Malema: Gold mines too expensive to nationalise

2013-12-22 21:06

Mbombela - He was four hours late, but EFF commander in chief Julius Malema was met with ululation and praise songs when he arrived at a fund-raising gala dinner in Nelspruit on Saturday night.

He joked that he could not risking getting another speeding ticket after his arrest on Friday night, then gave an 80-minute speech that ended just before midnight, a Sapa correspondent reported. Malema said the EFF was a government in waiting, and he outlined the party's policies on mines and banks, and land reform.

"An entrepreneur must be able to do business no matter who is in government. A real businessman doesn't lose sleep over whether the [National Party], ANC or EFF is in power. You do not rely on tenders. Tenders are not sustainable business," he said.

Malema said Black Economic Empowerment encouraged the sale of black skin.

"You sell your colour as if black is cheap and can be sold at any time."

He said BEE supported only individuals and their families, and not communities.

"Rather give that money meant for BEE to the community, to build schools and clinics," he said.


He said land should be returned to communities free of charge, since it had been taken without payment. The act of buying back the land was the same as buying stolen goods.

Land beneficiaries should also not be pressured into doing anything with their land, he said.

"You don't have to explain anything to anybody. It's your land. What you do with your land is nobody's business."

He said fears about the nationalisation of the mines were unfounded as the government had proved that it could manage businesses, citing Transet and Denel as examples.

He suggested nationalising only easy, profitable and uncomplicated mines, like platinum, which was found near the surface of the ground.


"We only want to nationalise profitable national resources. Not gold. Gold is very expensive to mine," he said.

He said the government needed to keep all mineral rights, and that the mines should give 60 percent of their ownership to the state.

Only this would generate enough money to provide free education, healthcare and sanitation.

Nationalised banks would run themselves, and without focusing on maximising profits, would keep their interest rates low so that all South Africans could afford a house and car.

Malema said local industry be protected so it was not undermined by cheap imports, and that the state should help people acquire basic skills.

He accused President Jacob Zuma and his government of not being accountable to the people.

  • Don Tandy - 2013-12-22 21:13

    Fatboy sprouting his usual brand of garbage.

      Jeremy Forbes - 2013-12-22 22:24

      If these people ever get into government within days we'll be paying a R1000 for a loaf of bread and R300 for a litre of petrol, the Rand will drop out of the world currency markets as an unsustainable currency. Everything in your bank accounts will be reduced to nothing overnight and those on social grants will starve and the state will be bankrupt, unable to pay either wages or for any services for which it is responsible. These fools are wishing upon themselves a life of hunger and starvation.

      Peter Fraser - 2013-12-23 04:43

      He spent to much time with Uncle Bob from next door. They seem to sing from the same hymnbook.

      Deeteem - 2013-12-23 06:27

      Suddenly this fat jungle bunny is an authority on everything EXCLUDING PUNCTUALITY !! Absolute a$$hole !!

      Koos Delusion - 2013-12-23 06:44

      Ok, then the KhoiSan people must be looking forward to get South Africa back that was stolen from them. Oh wait..

      Jon Low - 2013-12-23 06:59

      The Khoi and the San are no less -- and no more -- African than the Maasai, the Ibo, the Xhosas and the Swazis. All are African and all the borders of Africa are colonialist-drawn.

      Koos Delusions - 2013-12-23 07:48

      yip Jon Low, how far do we want to go back? Ultimately all of mankind comes from Africa. Or would that be too far?

      Veritas Unus - 2013-12-23 07:55

      All humans are indigenous to earth and all humans have the right to settle on land which is uninhabited and this is what many 'Europeans' did when they spread into Africa.

      Jon Low - 2013-12-23 09:14

      We only need to go back some 5000 years -- long after homo sapiens emerged from Africa and long before white European settlement -- to find the full width and extent of who are modern ethnic Africans. And they include Xhosas, Tswanas, Khoikhoi and San, Hereros, Damaras, Mashonas, Ndebele, Ibo, Hausa and Maasai (etc) All are equally African. There's nothing special about the San or Khoi. They're just one of many from Africa. And when Europeans arrived in Africa it was not uninhabited. There were Africans waiting for them on every beach they landed on.

      Veritas Unus - 2013-12-23 09:23

      Incorrect Jon, we know very well that large pieces of land was uninhabited, the accounts of the trek Boers heading north from the Cape proves this, they travelled for days without encountering any humans, and some of them settled on this land which makes them the rightful owners.

      Lindsey Mc Donald - 2013-12-23 10:57

      Couldn't have put it better myself!

      Kelu Lamont - 2013-12-23 14:26

      @IsaacClarke ,I dont want him dead!!but i dont like some of the things he is or stand for!!there ois a difference for those who want him dead,i hope the law pursues them and throw them in jail for ever;there is no reason to wish someone dead because of difference in opinion,that itself is stupid!!

      Pieter Ver - 2013-12-23 14:49

      Al dra 'n aap 'n goue ring ...

      Hawkeye Pierce - 2013-12-23 15:42

      Beware of this Fatboy. What if this is a scheme concocted by the ANC to allow Julius to form a "rival" party that will espouse all the things that the ANC wants to say but can't afford to. Then when the EFF gets 25% of the vote they form a coalition government to enact all that the EFF is supporting. And then watch out. Julius' idea of "free everything" is a disaster waiting to happen. Just ask any country that has tried to enact nationalization. Why should I work 16 hour days so that I can provide free things for others. No people won't do that. They will work less and less will be produced in the mines, on the farms, or any other manufacturing business because why should I work so hard for other people. Then it will be the retail segment that will begin to fail because people will have less to spend. But what you won't see and what is already happening because of this fool's ideas are the business that aren't coming to SA or the one's that aren't being started in SA because they fear that the EFF will gain power in 14.

      Ria Cook - 2013-12-23 16:25

      Good luck, Jeremy, if you want to try and explain that to them!

      Jon Low - 2013-12-23 16:56

      Wherever they landed, there were people there. And that supposedly "uninhabited" parts o the hinterland were simply their hunting grounds or land lying fallow or temporary vacant as the farmers were off to find better grazing in the next valley ot two. Africa was full. And when I vacate my house to go to work, my premises are temporarily vacant and unoccupied, until I return home at 5.30pm.

      Veritas Unus - 2013-12-23 17:58

      Do you have proof that every square km of land was used for hunting, if not, it remains as it stands, thank you.

      NickvanGraan - 2013-12-24 08:32

      Here is a man who cannot even work out distances between places. He leaves Johannesburg at the same time that he is supposed to be at a gala dinner in Nelspruit. He then proceeds to tell people how he will be running the economy! Learn to tell the time first Juju before jumping into the big boys' sandpit.

      Rocco DeWet - 2013-12-24 10:07

      Jon Low, and there I thought anthropology suggests that we were all Africans at some point.

      Jon Low - 2013-12-24 11:15

      You hunt on every square foot of land where you find prey. And all the earliers explorers -- Dias, Da Gama, Da Saldanha, Van Riebeeck etc all recorded in their captain's log that there were lots of natives ashore wherever they landed. And you need delve back only 5000 years to find all of Africa inhabited by native Africans -- whether Khoi or San or Xhosa or Venda or Ibo or Mandinka or whatever

      Hawkeye Pierce - 2013-12-24 15:52

      @Jon Low; you bring up some good points, by the way what happened to the San people?

      Lundile Zweni - 2013-12-24 18:50

      @Koos, the best comment ever. if you go back from the beginning, you will find we are all africans.

      Hawkeye Pierce - 2013-12-24 21:38

      Possibly I should explain my last comment. The San people were here long before the Zulu or xhosas and yet they are landless today, how did that happen? Their hunting/gathering lands were taken by others. Who will restore their land to them?

      Veritas Unus - 2013-12-25 00:07

      Fact remains Jon, back in the 17th and 18th century when white Men moved in to Africa they had just as much right as the Xhosa or Zulu to settle on land they found uninhabited and just because you have black skin doesn't give you right to any land indefinitely and unconditionally. 99.9 percent of human DNA was formed in Africa, this is where the human species originated or does no species have the right to relocate, explore and move onto new land, if that is the case then white people, who were originally Africans, should never have left Africa and if that is the case then whites(Europeans) are returning to their roots.

      Veritas Unus - 2013-12-25 00:13

      What is a native African and how long do you need to be away or stay in Africa to be considered 'NATIVE''re clutching at straws Jon......LOL.

      Veritas Unus - 2013-12-25 00:27

      This is the way of nature and all species Jon, the African bee today rules Southern and Northern America, tell them to go back to Africa.

      Jon Low - 2013-12-25 09:19

      The San (hunter-gatherers) had a lifestyle uncompatible with any other tribes who herded livestock -- such as the Khoikhoi as well as the Xhosas. So they were hunted out by these herdsmen as one would hunt out jackals. They gradually migrated further and further north (the Kalahari and southern Namibia) where the land is pretty much unsuitable for grazing domesticated livestock but where wild game is plentiful enough to sustain them. That's what happened to the San -- they moved themselves to another part of their continent (just as what many other migrating tribes did in a borderless continent.)

      Jon Low - 2013-12-25 09:26

      Veritas, the white Europeans who invaded African land -- occupied throughout by African people who were only temporarily not in situ -- were not Africans. So they don't have the intrinsic rights of Africans in their own borderless continent to occupy whichever part of it suits them best.

      Renoster van Tonder - 2013-12-25 09:35

      This man has a delusional understanding of the world and unfortunately many of his followers. There does not exist something like a free lunch. The only thing that creates prosperity is a free market where owning property is a right. Taking this right away is like taking away all motivation from people to produce value. All employers, entreperneurs, inventors, producers, workers, ... basically anybody and everybody gets robbed from the motivation to produce anything.. with the end result of starvation, obscene poverty, and an equal share of misery for everybody. zimbabwe is a classic example. Why would South Africa be any different?

      Jon Low - 2013-12-25 09:46

      White Europeans can never be indigenous to Africa, just as how sitting in a banana box for 100 years cannot turn you into a banana. While in proto-history all mankind originated in Africa, the migration by many on to the other continents eventually caused them, over many tens of thousands of years, to develop into distinctly identifiably different races. Each one became the indigenous race of their continent/sub-continent. As some intrepid individuals developed the capacity to travel long distances, some limited intermingling obviously happened, but the few exceptions merely prove the general rule. Europeans are indigenous to Europe, Asians to Asia, Australasian aboriginals to Australia, Africans to Africa and so on. Just as how European oaks, planted almost 400 years ago in what is now Stellenbosch and which are splendid full-grown mature trees with acorns of their own each year, are still non-indigenous exotic European trees -- as are the new oaks grown from their acorns -- so too are European white people forever exotic unless they are living in Europe. Europeans are not indigenous to North America, Australasia or anywhere other than Europe, even if their settlement density today makes them the overwhelming majority of the local population.

      Veritas Unus - 2013-12-25 11:40

      So Jon, how long does it take European oak tree to be considered indigenous to Africa, if you say never, even after this tree and its offshoots has evolved and adapted to African conditions then white Europeans whose ancestors lived in Africa much longer than the eyewink, on an evolutionary scale, they were in Europe,then 'Europeans' can never be considered to be European but still are indigenous Africans.

  • Jon Low - 2013-12-22 21:13

    So, Malema is already climbing down from the very flagship of his EFF policy? That didn't last very long, now did it?

      Warren van Wyk - 2013-12-22 23:45

      By his own admission he is only interested in the easy money, so by all accounts EFF's main policy hasn't really changed.

      Jon Low - 2013-12-23 06:57

      Nationalising the mines was an absolute. Unqualified and unapologetic. Now he's brought in the ifs buts and maybes. The climbdown has begun. (Just as how the ANC has long ago climbed down from their once-sacred Freedom Charter, even though they are very loath to admit it.)

      Ronald Gibson - 2013-12-23 07:30

      Just another indication that hard work does not feature in Malema and his follower's agenda. So how will Malema make a better president by only taking the easy route or is it a case of stealing that which is easy to come by. Shows us his work ethic. Lazy bstd.

      Thabo Tman - 2013-12-23 10:44

      This should not be seen as climbing down of any sort. This shows that while you are all bickering and whining online, the EFF is busy in the background researching more on its policies and making them more efficient.Capitalism does not work, we see it everyday.

      Johan Holtzhausen - 2013-12-23 11:23

      You are correct Thabo, capitalism does not work.....for lazy people.

      Susan Malan - 2013-12-23 12:22

      Thabo Please show me where socialism / communism has been a success

      5centsWorth - 2013-12-23 12:52

      Everything For Free party strikes again (metaphorically for now)

      Thabo Tman - 2013-12-23 13:47

      @Jonathan, a pure capitalist society thrives off certain "Privileged" sections of society benefiting off the less "Privileged". "Privileged" in this sense would pertain to either financially Privileged, Privileged in terms of connections (social circles, politics), Privileged in terms of access to educations etc. In a pure capitalist society the MUST be poor people to be exploited and do all the work. I had written a very long response but I will rather leave it here. You will always think that Black people in this country are lazy freeloaders because (I would assume) you have not experienced what a typical black person has to go through just to make it in this country.

      Thabo Tman - 2013-12-23 13:58

      @Susan I am not advocating total socialism or communism. The only system which would work in our country is a Hybrid system meaning that the govt becomes more involved in the running of the economy. Unfortunately, because of our history.. the "prevously priviledged" (I would say currently)need to agree that they must allow black people to be assisted and empowered by the govt so that everyone eventually is on par. Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Finland, Norway, etc.) are consistently rated the best places to live. These countries are MOSTLY socialist. Going more socialist would also mean we redefine what we deem as successful (no more bling culture). What should eventually happen is, Education and healthcare should be free for everyone. Govt should be generating it's own revenue from the country's minerals and the likes. No more tenders as govt agencies will do the work. All these managers in corporate SA will gladly mork for govt with the right incentives. These are just examples of the direction that I feel our country should be headed.

      Tasneem Sattar - 2013-12-23 16:14

      Thabo, yes, I can agree with you to a point...although I myself would probably lean a little more to the capitalist end of the spectrum than you, but yes, I agree, a pure capitalist regime is also littered with problems. Given the choice however, between pure capitalism and communism or a highly socialist paradigm, I would still rather opt for capitalism. Socialism with generous splashes of Capitalism is probably best, since you still promote healthy competition and incentives to work hard and promote ingenuity, creativity and productivity, and still maintain better social cohesion by ensuring that the weak/ old/ sick/ less fortunate in society still have access to at least the basics in order to still live in a somewhat dignified way. Implementation and context is key to this succeeding though. You don't want to implement socialist reforms (like UK's Dole system), that encourage lazy freeloaders to continue freeloading, or those on the edge to choose to join the freeloaders (which is exactly what Malema's EFF policies are promoting). You want a system that provides those minimums but makes aspiring to greater things more desirable and accessible (tax breaks for SME's and start ups, and various other concessions to reward the behaviour you want from your citizenry). Don't demonise the rich simply cos they're rich...if you are smart and tenacious enough to start a highly lucrative business, then you should be entitled to enjoy the spoils of that business; ...

      Revelgen - 2013-12-23 16:29

      Thabo - 'the government must become more involved in the running of the country'? When they have royally stuffed up municipalities, healthcare, especially education....yeah, r-i-i-ght. And in the Scandinavian countries you mention, there is a very high rate of employment because the people are skilled. There is absolutely no way it would work here.

      Tasneem Sattar - 2013-12-23 16:29

      ...that business pays the tax that is used to fund the socialist practices of such a govt. In addition, that business provides employment, which further decreases the dependency on socialist benefits that are provided, allowing for more focus on quality of those benefits and services, rather than quantity, if the entrepreneur was demonised or not allowed to become rich, what incentive would there be for him to pursue and develop his business interests; there would be no excellence, its simply human nature. The other aspect, context, is what makes the heavy socialist leaning of scandinavian countries work, is that they are already first world countries where the majority of people are already employed and productive, tax paying citizens. This enables funding of the socialist services and benefits, and since most people can afford to fund their own lifestyles, there is less strain on the tax coffers, allowing for greater quality of these services. Maladministration and corruption are also by far the exception in those countries, where ppl hold their govt to account for their performance with their vote. That is unfortunately not the case here, not by a long shot; corruption is the order of the day; you have 5% of the population working themselves to death, funding the other 95%, that's simply not sustainable, and quickly erodes social cohesion...throw communism or socialism in that mix and the picture becomes even more extreme and dire.

      Colin Malan - 2013-12-23 22:00

      Noticed a change in policy and a shift in attitude,, albeit 4hours late.. Only the desperate will wait 4hours for garbage spewed forth by this commander in chief.

      Jon Low - 2013-12-24 11:18

      It's a huge climb-down from today we nationalise ALL mines to now we leave the gold mines untouched... A total flipflop.

      James Smythe - 2014-01-09 14:49

      Like any scavenging creature he will reach for the low hanging fruit.

  • Dianne Davies - 2013-12-22 21:19

    How can anyone be 4 hours late for a planned event? I wonder if he believes anyone takes him seriously.

      lacrimosewolf - 2013-12-22 21:39

      The audience waited for 4hrs. Shows you how desperate for solutions they are. Pity they didn't get any

      JMaree - 2013-12-22 21:43

      He had to wait for most of the effers to get drunk, how else could he get them to believe his brand of BS?

      Arie Vd Plaats - 2013-12-23 07:05

      Did you not read that he was detained and jailed by the police for traveling at 217 kph on his way to that meeting. I am probably one of the last persons to in ANY WAY support Julius but in the end fair is fair. If one wants to travel at that speed you will be retained if caught by the police !!!

      Ronald Gibson - 2013-12-23 07:32

      Mduduzi, too late for you. You have already been deprived and dispossessed of you intellect.

      Jonathan Woods - 2013-12-23 09:33

      Sorry Arie, I think you are just a little slow or not able to comprehend what you read. He was jailed for that last week and only got released on bail at 03:00 am in the morning. This latest was ANOTHER ( different) meeting that he obviously forgot about until someone reminded him.

  • marko.ras - 2013-12-22 21:20

    Who cares what he says.

      Warren van Wyk - 2013-12-22 23:39

      Very stupid people my friend. Very, very stupid people!

      Del Pearson - 2013-12-23 00:05

      You obviously read the article, so somewhere in your mind you do care!!!!

      Stirer Kathray - 2013-12-24 15:04

      He's dangerous, Andre. He doesn't deliver on his promises, but he tells the masses exactly what they want to hear. He also doesn't have to deliver anything before he's voted for, so they'll take his word. He's a baffoon, but he's dangerous.

  • Bryan Culross - 2013-12-22 21:22

    Keep interest rates low? He really has no clue? This will result in a massive outflow of foreign investment, which in turn will put pressure on the currency and cause the cost of imports (more especially oil) to skyrocket in rand terms, with the end result that inflation will go through the roof. This is basic economics. Our interest rates have to be in line with those of the greater world, adjusted, of course, for sovereign risk.

      Ronald Gibson - 2013-12-23 07:35

      Since when did anything have to make sense for Malema to say it? He just sprouts what will gain him votes, and then it will be too late as Adi Amin junior will not let go of power, just like Bob.

      Malele Mogoane - 2013-12-23 08:51

      Basic economics tell us that there is positive relationship between inflation and employment (Philip' curve). It further tells us that when we talk about foreign direct investment we must remember not to be too confused with portfolio investments from abroad. The philosophy of EFF seem to suggest that they want to fix the Rand to another currency, say a dollar at a certain EFF determined fixed exchange rate. If this is the case I foresee no threat of uncontrolled inflation. Let me also educate you on why we are currently having high unemployment in the country. The economy has reached its equilibrium during apartheid. This equilibrium did not cover many blacks because of the history (homeland systems of Dr. Verwoerd) now if the reserve bank wants to keep inflation lower through inflation targeting, it means we will never be able to create jobs, instead there is pressure to reduce wages as the number of unemployed is increasing along the increase in population. The solution will be some substantial change in the economic policy such as replacing inflation target with employment target, reducing government spending to encourage private sector investment in order to increase productivity and investment that should be greater than depreciation

      Emma Sanderson - 2013-12-23 09:08

      @ Malele I highly disagree with you. I will tell you exactly why we have such a high unemployment rate - lack of accountability of govt, poor standard of education, parents allowing their kids to drop out of school without having matriculated and most of all the population explosion. Kids are having kids. Must I really feel sorry for someone who is 21 with three kids and no money? The time for that has come and gone.

      Jon Low - 2013-12-23 09:24

      Reduced government spending means reduced aggregate GDP, as government spending is one of the key factors in calculating the aggregate economic activity. But, more significantly, reducing government spending means you have to slash back on service delivery. Already poor levels of government service delivery are leading to widespread rioting. And when government withdraws its spending from a currently-funded sector, it is unlikely that the profit-driven private sector is going to compete to pick up the slack left by a natural state monopoly unless they are making super-profits.

      Heibrin Venter - 2013-12-23 11:10

      @Jon Low: While you are at it, why not mention that if all corruption in government was to stop immediately spending could be cut by a third without affecting service delivery? I say BEE should have been done in the form of trusts, with each company's 30% BEE partner being a trust, the beneficiaries of said trust being the black employees of that company. Many, many more would have benefited, not just the select few ANC cadres.

  • Kensong Ben - 2013-12-22 21:23

    EFF agenda crumbling down on account of their impracticality . Glad they realized that !

      Tol Smith - 2013-12-23 08:35

      The problem kensong is that they set unrealistic goals. They spoke before looking at the cost and feasibility of nationalising all "important" businesses. 60%...thus no-one will be able to second guess or nay say them or their choices, be they good or bad.

  • Kolie Louw - 2013-12-22 21:26

    Tagtig minute se verbale diaree.

  • Dewald P Montgomery - 2013-12-22 21:29

    Eish. Changing your tune already. You think other mines are cheaper? Especially considering the wages you and your red commies promise to pay? Considering no private investors nor any banks will lend you money / invest in you based on your flawed business sense?

  • emile.vermaas - 2013-12-22 21:30

    What a total moron.

      OldNick - 2013-12-24 10:14

      .... and next year he'll be in parliament, sitting in the opposition benches right next to the DA. Just you watch.

  • Hartmut Balzer - 2013-12-22 21:30

    News 24 you must stop this nonsense to send as top news.

      Patric Badugela - 2013-12-22 23:56

      You are right ,i have been asking myself why news24 gives eef and malema so much coverage, is it a mouthpiece of the new party.evry day you will always find a story on eef or malema,why ,news 24 should tell us,we get few story of agang,cope,ifp and other sa parties,what is so special about malema and eff

      Heibrin Venter - 2013-12-23 07:07

      @Patric: Dude, they are trying to bring the humor back to news reporting, giving the clowns that are the EFF some print-time is equal to give the rest of us a few laughs.

      Arie Vd Plaats - 2013-12-23 07:09

      Hartmut, how on earth would you know Julius Malema is a piece of **** if News 24 did not report about him.

      Michael Wilson - 2013-12-24 00:21

      Maybe it's because every maleme article gets 300 comments. We enjoy the outrage, it's why we come here instead of going to a proper news site!

  • Haloe - Haloe - 2013-12-22 21:33

    OMG what has this person been smoking. Where in the world have you ever heard such poppycock. No further comment would justify his stupidity.

  • JamesMWood - 2013-12-22 21:39

    Really, transnet and Denel are successfull state run? First I'm hearing of it, how about eishkom, telkom just to name a few

      OldNick - 2013-12-24 10:18

      Go back 20 or so years and you'll see they were indeed entirely self sufficient well run state enterprises. Not everything the apartheid government did was bad, in fact most of what they did was good and they certainly knew how to run a country during a very difficult time. Just a pity that they applied racist principals to exclude a large portion of the population.

  • Danie Gerber - 2013-12-22 21:44

    Julius Malema it's better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all're such an A-hole Abraham Lincoln

  • Michael Felix - 2013-12-22 21:47

    The SA Tax system is one of the best in the world, forget about nationalization. Just change the dirty hands that receive public funds. Transnet is successful because of private business, so dnt jeopardize it. Zim was also a successful place until juju's mentor came with 'bright' ideas. All this talk is just to get vote. Viva juju the idi Amin of SA.

  • Nic Mechanic - 2013-12-22 22:00

    can someone please tell me why this a$$#ole isn't wearing orange overalls yet?....

      Joel K Tarus - 2013-12-22 22:14

      U should you do that on his behave what makes you think u better than him

      Arie Vd Plaats - 2013-12-23 07:15

      @ Joel K Tarus, You are totally mistaken, I do not even have to think about it that I am better than JM. I just know that most South Africans including myself are better than the scum he is, no question !!!

  • arputter - 2013-12-22 22:02

    I think if he was old enough to be in the riots of the 80's he would have been the best informer as he change his believes every week, or be killed for his stupidness.

  • Michael Felix - 2013-12-22 22:03

    Juju doesn't only insult white people but he undermines the ability and intellect of many black people. Juju would rather have black students riot than sit in lecture rooms, because he knows tht as soon as the black youth have an education they will call his ideas hogwash and opportunism. Malema is a sweet talker, like a sugar daddy that has AIDS, sadly he will claim his uneducated victims.

      Jon Low - 2013-12-23 07:03

      By far the majority of black Ph.D's and university graduates still vote ANC -- there is no real correlation between their intellect, their qualifications and their political support. It's a fantasy to imagine otherwise.

      Grant Montgomery - 2013-12-23 22:03

      How do you know this Jon? If a survey was done I haven't heard of it and I think I would have. I am of the opinion that the ANC support base consists of the poorly educated and unemployable.

      Jon Low - 2013-12-24 11:30

      hey've been scientifically polled by reputable pollsters like Ipsos-Markinor and even by some less-reputable ones like Pondering Panda, and the findimgs are clear -- ANC has a very thick crust of very highly-educated and equally loyal supporters. (As well as the great rump of uneducated black African voters as well.)

  • Jaco Van Zyl - 2013-12-22 22:15

    Eish.....mar dît ons wêt al lanklal...

  • theclanharris - 2013-12-22 22:20

    F€£%##g p£€%#¥k is only interested in the easy money, far less effort involved, gold might actually take some effort, clearly only interested in one$&@$)€>le

  • Andrew Christians - 2013-12-22 22:22

    Yes you pay small lousy money to mine platinum, hey JUJU?

  • Themba Smex Simelane - 2013-12-22 22:29

    a good politician always stick to his point not jikajikaying around juju.

  • mikeatelquip - 2013-12-22 22:30

    SARS and speeding fines to pay - fundraiser seems like a brainwave!

  • Ri-xile B Mabasa - 2013-12-22 22:55

    julius no one listens to you

  • mark.heath.3388 - 2013-12-22 23:04

    Oh no Juliarse opened his mouth again.

  • Kadesh Barnea - 2013-12-22 23:21

    Why does Malema get news coverage like this when none of the other small parties are ever heard of? Who is pushing him and funding him? He must have some powerful sponsor in the wings.

  • Verity.Four - 2013-12-22 23:22

    He takes 80 minutes to actually explain and reason this dribble? This man is a total dud. He is the village idiot with delusions of adequacy, and if he were any more stupid he would have to be watered twice a week!

      Tshepo Freeman Moeti - 2013-12-23 00:00

      Only a hypocrite will say that, leaders are born not made you idiot.

      Verity.Four - 2013-12-23 01:28

      Well Tshepo, he was born an idiot and not a leader ... Then he took extra lessons to get that dumb.

      Grant Montgomery - 2013-12-23 22:42

      Tshepo, I agree to a point. Malema is a born leader but look at the calibre of his followers. In the main they consist of people with little prospect of a decent future and will want to believe the lies they are told.

  • Vusi Bopape - 2013-12-22 23:27

    The Commander. He does not worry about small corruption trials. He does not pay tax. He only wears expensive suits. He driives really fast. This is what he stands for. This is what I beleive

      Vusi Bopape - 2013-12-22 23:37

      Do you have proof of this? You are a blind sheep following the lies of the media

      Zom Apo - 2013-12-22 23:56

      Nothing will come from Malema's dreams. The same way npthing came from mandela's rainbow nation jokes.

      Jonathan Woods - 2013-12-23 10:24

      Vusi, your commander is the stupidest person ever to form a political party. So what does that make his supporters?

      Roger OneHundred - 2013-12-25 01:50

      ..yes, the same was said about Adolf Hitler - "the Fuehrer"--Commander/Leader , a racist that believed the German space belonged to Germans and not Jews or Polish, that Jews controlled the media and the banks . He would not shake a black Olympic gold medal winners' Hand. he was too racist to acknowledge a black persons achievement. He promised the poor work, Land Owners to be debt free from the banks. He was a criminal and executed 100 powerful opponents without a trial. He was the worst leader ever, even in war he would do as he thought was right and not listen to the Generals, Millions of Jews and Germans and more people died because of him and his followers! Read the history, don't make the same mistake. So tell me why should Malema not pay Tax, why is he above the law? Do you honestly believer you can just take the houses in Clifton from the rich/ white/ Indian/ foreigners/ Black business men, take the banks away and give to the poor. Have low interest rates and print money and then everything will just carry nothing happened..that those houses will be worth more than beach houses in Zimbabwe, that the houses will just maintain themselves, that the currceny will not collapse, that unemployment will not go to 60% within 6 months of Malema a racist is voted a president.. Nobody will invest in this country, if you take their investment away. In 50 years the Nigerians will buy your stupid Clifton plots for a few dollars because your money will not buy you food.

  • Truth.speak - 2013-12-22 23:28

    This prick could not even run a nursery school for 2 year olds

      Grant Montgomery - 2013-12-23 23:03

      My ex managers a nursery and believe me she works her butt off. Malema hasn't done an honest days work in his life. You should rather say Malema couldn't run a bath!

  • Ntlahla Tiva - 2013-12-22 23:30

    Madiba delivered us the democracy and now Juju will deliver to us the fruit of democracy which the masses have been longing for.VIVA EFF VIVA!

      Vusi Bopape - 2013-12-22 23:42

      'he has saved our lives. I really trust him

      Ntlahla Tiva - 2013-12-22 23:51

      true vusi,he's a breathe of fresh air to sa politics.he clear about the route he's taking unlike other who copy and paste their policies.

      Vusi Bopape - 2013-12-22 23:56

      the route to a new zimbabwe

      JMaree - 2013-12-23 00:29

      Come and get it little boys, pappas wag vir jou...

      Verity.Four - 2013-12-23 01:12

      'Juju will deliver to us the fruit' ... Exactly what the world thinks of africa: lazy Africans who beg for handouts bc they can't help themselves. Get off your street corner Tiva and go and improve your life yourself. Juju is in it for a Nkandla of his own dear Tiva. WAKE UP! You can't be that dense surely?

      Brendon Nel - 2013-12-23 06:30

      Now you sounding like a complete idiot Tyrone. At the time Africans were worshipping Amun-ra who were Europeans worshipping? Most certainly not God. He hadnt been invented yet.

      Lanfear Mierin - 2013-12-23 07:52

      @ Tyrone Potgieter - you sound like a raving lunatic, even worse than Malema who at least tries to make sense even though he doesn't. The black South Africans did NOT come from old Nubia! I suggest you study some history before shooting your mouth off like that. @ Brendan - even though what you say is true, that Europeans worshipped pantheons such as the Celtic, Norse/Germanic and Greco-Roman at the time when Egyptians worshipped Amun-Ra, it is a fallacious argument to even suggest that Egyptians are African. They are not. They have been a mixture of ethnicities for thousands of years, and are nothing if not Egyptian. Their DNA are, in general, far more Semitic than African.

  • Wade Latham - 2013-12-23 00:04

    Dear Julius Malema, if you steal land, mines and banks (all privately owned legal entities in South Africa), this is what WILL happen in SA. Before you get round to not paying for your mines, they will be liquidated and all mining equipment sold to the highest overseas bidder. You will nationalise plenty of holes in the ground. By this stage all the technical staff woiuld have long since bailed out and you will have millions of previously employed workers who voted for you now jobless. The price of food will skyrocket as the rand goes straight into freefall, as every cent possible is removed from this country. You won't have the money, equipment or expertise to run a single mine in this country.Now you have so many more millions of hungry Malema voters with no work, no money and no prospect.The moment you announce nationalising of banks, every private company, individual and other legal entity will withdraw their money. The banks will collapse within 6 months and you will nationalise nothing more than empty buildings. As you have just so proudly announced farming is no longer necessary on the land you have just stolen from the commercial farmers, so not even pap for your loyal Malema voters!! H'mm I wonder who will get to you first, ICC for crimes against humanity, a group of disadvantaged ex farmers or will it be mob justice from millions of hungry blacks from Soiweto. My guess will be the latter

  • Lungelo Khumalo - 2013-12-23 00:14


      Alfredo Bongani Ndwalane - 2013-12-23 12:14

      Malawians are here working as petrol attendance.

      Mike Bundy - 2013-12-25 08:57

      Yes Alfredo, that's the point. If MalEmmer becomes president then even Malawi will be a richer place than here.

  • Sakkie Larney - 2013-12-23 00:15

    And if I plug one end of an extension cord into the other end, electricity will magically come out of nowhere. Also, the Ponzi scheme is a completely viable business model, it just never worked when the imperialists did it because the third force wanted to keep capitalism in place. Bra Julius: macroeconomics - ever heard of it?

      Verity.Four - 2013-12-23 00:42

      He has heard of it but a little knowledge is dangerous. He got 12 on his Math final mark which is next to 0% - the 12 was for writing his name on the paper.

  • Msindisi Dube - 2013-12-23 00:20

    Doing &talkin are 2 different thingz!!!ask Doctor Khumalo i used 2 admire his views &thots in a weekly soccer publication until his waz handed the reigns to lead the team.His theory b'cme just that theory

  • Deja Skele Skenka - 2013-12-23 00:22

    The fongkong CIC is now using a sleight of hands to make a point. Long ago when we asked where did he read about nationalisation which actually benefitted the ppl, we were heckled. Now he is saying it is expensive to nationalise the gold mines. I SAID THESE THINGS YEARS AGO. LONA MA EFF LE A AKEDIWA. Your failed woodwork commander is running nothing but a personality cult.

  • Robert Keene - 2013-12-23 00:37

    This man can't even spell business economics, but he knows what he wants to grab!

  • Xolani Ndimba - 2013-12-23 00:42

    Julius, every time I criticise your political views for the good of this country, I am forced to support you after seeing the comments on news24. You get the real attitudes of white people about blacks - something completely opposite to the flashed teeth/smile in real life. People have said that Madiba the great asked us to forgive while no one ever said they were sorry. Is this not the time to campaign for our extended families to review your reconciliation stance -the one way initiative?

      Travis Vermaak - 2013-12-23 06:05

      Malema is a racist. Anyone who supports him also condones racism in my eyes.

      Travis Vermaak - 2013-12-23 06:10

      @The people who vote down. Are you trying to say Malema is not a racist? Becuase we all know he is.

      sunet.nel.1 - 2013-12-23 06:46

      So why does malema not forgive?

  • willem.d.heijer - 2013-12-23 00:51


  • willem.d.heijer - 2013-12-23 00:52

    Haha, tenders are not a sustainable business... He should know that, give that man a Bells!!!!

      Sarel W Brits - 2013-12-23 04:38

      Especially if your ill gotten tender money gets nationalised by SARS.

  • Thobani Tabata - 2013-12-23 00:55

    And if any South African doesn't agree with what you'd just said, he is a fool. I will vote for EFF.

      Travis Vermaak - 2013-12-23 06:01

      Malema is a racist! Full stop!

      Languscar Mthombeni - 2013-12-23 07:19

      even u boers r racist,dts fair enough.

      Languscar Mthombeni - 2013-12-23 07:20

      even u boers r racists,dts fair enough.

  • willem.d.heijer - 2013-12-23 00:56

    Malema for finance minister, I can smell the wood burning from here. Is had wek, but we can do it with your land and money, for free

  • willem.d.heijer - 2013-12-23 00:56

    Malema for finance minister, I can smell the wood burning from here. Is had wek, but we can do it with your land and money, for free

  • Charlei Tank Mokgo-c - 2013-12-23 02:04

    Juju makes alot of ppl get nasty!

  • tonny.tunde - 2013-12-23 04:06

    Looking at the comments here: South Africa is extremely racially divided; a kind of a time bomb if not properly managed.

      OldNick - 2013-12-24 10:52

      More so now than ever before. Tick Tock Tick Tock ..... And who do you suppose has the where-with-all to manage the situation properly?

  • John Smith - 2013-12-23 04:09

    The ANCYL ended up bankrupt under his leadership, Now he has formed the Everything For Free party to do the same to the whole country. "Nationalised banks would run themselves, and without focusing on maximising profits, would keep their interest rates low so that all South Africans could afford a house and car." The mind boggles !!!

  • Paul Minords - 2013-12-23 04:23

    Julius Malema is clearly a Fool & those that support him are even Bigger Fools.

      Languscar Mthombeni - 2013-12-23 06:59

      de parson who gave birth to u is de 1 who is a fool cz u DNT sound like Ur brain is functioning well

      Languscar Mthombeni - 2013-12-23 06:59

      de parson who gave birth to u is de 1 who is a fool cz u DNT sound like Ur brain is functioning well

      Paul Minords - 2013-12-23 07:07

      To me, it appears that YOU are the one having a malfunction of the brain. Lol. Get an education & then you'll free yourself economically. There are no handouts forthcoming. Success comes through hard work.

      Languscar Mthombeni - 2013-12-23 07:16

      I got education already bro,so try smthn u whites r rly afraid of juju boy ne

      Paul Minords - 2013-12-23 07:44

      In a reply on another person's comment, I told you that I'm not white. Judging from the way you comment, I have serious doubts about you having an education. Have a great day!

  • Lefa Makhata - 2013-12-23 04:32

    ''If you don't take me seriously, you run a risk of not taking this country seriously'' said Julius Malema, 3 years ago while still President of ANCLY.

  • dewaldmarais - 2013-12-23 04:44

    At least with malema studying economics, each semester less things will be nationalized.

  • Zithembe Flava - 2013-12-23 04:56

    what is the use of having a hundreds of hacters if u, cant econonomically utilize it?

  • Tlou Mashiane - 2013-12-23 05:04

    wake up sa dis man is a total fake

      Stanley Taren Ngobeni - 2013-12-23 06:01

      Its naity to focus on the personality of the person. Malema's ideas have not been tested. Give him a break please. He is articulating his mind.

  • Mark Russell - 2013-12-23 05:17

    Scary! The cost of no education

      Jon Low - 2013-12-25 09:56

      Such touching faith in education! Whatever do you make of Robert Mugabe who has six earned degrees, two of which are Master's degrees?