-12 03:45

      The day will come when this women will have to call Maimane "Mr President". Then she'll have her day. Hope she has to fold his socks.

      Made-inthe South - 2014-12-12 05:21

      It is astonishing that Maimane and Waters must be investigated whilst the ZANC is loyally defending their own lawless and above the law.Most of all their Corruptor in Chief,JZ783.Like Nomvula Mokonyane put it,with their buttocks.

      themba.nsele.71 - 2014-12-12 06:02

      He needs to be suspend without paid. The parliament has rules and he must ship in or ship out:

      Michael Kleber - 2014-12-12 07:23

      he should rather have stolen 250 mil of tax money , nothing would have happened ask bra Jakes

      Peter Michael Staffen - 2014-12-12 08:29

      they will do anything to take the shine off them they are not guilty

      Jonathan Woods - 2014-12-12 08:45

      Zakhele Madela, just one question :- When will Africans like you become intelligent enough to realise what fools you have been and how much damage you are doing to your own people through this ignorance ?

      Gerrie Malan - 2014-12-12 08:59

      Zakhele - 1.3. Maimane has never spoken like an African to African people. You mean he should speak in typical "African English accent" like Naledi Pandor? Just asking.

      DerekMain - 2014-12-12 09:19

      @Gerrie - no I think he means Maimane does not talk to blacks in a condescending or patronising way like c-ANC-er does. He credits them with more intelligence. Phansi c-ANC-er, phansi!!!

      Evile Booi - 2014-12-12 09:41

      Their 1st mistake was appointing Baleka Mbete (translated run & hit them...) as the "impartial" speaker of the house. They can try & intimidate him all they want, but he's been in their ranks, he's seen how their disgruntled people COPE & he opted to stand for Democracy. The whole thing where black people cant trust him because he is with the DA is basically why we still have the ANC. ANC makes people fear the thought of them being out of power (where is Vince McMahon when you need him...) & Jacob even said that if the ANC goes down, so will SA. Now if that's not some un-presidential fear-mongering, then I don't know what is. Maimane is exactly what we need. A young, intelligent, thinker (who happens to be black) who wants to see South Africa run accountably like a business. Im not a DA supporter, but I support this guy. So F you Baleka. You and all your buttock wielding comrades. Keep spinning the web. We are the magma under the mountain, we are the sunlight behind the clouds, we are the citizens of the Republic & we will not back down. Winter is coming...

      Anthony De Nozo - 2014-12-12 11:04

      I think Zakhele has a point. The DA's entire election campaign was based on "Stop Zuma" and "Stop ANC". I don't recall them promoting their agenda and grass roots plan on how they plan on making SA, or even Gauteng a better place. Yes they said that they will do this and that, but not how, and that didn't relate with the populace. ZM concedes that there is corruption in the ANC, but the fact is this is the same in all political parties, even the DA. The challenge is how to scrape away the corruption and make the country workable. If the DA want to contend with the ANC and EFF they need to develop policies that resonate with the populace and that also balance with industry and business. they need to promote these policies and drive it to the populace whose votes they want to win. they need to make the populace believe that the DA's policies if implemented will benefit them. To do this they need to operate on the ground and at grass roots level and not on a business level. In a nutshell the DA needs to focus on themselves and how they relate to the people if they want to win an election, and not on attacking the competition. FYI, I voted DA, but can see where they were wrong.

      Nikki Downes - 2014-12-12 13:07

      Zakhele. Isn't that what we need? A hero that can cut across all the cultures? Was not Nelson Mandela just such a person? You have strayed so far for that vision

      Jonathan Woods - 2014-12-14 09:19

      Zakhele Madela, apologise to you for your irrational logic? I see absolutely no reason to. And it surely is this skewed African logic of yours and other zanc supporters that keeps us in the mess that we currently find ourselves. And it is because you cannot see that the rotten leadership, which you acknowledge to be rotten, are now totally inseparable from the organisation itself as the parasite has totally taken over the host ANC. And the refusal of the ANC to do anything about other than continue to endorse those same leaders ,make the whole organization no better than the rotten leaders.

  • Emone Nomore - 2014-12-11 21:09

    Why cant Mbete be investigated for the R25 million (in shares) bribe she received from Goldfields? And was she ever prosecuted for lying about her driver's license?

      Godfrey Welman - 2014-12-11 22:29

      This comment concerning Waters should strengthen the EFF's case of double standards. Why was the Sargent of Arms not called upon to 'remove' him. Mbete and CancER has lost the plot.

      Brad Kavoki - 2014-12-12 03:23

      You wish..... Lol I am trolling

      Made-inthe South - 2014-12-12 05:28

      Baleka "Holy Kraal" Mbete is the postergirl of the super corrupt Gold Fields BEE deal,where the arghitect of the deal,Gayton McKenzie,awarded 16% of the R2,1 Billion deal[R330 Million] to personal friends and family.And where Holy Kraal Mbete walked away with a share of R28 Million.A share described as a bribe by a New York law firm commissioned to investigate the deal.And she was bribed.To let the deal through parliament. Another one benefitting was Jerome Brauns,former lawyer for LazyJZ783,who walked away with R61 Million.All for mahala of course

      Sino Msane - 2014-12-12 12:10

      It's called government

  • catcha.wakeup - 2014-12-11 21:10

    Just throwing her weight around. (No pun intended)

      Xavier7034 - 2014-12-11 22:01

      It's the buns that count :-) .

      Made-inthe South - 2014-12-12 05:39

      Mr Zuma783,Go and answer the question in parliament who stole a quarter billion rand and why you appointed your girlfriends Ellen "BEE CON degree" Tshabalala of the SABC and Dudu Myeni of the SAA who both lied about their qualifications,AND WHO, ACCORDING TO PRESS REPORTS,YOU HAVE AFFAIRS WITH

  • Sharon-E - 2014-12-11 21:21

    They have learned something new in parliament: If someone dares to disagree with the ruling party, they will be removed. Goodbye, democracy! I wish you could have stayed awhile, but the ruling party has decided they would rather be a one party state.

      Nikki Downes - 2014-12-11 21:26

      That's very much what they are trying to do. The honestly see themselves as the only party. It's very worrying.

  • Valentine Masina - 2014-12-11 21:22

    Tea boy must have got instructions from Madam but who knows... Maybe he is just a jerk on his own

      Alton Small - 2014-12-11 22:13

      Hey wena clown come into the light

      Gary Guy - 2014-12-11 22:18

      Well it is better that than fat speaker taking instructions from the garden boy.

      jaccir2 - 2014-12-11 23:57

      Oh really grow up.

      Jackie Smith - 2014-12-12 08:30

      Tea boy, as you call him has more brains in the tip of his pinky than what you have in your whole head Masina.

      Rali Sydney - 2014-12-12 09:32

      valentino your not the brightest kid in your classroom right? news24 should implement quick IQ test before posting comments.

  • Craig Dennis - 2014-12-11 21:23

    Strange how the cancer members just lick their coffee cups, do their nails, fall asleep and generally add no value to parliament, but they don't get investigated? Oxygen thieves the lot of them. Follow their lead from the biggest oxygen thief Butternut head.

  • pmalungana - 2014-12-11 21:35

    The reign of terror in parliament

  • Kerry Lagesse Tavares - 2014-12-11 21:40

    He is clearly stirring things up and making the idiotic ANC feel threatened! Keep it up Mmusi!

  • Lodewyk Lusse - 2014-12-11 21:45

    It only means ONE thing: the cANCer is afraid / intimidated by him.

  • Yvonne Maree - 2014-12-11 21:53

    Phemelo se klakkelose gebabbel raak nou regtigwaar uitputtend!

  • Mark Smith - 2014-12-11 21:54


      sam.e.scapes - 2014-12-12 09:26

      Politburo, we have arrived at Zim level. Welcome to dictatorship fellow South Africans.

  • Idille Borchers - 2014-12-11 21:56

    ANC is showing signs of panic. He he.

  • Dennis Ras - 2014-12-11 21:58

    Anything to revenge logic... Anything

  • Dennis Ras - 2014-12-11 21:58

    Anything to revenge logic

  • Dennis Ras - 2014-12-11 21:59

    Anything to revenge logic... Anything

  • Mxolisi Mangwana - 2014-12-11 22:01

    Probe this probe that, when will these people come back to us and deliver services are these probes going to create jobs,build houses,build health care facilities,build schools and curb crime?

  • Melikhaya Rwexwana - 2014-12-11 22:03

    Shame on you ANC you so energetic on waisting tax payers money, investigating nonses u failing this country dismal, I wish I could wake up Madiba the leader who was concern about people of this country not concern about benefits of the state and abuse of majority corrupt leadership

  • Bonga Sihawu - 2014-12-11 22:06

    Madam Mbete should ask this committee to probe who called the cops and switched off parliament cctv system on the said day..

      Themba Beuk Bevu - 2014-12-11 22:41

      Mbete did call their lapdogs to chamber

  • Jan Roos - 2014-12-11 22:13


  • Ras Jah Moolka Mokwana - 2014-12-11 22:16

    Anc people think that , that parliament is their farm!

  • Ed Vermaak - 2014-12-11 22:16

    WTF is an "Unparliamentary remark"?

      Janine Filmer - 2014-12-11 23:00

      Anything that the anc doesn't like.

      Raymond Van Den Brink - 2014-12-12 01:10

      Anything thats the truth.

      Barnie Huysamer - 2014-12-12 09:02

      It is unparliamentary to tell an "honourable" member he/she is lying. One may also not say another "honourable" member is talking nonsense. Janine and Raymond summed it up perfectly.

  • Babalaas Witblitz - 2014-12-11 22:21

    LMFAO. The ANC are getting really good at creating further problems for themselves.

  • Kholofelo Phistos - 2014-12-11 22:45

    How long will we wait for an ANC parlimentarian to be probed. is this a shhh...., the Investors will fly like birds?The answer is ,Mmusi ,wena the Ruler we belong together at EFF.Welcome!

  • louis.elst - 2014-12-11 22:47

    A joke this Government At least Maimane is active and engages in dialog and discussions ,contrary to the ANC that comes to Parlement sittings to catch up on some lost sleep.

  • Ashley Gerard Eloff-Mueller - 2014-12-11 23:15

    It's a democracy ffs! High time people see what the anc is, an African tribe, giving its people a Bantu education, to keep it stupid and in poverty

  • Elizabeth Bosman - 2014-12-11 23:19

    Mbete has lost all credibility in the world . She makes a total fool of herself and does her damndest to openly favour the anc idiots. Zuma included.

  • Clement Manqele - 2014-12-11 23:36

    Disgusting, naive, simplicity and arrogance due to lack of education

  • Terrance M Sipika - 2014-12-12 00:48

    Hooligans are not welcome in the parliament. Secondly, charity begins at home. If Zuma is wrong let the law does it's part. Mbethe is just doing her job. Where were all these people when we beaten and tortured while fighting for this country? Don't get me wrong, I am not saying Zuma is right but I am saying people in the parliament must grow up and stop fighting for nonsense and month end smile when going to their banks. We need to build this country together. These nonsense allegations from Maimane and Julius won't take us anywhere.

      Riaan Werner Van Wyk - 2014-12-12 05:24

      If hooligans are not welcome then the Anc should be removed from parliament yes.

  • Thomas Jordaan - 2014-12-12 00:54

    Another anal probe. Wtf

  • Terrance M Sipika - 2014-12-12 00:57

    Calling people names or that one is nonsense, me I'm right won't help this country. Sit down as adults and discuss the way forward. Some people they don't take the fact that this country is been ruled by a black person. Things changed and people must adjust to that change. @Maimane let's hope on the election you won't go aol like Lindiwe my man, I like your fighting spirit though I don't see your direction.

      Craig Morrison - 2014-12-12 05:34

      Having black people running the country is not the problem. Having people run the country properly is what we need. Getting rid of corruption is what we all need. People are voting for the anc out of fear that is brought on buy the lies that they tell. They are voting because the anc buys their votes with grants and false promises. They are selling their souls to the devil and they don't even realise it. I believe that their are good people in the anc that do want good for the country. But when they try do what is right they get pushed out. Mbeki, Mothlante and many, many more.

      Jonathan Woods - 2014-12-12 09:14

      Terrance much of what you say is very relevant. The problem is that those very people that have been tasked by the public to discus as adults and find solutions to the running rather than the ruining of this country are not even showing themselves capable of having a discussion. And when those in power refuse to come to the table and discuss or answer important questions then naturally people will become frustrated and annoyed and resort to all the means at their disposal. The biggest problem has arisen, just like in most other African nations when they were freed from colonialism, that those newly in power found this to be such a heady elixir that they have forgotten their purpose of being in government ! And their voting public are so overawed by their leaders "importance" that they treat them like gods instead of public servants !

      Dennis Scully - 2014-12-12 14:16

      His direction is to call the ANC to be accountable, to be ethical, to stop stealing,and to plut people in charge who have the interests of ALL our citizens at heart. These clowns quite obviously do not, THAT's what a democracy is..when Govt fails the people, the opposition takes them to task,duh?!

  • lolo1 - 2014-12-12 01:03

    If this ridiculous woman has her way she will have everyone in the house investigated and kicked out. What a sham

  • Pieternella VandeKaap - 2014-12-12 01:28

    Is the ANC flexing its dictatorship muscles with witch hunts and crackdowns? And where were we South Africans when Mbete was appointed leader of the politburo?

  • Sithabiso Zungu - 2014-12-12 01:52

    People you not fair ngampela, just becouse it is Mbete wanting the oposition MP's investigated it is labelled bad reqiust or said she protects the Anc, when it was Mainman in request for investigation to Mbete and people like Zuma it was a good request. Kanti bantu bakithi nonjani, nisho into nibuye niyiphikise futh, kusho kona ukuthi cha impela asizazi siyaphi nokuth sivelaphi.

      Dennis Scully - 2014-12-12 14:18

      Mbete is a Zuma stooge, as speaker she should not be affiliated to ANY Party...oh, and what about that nice R25 Million she got during the Goldfields scandal, just for that alone she should not even be allowed within 20km's of parliament, let alone be The 'Honorable' Speaker!

  • Urich Mmatlou - 2014-12-12 03:59

    Athol Trolip was better than this idiot, Maimane Maimane.

  • Selby Sello Rasoesoe - 2014-12-12 04:53

    Circus...waste of time.

  • Sthembiso Biyase - 2014-12-12 05:05

    Zille,s puppet,

      Dennis Scully - 2014-12-12 14:19

      hmm she only has ONE, Zuma has thousands it would seem!

  • Kgabane Lesetja - 2014-12-12 05:09

    Is better cz my party is nt there now they feel bored they fight themself,Viva EFF

      Lucas Lenovo - 2014-12-12 08:24

      Salute @Lesetja, this DA need to be lead by EFF. Asijiki. Forward forever, Retreat never. This DA is molested as girlfriends of ANC, suddenly they have wings given by EFF.

  • Thetha Mthethi - 2014-12-12 05:15

    They taught parliament is their homes and forget that the are rules and regulations that govern the house. They must be charged nothing else

  • Bhekisisa Shezi - 2014-12-12 05:19

    ppl of SA elected leaders of their choice to represent them in parly not to derespect and destroy it.So we welcome the probe.

  • Zandisile Fuzane - 2014-12-12 05:56

    Can someone school me on this please: what is the correct parliamentary way to call someone a lier, criminal or thief. Or its un-parliamentary to call a spade a spade

      petrus.hoffmann - 2014-12-12 06:18

      Very good question!!!

      Jonathan Woods - 2014-12-12 09:33

      Many years ago the great Winston Churchill used the phrase " The Honourable Member is making a verbal in exactitude. " The problem locally is that members of parliament are not exactly educated or versed in the appropriate usage of language to make a point. So in our local context their should be some a more appropriate way, which will at least gain understanding of the point being made. Otherwise it is like given pearls to swine !

      Dennis Scully - 2014-12-12 14:21

      well put Zandisile! Indeed, maybe it should be a whole new dictionary i.e. Zuma is a spade, a damn spade! lol

  • Elvis Nemulambo - 2014-12-12 06:21

    It is about time .. of late maimane has gone too him to order and fine him one months salary

      Dennis Scully - 2014-12-12 14:22

      Oh dear Elvis, I think you've missed the boat!

  • Thomas Khoza - 2014-12-12 06:24

    ...Zille must leave Chester Missing alone. That PUPPET is more HUMAN,than most of YOU people.

  • Zandisile Fuzane - 2014-12-12 06:28

    @ S'khukile Fakazi Atleast Maimane is of 1 out 10000 Africans whom knows different between what is wrong and right. Let us not forget that he was once ANC member. Maybe lies and corruption are things that let him leave ANC to join DA. Politics are like sport. If you don't perform, you will substituted. So he saw that ANC is failing millions of Africans. That's why he chosen to jump ship and fight them from the other side. You cannot fight ANC while you are inside. Ask Holomisa, Lekota, Malema and the list goes on. They will tell u.

      Sino Msane - 2014-12-12 11:57


  • Johan Viljoen - 2014-12-12 06:28

    Wat hy gese het is reg hy is n skelm en n dief ek sou ook dit gese het as ek daar was hy is nie n leier se gat werd nie hy is useless miskien moet hy meer hier in die parlement antwoorde gee.

  • Bhekisisa Shezi - 2014-12-12 06:29

    The concept DEMOCRACY is misinterpreted it does not mean be UNPALIAMENTARY.Ppl should be taught the DEFINISION.

  • Bhekisisa Shezi - 2014-12-12 06:31

    What is ENGEN doing on this platform?Are they also the funders of News 24?

  • werner.nel.315 - 2014-12-12 07:31

    Glad to the DA is starting to fight against this corrupt anc!!:)

  • werner.nel.315 - 2014-12-12 07:31

    Glad to the DA is starting to fight against this corrupt anc!!:)

  • werner.nel.315 - 2014-12-12 07:31

    Glad to the DA is starting to fight against this corrupt anc!!:)

  • Arthur A Lilford - 2014-12-12 07:36

    c ANC er really being the thugs - they the same as the "previous regime" sick

      sam.e.scapes - 2014-12-12 09:15

      The similarities are definitely there to see.